M G Driving Academy
2755 N Dixie Hwy, Monroe, MI 48162, United States
Review №1

Don’t let all the bad reviews scare you away, I took this test today and passed. It really wasn’t that bad, everyone at MG was very kind and the man running my test was by the book and nice to me. Even after he passed me he gave me some pointers and tips to help improve myself. Overall great experience.

Review №2

I will be recommending Cindy at the Flat Rock location! She was amazing with my road test. I had pre test nerves and she talked me through it. She explained everything to me prior to having me to do it. We can be our own worse enemy second guessing ourselves during the process. She was great and made me feel very comfortable that I felt I was driving with a family member. If I can pass, you can too all you have to do is follow directions that are given.

Review №3

I would highly recommend the crew at MG Driving! Cindy was most professional and communicated with my daughter precisely on the rules of the road and for the Road Skills test! My daughter felt completely comfortable and very safe with Cindy. Im giving them Five Stars and will recommend my family and friends! Thanks again MG Driving!

Review №4

I found the gentleman to be very pleasant and kind. He gave clear, concise instructions. My son passed his driving skills test.

Review №5

My daughter completed driving training and is a great driver with all the help from M G Driving Academy. They gave her extra help when we went to practice which was really reliving to my daughter knowing what was expected. It was an amazing experience. I would recommend to family and friends.

Review №6

To put it simply. DO NOT TEST HERE. The man is rude, disrespectful, and very short tempered. Heard from numerous people of his behavior and rude comments towards young drivers. Take your kids somewhere better where they’ll have a more professional environment for a drivers test.

Review №7

Cathy from the Flat Rock location is the absolute best. She is compassionate and caring. She understands how to talk to teenagers. Just all around a wonderful person

Review №8

I was nervous after reading reviews about the instructor since so many people have supposedly had such negative experiences with him. Even my closest friends all warned me that he was rude. THIS IS NOT TRUE, I had a great experience with him. He was not rude at all. Just do what you’re told, do your best, and be polite. I though he was kinda funny actually! At the end he told me what I should work on, and told me I passed. Be open to constructive criticism, it is his job to critique you, and he’s making sure our roads have safe drivers! Stay positive and you’ll have a positive experience! Good Luck!

Review №9

My fiance went here today and had a wonderful experience and talks to you through everything. These reviews on here are non sense, and im starting to think yall are retarted and cant follow simple instructions

Review №10

If i could give 0 stars I would. I called this gentleman the day i got my permit to schedule a test for the first day i was able to test. I called a few days prior to double check, and he had scheduled me a day early. when i told him there was no way i would schedule a test i wasnt legally allowed to take, he started yelling at me because he “writes them down as he schedules them” he “cant make mistakes”such a rude and ornery man. i do not recommend testing here if this is how someone who hasnt even tested has been treated.

Review №11

Good experience. We would use this facility again.

Review №12

The instructor was very nice and kind. Explained everything clearly.

Review №13

Took my test today and passed, I don’t get the bad reviews. Mr.Neal did a great job and was very nice about everything. Easy to pass as long as you pay attention and listen to what he says.

Review №14

I Dont quite understand the negative reviews. If the man running M G did act like some reviews suggest in the past he certainly doesnt now. He was very professional and kind the whole time. Yes Im a guy and I thought maybe he would be sexist as reviews show most women have poor reviews. This however wasnt the case because he was both respectful and even carried on a conversation with my mother. If your scared by the other reviews I wouldnt be so quick to judge. The road test I received made it very easy to understand the task at hand involving where to turn and when he wanted me to do what. I myself would and will be suggesting M G to my friends and family for road testing.

Review №15

He literally the rudest dude on the planet. I highly don’t recommend going here. I had asked all my friends who went to them and he has failed them. He is just rude to talk to. And he’s acts like the old grumpy man that he is. Place should be shut down

Review №16

Extremely easy test, I passed my first time. Instructor was nice too.

Review №17

So the reviews legitimately scared me of this place. My experience with this place was solid. I had the older man and he was very nice. He was very by the book and fair. He spoke clearly and gave simple instructions. The only reason I didnt give him a perfect score was the fact is the building is a mess. However I highly recommend him. But if youre reading this and scared by the other reviews know that I was too but everything was fine. Im not sure why so many people had negative reviews.

