Saab driving school
14401 Tireman Ave, Dearborn, MI 48126, United States
Saab driving school

Review №1

This is the best driving school ever. The instructor is very professional, respectful, and nice. I would highly recommend going here because they provide additional hands on watching and driving practice after you finish the 3 week program.

Review №2

If you are an adult who’s looking for a driving school or you have been driving overseas and need to get a MI driving license or if you are a parent whose kids need to be taught driving LOOK NO FURTHER.I highly recommend Saab Driving School.Mr. Saab is a devoted teacher and he is extremely patient with his students of all ages.He is committed to teaching you all the right and safe rules no matter your driving experience.He has no shortcuts. ONLY THE RIGHT WAY.Call him for an appointment and don’t hesitate.I passed my road test today and I am grateful for this teacher.

Review №3

Mr Saab and his wife are really friendly and awesome people. I went to him to practice my parking and take the road test. He taught me exactly what I needed to know for the parking test and it was the same as the road test. For the test he told me what to look out for and how to not lose points. The test and training don’t even cost me as much as other schools in this area and he actually makes sure to teach you how to drive without wasting your time. Totally recommend, Mr Saab also has a great sense of humor so his lessons will be everything but boring :)

Review №4

Looking for a driving school in Michigan !!I highly recommend Saab Driving School.Mr Saab is very professional, friendly, patient and does outstanding work and truly cares about his students! my brother has finished his schooling here as well and passed the road test afterward.Definitely I give this place 5 star rating !Nahed 👍👍

Review №5

Mr. Saab is kind and very understanding. The people that fail the segment 1 and 2 test, are the ones that dont pay attention during the class, because he gives us a very important points and information. The people who find the class hard are the ones who sit in the back of the class, socialize dont watch the education videos, dont read the driving books that he gives us, nor do they do the homework that he gives us. He tries to have patience with those kids, but they just keep pushing him. Ive never had a problem with Mr. Saab at all. For the paper written test, he gives everyone the same test, but the questions are in a different order so that the students cannot cheat.

Review №6

Not only is Mr.Saab extremely professional and great at giving lessons (by answering all your questions and making it so much easier to learn how to drive) but he is one of the kindest instructors and is completely understanding!I recommend Saab driving school for both teens and adults!! An amazing experience!!

Review №7

I highly recommend this driving school to every person out there who is willing to obtain their license. Mr Saab is very professional and friendly with his teaching and still knows how to make the driving experience stress free. Thank you for being the best instructor ever.

Review №8

It was a very good place. I came and did driving classes with him and he teached me a lot. I started with zero driving skill but then I as I came to the classes I learned more and more and I passed the road test. Very good driving teacher.

Review №9

What an Amazing school I recommend going to saab driving school they help you with a lot of stuff about driving and they got an amazing teacher he helps with everything you would ever need.

Review №10

I loved it here very good thanks

Review №11

Did not feel safe taking my road test here. Went almost 30 minutes away for a lot that was in a unfamiliar place.

Review №12

Saab Driving School very professional and straight forward. The instructor also is dedicated towards making us top notch drives. He’s easy to communicate with and super friendly.

Review №13

After I passed my segment 1 and 2, I needed practice for the road test, I came to Saab driving school and within 1 month I practiced 4 times and passed my road test. They teach you what to correct each and every time your on the road until it is perfect and make sure that you are prepared for the road test.

Review №14

Best driving instructor! Makes sure your ready before you do the exam!

Review №15

Great teacher and an even better man. It was a great experience learning from him.

Review №16

Execellent service 10/10 would try again

Review №17

Great driving instructor who actually sits down and teaches a student the reality of driving. Mr. Saab was extremely professional and had taken me from being unable to drive properly to a professional level of driving.

Review №18

Mr Sab is a great teacher he showed me everything I need to know. I feel confident driving on the roads now because of him. I used to think parallel parking was hard but now its a piece of cake.

Review №19

Not only is Saab Driving School professional, but its owner is also dedicated towards making us top drivers, a hardworking instructor in both theoretical and practical lessons, easy to communicate with and super friendly.

Review №20

Saab driving school is so professional and has a very good teacher I highly recommend going there.😁👍🏼

Review №21

The best driving school in Michigan I recommend for every person Mr Saab is so professional and patient

Review №22

This driving school is great! They are very professional and accommodating. I was able to come in, go to class and practice driving with ease. I would highly recommend!😁

Review №23

The teacher is the best in Michigan, has been doing it for 29 years, he’s very cheap compared to other places, and you get your money’s worth and extra with him. 100% recommend .

