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Empire State Driving School

Review №1

A HUGE THANK YOU TO RALPH!!! I passed my test on my FIRST road test! I have never imagined myself driving in Manhattan but learning to drive with Ralph has been such an assuring and enriching process. Ralph taught me to do the broken u-turn and parallel parking in a way that it is very easy to comprehend. I greatly appreciate the techniques! I highly recommend Empire State Driving School.

Review №2

Ralph was such a great instructor! I was terrified of learning how to drive in Manhattan but Ralph was so calm and assuring and made me feel confident behind the wheel. He was also very accommodating with scheduling to make the lessons work which I very much appreciated. I completed lessons within 2 weeks and passed the test on the first try. I highly recommend Ralph if youre tentative and want to be confident for the test!

Review №3

I had a great experience with Empire and my driving instructor Lucas! Being an expat, I hadnt driven in over 10 years and was feeling nervous at the prospect of picking up driving again and learning in Manhattan. Lucas put me at ease from the beginning, and I enjoyed working with him over the course of a few weeks. He has a great teaching style, is persistent at wanting you to succeed and makes it enjoyable along the way. The end result was a first time pass and a more confident driver. Thank you!

Review №4

Wow! Passed my first time with almost a perfect score! Ralph is the best ever!! Fern and the whole program was great with communication and scheduling. Ralph is genuinely one of the nicest people!! His confidence, kindness, and patience helped me flourish! Ralph truly cares about the people he teaches and develops an amazing professional relationship with them. The whole team is so kind and sweet. They are very accommodating and great with communication.

Review №5

The school treats you like their own. Fern is so caring and Frank is always patient. He always makes sure not to intimidate students- which I appreciate. Ask for frank!

Review №6

Lucas is an amazing instructor that taught me all I know about driving. I had 0 driving experience and he helped me in under 2 months pass my driving test!! He is a very clear teacher with a great personality! Lucas makes lessons both enjoyable and informative!!

Review №7

Great experience! Lucas is amazing and always on time, he explains everything and every detail, he goes over your weaknesses and makes you master them. Lucas is very communicative with his students and boosts their experience and confidence to become great drivers.I highly recommend him and Empire State Driving School!

Review №8

I twice before in a driving school in the Bronx. And once again in a driving school in Harlem, Akademia. They wouldnt work with me and my schedule, and when it came to the day of my road test I wasnt even on the list. I had 2 lessons, one 2hour and another 90min, with Ralph in Empire and I passed finally!!! Needless to say I am very happy with the schools service and would recommend it to anyone, its definitely worth it.

Review №9

Super helpful lessons that tailored exactly to what would be assessed on the test and made me a confident driver. Lucas was an incredibly helpful teacher who knew exactly what he was doing. Would highly recommend

Review №10

PASSED THE TEST ON MY FIRST TRY! THANK YOU RALPH! My experience with Empire State was great from day #1. The online five hour class was helpful and prepared me well for the in-car/on-road experience. Ralph was knowledgeable and somehow was able to explain the chaos of NYC intersections in a calm, logical way. I would totally recommend Empire for your instruction.

Review №11

Lucas was amazing! From never having driven before, he got me driving to passing my test in 4 weeks flat. Hes a great instructor.

Review №12

Amazing experience! Lucas is great, he teaches very well and boosts confidence. He really cares about his students and acts like a father and is genuinely happy when you pass!Definitely recommend him and Empire State Driving School!

Review №13

I cannot recommend Lucas highly enough. As a 24 year-old New Yorker, with no experience driving, my family thought I was a lost cause. But then, along came Luke — his energy is amazing, his attentiveness unparalleled and just after a month of lessons, I got my license!!! It was so effortless and enjoyable. You guys should ask for Lucas (though he’s in high demand) !

Review №14

I highly recommend Lucas!! Such a great teacher and makes you feel super comfortable I was so nervous but I passed my first time because of him!!! He’s patient and honest and genuinely wants you to pass I had a great experience

Review №15

Excellent school with in my case perfect instructor Ralph! (Hope I spelled it right). He did an outstanding job in giving me the short version of what do focus on which was relevant given my 37 years of driving experience. I can really recommend the school and Ralph!

Review №16

I had the best experience with a driving instructor Ralph. I needed to exchange my European driving license which I got 20 years ago. After all those years Ralph was the person who finally taught me to perform perfect parallel parking in just one class. Ralph was very patient, calm, attentive to my weak driving points ensuring that I eliminate those before the road test. Although I have not driven in the past years I easily passed the road test at the first attempt.

Review №17

More bad than good. Wile administrator Fern is nice, it takes her much too long to figure out scheduling. Other people have scheduling needs, too! My first lesson was with someone who seemed more concerned with his affairs than my learning: he actually yanked the wheel over when I didnt want to go from highway to right shoulder so he could take a cell phone call from his lawyer. I insisted on different teacher for next lesson and he was much better. However, today I was waiting for latter to show up and he told me I wasnt on his list! So wasted time. I had originally been planning to take 3 highway driving lessons, but now I am through with them.

Review №18

Excellent experience with Empire State Driving School. The five hour class can be taken on line. My instructor Ralph was very good, patient, going through all i needed to know for the road test and we listened to the best radio. I recommend that school.

Review №19

I had a wonderful experience with Empire State Driving School, specifically the teacher Lucas. He was always patient and quick to point out my mistakes and the easy fixes to them. While I wasn’t afraid of driving, he made me very comfortable at the wheel from the moment I sat in the driver’s seat. I would 100% recommend Lucas and Empire State Driving to anyone anywhere in the city.

