JMC Driving School
973 Main St, Waltham, MA 02451, United States
Review β„–1

I took a few practices here and I had a amazing Instructor πŸ‘ She told me things I should not be doing and it was nice but strict. This lead me to pass my road test and I wouldhighly recommend this driving school! Vale your amazing keep up the great work! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡

Review β„–2

Professional Team! Knowledgeable instructors and super friendly front desk. Lucy was very accommodating and accurate with scheduling. My instructors Jen, Isaac and Val were always patient! They built my confidence behind the wheel, prepared me for the road test (which I passed!!!) and taught me how to be a good driver.

Review β„–3

The best jmc driving school thank you for the amazing service in everythingπŸ‘i want to thank my instructor val for the support she gave me, who didnt know anything, followed me from the beginning, putting positive energy in meπŸ’—πŸ™congratulations on the JMC driving school team always recommendsπŸ‘πŸ‘

Review β„–4

I needed help with maneuvers and some road experience, and everyone was really nice and patient, which works great for you if youve never been behind the wheel. The staff is great, 100% will go back if I forget how to drive

Review β„–5

Driving is a serious skill to have, that means its imperative to find a good school to learn at. JMC Driving school represents that a 100%. Lucy the person who does the booking for lesson is AMAZING, she is extremly helpful and so kind! Jan, one of my instructors is AWESOME. She is really fun to be around and a good instructor to learn driving skills from. Also Manny another instructor is also AWESOME. I had him for my first lesson and he was so calm! I felt soo at ease and comfortable trying to learn to drive. So in my opinion, JMC Driving school is the go to if you want to learn to driveπŸ˜€

Review β„–6

This School is one of the best! My instructor Jane ( Jenny, I am not sure how to write her name), was Amazing, she explained to me everything I needed to know to pass the road test. She took the time to teach the students, the secretary was always very nice, correct and informative. If you are looking for a driving school, I highly recommend this place!!Thank you so much Jane!Thanks JMC Waltham!

Review β„–7

Just passed my driving test! Great instructors and staff - value for money. Took a few classes to practice for the test and a few more to practice driving on the highway and other places around. Isaac was always patient and Lucy at the reception was always available to answer questions or conveniently reschedule. Would definitely recommend! :)

Review β„–8

This school is the best school around, they gave me all the support I need, I had 3 classes with Val and she is so patient and very friendly. I passed the test at first. I highly recommend this driving school .

Review β„–9

I took 12 classes for adult drivers at JMC before the test as I didnt have a possibility to practice my driving skills outside the school and passed the test with flying colors a couple of days ago! Isaac and Jenn are absolutely amazing instructors and went out of their way to make sure I had confidence during the RMV test. Lucy, the administrator, was always there to answer any questions and was able to accommodate 2 extra last minute classes for me to make sure there wasnt a long gap between the last class and the test. Everyone went above and beyond to create a stress free experience for their students, considering that its a pretty nerve-racking process to go through :). Thank you JMC! 5 out of 5. Totally recommend!

Review β„–10

What a great experience. I just passed my road test, and I couldn’t be happier with the lessons and the whole process in general. As a older adult who moved to the suburbs from the city and desperately needed to learn how to drive. It was an extreme comfort to not feel judged. From the receptionists to the instructors I will always be grateful. A big thank you to Isaac, who gave me confidence, laughter and peace of mind. Oh, he also taught me how to drive:) A million thanks!-E from Waltham

Review β„–11

Great instructors, best experience ever. Professional team. I highly recommend this school.

Review β„–12

Thank you Isaac, Jane & Manny for the lessons you gave me with kindness and patience and another special thanks to Lucy for always understanding my situation. they helped me build my confidence in driving and most importantly pass my road test ! It was worth it ❀️-Angely

Review β„–13

There service is so excellent and professional, they give you that confidence that driving is so easy, I liked working with them.

Review β„–14

One of the best driving schools in Mass, went to another another one before JMC and failed my road test twice, instructor barely taught me how to fix a parallel park, came her and the instructor was so nice and patient in teaching and fixing my bad habits that I passed on my first try with them, overall staff was the kindest and most helpful. 10/10 would recommend for everyone.

