99 Cents Only Stores
34660 Monterey Ave, Palm Desert, CA 92211, United States
99 Cents Only Stores

Review №1

They have a lot of stuff. Always enjoy going in there

Review №2

Its almost Halloween and now is the time to get great decorations at a great price! The mini Silver and Black garden gnomes they have this year are awesome and if youre a Raiders fan then these are year round decor!

Review №3

I love the 99¢ store. It is truly a fun store to shop at. You never know what you are going to find...

Review №4

I really like this store because they have what you will be looking for an the store kept neat &clean,thats the main thing for me cleanliness. Thank you. Sincerely

Review №5

Our experience of the 99 Cent store here in Palm Desert is frankly unbelievable. I was shocked to find out that they have a monster sized produce section that absolutely looks fantastic. You can see from the pictures that I have taken that the produce is fresh. Whoever they have stocking and arranging the produce section deserves a metal! The amount of variety of goods that the store offers is really incredible. The amount of brand-name stuff to generic brand stuff is such a treat! The store is very clean and the isles are very well organized. The seasonal items for Halloween and Thanksgiving are just unbelievable in the amount of variety that they have. They have a section that has dairy from milk to half-and-half. The prices are excellent! This is a place you must not miss! This store has literally everything that you are looking for at bargain prices.

Review №6

Go there for a couple of particular items. Some of the seasonings are great. Werthers hard candies at 99 cents is a big savings even way lower than Walmart.

Review №7

This place is cool the cashier Laurie was great paying my bag of goodies.

Review №8

Thursday July 22: online hours-open 7am Tuesday & Thursday. signage on storefront: Tuesday & Thursday open 7am. Arrived 7:06 store closed for inventory. No signage anywhere. Thanks alot. Glad I got up early to beat the heat. Customer service is non existent

Review №9

I love this store so much! The grocery items, especially theyre fresh produce and bread are awesome! And the toy selection is great. Ill never spend full price for my nieces and nephews toys ever again. My favorite aisles are the office/ stationary which faces the beauty aisle I could literally spend $100s of dollars there. They always have cool new stuff to look thru. And the coolest beauty accessories! Great employees who are always helpful and great hours.

Review №10

√ In and out√ got more than I needed√ my usual gotta have it items they stock ... be back soon

Review №11

Its not a 99 cents Store no more. it,s A 99 Cents and more Money Store. if it was 99 now it 2.99 and up Store.

Review №12

I love these stores they have everything you need from party supplies cleaning products and seasonal decorations all at very fair prices. It you get something you dont like return it no biggie why waste your hard earned money when you can. Get the same for less

Review №13

I absolutely love this 99 cents store. It has so much stuff.

Review №14

Love it here. So many vegetables at very low prices. There is a little bit of everything. U cannot go wrong here.

Review №15

Love the fresh vegetables here!

Review №16

I just love this 99 cents Only store in Rancho Mirage, its so clean, the cashiers are so friendly along with the other employees. Every time Im in Rancho Mirage I visit this store, they always have what I want, need plus much more, I always come out with more than I went to get!

Review №17

No matter your need your going to find it here and usually for only a dollar ! Anytime I need something I always start here.And the people who work there are nothing but kind !!

Review №18

The shopping experience is good and less people inside, but the crowd will build up for a couple of minutes.

Review №19

Everything Is Good Deal

Review №20

Was surprised they had TY stuff really cool.but Im not liking the fact that is a 99 c store but the good items are way above 99c

Review №21

Cleaner and well stocked.

Review №22

Store really big and clean but my experience last night had a line of over 10 people in line and cashier asking more than a couple of times for someone to come open I waited in line for over 20 minutes to get rung up for 2 Halloween decorations.

Review №23

Changing my mind great prices and shelfs r stocked and people working there nice and seem way happier than Wal-Mart

Review №24

I Found Everything I Needed And Then Some more. All Of The Employees were Very Nice. In fact Very Helpful as well. I Always Come Back.Thanks Guys

Review №25

Long line and took them a while to call for back up, They had both items I was looking for.

Review №26

Nice store had what I needed

Review №27

Clean, organized store. Great prices on quality snacks.

Review №28

Great services Amanda cashier answer all my questions definitely will be back

Review №29

Lot of space. Not crowded. Had everything I wanted.

Review №30

Keep in eye for items that are not 99cents inside the store. The name should be 99cents and extra 99cents more!

Review №31

They have what weve been looking for!

Review №32

Always have something we need. Well managed.

