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Harlem Driving School

Review №1

This was the worst experience ever they never answer the phone. Always rescheduling and never communicating with the customers. Never have the correct information. Just a complete disaster! I will go to another school and start over!

Review №2

Dorian was great. Unfortunately you get a different instructor each time. Each instructor having their own teaching style but also they tend to contradict what the previous instructor says. Because of this you end up learning the same skills over and over again instead of learning something new such as parallel parking, or making 3 point turns. They each want to teach you how to pull out and fix your mirrors but nothing more advanced. I agree with the other reviews. Please take your money elsewhere.

Review №3

I passed my road test with Harlem Driving School. Great Team very professional and to the point. Excellent office team and very helpful for all my inquiries, they have taken the time to work on my needs and made sure i was well prepared to pass the test. GREAT JOB. THANK YOU ALL

Review №4

The instructors are great, but they practice with the cars is automatic and then for the road test they give you a shift stick car which I never practice on. And I paid $90 to use their car and $75 for the road test. I think they do this to make money on people, because how can you teach a student with automatic car and then give the student a shift stick car for the road test. Be careful people, and they don’t care. They tell you to call the manager number and when you call the person doesn’t answer, it’s like they call the manager and inform him of the situation and he purposely doesn’t answer, very unprofessional. Heads up use anther driving school.

Review №5

I was satisfied with my package I paid for, I received all my lessons however I wished the didn’t give me a new instructor each lesson. However I did have this one instructor for my first and last lesson his name was Dorian he was great, he went over everything I needed to know as well as the others did. I was just more comfortable with him. Overall the instructors was great, the office staff can be better. I did get my money worth and was is a satisfying customer and a new driver, passed on my first try.

Review №6

I would like to encourage anyone out there who is looking to learn how to drive as well as someone like myself who already has a drivers license that is looking to sharpen their driving skills with lots of confidence. So far I had 4 driving lessons. I had 3 different driving instructors but by far the one instructor that I am most comfortable driving with is Dorian. He is so patient and has a lot to teach someone who is looking to get their drivers license or someone like me who is already license but looking to get the confidence of driving. I don’t drive hardly much so I needed to get some driving lessons. My husband referred me to Harlem Driving School because he said that he heard that this school is very good for people like me who need to be taught how to drive with safety, sharp skills and confidence. I highly recommend this school especially the instructor Dorian. I have 2 more lessons to complete but then I want to pay for highway driving lessons as well because right now I am only driving on streets and doing/practicing parallel parking and 3 quarter U turns. If you are ever in need to go get driving lessons don’t hesitate to look up Harlem Driving School you’ll be happy with your search because the instructors are friendly and professional not to mention very helpful and patient. Enjoy your driving lessons and stay safe out there in those streets. Wear your face mask at all times because of COVID-19. Sincerely, Sharon J Gray

Review №7

Mr.Fall was very helpful & patient w/ registration. When scheduling many different lessons trying to figure what works best never lost his cool, thank you!

Review №8

They teach you everything you. Red to know for your road test

Review №9

The worst driving school in Harlem. Save your time and money and go somewhere else. They do not answer their phone EVER or communicate properly. Unless you live in the area and can actually go in person I wouldnt recommend bothering with these people. I signed up months ago and months later I still don’t have my license. I had to harass them for my 5hr certificate. Barely finished lessons I paid for. It’s very disorganized and delays your entire process. And the final straw is the audacity of them to charge fees because they fail to answer calls and communicate effectively during a pandemic knowing damn well everything is virtual. Customer service is on Pitiful & The Lenox location is the absolute worst.

Review №10

Harlem Driving school has very poor communication. Every time i went there, there was different receptionists and they didn’t know what they were doing and almost had to change my whole road test because of them. However, I had almost all of my lessons with Dorian and he was great from day one, made me feel very comfortable, and he was a very easy going and funny guy. For anybody going here, I highly recommend him and i got my license on the first try :).

Review №11

The only great thing about this driving school is Dorian, Dorian is amazing and deserves 10 stars. But the establishment is sub par. They give you a different car than you practiced in the day of the road test. Change your instructor despite having one you are comfortable with. Don’t get back to you in a timely manner, lack clear communication skills and you can’t get consecutive appointment so every time you get in the car it’s like you are starting all over again.

Review №12

When you sign up for Classes make sure to ask for Dorian or John they are both amazing driving Teachers if you have them for all your lessons you will most definitely pass your road test

Review №13

I wanna give a shout out to Dorian great instructor my advice when you go ask for Dorian, and ask for him to be your teacher all the way til you take your road test made driving easy for me and I got my license with only 5 classes thank you Dorian !!!!