Review №20

Ralph was an exceptional instructor who helped me nail my parallel parking and made me feel more confident as a new driver. I passed my driving test easily and learned a lot from him. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor!

Review №21

I used Empire Driving school for my lessons. Lucas was wonderful. Not only is he a great driving instructor, but hes a terrific person as well. Hes extremely communicative via text, which is so helpful for scheduling etc. He answered every question that I had, was reliable and overall a really cool guy. Hes everything that a New Yorker is supposed to be - honest, hardworking, real, and down to earth. You wont regret your lessons with Lucas, and will always remember him when you pass your test!

Review №22

Great driving instructor Ralph will make you feel at ease and teach you how to pass your Road Test. Scheduling lessons and the RT with the dmv can be hectic and getting your license can be difficult but Empire State Driving gets the job done. I highly recommend Ralph as an instructor!

Review №23

Lucas was amazing! His calming demeanor, excellent driving tips, and general attitude made every lesson valuable and something to look forward. Thank you to this wonderful school and Lucas for helping me pass my driving test!

Review №24

They make everything quick and easy and the instructor made me feel safe the entire time. Payed for the 10 hour course and passed my road test on the first try. Highly recommend my teacher Ralph.

Review №25

Ralph was a patient and effective instructor, who made learning parallel parking and broken U turn simple! I took the 5 lesson course and it was plenty enough to pass the test.

Review №26

Lucas was amazing! I took a 5 hours practice and passed from the first time. He explains everything so well and I wasn’t nervous at all. I highly recommend this school and Lucas to everyone who wants to pass the test! :)

Review №27

I had a great experience learning how to drive with Lucas. He is a patient and amazing instructor and I am very pleased with my experience with him at Empire Driving School. I highly recommend Lucas.

Review №28

Lucas was my instructor. He is a super dedicated and excellent teacher! I passed my road test on the first try.

Review №29

I been out of the city for months and I got Lucas. I just got my license after 3 lessons with him! He is AMAZING ! So personable and an incredible instructor. Honest without being rude. HIGHLY recommend for anyone who wants to get there license

Review №30

I’m super happy that I passed in my road test Today. I really recommend Lucas (my diver instructor) who gave me very good tips to be able to go through it.I do recommend the school.

Review №31

I just started taking driving lessons,so far sooo good.Im a little nervous about my road test,but I know theres a God somewhere,then theres a way!!!Hopefully,Ill hear good news...after that big day...My goal is to pass my road test the first time and be done with this driving license thing....

Review №32

I enjoyed my experience with Empire Driving school. Lucas was pleasant, courteous and his instruction was on point. I passed the driving test after taking classes with him. Highly recommend!

Review №33

Lukas is an amazing driving instructor. Makes you very comfortable while learning to drive. I passed my road test on the first try and it was largely due to his dedication to both his role as an instructor and the dedication and care he has for his students. If youre looking for a driving instructor, you should start and end with him !

Review №34

Im writing this review based off my great experience with Lucas:Hes a great teacher—very calm, personable, and knows what hes doing. The ideal teacher for the anxious driver or a New Yorker who needs to learn the ins and outs of driving that you dont learn for the road test. I had my license for a while but hadnt ever really used it and needed help getting ready to commute by car. Within a few lessons with Lucas, I got comfortable enough to make the drive on my own.

Review №35

Andre is wonderful. I passed road test at once.

Review №36

Lucus helped my wife and I pass after a 2 hr lesson each. We had both driven abroad for years on the left hand side, and helped us pass first time in nyc! Lucus is a Very good guy who cares.

Review №37

I had Lucas as a driving instructor, and he was fantastic! Lucas was very knowledgeable about driving and a great teacher helping me pass the road test in the Bronx NYC today!

Review №38

If I could give this place 0 stars, I would. This place is a scam! The owner of this school is totally unprofessional, crass and obnoxious. She shouts and swears during driving lessons and has poor customer relationship skills. The other driving instructors were consistently late for the driving lessons by margins of 45 minutes or more! The receptionist is a polite and pleasant lady but other than that avoid this place like the plague.

Review №39

Lucas helped me a lot! I highly recommend him.

Review №40

Great experience! My instructor was Tyrone and I had the best of the experiences, he’s a great teacher. I highly recommend this school.

Review №41

Was terrified of learning how to drive, in 6 weeks and a dozen classes I passed! Great teachers, flexible with difficult schedules, really take the time to make you comfortable with driving and passing the road test. Would recommend to anyone!

Review №42

Best driving school around! The staff is super nice. I came in needing to take my road test, and i got scheduled for it within days!

Review №43

Staff is very nice. Gari who is very nice and patient helped me pass my road test from the first try. Highly recommend him.

Review №44

I had a great experience with empire. Best teachers in NYC!

Review №45

Shanti is the absolute BEST. She is the best driving teacher you could have. Every lesson is worth it. If you want to learn how to drive, go to shanti.

Review №46

THE BEST. They will teach you everything you need to know to be an amazing driver. I got my license in 10 days!

Review №47

Awesome instructors. Owned by Shanti Gooljar. Best driving school ever!

Review №48

What a scam! This is the most desorganized and mismanaged driving school ever! I really dont recommend if you want to avoid any stress.

Review №49

Got the license with this school. I start from zero driving experience and I am a non-native English speaker. My teacher was Ralph, and he has been very kind and patient. I would highly recommend Ralph for non-native / beginner students. / I have no driving experience and I am a non-English native speaker, but I got my license safely here. Ralph, who was the teacher in charge, kindly taught me how to drive from beginning to end. It is also recommended for non-English natives with no driving experience. (Since there were some problems with schedule setting on the Admi side, time and some English communication skills are required.)

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