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Creme de la Creme

Review №1

My girls just started attending this location last month, and I have been thrilled with the care they have been receiving. I will be the director at the new location opening this month, and so I was very nervous about having my daughters at the Cedar Park school for a short time. I should not have worried at all.My younger daughter is in the infant classroom. Ms. Amber, Ms. Abigail and Ms. Cassie are just incredible. They take such great care of my baby, provide constant communication, and any time I have a request they address it immediately. I know that I am a pretty high-needs infant parent, but the teachers are always kind, welcoming and responsive. I love the one-on-one attention they provide the babies; I always see them holding, cuddling and talking with them.My older daughter is in the two-year-old classroom. Her teachers, Ms. Monica and Ms. Ariel, are wonderful. My daughter struggles at times with separation anxiety, and Ms. Monica is so great with her in the mornings. Now she looks forward to going to school, and is sad to leave in the evenings. She talks about both Ms. Ariel and Ms. Monica at home. As a mom, I love the curriculum and the fact that my daughter gets to visit the library, the gym and the garden in addition to the playground.Liz, the director, is very approachable, and any time I have had even a slight concern she has addressed it immediately. Im so happy that my girls are here.

Review №2

Number one, my son came home countless times with injuries (bruises, scratches, rug burns) time and time again and they refused to accept responsibility for negligence. I’d understand if he was 5 or 6, but he is 1 year old! They do not look after your children and they ARE in harms way under their care.False accusations of abuse were made in regards to my son, by the daycare. They had filed a report with authorities and those authorities had forced us to bring my 1 year old son to numerous doctors and specialists to run blood test, xrays and numerous tests that put my son through misery. All because the daycare refused to provide the police with the doctors note showing he had been tended to. For 5 hours my son was screaming, being poked and prodded. He didn’t know why he was going through it and it was heartbreaking. All tests came back perfectly clear and the obvious joy my son has around my wife and I show he is no way being harmed. They refuse to accept responsibility and just try to pin it on the 19 year old “teacher” who supervises my son. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone who actually cares about their child.

Review №3

My son is attending the summer camp that is offered there. It has been the best experience! Previously, at his old summer camps, he was basically doing the same thing everyday. Not here! There is bowling, cooking, video games, basketball courts and more. Im so glad I found them, it has made a huge difference in the happiness of my son. I sure wish this would have been around when he was in daycare because it looks really great for the smaller kids too. They keep them separate and it looks like they have so much fun!

Review №4

Our son is 3yrs and used to go to a smaller, accredited school for the same price and it was not as challenging or stimulating for him. Our son loves the curriculum and variety of classes/activities he is exposed to, he has grown so much in the past 2 months. His teachers have been great, sometimes when we pick him up he tells us hes not ready to go. While the ratios are larger it still gives my son the challenging environment to learn from older kids which I think is a great skill for life, we also like how they work towards promoting independence and self help skills like going to the bathroom and serving yourself at meal times instead of relying on us the parents to do everything for him. We could not be more pleased with the move.

Review №5

We had our children at another local daycare for a number of years, but we felt they couldnt retain their experienced teachers or invest in modern technology. This resulted in a downward decline in quality so much so that our second child was learning far less than our first child had. We werent sure what to do until Childrens Learning Adventure opened up and we followed a great migration of families and teachers to this wonderful, new facility. While we dont have access to the cameras they have on site or a water park, They do have a variety of dedicated activity rooms such as a science room, a kitchen facility for students, a basketball court, a bowling alley, an art room, etc. They even have a dedicated teacher just for the science room. Its been nice to have our kids well taken care of these past several months with no turnover among their teachers. Its a stark contrast from our previous experience.

Review №6

My 5 and 8 year old boys LOVE Childrens Learning Adventure! They both started in the Challengers (after school) program the day the school opened, and theyve been hooked since. Most evenings when its time to go home, they ask to stay longer!The teachers and staff have all been wonderful with our kids and have been very helpful with any questions weve had. The boys absolutely love the bowling alley, outdoor soccer field, indoor basketball court and the kitchen. I love that they can do homework and there are different age groups with different rotations within the after school program, so the younger kids arent getting run over by the bigger kids.