Review №14

DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. PEOPLE.My daughter took the 5hr class a month ago passed still have not received her certificate we call we text they dont respond back they hang up on you when inquiring about your certificate I threatened to bring the news to this company and I we will be recording every conversation and encounter with them. They gave my daughter the run around and she finally told me because she was trying to handle it as an adult but what they not going to do is play with her momma. by the way people most of these good reviews are FAKE SO TRUST YOUR OWN JUDGEMENT. IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN 5 PEOPLE SAYING THE SAME THING THEN GUESS WHAT IT TRUMPS EVERYTHING ELSE.

Review №15

Worst driving school ever very unprofessional and lies.Dont even deserve a starI Scheduled my road test from them been waiting for almost 2 months now and they told me it was gonna be 4 to 6 weeks

Review №16

If I could give zero stars I would. The receptionist do not pick up the phone, you have to call multiple times for you to get a hold of someone and the answers are never consistent. RUDE STAFF. They use old cars. The older man who works the front doesnt care about the problem you tell him. All of the incompetence I could handle BUT the situation that really topped it all was when I came to my road test at 7am, an appointment I confirmed THREE times and I had the proof that I confirmed, was cancelled. When I asked the older man why was it canceled he just shrugged his shoulders and said I dont know. Unacceptable, he called the owner to get the situation sorted because I was HIGHLY upset.The day of my road test finally comes and me along with everyone else I was with FAILEDTAKE YOUR MONEY ELSE WHEREThey really need a better system for scheduling, answering questions and dealing the situations.

Review №17

Today was my first driving test. The guy they gave was great. This is a really good place to learn how to drive.

Review №18

This driving school is one of the worse in NYC. My husband paid for my daughter to have 12 lessons, 5 hour class, and her road test. My daughter went for her lessons more than once only to be told they don’t see her in the “book”! We paid our money in full and she has a receipt full of dates and times but there is nothing written down. The young ladies at the desk are very professional however there is no communication with the staff, driving instructors, Mangement etc. between both locations it’s a complete circus. I need a full refund ASAP Mr. Sall your establishment is the worse with communication and order. My daughter is currently there at the school on St.Nickolas ave. waiting for over an hour. The poor receptionist has to call other people to try and reschedule there appointment to fit my daughter in for today. This is unfair for all parties involved. It seems once you receive the money you loose interest in customer service and Professionalism. People time is valuable. There is a 10.00 cancellation fee but what about if you cancel on us or don’t have our information written in the book.Don’t waste your money here.Lori B.

Review №19

I paid for the 5 hour class, three driving lessons, and the road test here. Each driving lesson was a waste of time and money. The instructors (all different each time) gave very generic advice, and were not accommodating to my learning curve of parallel parking and three point turns. I felt rushed during the lessons, some did not even last 45 minutes.Come to find out, the road test was in a totally different borough- in Castle Hill somewhere. The person grading my Road Test was not even kind enough to say Good morning. I failed the Road Test partially from shock of standing in a line in the freezing cold with three others. The Harlem Driving school crammed us in a car from Harlem to the Bronx to take the road test. In the Bronx, the roads are bigger and turning lanes have dividers. I felt unprepared and upset that the teachers did not warn me about this.

Review №20

This company misled us with the information that the school will have 5 hour in person classes during Covid19 shutdown. It was a time sensitive issue and my friend and I applied and paid a total of 300 dollars for: 1. 5 hour class; 2. 1 hour driving lesson; and 3. Road test. On the day of the scheduled 5 hour class we received a text that it was cancelled. We went to the school and were told that the State cancelled the exam.We decided to cancel the whole thing and request the refund as my friend was moving to another state. This happened in June of 2020. Now it is the end of October and we are still waiting for our refund. I have called the company several times and have always been told by Mr. Samuel that he will speak to the manager and get our refund back. Still waiting. Stay away from this place - dishonest business that will scam you.

Review №21

Look elsewhere!-Took 8 hrs package and on my 3rd/4th lesson I asked for refund for the remaining lessons,they offered me very few money and I stuck with them.-On my road test day I was given a new different car and the guy who took me down to the road test showed me how the gear work right before my test while me and other student were waiting in line to take the test.-I don’t recommend you take these guys.- truth be told, the instructors are very nice and friendly but the office staff are a nightmare.

