S&S Driving School
720 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, United States
Review №1

Satyam is so unprofessional. I believe the entire school is.They only eye for money and never cared about others time. We(for my wife) opted for six hour session.Session1: we waited for more than 30 min in a parking lot, with our baby. He didnt show up, after multiple calls he came.Session2: he came on timeSession3: he gave slots for this session but never turned up, this has been continuing for last three weeks.Really difficult to catch this guy on phone. They never care about their business.NEVER EVER JOIN THIS SCHOOL.

Review №2

My experience with S&S driving school was overall worth it. The prices are affordable and the training is great. Sat was my driver, he was very patient and knowledgeable. He will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a safe driver, and what you need to know to pass your road test. I passed on the first try. However, he was late a few times and the communication wasn’t always good. Aside from that, I highly recommend going through S&S. The process is quick and easy. As long as you pay attention and listen to your instructor, you will pass.

Review №3

Sat was an awesome instructor. I took the 6-hour driving course, he was very calm throughout my lessons. The fact that he made sure I absolutely knew the maneuvers before moving on was very much reassuring... I considered myself to be a very nervous driver, but he’s boosted my confidence for sure. 10/10 recommend.

Review №4

I took the 6 Hrs. Driving lessons course, I had a great experience learning, I gained the confidence I needed to take the test, Mr. Mohan was very on point with what I needed to learn for the road test and get on the road, he also made me feel confident, my family was very impress with all the things I learned in these lessons, they take you to the D.M.V and let you use the car you have been learning in,for a very reasonable price. I am very happy I decided to go with S&S Driving school.

Review №5

I hired Mohan 8 years ago for my first daughter. I was very impressed with his professionalism and my daughter felt comfortable and more confident as a result. Fast forward to present day, I needed a driving instructor again and luckily he was still available. I feel more comfortable riding with my daughter because she too is a more confident driver as a result of her sessions. She retained alot of his very important instructions; that she shares when driving. She said that he didnt make her nervous, like I do.. Additionally he was very prompt and affordable.

Review №6

Mohan was absolutely awesome. Helped me so much with my problem areas, and also put up with my cracking jokes the whole time. Very professional and very nice. Highly recommend for nervous drivers of any age.

Review №7

A very good experience, instructor Mohan was very patient and good, and gave me a lot of practice on the road and highway

Review №8

He’s a very good person to help you learn to driver and very patient with you

Review №9

I did my course with Satyam. He is a great instructor. Through out the learning period he was very calm and patience that made me feel more comfortable. I passed my test easily.

Review №10

I have taken 8 classes with my instructor and even paid the obnoxious fees they charge to give my test with their help through a third party.1. They are in it for the money. My instructor (satyam) used to be on his phone and hardly gave any insight into driving after the first couple of lessons.2. He was never on time and delayed the start time once by 2 hours. This would mess around with my schedule and I would be hungry while driving him around and he would ask me to wait sometimes in the parking lot of chipotle, sometimes outside his home while he had lunch.3. When I paid for test through third party, he told me I would be driving the car I practiced in so it was familiar. He charged more than twice what they charge at the testing center only to drop me off there and leave. I had to drive a completely different car at the test center which I was not comfortable with as a new driver.4. The lady at the testing center told me she herself doesnt trust my instructor and she has seen a lot of his students fail the test and has no idea why this driving school has such good reviews.Please be warned before you join them. You should look for a legitimate driving school that actually cares about how you drive and DO NOT waste your money here.

Review №11

OMG he is the best teacher, literally ❤️❤️❤️His patience is good and he will teach you everything you need to know, and take you to the test. I pass after learning how to drive with him in 8 hours and pass it with my first try. His class was worth it and very much needed. Take him you will thank me later.

Review №12

Sat was a very good teacher and he helped me get my driver’s License on the first try I definitely recommend him if you are trying to learn to drive.