Review β„–15

I love this driving school a lot one of my friends told me about this place I was 21 and didn’t have a driving license I had a great instructor her name was Jan she told me all the rules and regulations of the road and now I am going on 22 now with my own drivers license and car I would recommend you coming here you shouldn’t have to take the bus and train your whole life!

Review β„–16

Definitely recommend this place. I had a chance to work with all instructors and they’re all amazing and super helpful. The receptionist Lucy was also a great help and always made sure to help you understand the process. Everything went so smoothly and they definitely made me feel prepared for the test!

Review β„–17

All the good reviews on here? Believe them! I just passed my road test today after having 5 lessons with Jan and 1 with Mane. Theyre two of the best teachers there. Theyre both very patient and they let you know what youre doing wrong and how to correct it. Before I took lessons at JMC parallel parking was the hardest thing for me to do but after my 6 lessons, I became so good at it. During my lessons with Jan, there was never a dull moment and during my lesson with Mane, I felt calm and reassured. They both taught me effective tips on how to do all of the required maneuvers correctly. Lucy is the sweetest receptionist and very accommodating. 100% recommend this driving school.

Review β„–18

This is the best SCHOOL in the state, attentive and very professional. Super Indica.

Review β„–19

JMC offers an excellent quality driving education with friendly and professional instructors and staff. I started taking lessons with them after getting my permit and have been consistently satisfied with my learning process through recently acquiring my license. Would recommend to anyone in the Waltham area at any stage of driving education.

Review β„–20

Good teachers, I took their lessons and passed the road test!

Review β„–21

I had 6 classes and passed the road test last Saturday.Thank you Lucy for her great patience in scheduling my classes and texting me the reminders before the test. Thank you Jan and Issac for their professional instructions.I am so excited to pass the test one time. Highly recommend JMC. They definitely can help you get your license.

Review β„–22

Jan and Lucy are the best people there. I recommend people to go there. They have anything you need to pass. Great place to Go!!!

Review β„–23

It is the best driving school in Waltham and nearby. I passed my driving test last Saturday after taking only 3 classes with Issac, the best instructor ever. The entire team is so welcoming and patient, and they make you feel so much at ease on the road test day. And a big thanks to Lucy for scheduling my classes and texting me the reminders before the test. She is so accommodating and the sweetest person I have met in the US. Please do not look any further if you are looking to take driving classes.

Review β„–24

This School is the best! They take their time to teach the students, the secretary was always very nice and informative. My instructor was Amazing, she explained to me everything I needed to know to pass the road test. I forgot her name but I know she is from Brazil. I would highly recommend this school. My son took the Driver’s Ed program and was able to pass his exam the first time as well. If you are looking for a driving school that really cares about your driving skills call them. Thanks JMC!

Review β„–25

Best driving school in the area!I was looking for some lessons and I’ve read all the reviews here and decided to go with them. Immediately called them and have scheduled 4 lessons, Lucy is a great personality. Took lessons with Val, Jane and Mane(I guess). They’re all Proffesional and teach everything you should know about driving. Very polite, I felt like I’m in kindergarten πŸ˜ƒ which is the best thing you need while learning to boost your confidence.Great people!Great Teamwork!Great communication!Very respectful and helpful!I’m so happy and excited to pass my road test today in first try.Thank you JMC team and wish you all the very best!!Vimalkumar Lad

Review β„–26

I had 6 classes and passed the road test last Saturday.Thank you Lucy for her great patience in scheduling my classes and texting me the reminders before the test. Thank you Jan and Issac for their professional instructions.I am so excited to pass the test . Highly recommend JMC. They definitely can help you get your license.

Review β„–27

I highly recommend, the team are professional and friendly, I learned a lot from them, thank you so much for your help and service πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

Review β„–28

Absolutely loved my experience here! I took some lessons this past February and March! They really helped me learn exactly what I needed to know and pass the road test! Thank you guys for all your help!

