Childrens Lighthouse Cedar Park - Brushy Creek
2501 Brushy Creek Rd, Cedar Park, TX 78613, United States
Childrens Lighthouse Cedar Park - Brushy Creek

Review №1

This daycare is awesome! The administration is super friendly and the teachers care about the kids so much! I am confident leaving my baby in their care and know he will be taken care of! I love getting the pictures daily showing how much fun he’s having!

Review №2

I have been here since they have opened and my son loves it. My son has been going here since he was three years old and he has had the same teacher throughout his school year. He will be turning five soon and I cant be more happy with the care he gets from his teacher. He loves coming to school to see his favorite teacher. The management staff is very good about getting back with you on concerns and fixes them as soon as they can. I couldnt be more thankful to be apart of a school that looks for bright futures and the education for their children in the school. I recommend you bring your children here! :)

Review №3

Excellent stuff. They are so nice, friendly and professional. My little one is two years old and he doesn’t want to go to daycare or leave me but now he love this place so much ….. thanks a lot teacher and stuff to keep patient a long time with my son

Review №4

We are blessed to have found Children’s Lighthouse - Brushy Creek! Our son has loved all of his teachers and we can tell they love him back. It’s so great to know that we can drop him off with people we trust.They have always listened and responded promptly to any of our concerns. They go above and beyond when we have special requests / needs. They celebrate milestones with us!We temporarily switched to another daycare closer to home, but QUICKLY decided to come back to Children’s Lighthouse. There is no comparison.Noor (owner) = AMAZINGMikahla (director) = AMAZINGCourtney (admin) = AMAZINGMs Chelsea, Mrs Courtney & Ms Holley = AMAZINGMs Kayla & Ms Jaycee = AMAZINGThank you for taking such good care of our sweet boy ❤️😊

Review №5

There is no other place that I would rather send my daughter! All of the teachers create loving and nurturing environments that help foster growth both socially and educationally. The administration team is clearly passionate about what they do and you can tell that they genuinely care about all of the children under their care. As a first time mom, I wasn’t sure how I would feel about enrolling my daughter in child care, but Children’s Lighthouse of Brushy Creek puts me right at ease. I know that my daughter is safe and happy while she is there! I can’t wait to see how much more they continue to help her grow!

Review №6

We absolutely love Childrens Lighthouse at Brushy Creek! My daughter (18m) is always so excited to go to school and has no hesitation leaving Mama for her teachers. They always greet her with warm smiles, hugs, and lots of excitement! I can leave her knowing she’s in great hands. She comes home with creative art work that shes eager to show us. She has improved drastically in her speech and fine-motor skills since starting here. The management are always in constant contact with us. They keep us up to date on anything that goes on in her classroom or with her. We love how quick they are to answer any questions or concerns we may have.We love Ms Liz, Ms Sarena, and Ms Alyssa!! My toddler truly loves being in their classrooms.

Review №7

My daughter absolutely LOVES Mrs. Chloe the 4 year old teacher! She is so excited to go to school in the mornings. Mrs. Mikahla the director is so helpful and great with communicating making the enrolling process so easy! We are greeted every morning with a warm smile, I love that I receive so many photos throughout the day of my daughter having fun and learning. We love this school.

Review №8

I’ve worked at children’s lighthouse for 2 years with pre-k and it has been an amazing experience. I’ve created such great bonds with the children and my coworkers. I am proud knowing my administration maintains ratios, bathroom breaks, and always makes sure the health and well-being of the children are top priority.

Review №9

My daughter has been going here for over a month now and she absolutely loves it. Her teacher Ms. Alyssa is awesome and all the other teachers working there are so great. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know each teacher and how much they love their job and the children they work with and they make me feel so safe leaving my daughter with them. This school and it’s director Mikahla are so devoted to each child’s development and it really shows. Each day they greet my daughter and I at the door with a smile and make us feel so welcome. My daughter is so excited each day to go to her class and learn something new with her friends. They are also still following clean Covid practices which make me feel even better about my daughter going there. This pandemic has made everyone feel a little crazy and the cleanliness of the school and the precautions the staff has taken to make sure our kids are as safe as possible really shows. Thank you children’s lighthouse at brushy creek!

Review №10

Nothing but problems from the start!My youngest (pre-k age) came home with bruises on her face, legs and arms and said that the ‘boys’ were being mean. This was a continual problem the entire time we were there (roughly 6 months). I tried to address it with whomever came to the door and they said they would ‘watch’ it, but it never seemed to be rectified. Not sure, but it seems like there aren’t enough people to watch the kids…because the pre-k group and after school group are all together, which is probably at least 20 kids. And let’s just say, my children will not be returning because I don’t feel like they’re safe at Childrens Lighthouse.