Review №13

First, let me say that I was absolutely petrified to drive prior to this course. I had a traumatic experience while in the driving seat of a car when I was 15, and now at the age of 22, I really needed a car, because life. This company is ran by three family members, the family member you will get depends on your jurisdiction or address in Hillsborough County. I had the instructor Satyam because I am in the University Area--Initially I chose the $280 package that gave me 6 hours of driving instruction on four different days, an hour 30 each lesson. In this 6 hours, he taught me the three point turns, parking, quick stop, switching lanes, backing 50 feet, the hill questions and answers, and checking my mirrors properly--everything required on the exam. We jumped on the road the second instruction began, driving on local roads and neighborhoods, on my last session we did about 5 minutes on the freeway, 70+ mph. I did not feel confident enough after that to take my driving test even with the tests having been remote. I feel like we were on roads too much sometimes instead of practicing skills, especially because I was not at all confident in my parking. I really feel as though there should have been more technical things that I learned about driving that I am still learning to this day on my own. Sometimes, he would arrive late, and other times he would be on the phone while I was driving---but he had a business to run so I did not mind the latter, as far as the former, well, I had no job and all online classes so it wasnt a huge inconvenience. Sometimes I felt rushed and shamed for not picking up the skills well, and because of this I wouldnt ask for a clarification after hed inarticulately answer my questions sometimes. After the 6 hour package, I waited a month to return for the 2 hour package, along with the rental of their car on the day of the driving test. This came up to, I believe, $175, to rent the car for test day in itself is $75. We had the second and final lesson on the same day as the driving exam, where we practiced the skills needed on the test. I truly believe that most of me passing came down to self study and YouTube videos. I am unfortunate in the fact that I had no one to teach me to drive growing up, nor did I have someones car to borrow to practice, so it came solely down to the little practical experience with Sat and my own self-learning. I passed my exam but I feel Sat overstepped his boundaries during the test by talking to me and using his emergency break instead of allowing me the autonomy, this dented my confidence and caused my anxiety to skyrocket when I was already extremely nervous. I was worried as to whether or not my examiner heard him or saw his mouth moving, luckily he didnt clock that the car was a driving school car. Now, will you learn how to drive at the bare minimum? Yes...I did, and that is the sole reason they get 4 stars. You could find higher quality elsewhere, indisputably, but it all comes down to the competitive prices S&S has to offer.

Review №14

Thank you Sat for my driving lessons and for helping me pass my rode test . Sat took his time to teach me the three point turns, parking, quick stop, switching lanes and checking my mirrors properly. Sat made me feel confident about driving on the road. He took his time to make sure that I understand what I was doing with the parking and also how to turn the steering wheel. Thank you Sat .

Review №15

I had a great experience here.My instructor was Mr shiv he is a great teacher.I took 6hr class for 4days, he just taught perfect driving & i got my driver’s license without any points in first attempt. He is very friendly and just on time. Every time when I called or texted he responded quickly in a friendly manner.

Review №16

Great driving school my instructor Satyam was awesome. He got me out of there on the roads and gave great information. In the end he took me to do the driving test, i passed, and officially a license driver. If you are looking for place to get driving lesson you found one.

Review №17

I absolutely recommend this driving school!!! I had the pleasure of taking my classes with Mr. Sat and I have to say that he is the BEST instructor that I have ever had. He gives clear instructions on how to pass the driving test and makes me feel confident on the road. My confidence level in driving is much higher now and it is all because of my instructor Mr. Sat. He took his time in teaching me and has a lot of patience. Thank you Mr. Sat!!

Review №18

My instructor was Mr. Shiv. Very polite and friendly. I completed my class and gave my driving test. I got the licence in my first attempt. I will definitely recommend this driving school as the best.Vimala.

Review №19

Very patient and nice instructor

Review №20

S&S DRIVING SCHOOL is amazing! I had Seth and he was awesome! very patient and made sure I had all qualitys I needed for passing my drivers test Im so happy that I went with my choice Seth made me realize things about driving that I never knewThanks Seth and S&S DRIVING SCHOOL

Review №21

Satyam is definitely a great instructor. He ensures that you follow all the rules and regulations while driving. I would highly recommend him to anybody who is new to driving in States. He is very much suitable for this job. Way to go!!!

