Dollar Tree
1432 Lake St S Ste A, Forest Lake, MN 55025, United States
Dollar Tree

Review №1

It was actually really good! They had good quality items but no coke... Its fine because the service makes up for it.

Review №2

Have been visiting this store for many years and always nice people have worked here. - Helium balloons for a buck is a huge bargain! Do call to check if they have them in stock but usually they have more than enough.

Review №3

I can’t tell you how many times I have been to this Dollar Tree only to find it closed for one reason or another. It was closed 3 days in a row, one unexplained and two for stocking. Why do you need to stock a store that is never open? What are you stocking? The selection at this one is very subpar and they don’t generally have a whole ton of new items. There’s one cashier that is always on her phone, even when you walk up to the register and playing super loud music which makes me not want to shop there in general. Pass on this one and go a few miles more for North Branch.

Review №4

Avoid this Dollar Tree like the plague!! I have never seen such a dirty nasty mismanaged Dollar Tree in my life and I am a huge fan of the company. They are never open during regular hours and when they are open its sporadic and random with no rhyme or reason and today I went to go in and people were literally getting kicked out of the store because they had a truck to unload? They said they needed all hands on deck so they began shouting at customers being rude to customers and literally kicking them out of the store because they dont know how to manage their own inventory I never write negative reviews and I always try to be understanding but this Dollar Tree needs to be shut down by the corporate office because it has to be the worst one in the entire nation

Review №5

Spontaneous closing at 5pm, with the doors locked, lights on and an employee out front smoking a cigarette at 5:15pm...

Review №6

Place is great, employees are friendly, but I sure hope theyve gone back to their regular hours!!

Review №7

The last 2 times I have tried to shop at dollar tree in Forest Lake they have been closed. The regular business hours say they are open on Google and on the sign on their door. They will be losing my business.

Review №8

Bad management. Store late to open. Early to close. Store is horribly messy. Bad Bad Bad

Review №9

They are closed regularly during regular operating hours with a sloppy sign taped to the door. It’s not your customers faults that you don’t have staff. You still have people to serve.

Review №10

Is this store ever open? Ive tried to shop here and everytime I try theres a sign that says theyre closed for the day.

Review №11

Under staff, also there’s always that same person (women) who never bags all my stuff to the point I end up leaving things. Happen again just now. Smh

Review №12

What is better than getting a bang for your buck 🤑

Review №13

Great section of products, not reliable opening the store on time!

Review №14

Doors locked, no explaination on the door why. Its 7:15pm. Theres a woman sitting outside who looks like she works here sitting on bench. Lights are all on inside. No ones answering the phone either.

Review №15

Why dose it say open online but when I walked over to the store the doors Were locked?

Review №16

This place has a lot of things to look at. You can get just about anything from snacks, scented candles, party supplies, kitchen supplies and more. And whats best its only a dollar.

Review №17

It used to be good place to shop so close to me. But now I have to go to white bear lake dollar tree because they have my mountain dew or Cranberry grape juice. The other store never did. No bologna or hot dogs

Review №18

The staff ALWAYS take their time to go to the aisles searching for items I ask for, also they are very sweet, its cozy to go there.

Review №19

Drove from Wisconsin to find out they were closed on Tuesday with a sign on the door. Their website said they were open!☹️

Review №20

They close whenever. 6pm yesterday the doors were locked even though the sign says 9pm

Review №21

While this store has a great selection of merchandise the staffing is very lacking. I am here Wednesday at 2:20 p.m. and theres only ONE register open. There are seven people waiting in line. Of course everyone has a cart full....Employees state that theres only one staff person here right now. Management should address this issue and resolve. Thank you.

Review №22

Told a representative, the customer is always right, but they told me only a certain day of the week. They can get you the missing stars. They know how.

Review №23

People working here is great. The store is stocked up always.

Review №24

Not sure if masks are required or not a lady and her two 8 year old kids were without masks... staff didnt seem to mind.. Bunch of holiday items though and very stocked!

Review №25

Every time I stop here, it has been closed!!!!! Ridiculous!!!

Review №26

Nice store with friendly help. Love the prices.....Bought discounted Christmas decorating items.

Review №27

Lots of items to choose from but need more help. Line is 7 plus people long.

Review №28

Nice place alright employees

Review №29

They are frequently closed during posted business hours and put a handwritten sign on the door, often with inconsistent times.

Review №30

When they are actually open their selection is great. Probably the best out of all the dollar trees I went to. But their hours are not as shown on line or what they have posted in the window. Very frustrating

Review №31

They are often closed during regular store hours. Very hard to depend on their hours. Very inconvenient when all they do is put a sign on the door. I even like to bother stopping there anymore.

Review №32

They have a huge selection of this store

Review №33

This dollar tree is not a very good one. I only stop at this location if I have to grab something and its not worth me going to a different one. Its one of the most unorganized stores Ive been in.

Review №34

Great service at this dollar store. Awesome people!