Review №18

Man was very rude. Robbed my daughter of 50 bucks. Was yelling at her, and then failed her after 3 mins. She did everything he asked, he falsely accused her of saying she took too long to get parking right. I was watching. He was so rude, and just nasty about things.

Review №19

Before I leave a review you must know that my daughter PASSED his test. With that said this is a HORRIBLE place and a horrible instructor.

Review №20

He’s old and strict and made my wife uncomfortable.

Review №21

I’m not sure why there are so many crude reviews, I realize that everybody had their own persona experiences with everything but from my own personal experience the gentleman who was doing my driving test was extremely thorough and professional, he was very politely and consciences when it came to the mistakes I made and it was all around a great experience. I would highly recommend this place to anybody who needs to take a road test.

Review №22

My 16 year old son just took and passed the road test at MG Driving Academy. The instructor was extremely professional and very versed with the driving course. Let me say this, you better know what your doing if you expect to pass. There are NO kindness points awarded, its all by the book. Good luck to you.

Review №23

When I called to schedule my son for his driving test, the gentleman was very polite and friendly. I was a little apprehensive after I read the reviews but you cant always believe what other peoples views are. When we arrived I was pleasantly surprised that the same gentleman I talked to on the phone was the same man that gave my son his test. He was very straightforward and explained everything clearly. I would recommend MG driving school to other parents.

Review №24

Was the place cold and dirty?.. yes, but I wasnt there for dinner. My daughter took her road test yesterday and passed! The instructor was very good at what he does. He spoke clear with simple instructions. His job is to make sure our kids are safe on the road, and I felt like that is his number 1 priority. I would recommend MG Academy for road testing. Thanks keep up the good work, and thank God for all He does.

Review №25

Very friendly and helpful, not sure why so many bad reviews.

Review №26

My daughter Took her road Test there yesterday. She passed but after he passed her he literally was so rude and disrespectful. He marked her down a point because she didnt stop at a railroad crossing that had gates. Really??? Last time I checked nobody stops, theres not a stop sign and shes not driving a school bus. He literally berated my 16 year old daughter AFTER SHE PASSED... he literally made her cry and shes not an emotional kid. I have 2 more kids and i will definitely find a different instructor... hes rude and very unprofessional! I guess he gets off on making 16 year old kids feel horrible about themselves. Like I said she PASSED her driverS Road test and this is how he still treated her. Not a way to run a business....

Review №27

The instructor was extremely polite and very informative!I’ve seen reviews where people said he was mean and I can see where they may think this.. but this man uses a tone of voice to help to make sure you understand not in a belittling way.Great experience and will recommend!

Review №28

Had similar experience a few years back with my older daughter to what a lot of people are describing. It looks like the majority of the negative reviews are from female students. Either hes sexist or hes bipolar. Not going to chance it with my younger daughter.

Review №29

If I could give this place zero stars I would. I took my daughter here for a road test. The man was extremely rude and the place was filthy. He was hard to understand and hard of hearing. She asked him to repeat himself because she couldn’t understand and he screamed at her. I waited until after she passed and received her certificate to tell him he should find another line of work. He could’ve cared less.Never take your teenager her for their test.

Review №30

Highly recommend! Both of our sons have taken their road test with Mr. Neal. He gives clear instructions, works well with the kids, explains why he takes off points, and is polite to the parents.

Review №31

I mean yes the place wasnt well kept but the man was not mean or disrespectful at all. He just really didnt have much of a personality. He was patient and gave clear directions while driving!

Review №32

I’m my opinion,these other reviews are bull. I took my test yesterday and the man was actually pretty sweet. He never once raised his voice at me (even when I made a mistake) and never insulted me. After the test he told me what I did wrong and what I needed to fix. He is not hard to understand what so ever. And he’s not that hard of hearing. Over all I would defs recommend going to see him for your test.

Review №33

Had a wonderful experience at the flat rock church location. The lovely woman cleared the snow off the lines in the unplowed parking lot rather than having us reschedule. She was patient, kind and informative from beginning to end! I was hesitant after reading reviews about the other gentleman at the monroe location but I am so happy we chose to come here. If you can get, I think her name is Cindy 🤔 she taught my son exactly what he missed and needed to improve on and just went above and beyond with the snow today! She told him what needed to be improved on in a nice yet straightforward way. I highly recommend! It’s good to see that people can get their point across without being mean to nervous new drivers! I will be back with my daughter in the future! Thank you!