Review №22

First! If you’re thinking of taking driving lessons and are nervous and need some confidence please stop looking and call here. My driving instructor Mr. Sat was beyond amazing. Encouraging, confidence boosting and over all the most patient person I’ve ever met. I took the 6hour course set with an extra class and he also took me to take my road test. I passed on the first try!. It was all a great experience from start to finish. Mr. Sat was very calm and gave detailed instructions on things that needed to be worked on and explained in a way that I understood. 10/10 would recommend tell your friends, I will be.

Review №23

LAL is the best driving instructor ever. When i started with him I was a relatively new inexperienced driver. By just taking three lessons with him I was able to gain more confidence in the road and pass my driving test. Highly recommend. Superb guy and treats you like family.

Review №24

Mohan was an absolutely amazing instructor and he was very well prepared me for passing my driving test. He was always punctual, arrives at agreed timings and his instructions were made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. Before I started my driving lessons I was nervous because I never had a driving experience before. With just 6 hours of driving lessons I gained more confidence and feel much safer on the road. It was definitely money well spent.

Review №25

I just took my road test today and I got my license!!! I had Shiv and he has been completely awesome and patient with me throughout the whole process ! Thank you so much! I recommend this place to anybody!

Review №26

I took the 6 hour driving lesson package and I am very happy. Mohan is very good . I was a beginner and now I have the confidence to drive on the road. Best part is, he took me to the track where the actual road test happens. So I passed my road test with flying colors. Thanks and I highly recommend these guys.

Review №27

My driving instructor was Lal, and just like a lot of people here said he was absolutely amazing. Very patient, knowledgeable and friednly. Ive had 6 classes with him, and I would gladly take 60 more. Luckily, he has taught me enough to feel confident on the road by myself. Thank you!

Review №28

S & S Driving School is the best driving school in the whole of Tampa. They have got the best teachers (mine was Sat) who teach you very patiently and thoroughly. I got my license within just a day of practice. The rates are very reasonable and the teaching experience is the best. I have got nothing but good comments for them. Keep up the good work.

Review №29

I just passed my test in my first attempt after just 2 classes from Satyam. He is a very good trainer and friendly too. I’ll get my wife trained from this school either.

Review №30

The best driving school for anyone looking to learn how to drive. LAL was an amazing instructor very friendly, on time, and motivating. He tough me everything great, and teach all you need to know to pass the driving test. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Review №31

They help me a lot they gave me all the practice with the 6 hour package I learn how to drive shift do it amazing I pass first try perfect score!!!!

Review №32

I honestly really love this school and my instructor did amazing but I had one more lesson and I text my instructor to schedule it never responded and I did it multiple times. The instructor is pretty good but always comes about 1-2 hours late and kinda sucks he refuse to respond and give me my last lesson

Review №33

Just got my drivers license at the first try. As someone whos never driven before, the 6 hour class taught me not only how to drive, but to drive confidently and safely. The instructor is very professional and experienced, he knows how to get a beginner started comfortably driving on the road, and will pick you up at your place and drop you off, very convenient. Highly recommended!

Review №34

Prior to S & S Driving School I had no experience on the road, feeling very anxious behind the wheel and not too confident in driving, but in only a few days I was able to pass my Driving Test with flying colors and get my licence.I would recommend this driving school to anyone whos looking to get some experience behind the wheel but isnt sure where to start - the instructor is very good at what he does and will make sure you know exactly what youre doing by the time you finish the classes.