Review №11

This place is amazing. When I brought my daughter here from another learning center I immediately knew I made the right choice. The staff is amazing and very caring about my concerns. My daughter had it rough the first day changing to a new school but quickly fell in love and I’m so impressed!! The cameras are great! I am able to watch my daughter and see her be socially active with her new friends. Best part of all is my daughter now asks to go to school and enjoys it very much! I don’t usually leave reviews but this school and the staff deserve it! Can’t recommend this school enough.

Review №12

The staff is very friendly and is always there to help! We love that we can check on the kids at any point from where we may be. There is an app that tells us about there day and we can leave notes for the teachers as well. They take the best pictures of my Paisley and Liam! Liam loves the buggy rides and paisley love being outside with her friends! Very safe area and convenient location! Always have answers to our questions

Review №13

Great and very welcoming.

Review №14

We love the Childrens Lighthouse. The staff are very friendly and are awesome with our child. They respect our wishes and requests as parents. We love sending our child there.

Review №15

Home Away from Home!!! Its hard to find the words that express how truly wonderful this school is! As an ex-preschool teacher and administrator, when it came to finding childcare for my own little one, my standards were set very high. Childrens Lighthouse @ Brushey Creek met all those expectations and even some I didnt think of. This is a family owned school and is shows in the attention to detail and level of involvement Ms. Noor and her siblings bring to the facility everyday! My daughters teacher Ms. Ashley has made me feel extremely at peace and comfortable since day one! All the staff that has joined since the opening are exquisite! The office and staff do an amazing job at communicating with parents. The school itself is beautiful, clean and set up to be a loving, learning environment. I know this is alot to read but if you have made it this far hopefully I have succeeded in scratching the surface of how grateful I am to have found such a wonderful place to entrust my little love to everyday.

Review №16

My family loves Children’s Lighthouse at Brushy Creek. The teachers and staff are so nice and accommodating. They strive to meet the needs of every child. I also love how great they are at communicating to me anything having to do with my daughter or announcements. My daughter is learning and doing so many new things. It feels great knowing that she is loved and taken care of.

Review №17

My two children ages 4 months and 3 1/2 years old have been attending Children’s Lighthouse at Brushy Creek since they have opened. We LOVE it! The school is absolutely beautiful, and all of the classes have awesome age appropriate toys. My three year old brings home art, and worksheets that they have done throughout the day such as letter tracing, learning days of the week, months of the year etc.. I love being able to see what he’s learning, and how much he has been progressing. I enjoy hearing him tell me what he was taught that day. The school has cameras in every classroom, and I am able to log onto the cameras through an app and check on my children throughout the day. My 4 month old does the cutest art projects, and gets love and attention all day long and that makes me so happy. I am so glad to have found Children’s Lighthouse. My children love it, and I never leave worrying about my children because I know they’re in great hands! ♥️

Review №18

My wife and I toured the campus not too long ago when they first opened and were very impressed with what we saw: clean rooms loaded with toys and activities, a vast playground with lots of outdoor toys and a dedicated splash pad, passionate and involved owners, and caring & carefully selected management and staff members! We have been happy customers since. Additionally, the security cameras installed in each of the rooms give us added peace of mind since we can monitor our daughter at any time!

Review №19

I LOVE this facility. The owners, management and staff are incredible. They listen to the parents, take action when you bring something to their attention, and take excellent care of my daughter. They’ve been so great with food accommodations (we’ve had issues at another daycare in the past, so this was really important to us) We are so happy we made the switch to this school. My daughter comes home happy and telling me all about her teachers and friends. You can’t get better feedback than that!

Review №20

The Childrens Lighthouse Cedar Park - Brushy Creek is the best place to send your child. We have been sending our little boy here since he was about 5 months and the amount of things he has learned in the past 8 months has been vital to his development. Each class he has attended has taught him so much! All of the teachers, administrators and staff show the upmost care, love and respect for the kids. From when we drop him off to picking him up, they greet him by his name and open arms and excitement. Their approach to the COVID pandemic was swift, accurate and secure to the point where when we were deciding to send him back, we had no hesitation or concerns about CLBCs protocol. They also give a lot of feedback on what the daily activities and meals that he received each day were and how he interacted with them. And there are always so many photos of him enjoying himself. I never have to worry about checking on him because when he we drop him off, he is comfortable going into the building with the staff and when he is coming home, its honestly sometimes hard to get him to leave because he loves it there. They also give back to the community which is a huge plus from movie nights to the recent Halloween Trunk and Treat and now the local can food drive. Not only do they give so much love and care to my family but they give back to others. There will never be enough great things I can say about everyone at the Childrens Lighthouse at Brush Creek. They have made my life as being a first time mom and finding the best head start for my child a whole lot simpler, enjoyable and comfortable. Thank you to everyone that works so hard over there! You are truly and greatly appreciated!Izzi, Daniel & Calvin

Review №21

We love Children’s Lighthouse! My son is always happy to be there and I feel such a relief to know he is in good hands while I work! All the staff is super nice and I could not recommend it enough! Thank you for taking such good care of my baby!

