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Allan Driving school

Review №1

I came here for segment 1, and will definitely come back for segment 2. Mrs.noor is the best!! She tried her hardest with us. And she really needed to, I was horrible behind the wheel. She took me and my group out for training, and taught us in the parking lot than took us on the street. It was my favorite time. In class was pretty great too. She made sure she answered everyone’s questions and still asked if we were confused. She even went over what we talked about in the next day, just in case some students didn’t come to class the day before. I really like her class because they don’t only teach, they have textbooks with pictures and they show us videos, so we can learn visual if we didn’t get in from the textbook. I never heard of any other driving school doing this. I went to others, and I’ve always left because they didn’t teach or even give us textbooks. But with Mrs.Noor, she really just cares about the students and wants them to learn safe driving. I highly recommend coming here!!!

Review №2

BE AWARE 👎👎👎👎👎👎If giving her a zero star possible I would do.I called and she said come to register.When I arrived there I was making sure that she will give my son 6 hours behind the wheels and she started to say maybe four hours is going to be enough. When one pay for segment one your right is to get 6 hours behind the wheel. After insisting that I want him to get the 6 full hours she changed her words and told me I will put him on waiting list 🙄The funniest thing is that she said she will let me drive with my son as if it is a privilege she is giving me 🙄🙄🙄🙄I know that i can drive with him !!!!!!!!

Review №3

I would give this place 0 stars if that was an option. it is so bad, I came here for my segment one to get my permit. They have you sit in a class with barley any light. Instead of teaching you they give you a book and questions to answer by looking them up in the book. They dont speak any word to you. I walk in to class sit down and do my chapter questions. My class time was from 6-8. But class would end around 7 to 7:30. Driving lessons came and everyone was assigned days and times (some drove for three time and others 4) We were told that we will be driving 45 minutes each lesson. But we only ended up driving for about 20-25 minutes and the last day ( they day we go on the freeway) we drove for 15 minutes. I am now still not prepared to go out and drive with a parent. They also teach you nothing about parking. Not worth a penny. If your seriously looking for classes I suggest you do them somewhere else.

Review №4

One of the best teachers I’ve met! Mrs.Noor gives you all her time and patience, doesn’t miss one detail. Highly recommend her.

Review №5

The best experience ever, you learned driving in the best most caring way possible. Every student passing and learning how to drive safely was the biggest priority for the staff. Teachers made learning fun and a great experience. No student I met that went to allan driving school unable to drive and all had their fear of driving eliminated.

Review №6

I had a great experience. The instructor was very friendly and she knows how to teach. I learned quickly and had no problem passing the exam. The school not only teaches safe driving but also gives good tips for passing the exam.

Review №7

They are very nice and they aways pull of videos about some stuff about driving and then explain the videos we watch and explain it very well 10/10 school

Review №8

Best driving school! The best experience ms. Noor is so awesome and helped me learn so quickly.

Review №9

Highly recommend coming to Allan Driving school. They have the best teacher, her name is noor. She really helped me a lot, in my driving and in class. She goes over everything triple times to make sure we know everything about the rules. I’m definitely sending my friends to this place and I’m coming back for segment 2.

Review №10

An amazing driving school overall. They really know how to teach and get students through the process of how to drive correctly.

Review №11

Best driving school In the city for sure u have mrs nour the best driving Teacher In the city very nice and funny recommended for sure

Review №12

Very calm and respectful teacher. She explained the lessons so well and answered every question. She even has videos for us to watch for extra examples of the lessons. She works really hard with every student. I never heard of a more better driving school teacher, all my friends came here, and say she is the best and she makes sure you feel safe while driving. She has this wheel in class that she uses to show us how to make turns and turn on the car. I recommend everyone to come to this driving school. Parents if you really want your students to learn, come check this place out!!!

Review №13

Amazing class!! Such friendly teachers and students.One of the best experiences,totally recommend!!!

Review №14

Great driving school, nice customer service, respectful and polite. They explain everything for you, and answer every question you may have. I had a great time coming here to sign up. And I’m excited for class.