Review β„–29

Highly recommend this place!! Everyone is super nice, I didnt feel overwhelmed while doing my road test. :)

Review β„–30

The teachers at the DS are really professional, friendly and easy going. They really make sure you understand everything and the main thing is that they make sure we won’t have any doubts about it before go home. They send you a message comforting you before the test, reminding you step by step about what to do in the test and reminding you what to bring to the test. I recommend this school 100% JMC thank you so much. Val is the best teacher ever.... you can place your trust in her 100%

Review β„–31

I appreciate I chose JMC Driving school to teach me proper way of driving. JMC driving school have really good driving teachers, very good communication, friendly staff and etc... Thanks to their good communication and well teaching ability I was able to pass my driving test.I am Matheus, and I really recommend JMC driving school to all new beginners driving students to attend JMC driving school!!!Thank you JMC driving school and staff for your help.

Review β„–32

Im glad that I did my classes and road test with them. They are great. I was really nervous at the beginning but my instructor Mane was amazing encouraging me as a new driver. They are respectful and helpful. Love it!!!

Review β„–33

Hands down, the best decision that my family and I made, was to get into JMC for the lessons, and the road test. They are all very responsible, professional and extremely nice/kind!

Review β„–34

Went for my drivers test my family has been coming here for years they are always great respectful helpful and friendly..i recommend going here ..i tried booking a drivers test thru rmv and it was a 2 to 3 month wait ..and here i got it faster like in a month great place and people

Review β„–35

We had a great experience with JMC for both of our kids. They were easy to reach at anytime. Lucy always responded to texts and calls in a very timely manner. Scheduling was easy and accommodating and our kids learned well from all the instructors and were very prepared for the driving exam. Highly recommend this school!!

Review β„–36

Passed first time after just a few lessons. Jan gave me the confidence and skills to pass. Great experience - recommend!

Review β„–37

Everyone at JMC was great to have as a support team! They were very professional and friendly. Jan is a very skilled and calming instructor. She figured out quickly what skills we needed to work on to help boost my confidence and get me test ready. My son is having a similar experience and we would definitely recommend using JMC, its a great school!

Review β„–38

This place is awesome. My sister and I went there and got our license. I would 100% recommend this place. The instructors were extremely nice and helpful.

Review β„–39

Top notch service.Text reminders.Great coaches.Convenient road testing.Thank you JMC!!

Review β„–40

Best instructors! They care for your success

Review β„–41

The instructors are helpful and understanding. The overall experience was smooth and effective.

Review β„–42

This is definitely the Best Driving School in Waltham ever! Thank you everyone at JMC Driving School! You guys are awesome!!!!!

Review β„–43

Great driving school and the lessons are very helpful, Jan especially helped me prepare for the driving exam so I could pass the first time

Review β„–44

I feel like if I didn’t take the classes here I’m 100% sure I would’ve failed. Great customer service to!!

Review β„–45

Thanks Val for teaching me all I needed to pass my road test. The school is great! I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to pass their road test.

Review β„–46

Great School! Instructors take their time to teach you. Customer service is great as well. Luci always answers your questions with a great attitude. Highly recommend their services.

Review β„–47

Just want you to but courses

Review β„–48

It’s very good school, helped me a lot with the classes to pass the road test. I had to not care about anything they did everything for me, schedule all the classes on days that I wanted, scheduled the road test for me!

Review β„–49

Im glad I found JMC. Right from the beginning, Lucy was really informative and helpful, she knew what she was doing. Jan was a great instructor! Calm and informative. The process was very organized with reminders whenever necessary.JMC is very professional yet very friendly, they know what theyre doing! I would highly recommend JMC to anyone living in Waltham or nearing towns.

Review β„–50

The best driving school in Waltham.. I had two instructors- Jan and Manny. Both of them were excellent and very professional. I wouldn’t have passed my road test without their support. Thankyou Lucy, Jan and Manny. You guys are awesome 😍😍

Review β„–51

Amazing experience definitely would recommend

Review β„–52

Very sweet people! They’re amazing at teaching/instructing. Overall I had a very good experience with them, definitely would recommend !!

Review β„–53

I am glad that i found JMC Driving School. I took 3 classes and road test sponsorship from them. Everything was very well organized from Scheduling classes, road test and sending remainders before them. Jane was my instructor and she taught me those little tips and tricks through which i nailed my road test. I would highly recommend JMC to everyone.

