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Mountain States Drivers Education, Inc.

Review №1

I think that this is a great place to go for drivers ed. the teachers are very nice. Mr.lamson is a great teacher and made some things that were boring fun. i think that it would be cool to do some more hands on things but overall it’s a good class.

Review №2

Overall, I have enjoyed my time here at Mountain States Drivers Ed. I do wish there was less textbook work and more teaching from the instructor themselves though. I really liked having Mr. Lamson as the instructor, he made the class more fun and interactive. Thats very important for the length of the class.

Review №3

It was a very good class. I learned well and feel like I will be a good driver. I do recommend bringing money to buy coffee at the gas station cause if you aren’t a morning person you might struggle a bit. We had fun Kahoots where enjoyable and I would recommend.

Review №4

The content was good with the powerpoints. I wish the videos were a little more interesting. One lady speaks in super monotone voice but the other guy makes it interesting.

Review №5

Absolutely loved Mr. Lanson. Wasn’t really getting into a groove before-hand, but after he started teaching it was really enjoyable. He gave some life to the program, and I appreciate that.

Review №6

The class was boring the first two days but I still learned a lot. The last two days were much more enjoyable with a different teacher. All in all this was very helpful in strengthening and rooting my mind for the drivers test.

Review №7

I liked the worksheets and overall set up of the class. The order in which they taught the curriculum felt professional and made the information easy to understand. However, the days were very long and I was so tired and hungry by the end of the day that it made it hard to pay attention. I would recommend this class, but might suggest shortening the day and making it a five day class instead. The last thing I would suggest would be a short snack break (other than lunch) during the day. Overall it was a good experience and I learned some valuable information.

Review №8

Really liked way things were taught and the different hands-on experiences like the drunk goggles, or seeing a car engine. Although one of the teachers was not my favorite I would definitely recommend this place to others.

Review №9

They provide a good class to take to learn the principles of driving. The teacher explains things well, and makes things easy to understand. I however do wish that there could be more hands on interaction, or interaction with peers. (I love the dog)

Review №10

It is a good driving school that teaches well for many situations. However, I would like some more instructing from the teacher themself rather than so much reading from the textbook. The videos are nice, but it would be a better learning experience with more interaction and opportunities for questions with the instructor. Overall, you are taught everything you need to know but the days can be long with the sitting and reading.

Review №11

I think it was good and the teachers were nice but I do think we could do more hands on things like the tire changing thing we did and I like how Mr. Lamson made everything fun and kept us involved the whole time

Review №12

I appreciate when we had hand on actives because it caused me to understand more. One thing I wish is that we did do more hand on activities.

Review №13

I really like that this class goes over all the important information and quizzes the students often so that they can showcase what they have just learned. One thing I hope you guys consider is shortening the length of the class. Cramming all this material into 8 hours is a drag to many students. Overall, this is avery solid and beneficial class, and I think it deserves 4 stars.

Review №14

The class was definitely long, But It was really in depth and had good context. I got a lot out of it and I would recommend the 32 hour one, rather than the 4 hour one. You will get a lot more out of the 32 hour one. ( also loved the dog!)

Review №15

I enjoyed the class. The class starts out with then telling you that you have a 1 in 125 chance of dying. Then they say that this class will only improve your odds. Overall the info is very helpful and I enjoy the class.

Review №16

Mountain states does a really good job clearly and effectively teaching how to drive. I have 4 stars because there definitely could be more opportunities for interaction to make the class more interesting. Overall a great driving school to go to!

Review №17

The condition of our classroom was well very maintained and ventilated. I felt safe and comfortable around all the people around me. Overall this experience was a positive experience. However, the technology was not well streamlined and it felt like every time we switched to a new PowerPoint or movie we would wait 1-3 minutes.

Review №18

I thought the class was very thorough and taught us basically every little aspect of driving from changing a tire to how to deal with a motorcycle. I would have enjoyed for it to be more active and not sitting most of the day. Other than that, I would recommend taking drivers education here.