Review №24

Good school to learn from. The best driver teacher is marwan. He trained me for my road test and took my on the highway and free way. He’s patient and understanding and he offers the best help.

Review №25

Best experience, did my segment 1, segment 2, and my road test. Best driving instructor in the world. Mr. Saab makes sure you learn, and makes sure you need to know everything you need to know.

Review №26

Amazing teacher, Mr.Saab is a man of the students and shows great love towards people.

Review №27

Kept yelling at me repeatedly since I was stopping cautiously each time at stop signs including red lights and pinching me which should be labeled as assault and he should get in trouble for that

Review №28

Horrible place, took my daughter to take her driver’s test got overcharged and he drove her to southfield to get tested by someone else, be aware he’s nothing but a scam!!!!

Review №29

I did everything from here, from my Segment 1 to my Driver’s Test, and everything was outstanding. Mr. Saab prepares his students well and everything is very straightforward. Great experience!

Review №30

Best driving school ever learned how to drive super fast and got my permit in less then a month

Review №31

Mr. Saab is the greatest driving school in dearborn. He actually teaches us to be very good drivers and not to mess around on the road. Classroom hours are really good. Flexible hours very good person helps you with everything. We start with segment 1 24 hour classroom. We learn training road, freeway, highway, turn right, turn left, check your mirrors, adjust your hands on the steering wheel, parking, knowing the rules and the laws, signs, flashing lights everything. My best experience at Saab driving school. Taught both of my brothersAnd they are good drivers now. I recommend you go to Saab driving school.

Review №32

I have never had a better experience than with Mr.Saab’s driving school. I have a lot of anxiety and he was so calm and taught me everything perfectly so I can be safe and less anxious and I passed my driving road test first try!!!! I recommend anyone to come here it was the best choice I ever made!!! Thank you Mr.Saab!!!

Review №33

Mr Saab is the Best! He really cares about his students and teaches very well!! I would 100000% recommend

Review №34

Truly regretted ever visiting his place, and will probably never come or invited someone else to come to his place.

Review №35

Mr. Saab is the best driving instructor you will find in Dearborn. He is an independent hardworking man who has respect for every student in his class. I strongly recommend this place for anyone looking for a driving school.

Review №36

My experience was overall completely amazing and i would absolutely recommend this to anyone that wants to drive the instructor is a very good person and loves to teach and you can tell it’s his passion and goal to teach the students right

Review №37

Amazing very nice funny, and overall very fun experience. I recommend this school over all the other ones because this one actually teaches you and makes your experience very fun and will be very happy.

Review №38

Very good instructor

Review №39

I practiced how to do parallel parking and took my road test the next day and passed fits a really good school

Review №40

If you can drive you can pass. Was my first time driving ever taking a drivers test. Everything was smiles and support. I had a stern but fair instructor. Saab was nice and congratulated us. If you can drive you won’t pass. It’s not the instructors fault. Good luck and always try again.

Review №41

Mr. Saab was a fantastic driving instructor and was very patient with his students. Sometimes he is a little tough to make the lesson stick. But I passed my road test from the very first try and I am very grateful for that. He is one of a kind. Thank you Mr. Saab! :)

Review №42

Very good instructor. learned a lot from him. go to take your permit and liscence.

Review №43

Really great school the best of the best I suggest 110% I recommend anyone that wants their teen to drive to come here the instructor is extremely welcoming and warming and really wants to help you out

Review №44

Very rude guy on the phone was speaking to him about what do I have to do to take out my license so he hanged up on me

Review №45

Gentlemen that answers the phone is very rude I was asking if they had segment 1 classes available and he kept saying what do you mean the first class ! Very rude I would not recommend! We will go somewhere else!

Review №46

Mr saab is really professional and nows how to communicate very respectful

Review №47

This is the best class I’ve ever been in!!! I highly recommend this class and I wish I could give it 100 stars. Saab is a very nice guy and a great teacher. He teaches some things that other schools don’t even teach, he gave me extra help when I needed it and made sure I was ready for the road test, If you want to be a good driver you should come to Saab’s.

Review №48

This is a very good drivers training school I recommend you go to him he will get you together.

Review №49

I did my segment 1&2 and all of my test with him and he’s amazing. Teaches you how to drive and be safe. As well as shows you how to expect the unexpected and how to respond to it. Best teacher ever. I highly recommend.

Review №50

Honestly if no stars was a option I would only put that. This place is awful. I was doing segment 2 right before COVID-19 started and he lost or isn’t looking for any of my papers. I do NOT recommend at all.