Review №7

The options available are amazing including culinary classes and bowling. We love our teachers and can tell they genuinely love our kids. Great place. Our girl is learning so much!

Review №8

I cannot say enough about Childrens Learning Adventure. I was new to the area and have three young boys, the youngest two of who were 3 and were more than a handful. Everyday I was gone from the children I missed them immensely. It was the best feeling knowing how well they were taken care of. The staff and teachers treat my children as if they are their own children. Not only that, but they contact me if anything happens. Every time I walk in they are beyond kind and welcoming. They were not only a family to my children, but to me as well. On top of the personal, their programs and curriculum were amazing. My youngest have delays and issues with speech. They made incredible strides outside of therapy. The teachers worked on pronouncing syllables and dividing words in syllables, clapping them out, taught them cooking, Spanish, math, science and science lab, PE, reading, community awareness, art, and even intro engineering. They work with each child individually, are well staffed, and update me everyday for each child. For my older son their after-school and before school care was catered specifically to him. For each child they ask the parent if they prefer homework directly after school, or a break before homework. They promote play, cooking, teamwork, and are open days that the schools are not for the older children. On top of this, the children of course love the bowling, outdoor soccer field and basketball court, indoor basketball court, and playgrounds, stations and centers area, and game room.From a moms side, especially a single mother, it is the best feeling going to a place which is supportive, has an atmosphere of total understanding that my children are of utmost importance, but work is very important as well. There is an attitude of helping, and wanting to help every family and understanding the stress of managing life. I have been elsewhere where the feeling is, we are closed these days (and it is a lot), and that is what you get. Here they want to help all that is in their sphere and which they can, and they foster an atmosphere of community and family.

Review №9

My Daughter loves this place! She has learned so much here in such a short time. I could say enough good things about the teachers and staff. They are all happy and caring. Definitely recommend!

Review №10

Children’s learning Adventure is full of ignorant staff who refuse to accept accountability for their actions. One of the teachers made a false accusation of abuse, lied about my kid not being taken to the doctor when he had been, and caused my son 5 hours of torment from medical staff who ran unnecessary diagnostics. I have spoken to multiple “directors” and “regional directors” and no one will take responsibility for what happened to my son. If you ever have an incident know that this daycare will tell you to find care elsewhere instead of treating you and your children with respect and empathy. This is disgusting and the staff should be more than ashamed of themselves for the torment they put my baby through.

Review №11

I toured recently but have heard the school is being sold to Creme de la Creme. Does anyone know if this is accurate, as Im concerned it might lead to teacher turnover and other issues.

Review №12

Amazing place with fantastic teachers! I have two children who attend CLA, one is 5 and the other is 6 months. This is our second year with CLA and my daughter just loves going to school. Her teachers, Ms. Leah and Ms. Belinda have brought her so far from where she was just a year and half ago. She is now reading and spelling out her words. Her handwriting is incredibly impressive and she is so expressive in many ways and it comes out in her art daily. She has a passion for learning and these women have helped encourage her so much in it!Our son is in the infant room and started with Ms. Mickey at just 6 weeks old. The moment I left him in Mickeys care I just knew he was in very caring hands. I cannot rave enough about the love and care that Ms. Mickey and her team of ladies show these babies. So many cuddles and individual hands on care for each child. They pay such detail to each childs personal development that it really shows. I will warn you, your child will be spoiled with love! If you are looking for a place that your child will be challenged, cared for as an individual and not just another child on roster, then this is your place!

Review №13

I thought by paying an expensive daycare like this will warranty the best care for my son but it didnt . Very disappoint about it, The teachers need more training and need to be more caring and more patient with kids . This what I was asking for my son but I couldnt find here. I try to talk with the teacher, principal etc but nothing work. And they even were punishing my son in time out without letting me know, how sad....