Review №19

Was pretty good. gave us good information and showed us how to change a tire. they’re very nice instructors but get 4 stars because it gets quite boring. maybe could make it more interactive with other students and more hands on.

Review №20

I’ve enjoyed the class. Lots of information to take in everyday so make sure to pay extra attention. Robyn does a great job of firmly reminding class mates to engage themselves and learn everything they can.

Review №21

The classroom experience was a little rough because of the amount of time spent sitting, you get 5 minute breaks every hour or so, and a 30 minute lunch. It can feel extremely long after a few days, however, the content is good and it was quite easy for registration. Overall not bad

Review №22

The work was fine and most of the staff was nice but my teacher was not having it. This is what made the class boring and I did not enjoy this class. Plus there is no refunds when doing certain things like just talking.

Review №23

I like how you can actually ask questions if you dont understand, in person is definitely the right choice. I enjoyed the activities like changing a tire. Even though the classes are long getting it done quickly is worth it.

Review №24

Overall the process was tedious and boring but there are occasional activities that keep it lively, and I would not say its a bad experience but I wouldnt consider it a good one either. I enjoyed the instructor for our third and fourth classes but still, work was extremely annoying. Still got me through it though.

Review №25

I know the class is necessary to be able to drive but I really wish they would make it more interactive and fun!We only read from the text book and I would have liked to visually see a car and look at the parts they are talking about. Not look at pictures and read in a textbook for 8 hours.

Review №26

I liked how the did stuff here and it was fun, they were professional or sounded professional, overall it was a great experience and I learned a lot.

Review №27

I’ve learned a lot and i’m not required to talk to the other students so that’s good, but I do wish there was less textbook and videos and more actual teaching, feel like i’d learn better that way.

Review №28

I had a good time here, I think it would have been better if the teacher incorporated some activities that deal with group work or something to just get off the chair and still work, because its hard sitting in one spot for basically 7 hours and just read and take notes. Other then that I thought it was great:)

Review №29

The class is good. It is made as interesting as possible in the environment. I think that if more attention was paid to the actual class some students experience could be better. (Specifically watching if a student is made uncomfortable or unsafe in the environment for any reason.)

Review №30

The class goes very in-depth and is educational. The only negative thing I would say is that it can get very tiring/boring in the morning. Definitely recommend the 32-hour course.

Review №31

Overall very educational and a lot of resources for a great learning experience. The drivers ed class for me is a bit fast paced but it doesnt make a big challenge to still gather plenty of information

Review №32

Great overall experience and learned lots of stuff from road collisions and basic driving statements to changing a tire and check the oil and tire pressure :)

Review №33

Honestly really enjoyed my time here! Landon was a great instructor. The reason that i made it 3 stars was simply for the sub that we had on the 2nd of may. She was quite rude and did not even let us look at the floor. Landon is great though!

Review №34

I had fun in this class the teacher made sure that all the students fit in and were comfortable with how they interacted with the class and the teachers and she really did well to make the class as in joy able as possible

Review №35

Mountain States is a great way to learn how to drive. Although the classes are long, we get 5 minute breaks often. We are able to go to the gas station across the street. I would definitely recommend Mountain States Driver’s Ed.

Review №36

They are great, super informative and really prepare you for what you will actually need. Landon os one of the teachers and he is amazing, super funny and makes the class a lot more fun and light. I highly recommend you use mountain states as your driving school.

Review №37

They were very professional and I learned a lot from them. They had lots of patience and Im impressed they kept their composure with so many teenagers. 5 stars

Review №38

The information was really drilled into my head after and the tests were good tests of knowlege, but the days felt super long and i would end the day feeling pretty tired and hungry. other than that it was great

Review №39

The classes are boring but that is to be expected for a drivers Ed course. It was still bearable and at times a lot of fun. I really enjoy how we learned things besides reading the book. Overall though I felt like I learned a lot. I would suggest this place to my friends it is very useful for preparing for my permit test.