Review №22

All 3 of my girls ranging from 6 months to 7 years old come to Childrens Lighthouse on Brushy Creek. We started the day they opened and have nothing but pleased with their care of our daughters! From the owners to every one of the teachers, theyre completely personable, respectful and caring and we just love everyone of them! When I drop them off I know they are in the best care and that I will pick up happy kids at the end of the day! Thank you so much for the peace of mind yall have given me that my girls are in the best care while I am working! I would give 10 stars if it would let me!!

Review №23

I love the Brushy Creek location! This school has been amazing to my 3 month old daughter :) she’s been with the school since she was 6 weeks old and she has many friends and many more years to go! Staffing is amazing and the owner Noor is the BEST!!!

Review №24

This Facility is AMAZING!! They have a very DEDICATED Owner ( Mrs. Noor), an INCREDIBLE Director (Ms. Jennifer), and an AWESOME Assistant Director (Ms. Veronica) that really sets the stage/example, and shows a great interest in, and support for the Kiddos and Teachers, which if you have had a child in daycare for an extended amount of time, you know Great Leadership makes ALL the difference and BCCL has it and then some which results in some AMAZING Teachers as well!! The communication has been Next Level, which would impress me normally, not to mention at a time like this with the unique challenges of COVID and Parent / Teacher interaction roadblocks. Ive also been very impressed by all the fun things they incorporate into the school weeks, including Splash Days, Tye Dye shirt making, Field Days, Kona Ice etc. They really want your childs experience to be great, and its evident in so many ways. My son is 3 1/2 and had been in daycare prior since 4 mos. and frequently had separation anxiety, however, now he looks forward to going, and often talks fondly of his Teachers and Ms. Jennifer . I really feel like we struck gold with this Facility!! I highly recommend it !

Review №25

Short Version-Excellent/Amazing staff-Healthy food options-New facility and equipment-Easy parking lot spaces (Good access and spacing)-Spacious and secure outside play ground-Very safe-Great curriculumLong VersionI have had my children in two other daycares in the past and this has by far been the best one, third times a charm! The last daycare I had my children in was not flexible with policies by any means, did not try to find solutions to issues and didn’t seem to understand child development at all based off the fact that every evening I came to pick my kids up they had something to complain about and were quite rude. I had been wanting to swap daycares for a while but didn’t want to take my 2 ½ year old who had just started getting social away from his friends but the last straw was when my children were sent home sick 4 weeks in a row and I found out the infant room was sharing sippy cups instead of using the 2 I provided! I spoke with the director who was very aggressive about the situation and even tried to get rid of me after pointing out the issue. At this point it was a matter of safety and I started searching elsewhere to get my children out ASAP!If you read the “About the owners” section on the Childrens Lighthouse Brushy Creek page you’ll see that this is one of the main reasons that one of the owners started up this childcare facility. They too were looking for a quality childcare facility but did not find anything that satisfied them. In fact all the owners claim they are hard working parents striving to provide better education and care and I believe it too based off what I’ve experienced so far!The staff so far has been very kind and show so much empathy and care toward my children. I can tell my children feel welcome here and the staff is very familiar with their personalities and behavior. They focus on our children and come up with solutions to issues or normal child development processes without rudeness and it feels more like a team and family then just being complained at when picking them up at the end of the day. They also setup special events like Thanksgiving Meal and Breakfast with Santa for both the parents and children to enjoy together.The food options have been so healthy and I’m making changes at home to keep up the good eating habits. Everything is fresh and there are no junk foods. It’s mostly a diet of vegetables and no red meats.The facility itself is new and kept extremely clean, they just opened in October of 2019. The parking lot has plenty of room for morning drop off/evening pick up and the layout was well thought out. That might not sound like a big deal but it just makes life a little easier. The doors are kept locked for safety and you need to either ring the doorbell or enter your own personal code to enter. Similar to other childcare centers I’ve been to in the past they have live camera streaming so you can check in on your kids to see how they are doing for extra peace of mind. I also get e-mail/app updates with photos throughout the day and a end of day report.The facility has been ergonomically designed for kids, for an example my 3 year old has a smaller toilet lower to the ground and is able to wash his hands easier. The playground is huge and separated into areas by age so that all ages can enjoy outside time. There is the standard playground equipment like slides, climbing areas etc but there are also bikes and push carts and other toys for them to enjoy also.Curriculum schedules are posted outside of each class so you are familiar with what they are learning during the day and can continue teaching from home. There is evidence of the actual learning as well from the children’s artwork but also the easels in the class rooms that always have something written on them.My wife and I are so happy with this childcare and feel so much better knowing that they are being given the attention, care and education they need for child development. Keep up the good work y’all!

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