Review №22

Dorian was the best instructor!!! Helped me get my 3 point turn and parking on point. Thank you so much!!!!

Review №23

The receipt they give you says that a refund takes 24-48 hours to process. After the virus, they changed this policy and literally saying it’s going to take a month to issue a refund. It took me a day to give you the money for the classes but it’s going to take you a month to refund it to me? The corona virus has nothing to do with me, or anyone else trying to get a refund. In a time where people aren’t working due to the pandemic, they want to take 30 days to issue your your own money. Whatever the policy was when the money was paid, and receipt was issue is the policy that they should stick by. Not try to change it at the last minute.

Review №24

Customer service is absolutely not professionalThis was my worst experience.DO NOT CONTACT THIS PEOPLE!!

Review №25

Worst place ever. They also don’t let you have your lesson with the same instructor which doesn’t make sense because everyone teaches differently. I ended up getting referred to easy to learn driving school and I do not regret it. Please go to easy to learn driving school and ask for victor. You’ll get the same instructor, they keep in contact with you and show that they care.

Review №26

The instructors are very good and they will teach you a lot during sessions but I’ve registered ever since the beginning of June for 6 classes and i still have a class left because they keep canceling my appointments.

Review №27

I had one driving class with instructor Martha. She helped me to noticed all my habits, she advised me how to behave during the test and was very polite all the time during the class

Review №28

I went to the road test with Harlem driving school today and I passed it! I had three driving classes with Dorian and he is a very nice and helpful instructor. He helped a lot of reducing my anxiety of the road test by providing encouragement and clear instruction. Will recommend it to my friends!

Review №29

This is not a business, it is a joke. Very unprofessional and they are not suppose to be operating ! Please do not give these scamming people no money.

Review №30

I took the road test today and I pass... Thank You God...My instructor Doreen he’s is just the nicest person. He told me I’m ready and I will pass and I did... Martha is good too ..I will recommend my friends or anyone who wants to drive to this school.

Review №31

I went there to take my road test the guys who take you to the Road test is really a nice person he told you everything before you get there is really a nice person he explain you everythingthanks you Harlem driving school 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Review №32

NO STARS actually but it does not allow me to do that. This school is all about taking your money. I bought a package of 6 lessons. They have very out dated cars, when booking a lesson they are always booked so lessons are far apart, and the instructors need to work on there manners. One of the male instructors told me why do all women drive like that with a heavy foot. I feel to make that comment was not necessary. Some of there students have takin the test 5-10 times. That should be a sign they really dont care about the students as much as they should. I failed the test and went to another school named Easy to Learn Driving School. Harlem driving school is horrible do not waste your money.

Review №33

I was there 2016. It was the worst place. They charge you fee even if you call them. I have never seen any driving school that does that. They assigned me different instructors every lessons. I failed my test there but I passed my test in Acropolis Driving School.Don’t waste you time and money there.

Review №34

The worst place of all the driving schools in New York city. The instructor sleep while you learn how to drive, they steal your hours and your money. I do not recommend anyone to go there.

Review №35

Harlem Driving School is the best driving school ever. I had a package with 10 lessons which include the car, 5 hours class, and the road test. My instructor was Jose and he was the best instructor at the school. I had my road test today and it was my first time taking it and thank god that I pass it on the first try. So come down to Harlem Driving School and take some classes with them and you will also pass your road test right away with no problems. 💯💯💯

Review №36

All instructors are friendly

Review №37

Purchased 10 lessons. My first instructor honestly I didn’t like. The first day I went I felt like that was gonna be my last. BUT the second day (lesson 2) I had a different instructor (Roberto/Robert) and I did much better!! And he calmed me down!!! So I stuck with him for my remaining lessons. Long story short, I passed my road test on the 1st try!!!!!! I recommend this place. The price is reasonable, they accommodate ur schedule. I paid extra for the rush road test which was scheduled two days after my last lesson. I honestly can’t give a bad rating. And I am ever so grateful!! Hey I got my license!!

Review №38

I dont usually write reviews, but Harlem Driving School really stands out. The staff and instructors are all very polite, patient and accommodating. The instruction was excellent, if you follow their advice, you will pass!!

Review №39

This driving school will get you your license! I paid for the $255 dollar package which included: 5 hour course, 5 driving lessons, the car for the road test, and the road test appointment (if you want to rush your road test, it will cost you $50). The staff is very nice and reliable. The driving instructor that helped me the most is Herald. He was very understanding, he never put me down while driving, gave me that confidence to drive on the Manhattan streets which can be pretty intense, he taught me how to park, and hes comfortable to drive with. The cars may not be ideal but it gets the job done. The car you will use on the road test is a newer version of the same car. I woke up late once to a driving appointment and if that happens then you may have to pay a fee of $10. I would recommend anyone to come here if they want to learn how to drive a car. I passed the road test on my first try.