Review №15

Highly professional.Highly beneficial.I would highly recommend

Review №16

This is the worst driving school noor cares about money she rushes students and tells them to take the driving test while they’re not ready and she charged them $150 for the driving test. Don’t waste your time and money go learn else where all she cares about is money she doesn’t care about students.

Review №17

The man that was teaching me here was so very rude to me and my mom. First off he kept taking other people before me when I had my appointment first also he is not a good teacher he was yelling at me as I was tryna to learn how to park he’s Arabic and he was telling me that I should get a American to teach me that was so rude, unprofessional, and just disgusting I really believe this school only likes teaching/passing there own kind. Which is very sad Will not be back.

Review №18

I don’t ever write reviews because I didn’t ever think I should or ever felt like it. But this school, is honestly awesome! They are so kind and professional and informed! I can’t even explain how amazing they are. Because you would think it’s just a driving school place no big deal. But no, dude the moment I get through the doors ( I was so nervous), they welcomed me and my mom in and ask us what we would like to be help with. And I’m new so I don’t really know anything about driving classes or what to apply for. But it was like she read my mind and knew what I needed help with. She was so respectful and patient, she let us speck first and explain what we were trying to sign up for. Than she asked us a couple questions and than 10 mins later I’m all signed up for segment 1!!! She even informed us about segment 2 and what a permit is, and how and when I could take my road test! Great customer service and professional service. I’m making sure all my friends come and sign up with Mrs.Noor!!!

Review №19

Mrs. Noor Is honestly the best teacher ever for driving, she’s so calm and understandable. She teaches with respectful and honesty. She also encouraged me to become more stronger with driving I really love this teacher, thank you so much Noor!

Review №20

This driving school is the biggest fraud!!! Please don’t test with Allan Driving School! She sold me and all my friends my license. All you have to do is pay her extra $20. My friends and I reached out to her bosses multiple times Rick and Allen and they didn’t bother to address the situation. .How do instructions not care or address the fact fraudulent licenses are being issued in the parking lot.

Review №21

This is the BEST SCHOOL ever! Mrs.Noor is honestly the best. She’s professional, understanding and experienced. I went to other driving schools and met with them to try to sign up for classes, and they were so rude and confusing. But not her, the moment I spoke with her over the phone, she explained everything. She told me not only what segment 1 would be like but she even made sure to inform me about the certificates, and when I should go to Secretary of State and how the permit process works. I just finished segment 2 with her.I can’t wait to come back to take my road test with her too. I RECOMMEND everyone to come to her if you really want to learn how to drive, and if your looking for the best school to attend.

Review №22

Ms.noor was super nice and helpful very good communication and best place to take road test

Review №23

I made the best decision to complete my segment 2 class at Allan Driving School. Noor was an amazing instructor that helped me when I was struggling. She was extremely kind and was very professional. I learned so much from this driving school and I would definitely recommend this school for anyone that wants to complete segment 1, 2, or the road test. Amazing experience!

Review №24

I am very thankful to Allan driving school for training and support. Ms. Noor professionally explained me the rules of the road, helped me to overcome the driving fear, and constantly encouraged me to drive well for the rest of my driving life.Thank you very much.

Review №25

Mrs. Nour is an amazing teacher and I recommend her if your looking for a good driving school. She’s no stranger when you get in the car, and treats you as her own kids

Review №26

The class was often dirty and had a strange smell. The instructor doesnt teach, she just hands you the book and tells you to read and do the questions. This is a class for people who already know how to drive and want to just finish the class. She barely took us on the road while she was supposed to take us four times, we only went once. She didnt drive with me at night or on the freeway AT ALL. It would be best to take your business elsewhere. She has her son working with her and he has a bad attitude. Driving on my own, I learned more things than I did in her class.

Review №27

This was an amazing learning experience. Not only was the teacher great and helpful but also was kind and attentive. The learning experience itself may be lacking in areas but will ultimately give you the understanding you need for your driving needs. The teacher will also help you in anyway u need and will put you first in her mind. I highly suggest this place if you want to put ur son / daughter or yourself for learning and being the safest and educated person on the road

Review №28

Such a good driving school! I had a very good driving teacher who helped and taught me how to drive and especially she understood me. Driving with her was a fun and cool experience!! I really recommend this driving school. Thank you!

