Pagan Driving School
85 Audubon Ave, New York, NY 10032, United States
Pagan Driving School

Review №1

Excellent service the cost is fair and if the teaching is excellent, thanks to them I have my license

Review №2

I passed my driver’s test on the first try! I definitely recommend taking classes here with Mercedes and Pagan. They were very patient with me and helped me fix little errors that could’ve made me fail the test. Also recommend taking classes consecutively before the test so you’re well prepared.

Review №3

If you want to be treated poorly I recommend coming here.. terrible terrible place. They treat you horrible. They expect you to be an expert at driving on your first driving class.

Review №4

They take your money and they don’t focus on the things that you need to know, they are not patient especially the lady, this school is a waste of time and money. If this is your first time driving this school is not for you. Salvador is the only one that really cares, professional and patient but he just gives classes on Saturday, and I will not learn anything taking just one class in a week. They need to have more people like him (Salvador) dedicated and patience, easy to learn with Salvador but he just gives classes on Saturday. The only thing that I can say is that this school is one of the worse school.

Review №5

Not a place for beginners.Treat you as if theyre the reason you exist. No etiquette.I was very excited to learn, however I became so turned off by the attitude of my instructor. I only went through with my lessons, because my husband payed for them.Still baffled. Be aware!

Review №6

My instructor Mr.Pagan was very professional and very helpful I got my license in my first road test, very recommended, the prices were also reasonable.

Review №7

This is the WORST driving school there is. My daughter had a horrible experience. I told my co-workers and friends not to take lessons with Pagan Driving School. The good and excellent reviews that are posted are NOT from clients. The instructor Mercedes and Mr. Elliot Pagan, the owner were unprofessional and disrespectful. Had no patience when my daughter asked if she could practice the parking, he would say, I don’t have time to be repeating myself. He displayed a NASTY attitude. Ms. Mercedes would bang the dashboard, scream and yell if a correction was needed. How HORRIBLE!!I paid for 5 lessons. It was a waste of money and time. It hurts me that I recommended this mediocre school to my daughter. She went to another school and passed her road test on her first try. My son will be going some place else for his driving lessons.!!

Review №8

My driving instructor Salvador was very professional and made sure I was safe at all times. On the day of my road test Pagan dropped me to the location and waited until I was finished and drove me back to the school. I passed on the first try; very grateful for the lessons I received. I would definitely recommend.

Review №9

Amazing experience! I took the test and passed on my first try. I had Pagan as my instructor and he taught me the essentials to pass my test. If you want to hear the truth in order to be well prepared Id reccomend this driving school! The driving packages are the most reasonable I found and they made me feel prepared. We were taken to the road test site which saved us the hassle and stress of traveling there alone.Thank you Pagan & the staff :)

Review №10

Pagan is the best driving school proven, about 15 years ago they helped me get my drivers license. I had never driven a car in my life at all, the teacher I had taught me how to drive perfectly and guided until the day I passed the road test. This year they helped my wife also a new driver with no experience, she passed the road test this week on her first try. Would recommend them to anybody in a heart beat.Thank you Pagan!

Review №11

Mr.Pagan really was great... he showed me exactly what i needed in order to pass the test.... practicing with him was a great experience on how to drive safe... i wont forget the things he taught me!

Review №12

The previous people who left reviews are right... unfortunately I didn’t do my research before starting to take classes. They didn’t make me feel comfortable at all. My instructor who was the lady(i know her name, I just don’t want to say it) was negative most of the time and was not patient. Yesss it is true that she was on her phone and even called people instead of paying attention and helping me.I also did sense that she was putting her foot on the brake a lot and sometimes she would blame me for it when my foot wasn’t even pressing the break! She was also very confusing with her terminology and the steps that I had to do. Please don’t do it to yourselves!!!

Review №13

Passed on first attempt!!!. Louis was my instructor. Yes!!!, he did teach me like it was a military school, and kept correcting me at almost everything. At some point it started getting to me. But hey, If he doesnt act like this, how will I ever notice how grievous such mistakes will be? Well, thanks to him, I passed. I just imagine it was still him sitting next to me, and that I wanted to avoid him correcting me. And behold I passed on first attempt with minor error - which Louis also kept pointing out during my driving class.

Review №14

My instructor Mercedes was extremely helpful, gave me wonderful tips and was beyond pleasant thanks to Mercedes I passed my drivers test and got my license I’m grateful for having a good instructor like her!