Review №40

Beware the 5 star reviews. They offer the students free pizza if they show they posted a 5 star review. My kid found the instructors very dull and not at all engaging. He thought he may have gotten more out of in-person classes but if he had to do it again hed choose the online classes.

Review №41

Great school all around they help prepare you for real world encounters and give you all the confidence and skill you need to drive

Review №42

Being a car person I didn’t really expect to learn a whole lot but I’m walking away from this class with new knowledge and skills that I could only learn from a class like this. The class moves really smooth and quickly so that they can packs loads of info only four classes. The way they teach makes sense, they don’t go too slow or too fast, and they teach in a way that’s easy to understand. Overall great experience for what was paid.

Review №43

The content is good and you learn a lot, but the days feel very very long. I would recommend doing it with some friends or you will struggle to even get through day 1.

Review №44

I liked the hands on work with the packets but the class was definitely long.

Review №45

Great class but I think that having more hands on things to do and less just sitting and doing worksheets would make it better.

Review №46

Great place to come for drivers ed. Gets you totally prepared for your drivers test and is enjoyable enough to come to. The instructor named Landon taught the class best covering everything needed and making the class fun.

Review №47

I thought this was a very helpful experience. I feel more prepared for driving and educated about the road. Overall the class was nice the room was cold.

Review №48

I really liked the class. The teacher is awesome and very engaging. We got to work hands on with the car to learn stuff easier which was probably the best part!

Review №49

Though I first met this class with contempt (primarily for the simple reason of taking a whole Sunday), it soon impressed me with it’s professional and caring staff. With all the info learned in this class I now may get my permit and license and drive with confidence on the road ways. Landon was also pretty cool as a teacher.

Review №50

The class was long, but I got a lot out of it and learned a lot. Although I wish there was more hands on and activities but other than that it was good.

Review №51

Mountain States did a very good job teaching everything you need to know when learning to drive, however it could have been more interactive to keep everyone engaged. Overall it was a good experience and I would definitely recommend.

Review №52

Very good drivers ed school, good and very nice teachers who love what they do, they make sure everyone understands what they need to understand. 10/10 recommend

Review №53

The course was very informative about things that I was a little confused about to begin with. We were given a good amount of breaks, and I felt well prepared for the tests. It was a little cold in the classroom, so bring a sweatshirt if you take this course, but overall it was very clean and proffesional.

Review №54

The classes were very ingaging and informative I would agree the classes were very long but the breaks were much needed. One thing I would do is add more activity and move around more we sat there for 8 1/2 hours and rarely moved I feel like it could be more ingaging with the class.

Review №55

Drivers Ed is usually long and boring, this class was insightful and interesting. I am ready to drive!

Review №56

My son learned so much during this class. Very detailed and helps me feel ready to let him drive :)

Review №57

Class is great!! learning information needed to pass my permit test, a little boring but your learning about driving.

Review №58

This is a very good class, we could maybe have longer breaks and maybe more hands on stuff. Other than that, this class is pretty good

Review №59

Landon is a super awesome and easy going teacher. you can tell he likes what he does and it makes the class more enjoyable. Wish there was more opportunities for classes, and make up classes. awesome and super easy to get it out of your way on a sunday. even though it is all day, it is super easy,fun, and laid back but also while learning :))

Review №60

I feel that we could’ve had more talking freedom but overall it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and I had a good teacher.

Review №61

The cheese they serve here is is extremely high quality. i love how you can see through the windows. also they have a thicc doggo

Review №62

Horrible waste of money. 8.5 hrs x4 days of dry, passive lectures and videos. No interaction or value add for the exorbitant cost. Students are requested to write positive review as an assignment, which may be why reviews are skewed.