Review №29

Very amazing calm teacher, nice, loving, and taught me with an open heart I love this place and my kids would definitely go to her.

Review №30

This place was the best and I made new friends there too. The teacher was actually really good and I had the best time in my life. For real. This driving school was really good and it made me pass my test and my driving test too. Thank you school and the friends I made I will remember you and I will love the good times I was there. Thank you All. Thank you to that one girl.

Review №31

Mrs.noor was amazing she was so nice and was helping me a lot during our training and she helped me with my chapters she assigns us homework and I was able to understand everything because of her lesson before she assigned the chapters and the video also helped a lot with the visual part of the instruction.

Review №32

The teacher is calm when teaching you how to drive and makes you feel safe when you don’t Janie what to do on the road, she knows what she’s doing. Ms.Noor is also very good at explaining the road rules on the board and has good recourses for us to read. I loved it and I learned a lot.

Review №33

One of the best, learned a lot from her and she helped me out when I was struggling I advise anyone that’s trying to to get there permit or license to come to her

Review №34

The best drive school thanks for ms noor

Review №35

I called on the first of august to see when the first class was and she told me it was the 15th. I called the day before on the 14th to make sure it was tomorrow and she told me i was too late for the class. She ended up telling me there was a class on the 31st i just needed a parent, $100, and my birth certificate. I just called 30 minutes before the class i thought was today and she told me there was no class today. For 2 weeks I have been trying to contact her multiple times and i even texted giving her my information. Very unprofessional. Never going here.

Review №36

Very great school. The teacher is really helpful. If theres anything you do not understand she will re teach it to you. Also I really recommend this driving school because she treats you as her own son/daughter.

Review №37

Mrs. Nour is an amazing teacher and I recommend her if your looking for a good driving school. She’s no stranger when you get in the car, she treats you as if you were her own.

Review №38

I’m having a really great experience here at this driving school especially with the teacher Noor and her teaching method. Awesome place to learn and have fun at the same time especially with the amazing teachers. Really flexible with practice drives, time, etc...

Review №39

Very great teacher she’s really nice and helpful. If you don’t understand something she will reexplain it and will treat you like her daughter/son. I really recommend this driving school.

Review №40

I would like to start off by saying that this is the best driving school you could ever go to! It’s literally the best of best! If I could rate more than a 5 I literally would! The teacher makes sure you understand everything before moving on, Makes sure you understand everything and insures you that you can do it no matter what! It’s the most cleanest school I’ve been to! There is a driving school on the corner of my house but I would rather go to this driving school! If you need more time on a chapter or need to take the book home to study and bring it back the teacher is very very nice of that and makes sure that your understand and very comfortable! I literally love this school because not only did the teacher help a lot but because the service there was amazinggggggg!!!! Thank you again Mrs.Noor and thank you for working with my family❤️❤️🙏🏼My siblings will all be coming to this school because of the best of the best it is!❤️❤️❤️❤️THANK YOUUU🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Review №41

Great teacher great class knows how to teach would definitely recommend for anyone trying to get their permit/drivers license. :)

Review №42

Had a great experience at Allan Driving School. I took my test with some of my friends there. I really recommend this driving school specially with Mr. Noor as the instructor she was very nice and helpful and made everything easier.Good luck to you all.

Review №43

I love this place and I would take any friends or family here. Very nice and respectful people. Mrs Noor the instructor will help you if you are struggling! Very quick and easy

Review №44

She is the best teacher ever. She will help you as much as she could . She will try her best to make a pass . And if I could give her more then 5 stars I will give her a 100 star rating and thank you mrs noor and I will see u in segment 2And I miss ur class a lot.❤️

Review №45

My appointment was supposed to be 9am I was there she came late, once she came she went with another student in the car and left me in the parking lot to wait until she returns it’s now 9:45am I’ve been waiting. Then sends another trainer to come it’s now 10:00 am and I’m confused to why I had to wait an hour in the parking lot just for another instructor to come? I then get into the car and I’m supposed to be do the practice before the actual road test there “practice” of theirs was me going straight and turning the wheel basically. Oh and I can barely understand him he doesn’t really speak English. So much more happened but it’s not worth going into just don’t go there. I really don’t recommend at all. Oh and don’t reply back to me saying ur sorry Nora bec ur just sorry I made a bad review. Have a nice day

Review №46

This place is amazing and the teacher is the best. You get to learn and have fun in the same time. I highly recommend.