Review №35

The best decision I have ever made. I chose to do the 4day Each lesson is a 1 hour & 30 minutes, equaling 4 lessons. My 4th lesson was the same day I took my test my instructor Mohan, took me to the dmv and practiced on the driving course I took my test on. After learning from Mohan don’t read nun at dmv so dont confuse you just remember everything from practice I drove the same car Id been practicing with for my test for $75 extra. It was so worth it. Not only do you learn how to drive he make u feel safely And get over any fear but you definitely will get your licenses after those 4 lessons. Be sure to listen to everything you are being taught and will come out with your license in no time! I would recommend everyone to S&S Driving School!

Review №36

This is a really good driving school as It only took me two classes with Chev for me to pass the driving test.

Review №37

He was good and friendly. He trained very well and I got license in 4 classes.

Review №38

I was so nervous behind the wheel before coming here. I really needed to improve my confidence. I did the 6 hour package with Satayam and he helped me with my confidence and really took the time to make sure I did everything perfectly. He took me to my test and I passed with a very high score. I am so thankful for Sat and this driving school. Reasonably priced and awesome instructor. I recommend him 👍🏽

Review №39

Very professional and friendly. I got my DL with perfect score. Thank you Shiv

Review №40

Satyam is a very Good Teacher. Just pay attention to him and you will be good

Review №41

I would definitely recommend this driving school to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Shiv was a great teacher and worked with me right up to the point of doing the driving test and I passed on the first try.

Review №42

I had a great experience with this driving school. Lal was very friendly and an extremely helpful teacher. I would highly recommend him and this driving school.

Review №43

Man i tell ya sat is the best! it took a little while to get my drivers license but it payed off! thank you Sat your the best! very cool and laid back

Review №44

Highly recommended. I am the person who never touched the steering wheel before landed to US. Now I have my own DL and whole credit goes to Mohan. He is the best trainer who will not only help you to become a safe driver also prepare you to pass the practical driving test that too with a very reasonable price.

Review №45

There was a prompt response when I had contacted them for details. Had taken 3hrs class as I used to drive back in India. Satyam had taught patiently all the necessary steps like 3 point turn, parking the right way. He had accompanied during the Road test too. I drive now confidently and happy to learn driving with SS School :) Will recommend SS 100%. Thumbs Up!

Review №46

I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a driving school. Larrs is a good driving instructor who taught me exactly what i needed to know in order to pass the road test.

Review №47

This is the best school for you, if youre looking forward to having the greatest experience in learning how to drive and past your driving test to get your license. I used to even be afraid of being a passenger now I am fearless and have the confidence to drive. =D Awesome!! And I couldnt ask for a better instructor to guide me through the whole process. My instructor was a lil strict which confirmed to me that he wants me to get it right and that encouraged me more which is very important. My advice do all six classes take your time dont be nervous, its a nonjudgmental experience remember that youre here to learn and the instructor makes ensures that you feel its all about you, so ask questions and do your best, theres no disappointment!

Review №48

Sat of S & S did a great job helping my son feel comfortable behind the wheel. He was supposed to learn through HS but that never happened. We contacted S & S driving school and they came out within 3 days to start lessons.It only took our sone the allotted time we paid for, he went for the road test and past on the first attempt!Thank you for the help and well done S & S! I would definitely recommend.

Review №49

My driving experience has truly been an uplifting experience! Strange enough, I had taken a long break from my last driving test (literally the last practice test to take the actual exam) and Lal was nice enough to let me begin where I left off. We went through the procedure 3 times and I can say without a doubt I knew I would pass my driving test, and lo and behold 15 to 20 minutes later I did! I highly recommend anyone looking for a driving school with intellectual instructors should apply here. I vouch that you wont regret it. Thank you Lal! And God bless!

Review №50

I recommend Mohan, he is awesome I got my DL in 2 practices from him, Thanks a lot Mohan and the SS driving school

Review №51

My driving Instructor Satayam was awesome and very professional. He taught me everything I needed to know and I passed my driving test with ease. I will recommend this school to every new driver in Tampa.

Review №52

My teacher was very nice,patient yet he let me know when I made a mistake and explained what I did wrong along the way. Very descriptive in how to perform certain tasks, but very kind. Passed my drivers test by the end of the week!