Review №63

I did the 8 to 4:30 class.A lot of breaks and stuff but that ok, I feel like it could be shortened a lot. I guess that the state requires 8 hours so they kinda stretch it out.I learned a lot, a lot I already knew but yeah, a lot of stuff is required by the state which is imo nessisary.Disclaimer:Im trying to keep this as honest as possible because I think there are a lot of untruthful reviews here. Free pizza was offered if everyone did a review which probably changed a lot of people opinions momentarily on this lol. I dont think they should use the pizza as a bribe but maybe at the end ask them to leave a review and have pizza anyways lol.

Review №64

It teaches you a lot in only 4 days!

Review №65

Very nice experience, the teachers are great and very professional. Highly recommend!!

Review №66

Class was much easier in person and worth it to get done in 4 days.

Review №67

It was okay, but I’m more of a hands on person and the constant sitting made it rlly boring sometimes, overall a very educational class though

Review №68

Overall my experience was good. The staff was super friendly and the gentleman that was with me for my drivers test was very punctual of telling me what I had done incorrectly at the end of my test. (And I passed).

Review №69

I honestly do not even know how to start this review, because I am a little uncomfortable with having my name on it as I see how the “company” replies to negative comments, but I feel others should be warned. The owner of the “company” ANTHONY SMITH is absolutely the rudest person I have ever met. I went into this test with a positive attitude and left crying because of how he treats people. The snide comments he makes are very condescending. There is absolutely NO excuse what so ever for a owner of a company to be rude to his paying customers no matter how well or how bad they do on a test. I also noticed very poor communication, although I did get a print off of good driving habits, cool! From reading the negative reviews which unfortunately they all seem to be about the owner and how rude this person can be. I see that Anthony likes to respond to these comments blaming others, now yes it may be the fault of the driver for failing but how he responds in negative situations should show you how much he really cares about a persons driving education and HIS business! There is a reason this company is NOT BBB certified!!!! Please do your research before scheduling or I advise scheduling at a different location other than Fort Collins so you can hopefully avoid the way I was treated! Now there was 2 lovely ladies who showed very good communications skills and were very friendly so I don’t want to bash on the company as a whole but the owner could maybe step a step back and reevaluate how he talks and treats people and maybe not share a persons drive test in the comments and bashing them for the public to read! I scheduled my test with Conahans and was able to get in within a few days my experience with them scheduling an appointment was amazing and I’m happy to spend the extra $10 for good communication and above all RESPECT!...Defamation of character is a great way to respond! Thank you so much for your feed back Anthony! Although I do the know the truth of the incident and I know you’ll do anything to make up excuses and blame others for how you talk to people as I’ve seen from other reviews. It’s very saddening. For clarification not upset I failed it happens, I don’t believe I even mentioned I was upset about failing I was upset of how I was treated! But you just proved the point with your response so thank you ever so much! Im will be praying for you.

Review №70

Good class.I know a lot now

Review №71

The way the class was taught really helped me learn and understand what driving is all about

Review №72

It was awesome sometimes boring but with the teacher there he makes it really fun and the 32 hours fly by when you come here

Review №73

I had a pretty fun time here. I got to change a tire.

Review №74

When I started Drivers Ed, I was nervous and did not know what to expect. But the instructors were professional and helped me learn a lot through the course of four days. Thank you for the advice!

Review №75

The class is very informative. I learned a lot during this course.

Review №76

The instructor, Landon, was really fun and cool and he made the class pretty interesting. I didn’t really care for how long the day was but I think it was probably worth it in the end. It was also nice because we were given breaks after each hour.