Review №47

AMAZING TEACHER!! This teacher will teach every little thing and doesn’t skip corners.

Review №48

They are not helpful at all

Review №49

Allan driving school is by far one of the best. We learn a lot about how to drive and we get homework to prepare us for tests. Ms noor is a very nice lady, I would definitely recommend this driving school.

Review №50

I absolutely loved it, I asked for Noor, she’s amazingIt only took me 8 hours to get my license!She never wastes time and if something came up she would apologize and make it a different hour !So calm, she never made me feel stupid or nervous!Do you want a good driving teacher ? She’s the one !I’m so happy that I chose her because I really didn’t have time to waste and she understood that !

Review №51

Took my son there. The staff very polite and professional. I will take my daughter there too. Keep up the great work.

Review №52

My experience with this driving school was amazing. I had a really good teacher and she really helped me out a lot with driving. My teachers name is Mrs.Noor. 10/10 would recommend.

Review №53

I love this driving school!❤️ Greatest instructor Noor! Very kind and taught me everything I need to know ! 😄 also very professional & helpful!. 💓

Review №54

Best driving teacher ever and easiest one ever!!!!

Review №55

Best driving school, ms noor is so nice. she teaches us well and prepares us for upcoming tests. we get homework everyday and she lets us practice driving so we can pass our test.

Review №56

I had the best time there!!

Review №57

This school is amazing the teaching here is really good and u had a good time here met a lot of new people here and I had a good time with the teacher and here in the school I suggested anyone to come to thsi school to learn how to drive

Review №58

Very unprofessional. I took my road test with 2 other individuals. The instructor spoke in Arabic to the 2 men the entire time which was very distracting. I kept thinking that they were talking about me but had no way to prove it. Very unprofessional to speak a language that not everyone understands.

Review №59


Review №60

The lady who helped me was very helpful explained everything well . I would recommend this place to everyone very good place to take your road test

Review №61

Tells me one price then charges me more because I live on a specific street. Can hardly understand her and I still have to find another teacher because her methods are very questionable.

Review №62

GREAT DRIVING INSTRUCTOR. Learned a lot with her and im way more comfortable driving with her. Shes really professional. I recommended her to my friends because shes really nice.

Review №63

My wife trained two hours with this office, and we decided not to continue with them because they cant confirm an appointment. They were late fourty five minutes for our second appoitment that we spend a whole week to confirm, and we got a different trainer. Driver training should not come with this kind of stress. We decided to go with another driving school.

Review №64

It was a great experience the teacher communicates with all her students and she is a very good teacher she is very clear with her directions and is very supportive I would recommend to friends and family

Review №65

Very down to earth people took there time with me and all the students in my class hands down the best driving school in Michigan Thank you very much

Review №66

This driving school is very successful and they respect the time and their business . The teacher is so nice and friendly, I sent both my kids to learn . and now they are very good driving, I Highly recommend!

Review №67

I love this place so much and I would definitely take any friends or family here. Very nice and respectful people. Mrs Noor the instructor will help you if you are struggling but you will not struggle in her class! Very quick and easy all in all I love Mrs Noor and thank you so much. (From Mahdi Dakhlallah)

Review №68

I swear that she’s the best teacher, she’s chill and communicative, I would recommend that you go to her driving school.When I say she’s the best I swear I’m not lyingBy:Yousef Saleh

Review №69

Omgg!! I can’t believe it, I’m honestly speechless! I love MS.Noor I read the comments before I came and was scared and unsure,but the moment I meet her,she’s so beautiful first 😂, and she’s the kindness person. She taught me a lot,I got my license

Review №70

It is the best driving school in Michigan. I suggest everyone to go their.

Review №71

She is an amazing teacher and she has a great personality and when she talks to u she proves that u gonna be passing she gives u hope and energy she makes ur dreams became truth and shes the same with every student she got less then one day shell make the student fell in love with her shes amazing as i said and i wish I dont graduate just to stay with her and if i did would still take class just to see her and talk to her we all love u Ms noor u r the best...