Review №51

Bad attitude when I called

Review №52

I truly don’t understand how this place has a 4.2 ratings. The owner is literally a scammer. He is very unprofessional and unqualified. He purposely brings tough exams for segment 1 and 2 students so they would fail and pay him more to take a second text. He is very difficult to deal with and he signs up students more than the class can fit to make more money. I very much regret signing my kid up at his place. This man has no morals whatsoever. DO NOT SIGN YOUR KIDS UP AT HIS PLACE.

Review №53

If ur ever new to driving or wanting to learn, I highly recommend to come to saab driving school more then any driving school around your area. Mr. Saab teaches you how to be an excellent driver on the road and gives u the practice you need in order to become better and better. He will point out your mistakes so u can work on them and improve. All in all, i highly recommend this driving school In order to be a great driver and not put ur life at risk ever time u go on the road.

Review №54

Terrific instructor, he makes sure you understand the concepts before moving forward. Takes his time to let you master your driving. Would definitely recommend.

Review №55

Everyone come to Saab Driving school hes a awesome teacher. He as patience and understanding

Review №56

Best driving school ever me and my brother went here great experience. Get your license and be a great driver. 10/10. I recommend!

Review №57

I highly recommend this school. Mr. Saab is very informative and patient. Ill be sending my kids here when they begin to learn

Review №58

Best teacher in Michigan, if you want to know how to drive professionally go to saab!

Review №59

Im just gonna say one word AWFUl!

Review №60

He has the worst case

Review №61

Had an amazing experience with Mr Saab. I have learned a lot from him, Hes a generous human and I do strongly recommend. Try to have a class with him to get some hands on few major points before final test, He doesnt rush and gives you time, very patient.Hes a professional and busy guy and works 7 days a week. You Need to have a scheduled appointment with him prior. The best thing about him is, the kind of experience he has in dealing with different people.God bless Saab and God bless Saab Driving School 👍

Review №62

Thanks alot for the teacher mr.saab, today i finished segment 1 and the great thing in this class is that he has good communication with students, friendly, and care about u until u understand the whole idea,thank you mr.saab

Review №63

Love you man best place eve!!!

Review №64

I am 25 years old and I am very scared of driving thats why I waited so long to get my licenses. Mr.Saab is an amazing teacher!!! He is professional and makes you feel at ease. I would recommend any one that is looking for a professional, funny, caring instructor to go to Saab driving school. I passed both my road and parking test with no mistakes and just couple hours learning🙂🙂🙂🙂

Review №65

The best driving school there is! Instructor is very Intelligent and patient with his customers. I promise you will not regret this decision.

Review №66

I had a terrible experience with this instructor. He does not teach yet is very strict on the exams. Most of the time he was speaking (not instructing) in Arabic, even though I do not understand Arabic. And when it was my turn to practice driving with him in the car, he abruptly shoved my knee down right after he yelled at me demanding me to step on the gas, even though I was uncomfortable doing that (I was not, in any way, causing harm by driving at the speed that I was). He made me so scared and nervous that I immediately started crying and he just didnt care or apologized for what he did. In a nutshell, he is a terrible instructor without the skill or patience to teach. You are better of somewhere else. He just wants your money.

Review №67

Awesome teacher who’s very knowledgeable on the topic of the road. Saab really gives you the full experience of the road

Review №68

Great driving school to start off your permit to finishing your road test. 100% recommend to anyone looking for a driving school that’s flexible to your hours.

Review №69

One of the worst driving school ever

Review №70

This was a very amazing school, and it taught me so much about the road, signals, and signs. Every student needs a school like this.

Review №71

A racist guy who makes fun of anyone he doesn’t like.... plus he makes you do mistakes in order to make you do more training hours, thus more money for him .... very unprofessional...... i wish there was an option for 0 stars

Review №72

Really friendly guy.Great instructor 10/10 honestly.One of the best driving school& instructor I’ve ever went to honestly.All my friends and family members go there and they all passed.I honestly reccomend this place. Really Great place trust me.💯💯💯👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Review №73

The best in town great service 🙌🙌🙌He will get u going the right path 📍 thank you SAAB DRIVING SCHOOL !

Review №74

Good place. And good place for resources.

Review №75

Mr. Saab is the best driving instructor anyone can ever ask for! Hes caring and wants the best for his students. Hes also very patient while your driving and doesnt make you feel nervous. Come to this guy you wont regret it.

Review №76

Great teacher. Explains everything very clearly! Very friendly. We learned all signs, we learn how to react to them. He also teaches us how to park properly. I would strongly recommend him.

Review №77

The best thing about this place is that Mr.saab is quite calm and helpful, doesnt yell at every mistake like they did at sears. he just calmly pointed them out and made sure i realized where i messed up. i will definitely go there to learn how to drive a motorcycle next.

