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Uptown Driving School

Review №1

I passed my test thanks to the instructors advise and coaching. Super friendly staff, truly professional and helpful. I would recommended to anyone looking to get their drivers license, they are the BEST in Inwood.Thank you guys!

Review №2

The welcoming party needs a training to say the least, I happen to go there to get an insurance inspection (photos) and I was disappointed just to walk in there is a young lady with green hair that could not be more rude. But everything balances out a beautiful young lady from the back office came out and gave me the royal treatment thanks God for nice people.

Review №3

5 stars to this driving school. Especially to Rathel she was very helpful and gave us all the information we needed.

Review №4

I took 3 lessons with Greg & he amazing ! Makes me feel comfortable while I’m driving and gives good tips when ever I ask for feed back . I took my road test April 6 and pass the first try ! The woman at the front desk is so amazing and sweet . I recommend any one go here learn how to drive it was a over all good experience.

Review №5

Uptown driving school is 100% the kindest, warmest, most welcoming driving school experience I’ve ever had (and I’ve had a few!). From the receptionist, to the instructor, to the owner of the school itself, I only felt comfortable and supported through the entire process. My instructor Greg was patient, smart, forgiving and informative!! This place is worth putting your money towards (and their prices are beyond affordable). Thank you uptown driving school for helping me pass my road test!!

Review №6

Best decision Ive ever made! The most friendly receptionist got me all sorted out with no pressure. I took 6 classes with Greg and from day one he had me actually Driving. He has full control of the car too so if he sees your steering is off, hell help guide you. He was very patient and helped me build confidence each step of the way. At class #6, I was driving smoothly and actually passed my DMV Test the first time.Now that I have my license Im definitely taking his next course on driving though Highways! Thanks again team! 🙏

Review №7

If there was a 0 stars i would put that. Went there to get an inspection for my car, and the receptionist there apparently has never heard or read anything about customer service. She was so rude and disrespectful that is a shame she works at a place where a lot of people go and its so essential for the community. She acted like I had to know what the process was, and all the papers involved. If Im going there is because I need a service, that I was going to pay for. Its not like Im begging for a favor or Im a specialist. If I knew what to do I wouldnt go there in the first place...I think she is a better fit in ZOO...

Review №8

Great driving school! The instructor is extremely patient, he pushed me to my extreme potential. The receptionist was also very healthful and patient helping me schedule all my lessons and making sure I that my lessons were smoothly. They have the most affordable rates in Uptown Manhattan. I highly recommend this driving school for anyone that is looking to get learn how to drive, and pass their road test.Thank you Uptown Driving School!

Review №9

I took lessons here and had a really good experience. I was extremely nervous to start driving but my nerves were immediately calmed by the teacher Greg Myers. Within 6 lessons I was taught the rules of the road and why those rules were there, making it easier for me to catch on and become a safe driver. Overall is was a very good experience specially for someone who is very nervous to begin the process. I recommend taking lessons here to anyone in the area wanting to learn.

Review №10

The staff at Uptown driving school are incredibly nice and accommodating. I have been procrastinating with taking driving lessons but I took 10 lessons here with Greg. It only took me two months and I pass the road test on my first try. Rathel is great helping me with lessons scheduling and Greg is a wonderful patient teacher. Worth every penny.

Review №11

I went to 3 different Driving schools before coming to this one. One was worse than the other. Thank God I found Uptown Driving School. From the second I stepped in their location and spoke to the receptionist I felt at ease. It was a match made in heaven. Greg is a phenomenal instructor. He is patient, respectful and responsible. All it took was one lesson from him and I finally got my license. He said I was ready and I trusted him. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

Review №12

Great School! The staff is very patient and dedicated. Rathel became a second mom to my child and Greg was very understanding and flexible with him. I highly recommend this school! Not only my son passed the rode test, he received a very good score. I trust him with any vehicle.

Review №13

Yayy passed my road test today!!! Thanks to Greg, he’s the best instructor ever, so nice with so much patience. He pushed me and believed in me. The front desk is very nice as well, love Rathel ; she accommodated me at all times . I highly recommend this school .

Review №14

I highly recommend this driving school, the ladies at the front desk along with (and especially) my instructor Greg were very very patient and helpful between accommodating my schedule to teaching me everything I need to know to pass my road test!! Thank you all so much :)

Review №15

Amazing driving school. Passed my road test and learned the right way to drive. I will recommend to everyone I know. Love this place

Review №16

Even though I was nervous, I decided to go first. (There were 2 other student drivers from our school.) The Test evaluator show very little emotion. It was tricky to calm my nervousness.Took driving school instructor’s advice to heart, I purposely took an easy/gentle pace as I started my Road test. Following what I learned from my practice lessons, I carefully signaled and made my left/right turns into the middle of the nearest lane.This time my parallel parking event was badly spaced. However, I recalled driving instructor’s advice and didn’t stress about this ... because I was aware that it carried the smallest penalty. At the end I *PASSED* my Road test! Woo hoo!I don’t know how to thank my instructor enough! Greg was extra patient and understanding with me. He worked very hard to undo my bad habits. Thank you so much! 🤗🤗🤗

Review №17

Passed My road test with no previous driving experience before the Lessons with Greg. He knows what he is doing & the correct way to do it. youll learn everything to expect on the Road test. Thanks again greg i highly recommend this school to everyone looking to get their license very professional !

