Ozoor Driving School
4917 Schaefer Rd #204, Dearborn, MI 48126, United States
Ozoor Driving School

Review №1

They are the best ever they made my whole life ❤️ Mrs.Nohad best lady I’ve ever met thanks a lot for ur kindness and patience….each time I drive I pray for you❤️

Review №2

Extremely friendly staff, I recommend this place %100! All of my kids attended this driving school & have never had a bad experience! Thank you Mr.Kassem for your great work & effort you put into teaching the children of our community!

Review №3

For those who would think to register for a driving courses at this place i have something want to share with you about this Company ! Unfortunately i was ripped by one of their employee When I made the deal at first place with her about the cost for Permanent Driver L. and she said it will cost $350 till he gets the license but when he did passed the test for the permanent she went like this is it, and she refused to get him back on for the driver license course, and wanted to charge me more to continue! i think its not right and i will not recommend no one to deal with those liers !!!hope you enjoy your one star that u don’t deserve.......

Review №4

The best driving school in Michigan they are very respectful people. god bless you guy keep up the good work

Review №5

Hands down best driving school in town. So helpful with everything, you feel welcomed and they actually teach they take time to explain in detail the process and steps it takes to become a good driver. Recommend to everyone you won’t be disappointed

Review №6

Mrs. Nouhad was absolutely fantastic. God bless her and her amazing character.

Review №7

Really good driving school! I passed on my first try, thanks to Mrs. Kassem!!!

Review №8

Best school aiyah is the best omg she is the best teacher ever she teaches the best i swear my whole family is coming here she is so sweet and funny i love her aiyah you are the best teacher you make me feel so comfortable in class and i learn so much with you thank you i’m so happy i meet you you are the best

Review №9

The owner is one of the rudest people I’ve ever encountered. Don’t even bother with this driving school. They’ll take your money up front and do a terrible job sometimes not even the job. The owner is INCREDIBLY unprofessional and condescending. She shuts the phone in your face if you ask any questions. I have no idea how she has her job. Save your money and go to a different driving school.

Review №10

Great place with an even better staff! Made the process of getting my license extremely easy. Mrs. Kassem was very patient with me and took her time explaining things along the way in order to make sure I got a good understanding of everything. All in all, I recommend Ozoor Driving school to everyone in need of learning how to drive.

Review №11

Best school i’m so happy I came here, they take the time to teach and the teacher is so friendly especially in the classroom. The way she explains things and gives such great examples. I’m glad I chose this driving school. She clearly knows what she’s doing. I always look forward to attending her class, you know when you go to a class and you don’t feel the vibe well here you actually want to attend. When I leave her class I wish it was longer she’s amazing and her staff is even better. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions they are always open to that. I swear I am so happy I came here. RECOMMEND TO EVERYONE

Review №12

DO NOT COME TO THIS SCHOOL FOR ANYTHING! They were 40 minutes late for my road test and I couldn’t take it. So unprofessional. If you hate someone recommend this driving school for them.

Review №13

I haven’t registered my kids yet because when I called for prices the lady on the phone was in such a hurry to get off the phone she sounded like she didn’t really want to answer my questions don’t know if I’ll register my kids Or not if that’s the type of attitude I’m going to get from them hopefully she was just having a bad day Or maybe they should just have someone else answer the phone because that alone is making me not want to even register my kids. I’ll change my review when I decide

Review №14

The worst school ever they just take your money and they tell you something and do the complete opposite

Review №15

They are only want the money the tell you something and do something the opposite they are so disrespectful

Review №16

Best driving school in area they did above and beyond to help me get my lisence, really appreciated and I recommend everyone, better call ozoor

Review №17

Best School! Mrs. Kassem was one of a kind. Completed both segments here. When I went to register the girl was so helpful explained everything required to us and made sure my parents understood the process and when Mrs.Kassem did the in class and on road training, I felt so confident and passed my exam with a good score. The best of the best.

Review №18

I love this place they were amazing i did my hours here and i did my road test here and i passed thank god they treated me like family and theyre so nice so professional they actually teach you the laws of the road and they are never in a rush they give you all the time in the world i highly highly recommend this place

Review №19

The best in the business went to another driving school and they failed me twice while i was better than them at driving. i highly recommend ozoor driving school

Review №20

Ms k best teacher teach me good in the class and road I drive safe with my parents. the best im happy i come here to this school. thank you

Review №21

Aiyah is one of the best her segment 1 classes are the best she teaches so well actually explains and cares about the students. I have never seen a teacher so knowledgable she knows the material and does great job at teaching it. EVERYONE ASK FOR AIYAH. She’s the nicest and a sweetheart! Thank you for being a good teacher. See you for segment 2

Review №22

Hands down the greatest driving school in town, you get the greatest service and taught by the greatest teacher and instructor. I highly recommend this driving school to all teens and adults!

Review №23

Highly recommended! The instructor is very calm and professional. I finally passed my road test! This school is truly amazing. They really teach you and make sure that you drive safely.