Review №35

Each visit I find this location becoming more disorganized, dirty with less product or empty shelves throughout. Store hours differ from day to day, closing despite posted normal business hours .

Review №36

Lady was giving attitude to us rolling her eyes the whole time because we had a cart full of party supply’s she needs to be fired no wonder she work at the dollar store didn’t get her name but lady in her 40s gray hair

Review №37

Great,!, bought birthday decorations, extension cords for the season lights and more cashiers friendly. will go back

Review №38

Line was super slow with two cashiers open but still very friendly.

Review №39

It was very clean. But fairly busy with not enough cashiers. But the one that was checking ppl out was doing an excellent job getting customers items rung up in a timely manner!

Review №40

Mismanagement? Store is half empty

Review №41

Its a dollar tree idk what else yall expect

Review №42

Love this store. Great service anytime I go in. Always stocked on the things I need. Staff is super nice even on the busyest days outta the year.

Review №43

Took 10 minutes to get through the register

Review №44

I go to this store in Forest Lake. Mn. This store over tge past several months has be come a great place to come. The new manager has tajen strides and the staff has organized. Product is full. Any questions i ask innediately is.taken care of. I come in for just about everything. There are a couple staff members. I would like to recognize for outstanding service. I have no names. One is an assistant young man around mid twenties and another is a young black man that worked this evening 08/22/2019..i feel bad i have no nanes. he is ALWAYS smiling. Always efficient. Exyrenely helpful they both.are. the store looks amazing and hard work has been done for this to be.

Review №45

Great place for birthday decorations, cleaning supplies, and snacks

Review №46

I found so many great deals!!

Review №47

These are NOT their hours right now. They don’t have their hours on their website nor do they update it on Google. The hand written sign in their window says 10-4. This is 2020 and it’s unprofessional to change your hours and not update it online.

Review №48

I love Dollar Tree and have been to quite a few locations, but this Dollar Tree is small, dirty, has many unpacked boxes in isles, and says they are supposed to be open until 6 but then frequently has a hand written sign on the door saying only “open until 4 today.”

Review №49

A lot of customers not wearing masks. Nothing said to any of them. Will shop at different location.

Review №50

I never complain about anyone or anything. I am so disgusted in how i am treated every time I go in here by the same lady. I wish I knew her name. She ripped the panty hose out of my hands when I said oh sorry they are open, I had to make sure they would work for a game. Very aggressively. She never greets anyone. I watch her with other people as well. I don’t know her name and I wouldn’t put it on here anyways because I feel there is a better way to handle it than bashing on here. I don’t want anything in return except maybe have a talk with the employees who are on staff right now. She needs a refresher on customer service. No thanks after I shopped no greeting. Ripped the item out of my hand. And this is not the first time. I’ll continue to shop at dollar tree because it’s awesome. But I may go else where from now on.

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Review №52

Are you open or closed cause google says you’re open but when you show up to the store that’s a whole different story.

Review №53

This place is the best!!!

Review №54

Review update: sadly, this location has gone downhill- its absolutely filthy, dangerously cluttered with boxes stacked 6 feet high in the aisles, and most of the cashiers are unfriendly and unhelpful. I used to enjoy browsing in this store at all the cute seasonal items, but now I shop there less frequently and only for the necessities.__________________________________________Previous review 12 months ago: Great place to shop for office supplies, party favors, gift wrap, etc. Very nice staff and the store is well organized.

Review №55

The store is FILTHY! Rarely do they open more than one register. If you prefer a clean, well-stocked store, and you dont mind driving a little further, go to the North Branch store.

Review №56

I buy organizing bins and baskets from here. Also mailing products like different sized envelopes, labels and some shipping foam. We buy some of the theater sized and bagged name brand candy. I buy little stocking stuffers all year long plus many birthday cards. I like to buy the cute boxes I find there to use for giving gifts. Everything is $1.00 and the stock changes frequently. We find this store to be very useful.

Review №57

Horrid long line

Review №58

Good to find alot of cards.

Review №59

Its a wonderful place to shop for all the holiday decorations!

Review №60

Great place to get fruit and snacks. Lots of great things. I dont know how they can do this. You would think it cost more then a $1 to make everything. People there are so nice and friendly. Totally recommend Forest Lake Dollar Tree.

Review №61

Its years going to the dollar store Ive enjoyed my visit and the employees . Today I had a couple exchanges with a receipt. They always have you sign a copy receipt and ask for phone number.. I never do anything but put my signature down I do not give my phone number out I do not feel that that is necessary.Today the cashier said I have to put my phone number down if I dont she will not take any more exchanges from me and gave me a be dirty Look when I said Im sorry I do not give out my phone number. Again she said I will never do an exchange for you again very rude and in front of A-line of people. I held my temper shut my shoulders walked out with another $27 spent in that store. Have to say I rarely get out under $15

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Review №63

I stopped today just to get a few balloons for my sons birthday. They were having issues with their internet and there was only one cashier working, so there was a very long line. I waited in line for 20 or 30 minutes only to be told they were out of helium! I said that it would have been nice to have a sign on the door stating that so I wouldnt have wasted my time. Two employees were right there and neither one apologized. Beyond frustrating!