Review β„–54

Love this place. Clean, professional, friendly, and great driving instructors.Jan is the best

Review β„–55

The school is very accommodating and are also very friendly. There where able to work around my busy schedule and always contacted me about last minute driving hours so that I could finish my hours sooner. If you had to choose between this school and other schools I would 100% choose this school because of how nice they are and how flexible they are.

Review β„–56

Great school, secretary and teacher (Val)I recomend! Worth your time and money!

Review β„–57

Just passed the exam. I was an absolute beginner when I first came here. The first couple of days were so difficult for me, but Jane, my instructor, was very encouraging and guided me through the process. I could see my improvement day by day. Rose is also very good. She allowed me to drive and corrected me in a calming way. Jane is very funny as well, so driving with her is fun. Guess what, less than 25 days I have got my license. Recommend! But a quick note: dont rely completely on the driving lessons. You need to watch a lot of videos online and practice with your family or friends. Try to reflect on all the stuff you have learned and still dont understand. Otherwise you wont benefit too much from the lessons.

Review β„–58

Amazing and very helpful instructors.

Review β„–59

I passed my road test from the first time JMC school is very professional, friendly and super quality of service. I highly recommend them.

Review β„–60

I took my road test there this past Sunday and everything went smoothly and they were all very nice and supportive!

Review β„–61

Very professional, all of the staff is very kind and extremely patient. I highly recommend this place to anyone whos is interested in driving school!

Review β„–62

JMC is an amazing school. They really care about their students. Val is the best! she is so calm and teach you everything that you need to know about driving safe. Thanks JMC and Thanks Val.

Review β„–63

Had the best experience at this driving school. They teach you everything you need to know and are very patient and helpful. Very flexible with driving hours and very convenient. Instructors are friendly and teach very well.

Review β„–64

I had the best experience with the driving lessons I took at JMC driving school. Everyone at the school was so kind and patient with me. Passed the test in one attempt. Highly recommend taking classes at JMC

Review β„–65

Jmc Driving School is a great school. Luci was great, she helped booked the class and road test. The instructors were amazing. The sponsor was great, Val helped during my test by calming me. Thanks JMc!They speak Portuguese, Spanish, and I heard know they have a Haitian Creole instructor as well.

Review β„–66

This is the best driving school!! The staff are sweet and super patient with you. They help you to be prepared and feel confident when driving. I want to thank Rose and Val for helping me pass my road test!!

Review β„–67

Just go the rmv. dont waste time or money here. for $155, you can test at the rmv more than three times.

Review β„–68

This school is the best. Val and Rose are smart. They teach with patience and solve the students’ questions. And the girls who work arranging the schedules are very competent and helpful. Thank you.

Review β„–69

This school was amazing, they took their time with me and didn’t judge me. They helped me get my license and were super flexible and affordable. High recommend!

Review β„–70

I highly recommend JMC to anyone living in Waltham or even Boston.The trainers are good and highly motivating. Its so much easier to schedule a road test from the school, especially on a weekend.Thanks JMC!

Review β„–71

It is an excellent school with very professional instructors, thanks to them I got my license very easy.

Review β„–72

Highly recommended! Instructors are all very friendly and nice. A special shoutout to Jan who is the best instructor EVER :)

Review β„–73

Just passed the road test. The whole driving learning is very joyful and helpful. Especially Jane is so kind and nice.

Review β„–74

Best experience instructors and good customer service πŸ‘Œ πŸ‘

Review β„–75

I took my road test today and passed!! Although I was very nervous I knew JMC had prepared me for this test. I’m so thankful for this school as it’s truly the BEST one in Waltham. I’m also grateful for my instructor Rose as she is an amazing teacher and guided me through everything. Also this school in general is so organized and professional. You can be assured that your getting your money’s worth. Thank for everything JMC!

Review β„–76

Excellent driving school with experienced teachers. Took 3 classes and gave the road test. The teachers explained the rules and tricks resulting in a successful road test. I would highly recommend their services.