Review №53

This Was one of the best things i could of done. Mr.Mohan Is A Very Great Teacher. I did a 90minute lesson &also needed to use the car for my test. Thank You For Helping Me .Passed On My First Try. Also Great Prices.

Review №54

I highly recommend this school to anybody who wants to learn how to drive quickly and easily. the only time I been on the road was with the driving instructor and those 6 hours were enough for me to pass my exam with a 93. You will not regret this, youll learn to drive quickly and easily!

Review №55

Mr. Mohan is an amazing driving instructor--he took me from being insanely nervous to get out on the road to being completely confident. He even helped me with my driving test--we were able to test drive the course used by the county immediately before my exam so I was incredibly confident going into the test. When I first started, I was scared to get out onto the road--but two days ago I drove home from Orlando with no trouble and no worries. Without him, I wouldnt be the happy, confident driver I am today.

Review №56

Hearing about S and S Driving School from the web was really good. Taking driving lessons with the instructor of S and S Driving School was even better. The instructor displayed great experience and professionalism in driving, tolerated my silly errors, questions, etc..., and was a great pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend this driving school for anyone who cant wait to get an official drivers license.

Review №57

I am 23 years old. I used to live in Southwest Virginia, which is a very mountainous region of Virginia. With that said, I was very afraid to learn to drive in that area because of the mountains and the severity of the roads. Driving off of a cliff or into a ravine was not an unheard of concept in that area.When I moved to Florida, I was still hesitant to drive. However, I decided to call a driving school in order to get more experience. It only took six hours for to get enough experience to become comfortable. Mohan, the instructor was very patient despite my frequent errors and initial inability to grasp some of drivings more basic skills.Although I did not get my license on the first try (a combination of leaving the parking break on, having to go to the bathroom, and not getting enough sleep before), I did however get it the second time.In conclusion, I honestly believe the driving lessons were worth the money, considering I hadnt driven for six years prior to those lessons. I highly recommend S&S Driving School.

Review №58

I have been too scared to drive for the past 10 years. After less than a week with this service, I became a safe, confident driver. I now have my license, and I love to drive!

Review №59

I would recommend Shiv, he taught me how to drive and I passed my driving test on the first try. Now I am a confident driver.

Review №60

Took the 6 hour course with Shiv. Highly recommend and taught me to be safe driver

Review №61

LAL...Is the best instructor..he made me very comfortable with driving..Entire journey of getting the driving license was very pleasing and convenient...all kudos to him and school..

Review №62

I had an amazing experience with this driving school. Before the 6 hour course I hadnt had that much practice behind the wheel. I now have the confidence to drive around Tampa on my own and Im no longer afraid of the interstate! Huge thanks to S&S Driving school!!!

Review №63

I had a great experience with Shiu Jalim!!!! He is a very good instructor, very laid back and very knowledgeable.

Review №64

I had a great experience with S&S. I had one lesson on a Friday. He took me to take my test Tuesday and I pass. You wont go wrong with S&S.

Review №65

My experience with Mohan and his son was great.. good training went over every thing before the driving test, and the morning of the test too. I would recommend this company to any one. Thanks to them I got my license..

Review №66

Satisfied. I took the six hour course. Each lesson is 1 and a half hours for $60 each. so $240 total. I gave four stars because I couldnt find that on the website and because it was difficult for me to get my first appointment set up. Other than that, the teacher is great- I passed my driving test. He has 30+ years of driving teacher experience. He even offers pick up. Also, he will drive to the tax collectors office/DMV (for a price).

Review №67

The instructor was pretty laid back. Took four 90 minute lessons for $240. Hell have you doing turns until your hands go numb.But, I passed my drivers test on the first try, so I do recommend him.The only gripe was that he rescheduled a few times.