Review №40

When I tell you guys that this is the best driving school in Manhattan because it is . I had a package with 10 lessons which include the car, appointment etc. My instructor was Alsenio and he was the best instructor at the school. He explains very well and prepares you of exactly what is going to be on the road test. If you have a question he will answer as many times as you want to know. Parking was my difficulty and we kept practicing until it was perfect. The staff is so nice and responsible. I would recommend to anyone that is a new driver. I passed my driving test with flying colors and even got a compliment from the examiner. Thanks again .

Review №41

I normally dont write reviews but I really had to write this review. I would like to start by saying Bilal is really great highly recommend him out of everyone. He is patient, helpful and he doesnt yell at allll... Also Roy or Ron I am not sure how you spell his name he helped me with my turning. At first I was annoyed because I didnt like how I couldnt stay with one instructor. If I had Bilal from the very beginning I know I would be an amazing driver. This was my second driving school that I attended and I must say the amount of money that I spent was worth it due to the fact I PASSED. I am so happy that I FINALLY PASSED. Lastly Penda was great to thank you HARLEM DRIVING SCHOOL.

Review №42

I Started With Harlem Driving School 6wks Ago. I Took 6Lessons With Dorian & Went For My Road Test Soon After & Passed! I Was Truly Excited 😆 He Had So Much Faith In Me....Dorian Was So Patient & Calm He Makes U Feel Comfortable. Thaaaanks 2 Everyone @ Harlem Driving School They Are Literally Thee Best.... Majority Of The Staff Is Amazing & Supportive... I Recommend You Go Here & Might I Add They’re Affordable 2 !!🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

Review №43

I pass on my first go thanks to all the instructors from this school they are very Patient and professional instructors this is the best driving School, i highly recommend them, thanks to Harlem driving School,

Review №44

I bought package 8.It costed only $400.Its included 10 lessons, 5hour class, road test.And they took me to the test place.Teachers are awesome.Price is quite reasonable.I was scolded by Spanish teacher sometimes though,Thanks to this school I could pass the road test at first time today.I think it is the best driving school in the New York City.Thank you.

Review №45

Nothing fancy about this school but most importantly they get the job done. Very friendly staff, great instructors. Signed up for 10 classes (I had no experience), did most of my lessons with Ebony, she is great, listen to her and you will pass the exam no problem. Got my license and have been driving without any issue for nearly a year since.

Review №46

Best driving school in Harlem !!! Got the package and started my classes with Dorian best teacher ever and Jose is the best guy to take you to your test !!!! He will answer all your questions !!!

Review №47

Some of the comments made in the 5 hour class by the instructor.Ladies do not try to show cleavage its not gonna help you pass. Dress normalWomen are the worst driversI didnt know that a simple driving class could be so sexist. I was livid for the rest of the day, please do something about this. This was at the st.nicholas location.

Review №48

I took a package with the 5h class, one hour driving practice (since I have driven for 12 years with my foreign license all over the world and just wanted to know the U.S. road test specifics) and the road test appointment there.5h class:Only after I paid them (bring cash as credit cards will have a 5USD fee), I was told that the next sessions for the 5h class in Harlem are already fully booked and Id have to go to the Bronx, which is no easy location to go by subway... Sure, Mikes 5h class was different teaching style but at least it wasnt boring.1h drive lesson:The 1h practice was just driving around and practicing parking but I would have hoped the instructor would know more about the test itself. I think the instructors dont really know what nowadays is checked at the road test. Still the people there are very nice and trying but I think they should go on a ride with an examiner to see what is checked on the road test.Road test appointment:The driving school was able to get me an appointment within 5 weeks, which is quick and also reminded me via text of it.Unfortunately, I failed the road test on the first try, but so did everybody in the car and it seemed its pretty common at that school that you dont pass at the first try.For my second try Ill just book a rental car, so I dont have to wait so long again (the road test examiner only takes 2 people from one school and I was third, so we had to go back in line).