Review №18

Great school! Decent prices with packages to suit every financial need. Excellent instructor in Greg Myers, who is professional, gives constructive criticism, is relaxed, gives crucial tips on how to pass the road test and really believes in his drivers. Yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks. At age 51, Greg helped me pass the road test and now Im driving my dream car! Thanks, Uptown!

Review №19

Went for a photo inspection ..i received immediate attention ..i was outta there in 5 mins

Review №20

Very awesome experience all around. I took the 5 hour class with Greg and also 3 behind the wheel lessons with him and I passed the road test on the 1st try. Greg is a top notch instructor with a zen like approach to driving. Highly recommend, well worth it.

Review №21

Initially I was disappointed bc there was a scheduling problem with my driving lessons but besides that everything else was great. I bought a package with 5hr video, 3 driving lessons and road test exam. Greg was my driving instructor,, Great teacher very patient and straight forward, perfect even for 1st drivers who get really nervous or simply anyone who just needs to pass the road test.. the receptionist was a very nice lady (sorry forgot her name). Overall I would highly recommend this place to anyone who needs to get their license or simply looking for driving lessons

Review №22

This is the worst driving school, the teacher is disgusting, he doesnt teach you anything, he is always in a bad mood and he doesnt prepare you well for your exam so you go and get the shame because he doesnt tell you anything is terrible. The whole school is disgusting from the secretary to the teacher and of course they are all garbage that just want to take your money. I do not recommend at all this school is the worst !!! They dont deserve a half star !! nothing !!!

Review №23

If you want to pass your road test, this is the school to go. Great staff with a great Instructor, Greg Myers. He is awesome and gives you all the tips you need to pass your road test. This is the school to go, I didnt know much about driving, and the minute that I started my classes with Greg, I learned so much. He corrects you and has a great sense of humor that comes along with it. I enjoyed attending this school, and you will too.

Review №24

I am extremely satisfied with the classes I took. 10/10 would recommend.

Review №25

Instructor counts his late and reaching the car park or next 2 blocks as from the lesson time and even finish earlier which made 45 mins an actual 25.I also felt he doesnt want to give all the knowledge fast enough, which doesnt make sense as it is all free on YouTube.

Review №26

Amazing school. Smart and patient instructors. Passed my driving test on the first try. If you want to pass and learn to drive safely, you should come to Uptown Driving!

Review №27

Great instructor, with patience, and also great staff and affordable prices. I was able to get a renters insurance, and business insurance, as well as driving instructions. I passed the test. I recommend Uptown Driving School and GWB.

Review №28

I was so afraid to drive, but when I made the decision to do so thank God I found uptown driver school Rathel was so kind when I went to ask, she perfectly explained everything and gave me the confidence to take my classes, Greg was so patient, and He explains step by step everything you have to understand and even gives you the assurance that you can do it, I take 6 classes and today I have my license !!!!! thank you Rathel and Greg🙏🏼🙏🏼

Review №29

Greg is a great instructor and really helped me build confidence behind the wheel.

Review №30

Awesome instructor, awesome school. Greg Myers is a top notch teacher, very, very patient, and knowledgable. I recommend him and his school to anyone and everyone. Thanks Uptown Driving School!!

Review №31

Very good service, the instructors are great and helpful. I didnt have much experience driving and because of the instructor I was able to learn fast and pass my exam on the first try. I recommend this driving school 100%, there were many driving schools around my area and I decided to go to this one and I made the perfect decision. Thank you so muchh !!! #sohappy

Review №32

Great teachers, amazing peopleReally excited and thankful that they were able to support me and help me get my license quickly! Definitely recommend to anyone applying to a driving school and is looking for the best place to go.

Review №33

Came in to buy my daughter a gift certificate as a birthday gift the staff was helpful they guided me in regards to what package was most convenient for her and they had affordable prices

Review №34

Couldnt have chosen a better place, the instructor was both patient and understanding with me, the school worked well with me in regards to my hours no matter the day of the week, the staff is lovely definitely would recommend

Review №35

BadThey cancelled my lessons and didnt even know who I am or have patience with me it really bothered me they take my money but didnt succeed to get my licenseThis place is punk

Review №36

I got my license today! Thanks to Greg ! He’s the best instructor!

Review №37

Just got my drivers license !!! The staff is amazing and Greg is a great instructor, i highly recommend that driving school if you leave uptown, or not ;-)

Review №38

I cant say enough good things about Uptown Driving school and Greg Myers! He is the mr. Rogers of driving. Without question there isnt a better place to learn how to drive.

Review №39

Make sure you get Greg Myers as your instructor cool as hell

Review №40

Absolutely thrilled and satisfied with Gregs tips and instructions while driving, he is such a great teacher and helps you calm down when your nerves go haywire. The car they provide is new and performs very well

Review №41

I had an amzig experience at uptwn drving school! The staff was great, my instructor was very professional and patient and the car was so comfortable and appropriate for my lessons and road test! I would recommend them to all my family and friends!

Review №42

Greg is just the best!

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