Review №68

Mr. Mohan Jillim is an amazing instructor. He is very professional. He really knows how to help students to learn how to drive. They way he teaches is amazing. Listen to all the advice he has to give, he is very kind and definitely willing to help you and teach you everything you need to know. He makes sure he goes over every single rule. I very much recommend him, very efficient and excellent instructor. You will learn how to drive because of his dedication to teach you.J.

Review №69

Very nice experience with Mr. Mohan. He is excellent instructor and very punctual. Took 4 classes with him and able to pass the road test in 1st attempt. I strongly recommend S&S driving school for anybody who wants good training with reasonable price. Thank you Mohan!

Review №70

I dont how this driving school got these many good ratings. I am not able to schedule not even one class at my convience time. He said will have class at sunday morning 7 am and he did show up till 8.

Review №71

I had a great learning experience. They made sure that I learned everything I needed to know for the drivers exam, and thanks to them I was able to obtain my license. I recommend this school to anyone who wants to get a drivers license.

Review №72

Great instructor. It only took me four classes before I took my road test. Not only did I pass but I did it with a perfect score. I definitely recommend you take your classes with them. I strongly recommend Mohan; also the prices are reasonably.

Review №73

Ive got my license. Satyams was my instructor and he has done a great job while my sessions. He is very strict but keenly focused on what to teach to his students. I recommend his name for others who wishes to take their sessions.

Review №74

Very proficient driver and good practise classes . Satyam the guy helped me a lot to learn driving and clear DMV test and was very supportive..

Review №75

I would highly recommend S & S Driving School. The prices are very reasonable. My instructor Scott was the greatest and made me feel at ease at all times.

Review №76

The service provide by SS Driving School was exceptional beyond words, Mr Mohan was a very respectful dedicated and very professional. He did amazing job in helping my son getting his driving licence, I do recommended him and his services without any doubt.

Review №77

Mr.LAL is a great instructor and he helped me gain more knowledge for driving in general and knowledge for the driving test.

Review №78

Mr. Mohan is a very good instructor. Within 4 days, I was able to take the practical test and pass it . He prepares you for the test from the first day of training. Highly recommended.

Review №79

My daughter just finished her 4th lesson with Mohan yesterday, took her driver’s test today, and received a perfect score! I highly recommend S&S Driving School.

Review №80

The experience was great, I learned everything I needed to for the driving test and more. A great driving school that helped me on the way and pass the test

Review №81

The best driving school. My son did his lessons withMr. lal, first attempt for his drivers license, he got it, with zero errors.I’m impressed. Good job Mr Lal.

Review №82

Its a very nice experience. I was trained by Satyam, he teaches you the best techniques. very calm and he has lot of patience while training. He gives you good tips encourages you at the right time. I was suggested this school by my best friend. Thank you for a wonderful experience overall Satyam.

Review №83

Satyam is a good instructor. He is awesome..

Review №84

Very good school, Sathyam gave me tips on how to do a reverse parking, though its not part of the test the instructor asked me to do it and it really helped. Would recommend this school. Courteous and friendly.

Review №85

Please note that I am only giving them one star because my driving experience actually started out well the first day, he arrived on time and I drove for an hour and a half. However, after my first day everything started to go left, my instructor would set a time that we both would come to an agreement with them never show up the second day he he was supposed to arrive at 9:30 but didn’t and proceeded to call an hour later which I was not able to do since I was not home at the time. He then set up a time of 1:30 the next day which I agreed to because I had no plans but HE DID NOT SHOW UP, he did not call to let me know that he would have to cancel or that he was running late, he just did not show. 1:30 turned into 2:30 to 3:30 to 4:30 and so on. I called him and got a refund in the 3 days I had yet to use. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this to anyone. They are extremely unprofessional.

Review №86

Mr. Mohan was very friendly, his lessons were informative and always packed with things necessary for the exam. Excellent classes

Review №87

I just got my FL driver license today because of Mr. Mohan! Thank you very much teacher :) Mohan is very calm and professional. He got me drove in the city & highway safely. He trained me exactly how the examiner tested me at the road test and I passed! For me, the point is you gotta concentrate, be calm and dont be nervous. Highly recommend S & S.