Review №33

I like the 99 cent store but a little attention to the produce section, cleanliness, attractiveness and organization, would go a long way.

Review №34

Very unorganized store! Surly management is to blame. Product is all over the place. Seems like they are trying to put EVERYTHING out on the shelves! Covid-19 might be to blame, who knows, just looks so tacky and run down. Not shopping ANY 99. Cent stores anymore.

Review №35

If you need a USB power cord for your phone the 99 cent only store has the cheapest prices. If you need a cord for your iPhone, their cord will only charge it, and not allow data transfer. That makes the cord safe to use at a public charging station.For Android phones, the Micro SD chord does include a wire for data transfer in it.The cost for each of them is $0.999999, which is basically $1 plus any sales tax.

Review №36

I love this store...ig has everything you can possibly want or need. You could actually get everything that you need for your home and more in one place and on a budget... absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get more and spend less!

Review №37

Service good the store stock great and clean

Review №38

Store upkeep could be a little better. However inventory was good. Produce was fresh and from I could tell so was other things in the cooler section. Overall a good experience.

Review №39

Still have ignorant employees not covering nose sprinkler! Unacceptable weak management!

Review №40

Always have good deals.

Review №41

Great buys could use a little better response to long lines. 1 cashier never called for back up until 2 of spoke up.

Review №42

It was okay. Its not a BIG 99, its JUST okay. They didnt have what some other one had but thats to be expected. So...YES... I will go back there when Im in the neighborhood. I live approx 90 miles away from that store and 75ish from closest one.😉

Review №43

My experience was good, cashier was 5 star. 4 star overall because I went in thinking it was all .99 cents. Some things didnt have a price on the shelf. My bad for not looking closer at the tag.Good customer service is hard to find, so I will definitely be back

Review №44

Bang for buck is great. Lower your expectations and you will love it.

Review №45

Good store for getting romaine lettuce mushrooms carrots onions and other vegetables. Not all vegetables are in stock every day but most of the time they are. Good selection of just about everything.

Review №46

Nicest 99 cent store Ive ever seen!

Review №47

Why is it even called 99 Cent Only Store anymore, when they sell stuff for $1.99 and up? They used to have really good deals and Id love shopping there until they started raising their prices significantly. Now Im not to excited about 99 Cent Only Stores. More like $1.99 New Amazing Value Store.

Review №48

Store was very organized and pretty clean but the male cashier was terrible no hi no thank you nothing bad customer service

Review №49

Every store has its own energy. But you can spend a good time any visit looking around and buying useful things. Asparagus bunches are great and associates are always willing to help you out with anything else. Its a fair option and a good value.

Review №50

Great place to shop

Review №51

I love this store. It has everything you need.

Review №52

Love 99 cents.. Always come here first for produce, etc..Clean, organized, nice cashiers.Minus 1 * because it didnt have some of my main staples like the other 99 store I go to in SD does, spinach, blueberries, boysenberries, mini peppers, mushrooms. Also some of the fruit needs to be better attended to, going bad. Kinda gross. Additionally, Im noticing more items are now costing 1.99. Wonder why?

Review №53

Great prices!!! And no matter how busy they are your in and out faster than any other store. The clerks are fast, friendly & super efficient. Huge selection of Halloween decoration and the store on Date Palm in Cathedral City even has some customs. I just came from there and cant beat their prices.

Review №54

Love this place. Yes its hit or miss, but we always check this store for produce before doing our regular shopping. You can find some fabulous deals, great produce and other products cheaply priced.

Review №55

Huge variety that cam change daily, but still always carries the staple supplies. Awesome and friendly staff make it a breeze to get in and out while staying safe and sanitized.

Review №56

Good snackes there

Review №57

Clean, very well stock store.

Review №58

Found more than I need

Review №59

Excellent store. Clean and organized.

Review №60

They had everything I was looking for and the price is always right!!

Review №61

Limited selection but good customer service

Review №62

Nice store with a big selection.

Review №63

The store is good, packed with stuff and always plenty of it

Review №64

Cashiers are usually friendly. The store is very well stocked with everything from toys to produce. Over all a good store to go to. Do keep in mind that not all items are .99 cents

Review №65

Plenty of parking, usually the check out line is not too bad.only thing I dont like they brought a lot of products and that are not 99 cents anymore.

Review №66

I always enjoy shopping at the 99 Cents Only Stores - its where the smart people shop. You cant beat the prices on most items. The produce department has many good choices. Its the best place to find party supplies.