Review №34

Not sure exactly why everyones low starring this. The guy was patient, explained to me everything I did wrong. Hes very nice, I was extremely nervous and he made it very easy going. Would go to again. I would also recommend.

Review №35

The guy here passed me, but was immensely rude during the test. He screamed, threw fits, and after my test told me I am going to kill myself one day on the road. I am NOT a bad driver whatsoever. Why would he have passed me if it was so bad? He was cold, rude, and he was the same way to my sister who took my test here. Unbelievably rude and hurtful. Do NOT go here, please. ADD/EDIT: to everyone going on about how “we must be lying because my experience was fine:” YOUR good experience does not mean we didn’t have bad ones. No one is saying you can’t have a good experience, but don’t act like we are all lying just because of your different experience. We are allowed to speak up against how rude or hurtful someone was being. I would if anything encourage someone to. If your experience was different, good for you, that’s great, but that doesn’t erase or invalidate what happened to other people here. Also, don’t even dare assume/accuse the bad reviews have anything to do with him being deaf/hard of hearing. I have auditory disabilities and don’t get a free pass to just be a jerk. This guy was super hurtful and FLAT OUT TOLD ME I WAS GOING TO KILL MYSELF. Not ok, and regardless of your experience, I would reasonably expect someone to realize the rudeness, disrespect and comments are NOT ok and hurtful!!!

Review №36

Instructor never showed up and never called to say that they had cancelled. Wasted an hour waiting for them for nothing. If I could give 0 stars, I would.

Review №37

Old guy is rude.

Review №38

Had a really good experience here and for everyone who says John Neal is anything besides nice youre wrong, he was extremely nice and understanding on my test and my instructor Kris she was an amazing teacher and she really cared about the class she tought also the skills I learned here helped me avoid a really bad accident on i-75 last summer, these people are honest and blunt but they get the job done and are the cheapest place in monroe.

Review №39

Parking lot was VERY small and NOT plowed, building was in poor condition inside, the instructor (an elderly man) was EXTREMELY rude and short tempered and VERY impatient with my kid while on the driving test. I would NOT recommend going here, try somewhere else!

Review №40

Incredibly rude man not recommended idk how you would get a good review, dude should get fired or retire. dude talks like a pirate.

Review №41

If zero stars was an option, I wouldnt hesitate to give this driving academy that. The instuctor was hard to understand, impatient and rude. The parking lot was incredibly small. I had an awful experience, do NOT go here.

Review №42

He was very clear with instructions and was very informative. Highly recommend!

Review №43

I took my road test yesterday and passed. My issue is not with the man (I already forgot his name lol) but with people who dont answer the phone. I had to Facebook message the company so please dont give up if you need a road test done. I did not get the sense that he was insulting me, just intensely critiquing my driving which is his job. Some of these people have had terrible experiences but mine was quite good. I got an appointment on short notice and his voice was funny when he explained the rules of parking/driving, as if he memorized all of the instructions in his head. At the end I thought I was going to fail because of all the things I did wrong and istarted getting a headache from stress but in the end I am a soon-to-be licensed driver. Thank you so much!

Review №44

The guy was rude as ever and cussing me out being extremely disrespectful bc I couldnt hear him. I dont recommend this place .

Review №45

Absolutely appalling, When I arrived, the man doesnt even say hello to you, the place is filthy, and hes very rude. When I took my test, I couldnt understand a word he said, and then he yelled at me, because I couldnt understand him. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT TAKE YOUR DRIVERS TEST HERE.

Review №46

100% recommended. John Neal was very patient and fair.

Review №47

Absolutely appalled. I passed, but the driving instructor was absolutely awful! Insulted me many many times, told me to do blantantly illegal things and when I questioned him and said that was wrong he marked me down for not following his illegal and dangerous directions! He also lied straight to my face about what I said, and what I had done! Refused to answer my questions and treated me very poorly! I hope he gets fired before someone gets hurt!

Review №48

He stole my paperwork when I failed!!

Review №49

I wouldnt even give this a star I passed my drivers test but was not happy with the teacher he was very rude...if you do go there is recommended asking for the young lady who works there everybody give good feed back about her

Review №50

Dirty building. Rude man!

Review №51

These people are absolutely ridiculous they will not answer the phone during business hours they have an attitude any time I do get to talk to somebody theres no excuse for this save yourself the trouble dont do business with these people

Review №52

This place sucks

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