Review №88

Took driving lessons from instructor sathya and passed my driving test in first attempt. Gained lot of confidence driving with him.

Review №89

Honestly Mr Mohan is an awesome instructor. I took 4 classes and were able to clear my test in first attempt.

Review №90

Post Graduation, I really wanted to take the necessary steps to finally get my drivers license. My driving experience was minimal, thus making my driving skills very weak and my confidence on the road very low. After being referred to s&s driving school by 3 of my friends/colleagues, I decided to take the 6 hours of lesson plus the driving test with them. Mr.Mohan was always patient with me! He was always on time and helped me feel comfortable behind the wheel! I never thought that on day three, I could drive on a highway without panicking! I was also very happy that after only 6 hours of lessons, I passed my driving test! Mr.Mohan is a great teacher, I would recommend this school to anyone! Any age, any level of experience! Its worth the money.

Review №91

Had a very good experience with the instructor. The instructor explains everything very well and clears all doubts.strongly recommend sns driving school .

Review №92

I was a serious beginner and had many fears to drive a car in main loads and highways.My teacher was Mr.Mohan. He was calm and patient while focusing on teaching and driving until the last lesson. Hes very competent his students going to pass the test on their first attempt.I had a mock test right before my load test. I passed the test with a score of 96 on my first try. If you want to get your driving license within limited time, Mohan guarantees you will pass the test on your first attempt. Now its your turn. I appreciate your dedication and I will drive safely. Please, stay healthy my good teacher.

Review №93

I would say the coach really helped me a lot. He carried me three times just for one road test. A very nice and strict coach with responsibility for your life.

Review №94

Mr. Mohan is a pleasant person and a patient and calm trainer .He gives precise instruction. His approach is not authoritarian. His calmness was helpful for me, as it helped bring my anxiety levels down and I could overcome the fear of driving in traffic. He never got worked up if I made a mistake and just asked me learn from every mistake I made .He said, that is how you learn .He helped me gain confidence to drive .Thanks to him I passed my driving test and got my driving license .I never thought I could pass that test :) .But with his training it was a piece of cake. So I would highly recommend him to all those who want to learn driving, so if you want professional driving instruction S&S driving school is the place to go .Thank You Mr.Mohan

Review №95

I took lessons from Lal. He was very patient, flexible, and gave me many good tips. Thanks to Lal, I’ve been able to get my lisence, and become a confident driver on the roads. I would definetly recommend Lal to anyone trying to get their lisence!

Review №96

Mohan is a really very good trainer. He teaches all necessary driving skills to clear the exam. Yes you will sure enjoy your package for driving training as getting oppertunity to drive on busy road and all possible scenarios. I highly appreciate his training given to me.

Review №97

My son took lessons almost 1 year ago when he first got his permit. We paid for a package that included multiple lessons. He would always complain that he couldnt understand the gentleman due to his middle eastern accent and the instructor was constantly talking on his cell phone and not teaching him anything. He is about to take his road test this week and my husband called for a final driving lesson. We had forgotten what driving school we called the last time and was hoping it wasnt the same one. Today when he showed up it was the same instructor from last time. I went out to speak to him about what my son had said about him the last time and asked if he could stay off of his cell phone and give him a driving lesson He said if his phone rang he was going to answer it and suggested we call another driving school. My son learned nothing from this man and I suggest nobody uses them for lessons.

Review №98

S and S driving school is the best driving school for anyone looking to learn how to drive, or feel more comfortable driving! Lal was an amazing instructor, very kind, on time, and was welcoming. Lal tought me everything I needed to know to be a great, safe driver and everything I need to know to pass the driving test.

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Best place to go if you want practice for your driving test . I recommend my instructor LAL as he was very patient and insightful 👍.

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  • Address:720 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa, FL 33612, United States
  • Site:http://ssdrivingschooltampa.com/
  • Phone:+1 813-404-7310
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