Review №64

This place is great for all the little inexpensive things you may need! Theres almost never a wait in lines and the workers are fast and helpful. Every time I am here I find excactaly what Im looking for. My only complaint is that the quality if the snacks is bad sometimes.

Review №65

Ordered 16 balloons on Monday to be picked up Thursday only to drive all the way to Forest Lake (25min) to see a sign on the door saying they’re closed on Thursdays. Super frustrating! Why didn’t the woman on the phone who took my order tell me they’re closed Thursdays? Hours aren’t updated online, only on the door once you get there.

Review №66

Good customer service, clean store.

Review №67

Love to stop the fun deals and beer stuff that I dont really need but its only $1! I love the dripping ceiling that they never fix, makes me laugh.

Review №68

The more I shop here the more I like this place I saved a bundle her today.

Review №69

Awesome staff. Very helpful and friendly. They offer a very large variety of household items, food, toys, books and stationery

Review №70

Rude unenthusiastic employees! Seriously if you dont wanna work and would rather listen to your ear phones then you shouldnt be working in retail. As if your job is so hard. You dont even say hi or thank you!!!!

Review №71

EVERY TIME I GO IN (day or evening) there is always only one cashier and the lines are always super long. The cashiers are always nice but the manager is a rude something else.

Review №72

My experience was awful!! When I arrived at the store there was a gentleman that was having a VERY difficult time getting around. He sat down to rest and a clerk asked him if he wanted a lawn chair because she was concerned about the soda display he was sitting on. He said no and continued to shop. When I got in line to pay there were 3 people in front of me and at least that many behind me. The line behind me included the gentleman that was having difficulty. As he got closer to the register he asked the assistant manager if he could use the lawn chair that the employee had offered. The girl said Its out in the foyer. Now mind you he was very polite and was having a hard time walking. She never offered to help in any way!! Just pointed! I then asked if I could get the chair for him. He was VERY appreciative and thanked me multiple times! The assistant manager, and I use the word loosely, gave me a dirty look and walked her fat ### into the office. I was so disgusted that this young girl was so disrespectful and had the people skills of a slug! I will never step foot into this store again. The manager should know how awful she was!

Review №73

Great selection and service

Review №74

I absolutely love ALL. Dollar trees ❤ I have always loved and will love DOLLAR TREE. So many great savings that fit my budget

Review №75

Cashier overshares otherwise a good place to shop. They have reorganized, the store looks nice

Review №76

Its a dollar store, but pretty awesome items available.I purchased 100 Glow Sticks for an EDM dance party for under 10 dollars...

Review №77

Love this place. Awesome workers and great deals.

Review №78

The the prize goes to... The only true dollar store. Consistently reliable. Friendly folks

Review №79

It is under construction so hopefully better soon. I did see an employee refuse to do something her supervisor asked which I thought was sad.

Review №80

Didnt have things i wanted but all in all it was good

Review №81

Very well organized. Excellent staff.

Review №82

Friendly staff, decent selection. I only went in for balloons and wish they would have offered latex balloons in addition to mylar for filling with heilum.

Review №83

Great crafts, dirty unorganized store.

Review №84

Prices are great employees are helpful a nice collection of many things

Review №85

Awesome place for cleaning supplies and misc household stuff, name brand

Review №86

Love the Dollar Store. Great Deals

Review №87

For some items, a very good place to shop.

Review №88

Great stuff. Sales lady was a little strange

Review №89

Dollar Tree Forest Lake is the best store ever plus the employees are just wonderful thank you Dollar Tree

Review №90

Good service, very clean, and good to save money here

Review №91

Decent store, but service is more miss than hit.

Review №92

I had no idea that the store existed. I pay my toddler daughter, dollar bills to do chores around the house and occasionally allow her to go here where she can buy one or two toys for a dollar each!

Review №93

Slow terribly slow, lady in front of me needed balloons took 5 mins I was in line for 12 minutes, never heard of having places to go? Also the place was a mess

Review №94

Quick stop and nice employee s always ready to help!

Review №95

We very thing is actually $1.00

Review №96

There was only one cashier and it was busy. I also had some coupons after reading their policy and they wouldnt scan. I later found out they need to be manually entered, the manager told me there was nothing she could do about it. The one coupon that did scan didnt go thru when i looked at my receipt. The store is overall ok but need more cashiers

Review №97

It was very nice and the employees are very helpful 😀

Review №98

Prices are fine but the employees act as if they get beat to be there ( some have great attitude and most have crap for attitude. but if you get past that the store is clean and the prices are right

Review №99

Great place for so many products. Friendly staff!!

Review №100

The REAL dollar store, love this place!

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