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Review №50

This school is great . The instructors and the office staff are motivatingp and want you to past the road test. They give you great tips and instructions during your lessons to help you pass the road test. I will be referring other people because this school is genuine and not about selling lesson packagesThanks Harlem Driving Sxhool

Review №51

Excellent driving school ! I recommend it to everyone. I was referred by the manager Mr Sall. I took package number 4 which is 5h class, 3 lessons: each 45 mns and a road test appointment. My first lesson didnt go well since my instructor Mr B. was not in a good mood. So, Mr Sall re-scheduled the lesson with an other instructor Mr Price who is excellent and very professional.Mr Jose also is good. They show me all the details in order to pass the road test. Luckily,I PASSED. Thanks Harlem Driving School !

Review №52

I just pass my road test today with Harlem Driving school 168 st Bronx,Im very happy,the have very good tecnic to teach the student and very friendly staff too,the great!!!.

Review №53

I did not have a single negative experience with this driving school. I got my moneys worth and would recommend to anyone.

Review №54

I have had a good experience so far... Ive learned many driving skills from the different variety of drivers..

Review №55

The first time I failed due to parking I went back and requested Mr Balil he taught me every lesson I had he was the best !!! And thanks too him I passed my road test today 5/9 also thanks Jose for cheering me on I highly recommend this school great staff & prices !

Review №56

Took 3 lessons and passed my road test all in the same week, really good people and youll get your moneys worth 🙌🏾

Review №57

Great experience got my license on my first try !

Review №58

I purchased a package of 5 lessons, 5 hour class & car for road test. Harlem Driving School is not only unorganized but very unprofessional. I am only giving one star for my instructor Roberto who was very professional and a great teacher. After completing my 5 hour class which was on June 24th, I called to have Harlem Driving School Schedule my Road Test. I was told I would be given a call back but never received a phone call so i called again later in the week just to be told it takes 2-4 weeks for me to get the date for my road test which didnt sound right. After calling continuously to make sure the road test was scheduled I spoke to multiple people and each time was told something different. I decided to go to the DMV myself, I got the phone number and scheduled my own road test. It literally took 2 mins with the automated service. When i called Harlem driving school to ask why is it that i have been waiting over two weeks to find out my road test was never scheduled and having to schedule it myself, I was put on hold multiple times and was never given a answer. I then asked them to make sure the car will be available for the road test, again had to call multiple times and finally got an answer from Beatriz who did not have any record of my purchase, telling me i have to pay for the car which i then had to explain to her that i paid for the package which includes the car. She then let me know that even though my road test was at 11am I would have to be at the driving school by 7:30am to then get escorted by one of the instructors and other people taking the test the same day (again something i never heard before). So much time was killed that my Road Test was August 28th, over 2 months after taking my 5 hour class.On the day of my road test I decided not to meet at Harlem Driving School as I lived closer to the Road Test Site and it didnt make sense for me to go downtown just to go back uptown. I made sure i told Beatriz to let the instructor know so that no one would be waiting for me. I received a phone call while i was on my way to the site and a gentleman by the name of Sal told me that I was not allowed to travel to the site on my own and that i would automatically FAIL if I showed up at the site without the instructor. I responded letting him know this was something Ive never heard of before and didnt understand how i would Fail if I was simply going to contact the driver when i arrived at the site and meet him there, he then proceeded to tell me WHEN YOU FAIL, DONT COME BACK HERE...(SMH TOTALLY UNPROFESSIONAL). I am so happy I did not go to Harlem Driving school that morning but instead met them at the Road Test site because there were 4 people in the car when i arrived leaving me no room, I literally wouldve been sitting squeezed in between two guys in the back seat of the car. Which then proceeded to me standing outside waiting for hours until it was my time. Luckily there was a Park on the corner where i sat on the bench until time passed. After the first two people completed the road test I was invited to sit in the car for the last hour before it was my turn.Luckily I PASSED! (haha Mr.Sal :p ) and will not have to deal with Harlem Driving School ever again. I do not recommend anyone to go to a school where youre told youll FAIL. Horrible customer service. I wouldnt say its worth the price. And will definitely say I passed because of the practice I had outside of the school in between the two months that past while I waited to take the road test.

Review №59

Paid for the rush test and was scheduled three days later for my drivers test. Nice instructors and great service.

Review №60

Took acceleration class pass road test with flying colors

Review №61

Went but the class was full.... I dont know how to take more then the seats they have!

Review №62

Took one class here, helped me with the parallel parking.

Review №63

Passed my road test today with them!!! 😎🤗

Review №64

Harlem Driving School is the absolute best.

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Review №66

Passed with flying colors

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Review №68

Very good school! And they help you take your exam !!! Good school and they help you to take your road test fast !!!

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