Review №14

Love, Love, Love this school. Could not say enough good things! Teachers care about the children and always look happy.

Review №15

We have just disenrolled after being there for one year. My sons classroom had 4 teachers leave in just over four months, citing that they did not have enough help with all the children (despite asking for more help) and that they werent receiving a living wage despite our high price of enrollment (~$1,200/mnth). This was brought up by parents and teachers, and seems to fall on deaf ear.The place looks pretty and has a bowling alley that they get to use (like once every couple months,) but if my choices are the glitz and glam of a picture over somebody thats steadfast and dedicated to my kid and knows his name after being there a year, Im gonna pick continuity of care every time. All of the teachers also have part-time jobs too, to make ends meet. My kid deserves more than part-time attention

Review №16

The staff at this place are uneducated, rude and have no idea what children need. My 2 kids told me that they played with a ball for 2.5 hours. Is this called learning Tennis and Basketball? If playing with balls for hours would teach you educational skills Michael Jordan would Einstein. So I want my $$ back and am taking my children to another center !! Shame on you for wasting my money!!

Review №17

This was one of the worst experiences I have ever had in my life. I did my fair share of visiting facilities before making a decision as hard as it was to decide to finally put my daughter in a child care facility. After I paid my registration fee with Amy one afternoon and asked her to have Ms. Alexis call me to discuss a start day, it took almost an entire month before I had to make the call to their facility to ask if she forgot or was never given the message... turns out she had no idea I paid my registration fee. Of course the entire staff will not win everyone over, however, Amy and Coleen who work the morning shift at the front entrance didn’t care to help me on her first day. I walked out without paying the initial payment because they were that uninterested in assisting me with anything. They were honestly more concerned about handing out the Taco Cabana breakfast tacos to the employees as they walked through the front door that morning. The finger print that is suppose to allow access to the front entrance, assuming to be for security purposes, is not a priority because they just push the botton to let anyone and everyone in. I asked if I needed to get this set up and Coleen said that it can be done at pick up with Ms. Alexis, then she stood around doing nothing. I had to drop my daughter off to a teacher I had never met and then go to a different classroom to find her cubby to put all her belongings. Her teacher Ms. Brittany must have been good because that day my daughter gave her a big hug and she doesn’t just feel comfortable with anyone. On her second day, me and my son went to pick up my daughter. He wanted to hang out and watch her on the screen to see how she plays and what not. We did that and Ms. Alexis said she was a bit upset, I noticed another teacher, who again I had never met, was holding her and another child at a table. We watched for a bit and I started to look into the other classrooms that are monitored and visible from the lobby. I noticed in the infant room, a baby around 9 months to a year, was in a bouncer on the floor and and Ms. Mickey, which is what I was told her name was, was using her foot on the bouncer and baby with an extreme force and quick motions, if that’s even a good way of explaining... obviously it was way too rough and didn’t look right. Anyway, she threw a green and black blanket over his entire body including his face and continued to bounce him. The baby was moving under the blanket and when his face was freed from under he was just crying. My son and I were completely mind blown at what we were watching. I wish I had recorded it but as a parent my initial reaction was to get someone’s attention so they could address this situation. That was enough for me to have experienced in two days to decide to withdrawal my daughter. It’s now 10am and I have yet to hear from anyone regarding any of this.If you have a child who cannot talk and defend themselves, I would not even consider this place. It more about what they offer like “play at your own risk” and not about the kids. Unfortunately, I had to find this out the hard way.