Review №72

Awesome teacher! I recommend this school to everyone struggling with driving and wanting to get better! Mrs. Noor is super patient and she helps...learned a lot!

Review №73

Hi This is Omare I went to this driving school it is a very good driving school the teacher is nice and kind the class is very clean the chairs are comfortable and over you will enjoy The class wish you the best in your driving experience

Review №74

It’s a really good school I learned a lot of stuff about driving and I felt so comfortable with ms noor she’ll teach u and let u understand everything and Prepare you for the test I’m glad that I went there

Review №75

Very nice people and helped me a lot because I struggled. Thank you so much!

Review №76

Very good school for driving helps u with everythingWe do the homework we learn in class we videos for driving

Review №77

The best driving school in Dearborn they do everything professionally

Review №78

I came in nervous but as soon as I met mrs. Noor I felt so comfortable with her, she is genuinely a great teacher and she knows what she is doing I recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a good driving school. -Maria k

Review №79

Best driving school experience by far I recommend this driving school to anybody very good prices and ms.noor will really helped me on the road when I didn’t know things recommend for anybody adults or teenagers.

Review №80

I feel very comfortable when I drive with Miss NoorShe is very professional teachers thank you For her

Review №81

Very wonderful instructor and helped my son very well and the testing was perfect had no points bc of how wonderful they both are thank u very much

Review №82

Allans driving school is very good and it taught me many things and mrs.Noor teaches very well. Also she gives us work in class and it helps us understand about what we need to learn for the upcoming test.

Review №83

Its a very good driving school and Im glad I went there and started with my teacher noor I felt comfortable and learned alot

Review №84

Amazing school and teacher that actually cares about student knowledge of driving

Review №85

I love the teacher she so nice and she is a professional she toght me a lot and I was so scared to drive but now feel so comfortable to drive alone thank Noor I love you❤️💕

Review №86

The teacher does a great job explaining what you might not understand, we go driving frequently and we reviewed all the questions that are on the exam. Great class!

Review №87

Best driving school in Dearborn! Come check it out

Review №88

It was the best choice Ive ever made in attending the Al Noor driving school. Ms. Noor is the nicest person you would ever meet shes very understandable to any satution that any of her student would go through. Honestly,Ive learned alot and I encourage you to do the same and come to Al Noor driving school.

Review №89

Perfect teacher for driving is NoorLove Noor ❤️

Review №90

This is a very unprofessional and unethical business. Even if you know how to drive (I have a DL from a different country and have driven in highways) they will try to extort money (35 usd / hour) by telling you need more practice. This school is linked with Blanzy and though Rich Blanzy is a nice guy this school will completely damage his reputation. May be not every instructor in this school is like this (I dont want to take names) but beware of this place. There are better ones available. Save your bucks and look away. God bless.Replying to the response: Thanks for your reply! I understand these are paid lackeys of the owner. Just after the so called 1 hour lesson which is such a farce I got my license the very next day !!! I dont know MI rules hahahaha! I hope you know well! Give me a break! Dont milk your innocent students!Anyone reading this, find a better place! There are many around who will not milk you! Bye!

Review №91

I called a few times nobody answered finally the lady was rude. went somewhere else don’t recommend

Review №92

Best driving school I learned a lot about driving

Review №93

She made me do over 10 hours with her husband that could barely speak english disgusting lady and he always says my wife will pass you dont have to worry then she failed me i doubt all of her reviews are real no one goes here and they are happy

Review №94

So professional, Nour is so calm and professional!

Review №95

Terrible experience. she scammed the hell out of me, told me i failed the first time then made me do it again and pay more money to get the certificate. can’t even explain how horrible this place is. do NOT go here for driving school

Review №96

Best driving school must go

Review №97

Her tone with me and my mother was disgusting we asked a simple question and she got rude and disrespectful with us I do not recommend her at all

Review №98

Noor is the best driving instructor, passed with out struggling❤️

Review №99

Great lesson 👍👌

Review №100

Very good and helpful

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