ATA College - Tulsa, OK
10820 E 45th St STE 100, Tulsa, OK 74146, United States
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This school honestly needs to be investigated for fraud. Karen in the financial office is VERY SUS JUST SAYING.

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Great staff small college. Really helps prepare you for your future.

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Great school. It is tough so if your not 100% in don’t do it. This profession and School is not for the Lazy. You need to have a strong desire to learn and you have to give it your best or you Will be wasting your time. The staff here are great people and willing to teach you but this is technically a fast track so you need to be 100%. This is a great school to go to and a great profession To be a part of.

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I just graduated and am so glad I came here! Very knowledgeable instructors, and a ton of scan time! ALL of the instructors were very helpful with any questions my classmates or I had. And still very helpful! I recommend this school if you have a desire to become a sonographer!

Review №6

Awful school, very unprofessional. Worst mistake of my life was going here total waste of money and time, all they want and care about it your money. I was treated horribly the whole time and they are not an accredited school I’ve heard from many people that graduated from here that it’s very hard for them to get a job once you’re done. Go to TCC instead.

Review №7

DO NOT waste your time and money at AIMT. It’s not accredited by ARDMS so you are still have to find employment and get registered within a year of graduating. No job placement assistance (which everyone had a very difficult time with after graduating), instructors are sub par at best, they’re for profit and it shows. I graduated in 2012 with 9 others, we started with 27, and only 4 currently in the working in the industry. They’ve flooded the market with large class sizes (again, they’re for profit) and not enough jobs to in the Tulsa metro area to support it. Tuition is over 23k for the entire program and absolutely not worth it. There’s other schools in Tulsa that are accredited, more affordable, and has their students best interest at heart. AIMT is not that place. Huge disappointment.

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While not acrredited by ARDMS you are still able to find employment and get registered within a year of graduating. I graduated in 2009 and have been working consistently and making great money for 8 years. The curriculum is up to par with any other school in the area.

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I went here and honestly it was a waste of time and money. Now I’m paying student loans on something that I fell in love with but can’t use. They’re not accredited, which means you would have to find somewhere to work full time for a year before you could take your exams to become registered. But the tricky part is, ALMOST no one will hire you unless you are registered. I would recommend going through TCC’s program instead of here.

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This has been the best school I have attended. My teacher was very kind, courteous, understanding, and compassionate. All of the other employees of AIMT are great also. One thing I had not experienced at any other school, is the campus president had turkeys, stuffing and mashed potatoes catered in for a Thanksgiving meal for all of the students and faculty. It is a laid back environment, but they also go above and beyond to teach you and help you learn in anyway possible. I would recommend this school a hundred times over to anyone who wants to be a medical sonographer or medical biller/coder. You will not be disappointed.

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I am an AIMT graduate. I found AIMT to be very educational. You get a lot more scanning time than other schools from what Ive heard. I feel the instructors were very knowledgeable and helpful in our training. You may have to travel for clinicals or to find a job but there are pros and cons to every school.

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I knew that this school was a for profit organization but didnt realize what that really meant. They make it really difficult for students to pass this course. The average class size begins with about 24 students, less than half make it through the program due to their rigid testing requirements. Let face it, its all about the money. They get paid for evey student regardess if they continue or not. I do NOT recommend losing your money to this institution!

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For profit.. their accreditation is not recognized by ARDMS.. double the price, double gold digger rude people beside a couple that work there.. GO TO TCC!!!!!!! 1/2 the price!! You graduate registered BIG DEAL!!!! You need that for almost every job!! ARDMS LADY SCOLDED ME ON THE PHONE TODAY FOR PICKING THIS SCHOOL!!!! Legit! Call ARDMS before enrolling!!! She said I should have done my homework!! This place WILL GET SHUT DOWN!A simple search will tell you that ABHES is focused on MA, lab and surg tech tracks. Nothing to do with ultrasound.Unfortunately ARDMS is correct in saying that due diligence on your part was not done.It sucks that you got roped by a for-profit. Hopefully the quality of the program was such that youll be able to obtain employment based on your learned skillset.

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Splendor loved it

3.4 Rating
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