Review №67

There are two great 99 cent stores in the Valley, and this is one of them! Big store with wonderful variety, and fresh produce! Currently, they have a huge selection of Halloween/Day of the Dead merchandise. Plenty of parking and easy access.

Review №68

Things were fair for the price. Check out wasnt fun though.

Review №69

Clean and organized store. Good prices for easter stuff. Nice helpful staff

Review №70

This is one of my favorite 99 cent stores because they carry everything from dishes to part supplies to fresh produce. They have great deals and we always come here before we go to the movies for some candy or when we are having a birthday party and we need some nice decorations.

Review №71

Great for organic produce. Incredible.. maybe not always. But most times I go.

Review №72

Always find awesome stuff here

Review №73

Good selection of stuff in a well organized store.

Review №74

Cheap on Price but not on satisfaction.This place is clean, well organized and staffed by friendly professional people. I use a wheelchair so it can be difficult in cluttered messy stores. At times I may not be able to reach something and these employees are always kind and accommodating. A note above most dollar stores!

Review №75

Best $0.99 Ive found in the neighbor hood. Great shopping. Low price with value produce. I get more for the buck.

Review №76

This is my favorite 99 cent only store in the Coachella Valley. They have better inventory, better customer service, and an overall cleaner store. I just wish they would bring back the Tide pods!! (hint hint, store manager, lol!)

Review №77

I love this place ... Its my go to for fresh vegetables, .. lunch meat,.. drinks ... if I ever live in a place without 99¢ Only store ... Id quickly move to a place that does ... I can afford much more house when I cut my food budget in half!

Review №78

Lots of great stuff to buy...

Review №79

Good place..great buys...friendly staff. God bless you much.

Review №80

Wonderful and friendly staff! A smile gos a long way. Karla and Bubba are so helpful as well as the store mangers! Can find just about anything!

Review №81

I love it here. Soo much for only 99 cents. You can buy produce here as well. I come here all the time

Review №82

Very clean and nice people, lots to see

Review №83

Only place I can find the things I love; dried figs, buddy bars for .99, affordabe Auto accessories,. Apple-cinnamon muffin mix, etc. etc.

Review №84

Were visiting from out of town and stopped by to pick up some essentials and was impressed with the selection. Definitely better than our hometown 99 cent store.

Review №85

Great place for bargains and trying new things. Sometimes the 99c price can be more than your but usually the best prices around.

Review №86

It was a great experience because I found NEW stuff. IT wasnt over crowded

Review №87

Best 99 Cent Store I have ever been in.Clean, well-stocked and efficient staff.

Review №88

The cleanest and nicest in the valley. Seems like this location has a larger assortment of items too. Always clean.

Review №89

Incorrect name, people are not stupid, its not 99 Cents only store. Maybe as they name their products Awesome Value many items that were 99Cents now are Awesome Value for $1.99Personal are real nice and helpful

Review №90

Its larger than most stores. Its clean and has items that would cost more at the neighborhood market. Good bargains for only 99 cents.

Review №91

One of the cleanest 99 cent store Ive been in. Friendly staff, lots of selections

Review №92

The best, biggest .99 cent store in the valley! The only complaint I have with these stores now is that they have items that are now priced up to 10 bucks. It may still be a great deal, but it really makes the name of the store misleading and obsolete.

Review №93

Will have to return two solar lights that are not working. Outside of that great store.

Review №94

I really like this store. Im removing one star from my review because its called the 99 cent only store and yet certain items in the store cost three or four dollars. I consider this extremely misleading. Why would you call it 99 Cents Only If certain items are way more than $0.99? I should have known that certain items more expensive than a dollar by the nature of what they were. I didnt mind paying the extra money because most of the items were only $3 or so which was still very cheap but its the fact that they werent all clearly marked and the name of the store implies that you are never going to spend more than $0.99 in the store. I wish they would either change their name or not stock items that cost more than $0.99. Call me picky but its misleading.

Review №95

Had to buy some mini white doughnuts for a party and other cookies. They were excellent and affordable.

Review №96

Just great. Aisles clearly marked. Friendly employees.

Review №97

One of the newer docent only stores. Not as good as they were 3 or 4 years ago. Many items more than 99 cents and too much holiday junk.

Review №98

I love this store for its prices so cheap.

Review №99

The best place to buy the things you need, no need to buy anywhere else, go to 99 cents store.

Review №100

Excellent service and just cant beat the prices.

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Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Safety dividers at checkout:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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