Review №77

Terrible experience, zero ownership or empathy from Mtn States, and lacking in customer service: Knowing that spaces and classes fill fast, we signed our daughter up in January. Just last week, almost two months later, Mountain States realized that they scheduled the class on Easter & cancelled. We were left with two options: Spring Break or the following class that does not allow my daughter to get her permit on her birthday. I asked for a spot in both, while we tried to problem solve schedules, and then I would make a decision after a callback from the owner. He did not call. Because I did not get a return call I left a message to let them know we would like to take a spot in the following class because we cannot change our spring break plans. Today I received a call that they did not in fact hold a spot, and the class is now full. Both Jason, and Brooke, with whom I spoke were rude, inflexible and unapologetic to the fact that this was their error, and that it put our family in a very bad position. I did not receive an apology or understanding for the predicament that their mistake put our family in. I understand mistakes happen, however, they were rigid and rude. I would not recommend this driving school, especially for anyone who plans in advance or has a contingency date as they are not reliable and have terrible customer service.

Review №78

I feel like I have definitely learned a lot from taking this class. I feel more prepared for my quiz after taking this class.

Review №79

It good

Review №80

It was taught pretty well but it definitely could have been more engaging

Review №81

My experience here was good and nice how they get it all done in a couple days

Review №82

Learned a lot! Very good at getting the information across.

Review №83

The class was ok, they should do some more practical lessons

Review №84

Got a lot of good information with this class, and enjoyed learning about driving. :)

Review №85

Overall, I do think it’s a decent place for driving instructing. They do offer great advice about driving. However, one major flaw is that even if you ask them to go back a slide, they will do it but just skip over it before you’re even done. So, that’s something I don’t really like...

Review №86

The teachers are great at explaining the subject we work on.

Review №87

Awful. My son spent $450 for lessons and a test and the testing instructor asked him if had had driven a car before and suggested training with someone with a higher skill set. They are supposed to be a driving school!! Save your money and go somewhere else that cares and communicates.Okay so the company responds and blames it on the parents! What is the service you provide exactly? Lets see you offer a driving school and there is zero communication come on. BTW they are not BBB certified and no email contact to be found.So if you were a doing driving school wouldnt you talk to the student and tell them they needed more training when they signed up for a test?. Your business is scam.

Review №88

The instructor here is nice and can be pretty fun at some points he gives us breaks which is good. One of the top tier drivers ed course ever I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do drivers ed they go here.

Review №89

Had a really good time at drivers ed they found a way to make it fun the whole time!

Review №90

I had a good teacher that made sure we were ready for the permit test.

Review №91

I went to this place for my drive test after three smooth driving lessons. The tester Anthony was extremely rude and unprofessional, asking if I ever drove a car before despite having taken lessons at the place. He proceeded to constantly work the brakes on the test car and falsely claimed of trying to take the wheel from me when he failed me. He suggested I learn to drive with someone of different skill sets despite having taken lessons there and left a condescending voicemail claiming I almost crashed three times while trying to act polite. Extremely rude and unprofessional drive tester who made an active effort to make me feel uncomfortable while driving. I would suggest people learning to drive take their business elsewhere and not give this business any money. They are all about falsely building confidence and failing people to squeeze cash out of them.Seeing how the owner responds to the negative comments and gaslights the reviewers of lying or not being customers, this should tell potential customers all they need to know. While it is true people make mistakes, it shines a light on his nature when he cannot accept responsibility for his actions.

Review №92

My Daughter said she loved her instructor and was very happy that he was pleased with his comments. We will definitely recommend your company to any other interested drivers looking for a company. Thanks for your services.

Review №93

Great spot, slow but worth it in the long run.

Review №94

Very good drivers ed place, enjoyed my time here.

Review №95

Valuable information, boring but definitely necessary.

Review №96

Overall a good class, good instructor and friendly/helpful staff

Review №97

They need more driver instructors and saying they are packed with people the Windsor campus is only doing drive test on Wednesday should be through the whole week not happy with the school

Review №98

It was a really good class and it was actually really easy when you follow everything

Review №99

It’s fun but u gotta watch a lot of videos

Review №100

Can be boring at times but thats inevitable sitting in a classroom for 8 hours. Landon was a really good instructor and ended up learning a lot in this class!

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