Review β„–77

If you want to clear the road test, one place in town is JMC, Friendly and helpful Staff, Specially Lucy, good teacher, good and clean cars ....anyone new in th city must go for these guys...

Review β„–78

I had an excellent experience with Joshua, my driving instructor at the JMC Driving School. In addition to having a great sense of humor, he is a very understanding and patient teacher. The administrative staff were very helpful and organized, making the process of applying for and taking my road test very smooth. I highly recommend this driving school!

Review β„–79

Joshua is great! He taught me all the things I need to know in order to pass! He is nice and professional, with a lot of patience and sense of humor. I would recommend him to anyone!

Review β„–80

The staffs are very professional. Communication from the school was clear and well instructed from the beginning. My instructor tried her best to help me during the lesson. The lesson was well worth it.

Review β„–81

Good teachers and good people especially Val

Review β„–82

BEST DRIVING SCHOOL !! the instructors are good, they know what to teach you based on your skills and competencies. Highly recommend to anyone who is looking forward to get trained and getting their drivers license.

Review β„–83

JMC driving school is amazing- they really care on your growth as a driver and will do everything in their power to help you. Jan is an absolute angel- I can’t thank JMC enough!

Review β„–84

I love this school. My teacher was Rose, she is the best!! πŸ’₯ She is doing her job in a perfect way, she is so patient and she taugh me so well. I recommended this school because they doing their job so well and perfect. Thank you JMC❣️❣️❣️πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’«πŸ’«πŸ’«

Review β„–85

Great and organized school. Val is an amazing teacher, very professional. Lucy is very friendly and professional as well. Excellent team!!! Thank you guys!!!

Review β„–86

I dont have no words to describe my experience in this Driving School, high recommend 100% I pass my driving test first try with them thank you!!!

Review β„–87

Auto school, ideal for those who want to get a drivers license, attentive, and very serious in what they do, congratulations to you

Review β„–88

Great school! Super nice teachers and staff. I strongly recommend it.

Review β„–89

Highly recommend great professionals, from the secretary Lucy to my instructor was the excellent Val. The whole team is to be congratulated.

Review β„–90

I highly recommend JMC driving school, before taking a few classes with them, I went to another school, which the teacher only knew how to scream, she had no education, she didn’t not know how to teach. I did my test and unfortunately fail in the first time. Then I was looking professionals that would be patient, and lovely ! JosuΓ© was very calm and made me overcome my fear, Miriam always attended me very well, I have no words to thank, I will miss Josues classes, and thank you for the dedication you had with me, Im very happy with my license!

Review β„–91

Highly recommend they are amazing ! Val the new instructor is one of the best ones very patient . Thanks to them I passed my road test . Thank you Jmc ☺️☺️

Review β„–92

Congratulations jmc only has dedicated professionals great place to take drivers license

Review β„–93

My instructor was Rose and she taught me well. I have a good experience

Review β„–94

Terrible and horrible experience! The old male tutor always likes β€˜unintentional’ and unnecessary body touch! The woman tutor directly complained why u don’t buy more lessons and was unwilling to teach! This is a crazy driving school!!!

Review β„–95

My instructor was joshua he was very patient and taught me really well. i strongly recommend this school.

Review β„–96

This place is perfect for people with test anxiety and nerves. The instructors are friendly and literally over prepare you so the test seems like a breeze!

Review β„–97

Had a Excellent driving-learning experience with JOSHUA. May be it sounds quite weird But wanted to share from the very 1st day I started driving with him; I want him as a driving instructor for my baby in future ........may god fix his back soon to sit on that passenger sit next to my baby... no more words to say now .. Thank You soooooo very much to JOSHUA, my most favorite teacher in my life. and also thank you! JMC crew-members as well specially fixing my stuff with DMV . THANKYOU !

Review β„–98

The instructor was great and they made sure I was ready for the road test WHICH they can do themselves. You can take the road test with them and if you pass you dont need to deal with the DMV cause theyll handle it all

Review β„–99

They are very professional, friendly and helpful.I definitely recommend.

Review β„–100

THE best driving school around Waltham

4.6 Rating
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