Review №24

Take classes with Aiyah she teaches segment one and two inside the classroom. I recommend her. She also does on the road too. Man i’m so happy I got to meet her Aiyah is #1 i’m telling you guys, She knows what she’s doing and is so calm and patient. Just when u meet her ull know

Review №25

They teach so WELL! Passing the test was so easy because the steps they taught me were so simple.If your planning on taking your test but your afraid, take a training lesson with them before the test and they’ll tell you if your ready or not. 💛

Review №26

HORRIBLE DRIVING SCHOOL!!!DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT!!!! GO TO THIS DRIVING SCHOOL! I scheduled my road test for Saturday at 12 PM. The lady on the phone was rushy and wanted to get the call over with within 10 seconds in. Thats when I shouldve cancelled my road test but I didnt. I go to their office on Saturday @ 12 and sure enough she was 20 minutes late. Not even a sorry for being late. I get into the car after paying and signing and there is another student in the car driving. She lets that student drive around and do practice as I sit in the back seat. We then stop by another students house, pick them up, and that student starts practicing. The time is now 2:00 thats 2 hours of me sitting in the back seat doing nothing. As time goes by it was finally my turn. BUT, It was not a practice!! It was the actual test!!! Sure enough after trying the obstacles I fail due to no practice. THIS WOMAN IS ONLY TAKING YOUR MONEY. IT IS A SCAM!! DONT GO TO THIS DRIVING SCHOOL! DONT BELIEVE ME? READ OTHER REVIEWS. oh yeah and not to mention, the first student that drove didnt even take her road test due to how late the instructor held us for. She held us all until 3:45.

Review №27

One of my best experiences. This driving school is awsome! The teacher is nice and the instructor is calm and nice! I did my road test today and I passed, the examiner was very nice and calm! I recommend this Driving school for everyone!!!Drive safe!😀By: Amer Idrees

Review №28

Superb instructors :D Aya and her mom they are very patient and kind. they made sure that I will be safe and confident out on the road! I passed the test on first try too~ they were always on time, focused, and made the lessons fun so I looked forward to them ^^

Review №29

Besttt school ever ms kassem is the best lady to drive with finished segment 1 and all 6 hours now i feel confident to drive with my parents. thank you for helping me i would recommend to anybody. come here you will not regret it.

Review №30

PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCEThat was one of the most important thing I realized about this school. They have plenty of it. I had no clue how to drive and if someone raised their voice I would get nervous, of course driving with my dad wasnt the best idea. but here at this driving school they were so calm, so patient, so informative it was unreal. I learned so quick and everything I learned made me a safe driver. I RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!

Review №31

Good people, I believe the teacher was Mrs. Kassem shes a real one. My brother and sister came to her and now it was mi turn,. good people yall really like her shes cool gives good notes at end of each drive

Review №32

Mrs.kassem is one of the best driving school teachers out there I learned so much things from her I highly recommend ozoor driving school

Review №33

Very nice experience just got my certificate today.. they will teach you want to need to learn very informative ..Thank you guys again I would recommend

Review №34

I am writing this to let people know not to go there. they make you wait hours and are very unprofessional. the guy wouldnt let us drive we sat there for five minutes then he took our money and said we failed. there were too women with him they said I passed but he didnt even let me drive. please go somewhere else. dont give them your business

Review №35

I recommend this school to everyone. Such a great experience. They’re very patient with you and teach very well. Love Mrs. Kassem and Aiyah!!!!!!

Review №36

Did drivers ed here best school ever i’m so happy i finished the class. this is worth it i learned so much

Review №37

While reading other reviews, I stumbled upon some people who weren’t satisfied or I could say upset Its no coincidence that those who fail their exams or don’t do well are mad about it. People always fail and because their upset they leave a negative review. Then again those who pass don’t complain or leave a review rather they go on with their lives. Nohad, was on of the best instructors I ever went too because this was not the first school I was at, I tried 3 others before coming here. This school works with a testing company so if you fail the test it’s not this schools fault or the testing company rather it may be your fault. With research, It shows that the DMV has certain requirements for a driving test and the examiner must follow those requirements or they will get into trouble. Over all, I’m glad I choose this school and will recommend all my friends to come here. The driving test was not as hard as I had thought after all everything was clearly explained to me, I could say they know their stuff and are gladly and clearly explaining it to their customers. Hours are flexible and WORTH YOUR MONEY!ps. some people will fail their tests and some will pass, nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Thank you Nohad for your patience.

Review №38

I dont usually write reviews but I am for this driving school, they are actually very professional. They try their very best to satisfy the customer and that is what I enjoyed the most about them. I trained and took my roadtest. Thank you Nohad for your patience. I started with nothing and look at me now I am doing so much better and learned so much. I will bring all my kids to you. Wonderful school, wonderful staff and an extremely professional school.

Review №39

Highly recommended!!! Teaches you all driving techniques, and safety on the road very calm and nice instructor.

Review №40

Great instructor that do not make you waste your money. However what for one of the examinator that doesn’t articulate well on the test.

Review №41

Dont go to this school...they just want money!! They take four people on their training car and u pay for 1 hour 35$..the hour u paid for it not more then 15 min they take me to each person house to take them with us to the training..??Baad

Review №42

Defneitly reccommend! I was hesitant and nervous to drive, took a few hours and am doing much better. This is the place to go!

Review №43

Euphoric, I had a great experience, and the instructers were very helpful, now I could drive very well thanks to them

Review №44

Youll be squished in a car with 6 other people, have to wait hours just to take a 10 min driving test, and if you go here to practice driving dont expect to get your 1 hours worth. If I knew any of this beforehand I wouldnt have gone here. Super unprofessional

Review №45

She is a very nice lady that was really patient with me I highly recommend!!!

Review №46

Outstanding driving school with outstanding people

Review №47

Snapchat me dat test, if its easy

Review №48

She always in her phone, so rude while asking for moneyShe teaches you how to pass the exam not how to drive especially when it comes to how to park

Review №49

They treated me unprofessionally when I went to register. Do not go to this driving school, you can find yourself another driving school where they have actual manners.

Review №50

Great customer service!

Review №51

Waited 3hours the women ignored our calls and was extremely disrespectful.

Review №52

The best ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Review №54

Poor service

Review №55

Ayah Kass was the GOAT

Review №56

Experience, friendly

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