Review №15

My instructor Mercedes was very professional and I got my license in my first road test, very recommended, the prices were also reasonable

Review №16

Worst driving school ever. Pagan the owner is cold. He doesnt get you prepared for road test, just wants you to do around. Wants you to do what he wants you to do. Takes you unnecessary places. Dont waste your money. If you are a first time driver, never driven a car before this isnt the school for you.

Review №17

I’m just gonna say... the instructor told me to show your belly (I’m prego) maybe they’ll feel bad for you and give you the license... like really?! The overall experience was not good, wouldn’t recommend

Review №18

Well let me start off with I GOT MY LICENSE ON MY FIRST TRY when I read the reviews online about Pagan being militant I thought to myself, hey I want someone thats not gonna play games and actually teach me what I need to know (he was actually a nice person). So I went on and bought the package with 5 lessons. After my 4th lesson I asked Mr. pagan if I should purchase more classes and his response was (if you have someone teaching you at least 2-3 times a week outside of taking your lessons with me then no but if you dont and you want to pass I would suggest you get 5 more lessons). I went on to purchase 5 more and he was right!!!! After purchasing the 5 more i perfected my turns, my parking became more comfortable to do and he helped me shake off the nervousness I had. Mr. Pagan prepares you to become a great driver and that is what he did with me. After my 8th lesson I was confident enough to move my boyfriends car out of a parking space and park it 2 blocks away BY MYSELF he was shocked.Mr. Pagan was patient, understanding and very very resourceful for me to learn what I needed to learn to get my license on the first try. If you want your license and looking to be taught everything you need to know then go to Pagan. I have already recommended my sister, cousin and 2 friends!

Review №19

Hands down the best driving school uptown. Pagan was my instructor and he was patient and taught me what I needed to know for my road test. Highly recommend !!!

Review №20

Pagan driving school has the best instructors of the world; I am astonished. I only took a few lessons and passed the test the first time as easy as 1-2-3. Pagan driving school is marvelous!!!

Review №21

Worst experience ever.So when I decided I want to take driving lessons I started looking into driving schools there so much school to choose, but I always saw pagan cars driving around with students. I assumed it must be good. Long story short if you want to get yelled by the instructors go to pagan driving school. They expect you to drive with no experience.NO PATIENCE from the lady forgot her name and deff from Pagan who is the owner.

Review №22

This school is horrible dont waste your time. They are so disrespectful always on their phone nasty attitude and always pushing on the breaks. Also Mercedes is super negative she said Good luck you aint gonna pass the route test and guess what I GOT IT !!!!!!!!!

Review №23

If you want to pass your test the first time come to this school ive never drove before coming to this school but Luis was a good teacher. Highly recommended. Good prices for the packages.

Review №24

The place is ok if you have some experience driving and just need more practice. Pagan is a knowledgeable instructor but his attitude is his biggest downfall. His attitude is inconsistent. He just lets you drive around and yells at you if you make a mistake. He sometimes has a very careless attitude. Luis on the other hand is patient and gives you pointers on how to become a better driver.

Review №25

Great driving school. Mercedes is amazing, very respectful, friendly, and helpful.

Review №26

If I could give this place a zero I would. I had bought a pakage for 10 driving lessons. While taking them my instructor had change 4 times and each of them telling me different things. The instructors I had told me I was ready after finishing all of the lessons. I went the day they assigned me and took a day off school to go at 6:45. After waiting in their office for almost an hour I finally went. When it was my turn to take the test I was told I could not because I still had not had 6 months with my license. I went back and they scheduled another appointment, them claiming I would pass but I did not. I then bought more lessons plus the road test with was $70 for one test and $30 for each of the lessons. I failed again after being told I would 100% pass. I then took more classes and decided to take it again still failing. Each time I was told I would pass and did not. I gave them the slip DMV gave me saying I failed everytime and they said they would help me. After I gave them my money and wasted my time multiple days ago they just decided to tell me that I wanted to rush my appointment so they could not fully prepare me. Do not trust them. They will send you unprepared and tell you that its your fault.

Review №27

Amazing driving school, very respectful great teacher great pricing Package. Mr Pagan and his 30years of experience are what we all need for driving classes.

Review №28

Worst driving school there is. You would think that the guy they named the school after would be a good instructor, only to find out i was wrong. This man was inpatient, always on the phone, barely ever told what to do and if i ever did anything right or wrong, and whenever i asked a question he would complain about how im asking a question. Just stay away from this place if you dont want your money stolen, there are better driving schools around the area.