Review №18

If you truly love your child and care for his/her well-being, DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT, make the same mistake I did by enrolling your child at this place. I thought by paying for an expensive daycare that “looked” fancy, I’d get the best care for my son but I didnt. Basically they ONLY care about your money, whether or not a service is rendered. I enrolled my one-year-old son here in June 2018. The 1st day was a discovery day. We spent less than 2 hrs, in an effort to get acclimated with the staff & environment. We met Kelly and Amanda, and played inside and outside prior to going home.The following night, for the first time in my son’s life, he developed a high temperature and began showing signs of sickness. I called the facility the next day to report his illness. I took my son to his pediatrician and once again two days later. He was diagnosed with a bacterial infection called fifth disease. All in all, it took him 8 days to recover. I informed his dr. that my son had spent less than 2 hours at a daycare, and I witnessed that the classroom was exceptionally dirty and unsanitary. Although multiple children were still crawling and unable to walk, staff members and parents walked in and out of the classroom with shoes on. Many of the kids had runny noses dripping into their mouths, but staff members neither wiped their noses nor washed their hands prior to meal time. My son’s dr. stated that my son’s sickness most likely came from the daycare’s poor and unsanitary environment. The next day, I called the daycare and spoke with their manager, Ms. Cat. I explained that I was disappointed to see staff members and parents walking in and out of the classroom with shoes on. Staff members had failed to wash children’s hands before snack/meal time and that the classroom in general was very dirty. Ms. Cat stated Kelly – one of the teachers in charge of feeding and cleaning was a new hire, and that she would have a conversation with the staff. Ms. Cat ensured they wash the kids’ hands prior to eating, and said she would make sure everyone wore covers over their shoes moving forward. She assured me that all concerns would be addressed, and asked that I give the daycare another shot. I reluctantly agreed, and brought my son for his official start date the following week. On my son’s first day, I was disappointed to see everyone still with shoes on in the classroom, and teachers once again failing to wash kids’ hands before meal time. This went on for 2 more days and Ms. Cat or their director, Liz were no where to be found when I attempted to speak with them. Finally, when I found Ms. Cat on the 3rd day, when I asked why nothing had been done regarding our discussion just days prior, Ms. Cat stated since the majority of the kids were walking and my son was one of the few still crawling. As a result, she did not see a need to enforce rules for wearing shoe covers. I was shocked by her response, especially considering all the promises & representations she had made just days prior. It was these representations that convinced me to give the daycare another chance. I also, mentioned to her that Amanda was verbally abusive towards the children. At this point, I had seen enough red flags. I provided the daycare with a notice to disenroll, and did just that.To add insult to injury, they make you sign a binding arbitration agreement upon enrolling your child, so they can avoid being sued for their terrible business practices. Even though my son only spent THREE PARTIAL DAYS at their facility, much of which I was also present feeding him/changing diapers, they billed my credit card $222 for THREE CONSECUTIVE WEEKS and have refused to return any portion of that money. They also took my $150 enrollment fee and returned no part of it. They are dishonest fraudsters, and I regret believing their lies.Please, do not make the same mistake I did. This place is unethical, and engages in terrible behavior towards children and parents. I learned my lesson the hard way, but I hope it save other parents from sharing in a similar nightmare. Beware!!!

Review №19

Extremely helpful and nice. We are having a wonderful experience with them.

Review №20

Our 20 mo old daughter was the first enrollee at Childrens Learning Adventure. Frankly, we couldnt be more pleased with our decision to move her here. The facility is second to none - its the environment Disney Imagineers would build if they were in charge. More importantly, the staff is extremely friendly, child-focused, and welcoming. The curriculum is top notch. Our child brings home projects almost daily and is finally excited about going to school in the mornings. CLA comes highly recommended in our book.

Review №21

My son and I absolutely love Childrens Learning Adventure. He is 2 and just before he started here his doctor said he seemed behind with his speech. But since starting at this school, he has been saying full sentences (small ones of course) and really communicating soooo well. He doesnt have so many temper tantrums now and I truly believe its because he can communicate better thanks to the teachers at school. Everyone is soooooo nice and they all know us by name. Everyday when we drive up, my son yells yay!!! He just loves it here!

Review №22

Overall, i am not happy with this place. they fail to meet my expectations for providing my child the attention and care she needs for the price I pay.

Review №23

Its has a great learning invierte

Review №24

Horrible, they wouldnt let me eat

Review №25

Big and fun place

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