Review №78

Best driving school! Very very nice and helps with everything you need to know. Recommended!!!

Review №79

This place is very good and allows for a great driving experience very friendly and makes u feel comfortable while taking the test highly recommend this place

Review №80

I did segment 1 and segment 2 with saab driving school and i had a great experience!! best driving teacher in town. He taught me everything that i need to know about driving!!

Review №81

Nowhere better than this place. best driving school in michigan by far not only cause Mr. Saabs a great teacher but also cause he treats each of his students as his own and makes sure they learn everything they need to know. highly recommended.

Review №82

Professional teacher, he makes you understand everything he can make you a professional driver i have been learning there 2 weeks and after 2 weeks i can go in the highway with confidence anywhere i want, even he taught me the right position to my leg he trains you everwhere, neighborhood highway freeway express way even the parking, really a valuable adivce learn there

Review №83

Really great experience..... Mr.Saab is a great teacher and overall I recommend him.

Review №84

This is the best driving school it’s so easy and helpful to learn driving safety.

Review №85

Absolutely disgusting, this man is a scam and should be put out of business. i am a 17 year old girl who attended his lessons and he showed unprofessionalism various times. first he told me the price was one thing and then at the end of my lessons doubled it and refused to give me my certificate until i paid it despite it not being what we agreed on. secondly, he was very late and hardly taught me anything the entire time, he was behaving very sleazily and inappropriate. lastly, he kept making unwanted physical contact with me, rubbing my thighs while i was driving and when i was in this office, continued to hug me at unexpected times without my consent, this assault had me to the point of tears. this is completely unprofessional and straight up vile, do not attend this school, especially if you are a young woman.

Review №86

The best driving school teacher. Doesn’t rip you off and actually teaches you

Review №87

I just took my road test today and at first I was severely nervous. Mr. Saab driving school and his instructors really put me at ease so I can complete my test and pass.HIGHLY RECOMMEND TAKING YOUR TEST HERE!!!!!

Review №88

Saab driving school is by far the best driving school in Dearborn my family including my parents went here and the Saab family are great people the teacher there Saab is a very experienced teacher he has taught in Lebanon as well as here in America I personally guarantee that any person that goes here for any driving lessons he/she will be taught right and good for a fair and great price 🙂👍

Review №89

Had a Good experience with Mr Saab. I learned driving from the scratch in 8 hrs. I strongly recommend him, try to have a class with him to assess you before final test. He is professional and busy guy, and works 7 days a week. You have to scheduled ahead to avoid waiting.

Review №90

I went to learn driving their honeslty a great place to learn how to drive. honestly the best driving school ive ever went to and a actually great professional instructor. 10/10 honestly best place 👍👍💯💯💯

Review №91

Very good driving teacher, the owner was very calm and patient while teaching me every single technique that i need to know while driving. I just passed my driving test with no Mistakes!

Review №92

I wish I could give him 0 stars. First of all he’s very rude and He was really late. He schedule everyone at the same time and then make them wait. He only cares about his money. Don’t go to him it’ll be a waste of time

Review №93

Being a new driver, I was very scared to even start learning to drive a car. Marwan Saab understood this and was very helpful during the course of my training. He was calm and attentive; also he sensed the mistakes I would do beforehand. He always made sure to explain the importance of the rules and danger of not following them. Overall, Saab Driving School was a nice experience.

Review №94

Mr saab very good teacher i wiil give 10 stars very good school

Review №95

Cant keep track of half the stuff going on. They have homework everyday of taking detailed notes of 10 pages at a time. My son said he spoke mainly Arabic during the class so he couldnt understand any of it. He was late almost everyday and there were students taking the segment 2 at the same time as the segment 1. Spent 350 on the class and was told if he didnt do the notes hed fail. He would yell at my son over mistakes made but anyone else made mistakes and it was calmly explained and it was ok.

Review №96

Amazing experience!!! Place to go if youre looking to getting your road test done. Mr Saab is a very humble soul and so is Chris the examiner.

Review №97

Did my segments one and two here. Stern but reasonable instructor and puts you on the best path to be a great driver.

Review №98

Wow. I do not know how this guy is certified. This is why the roads are terrible. Horrible experience it makes me regret paying this man. From being late everyday from 30 minutes to a hour. You do absolutely nothing in a horrible classroom experience except worksheet after worksheet (even if they are the same he claims they are different). I DO NOT RECOMMEND!

Review №99

Fun experience driving with Mr. Saab. Got my classes and test done over a weekend :)

Review №100

This is the worst driving school

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