Review №29

If you dont want to waste your money dont go to this school!!! and if your a first time driving i advise all of you This isnt the school for you!! . The worst experience ever!!! They made you so uncomfortable. The first instructor Luis didnt have any patients and yelled. Msde me nervous. I changed the instructor to the owner Pagan, he didnt speak to you would get total upset when you made a mistake and didnt teach everything that is required to take the road test. I repeat dont waste you money your energy or your time.

Review №30

Instructor based hour long driving classes started 10 minutes late and ended 15 minutes early.Pagan a tactless instructor, preoccupied by his phone. No instruction, constructive criticism, just hard and sudden breaks whenever he decided to look away from his phone.

Review №31

Not professional at all

Review №32

Horrible communication

Review №33

I honestly do not recommend it, because this man who gives the classes you think you are asking and treats people like animals. I feel bad because I didnt read the reviews before going to that school. But I only say something. Cheap is expensive 😞

Review №34

Hello there, Edwin on this side, from my part I have to tell you that I have a very good experience, with them, they are very attentive and teach you well. I passed the exam.after not passing it in another 2 times with a different school. But one point to take into account. Many times we are not prepared mentally, or emotionally. To take the exam. Even taking a lot of practice, the people who are going to take the exam have to have a balance. Exciting and mentally to take that last step .. because most of the case the nerves betray. And so you avoid giving bad reviews to driving schools. I almost got burned. But it was because of the nerves. But thank god I passed it. And oh what to let the examiner know. While in the car with deep breathing. And take your time ...

Review №35

The owners are two bad manners and bad speech, they treat you worse than a dog, they have no patience to deal with customers and if you make a mistake they call you up and talk to you SUPER BAD, I paid for a package of 5 classes and I barely took 2 and I dont think Ill finish the other 3 !!!!! The bad vibe that they (The Owners) carry makes you feel uncomfortable and in a bad mood just as they DO NOT SPEND YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME IS NOT WORTH IT !!!!

Review №36

These people are very BAD mannered. Not all money is received. They have to understand that it is by teaching that they are and they must have a LOT of patience oh close their business or set up a kennel that the dogs may learn with you. Efrain Pagan is an animal who talks SUPER bad to his students. It should be checked to see if you are dealing with HUMANS.Very Bad service.They’re very unprofessional and rude. They need to understand that they’re teaching, that they need to have patience for it. whoever goes there might not know how to drive, there looking for help and paying for it. so that person needs to be very professional and understandable.

Review №37

Very good driving school and at a very good price

Review №38

Do not waste your money, this driving school after you charge they do not care about anything.

Review №39

Very educated professional people respectful and with great discounts and serving the city of NY thanks for your services and I recommend you to the new Drivers

Review №40

This school is horrible .. they dont spilcan they dont teach. dont waste your time and money. Pagan the owner is a rude, ill-mannered -worse driving school they dont teach you what you need to know to pass. Pagan the owner / instructor is super rude

Review №41

Excellent service. Good people, especially Mercedes. I recommend the place, if there really is desire and willingness to learn.

Review №42

I went to pagan driving school through my friend who recommended it to me, since she had a good experience and passed her test. My experience was very good, I was very grateful to Mercedes who was my instructor, for all the patience she had with me and for the encouragement she gave me, because at first I thought I could not do it, but with God and the help of Mercedes I did it and I feel very happy because I achieved one of my goals. So I highly recommend this school to those who are interested in getting their drivers license, it is very good. 👍🏼

Review №43

Excellent your advice and scolding jaha

Review №44

I really liked the service that Ms Jesenia gave me and especially the instructor Salvador, a great human being and an excellent driving instructor. And to the Lord Pagan thank you for the pulls of the ears, it helped me a lot. My respects to you ... thank you 😉

Review №45

Worst driving school ever. They yell at you when you are just trying to learn to drive.GO SOMEWHERE ELSEWorst school to learn to drive. They yell at you when youre learning to drive.GO TO ANOTHER SCHOOL

Review №46

The very professional instructors auque at first I thought they were obnoxious and short tempered but then confirm that no. If I would choose again I would choose this school.

Review №47

Very good school I learned a lot and I passed my exam in the first thank you very much Mercedes my instructor for helping me so much.

Review №48

The best 🚘God bless you 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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