Perlas Auto Driving School
268 New Main St, Yonkers, NY 10701, United States
Perlas Auto Driving School

Review №1

Horrrible place to attend... the lady is super rude and nasty... has not type of accommodation for her clients. took 10 classes and only took 8 and never showed parking classes until i asked her which only was 2 hours, and lost my last two classes due to personal reasons, but lady had no type of interest to find a solution, i understand theirs policy but the way she speaks and trys to accommodate you.. deftly shows you the school is just for money,, and when i was showed parking for the for only two hours girl just showed me the 3 basic right, left, right, and then no type of tricks or nothing i just felt like she didnt showed me at all as a instructor should do, basically youtube showed me more... and the first 6 classes she just basically sat me down and i just droved around the same blocks just going front, no type of lessons or tricks.. she was always quite and i was always asking my self could i be that good with no experience.. girl told me the 6 class i was supposed to go on a speed of 25, yes probably i should of know that but if you see me not speeding to the level the first 5 classes, why she never told me nothing.. basically making me feel confident when i was doing things probably. as a teacher you will stop you student if they doing something wrong, so they wont keep doing it.. but therefore, time was to short and i couldnt have 100% control of my car .... foreal guys this women is horrible.. WASTE OF MONEY... and yes i failed my road test, but for sure i will find a great school with great teachers and i will obtain my license, but no type of recommendation

Review №2

Thank you to Perla Driving School for your help on getting my license💖💖I strongly recommended this School they are very professional, responsable and they take care of you specially to my instructor Mrs Alma 🥰🥰

Review №3

I have had very bad experience at this place not recommenoed . They only took my money and they didn’t give me the service for which I payNo recomiendo muy mal servicio. CERO ESTRELLAS FOR THIS PLACE!!!

Review №4

Ok please I’m saving you money, and I’m saving your feelings from being hurt. Horrible customer service I come from the wrong way and the lady is screaming at me for coming the wrong way. She delays her phone calls and has a ride attitude.

Review №5

I just passed my road test! This school is amazing and I highly recommend it. Was so easy to set up my 5-hour class and road test with one phone call. Also rented a car which was included in the package. Instructor was great, it was very comfortable driving with her. Thank you so much for your help!!

Review №6

How i tell you ima pick up my certificate on Friday. You tell me that fine to call ahead of time. Friday comes and they are closed lmao.

Review №7

Lady was very rude, did not have any manners, can tell she does not have patience.

Review №8

Extremely bad customer service and very very rude instructor.Extremely unprofessional behavior.

Review №9

I wasn’t allowed to test drive car before road test.

Review №10

Very professional service. Fast and easy! Prices are ok as well. Highy recommend.

Review №11

Great office staff, and longevity, Perlas has been around forever. 👌

Review №12

My mistake for not reading the reviews here and on yelp. I had the same experience as the rest of these people who reviewed. They never keep their appointments and I was actually lied to that I was told my appointments were being cancelled and rescheduled when in fact I was not. Darlene who makes the appointments does not seem to be writing them down because when you show up they look at you dazed and confused like oh you had an appointment today?! Not a way to run business. They need better management because Alma does not know how to run the place. She also does not have any manners on how to talk to people. You are not supposed to lie and then when you get caught simply say lets just move forward. This is not a joke. People have jobs and work around their schedule to make appointments and you cannot just cancel because you have to get you hair and nails done. Please people take these reviews seriously and try other schools. To much hassle with this one.

Review №13

My daughter had the best experience in this school. The teachers are hard working and informative. On my daughters first road test she passed thanks to Perla. I will bring my 15 year old when it’s her time to drive. I recommend this school to anyone who is ready to get a license.

Review №14

Horrible customer service! I schedule an appointment, I wasn’t sure the date I knew I have to pay before the appointment, but since I wasn’t sure the date I called n they have cancel my appointment without letting me know it was cancel. Bc I didn’t pay days before, if I’m calling u to verify the date so I can stop a day before or if it was a week before! Nasty service (alma or alba ) You should call to let ppl know the appointment was cancel!!!!!

Review №15

Let me start off by saying I had a bad experience with another driving school, so I decided to take a chance with Perlas. They are so helpful and accommodated me so close to my road test. She gave great tips on my driving and I passed the test on the first try! Thank you so much!

Review №16

I passed my road test the first time. Literally an amazing school. If you do your part they will do the same. Highly recommend!

Review №17

They constantly rescheduled my driving classes sometimes with very short notice, and the driving instructor would pick me up late. I wouldn’t recommend this driving school.

Review №18

In my opinion i feel the instructors are very helpful and nice. Before i started taking classes with them i drove with my family members and i always struggled with parallel parking. My instructor helped me and now i can parallel park pretty well. When i first started driving i was extremely nervous but they made me feel comfortable behind the wheel and now i am not nervous anymore and feel i will be able to pass my road test. All i can say is thank you to them for preparing me .

Review №19

I dont like how they charge you 75$ to rent a car for every time you take the test even if you fail. And I dont like how they switch my road test appointment without my permission from 11 to 8:30 in the morning, a time that im not comfortable with. Worst place i ever been in. I say any other driving school is better.

Review №20

Excellent teachers and very good school I recommend it, I am very happy and happy with the treatment and attention they gave me.

Review №21

The woman who answered the phone is horrible...she really has a nasty attitudeNot recommended at all ...dont go their

Review №22

This driving school is a scam. I paid for 5 lessons and road test but they did not take me to my road test because they were too busy with other students. I had to hire another instructor to take me. Did not even get a refund. They dont keep their appointments. They cancel the last minute or change the schedule when they want to. Or even worse they send another instructor with a different car to teach you. So thats not good because I was already used to driving the other car. And the new teacher kept bad mouthing the previous instructor. He even said Im gonna fail my driving test. Way to go in bringing down the confidence of a beginner.Horrible experience. I chose this driving school because of the reviews but I regret believing them. Its not true. They are a bunch of liars.. Dont trust them!

Review №23

My mother called to find out how much the 5 hours class was and to find out if they also book the driving test for me. The woman who answered the call was very confusing with her broken English, and very rude. My mom had to hang up on her because things were going to get ugly. Very unprofessional. Will never recommend anyone to go there!

Review №24

Nasty woman giving the 5 hour class. Go somewhere else. This place is horrible.

Review №25

I passed with this school! My instructor was every encouraging and seemed to really care about me passing. I did not get that with my last driving school. She really taught me a lot and I thank her!

Review №26

Worst driving school in Yonkers! Do not waste your money here. The instructor alma is a nasty person, during my class she would stop by her office for 10 min to do her hair make up, and waste 15 min of my paid time. Nasty place nasty owner. Overall very bad experience.

Review №27

I had a great experience at this driving school and overall please with the helpful skills learn from my driver instructor. The office staff was never a problem and i am satisfied with their teachings. My instructor was always on time when it came down to the road lessons and she was very courteous and understanding when explaining the road concepts of right from wrongs driving habits. I would recommend this school for those who have no or little experience. I had a female instructor and she was always polite, neat and presentable. The vehicle wasnt messy, very clean. She was understanding when I was in doubt and always had the answered along with the explanation. She help me realize the a logics and concepts behind the road signs, lane markings, turn, stop sign, caution with pedestrians, one way and two way roads, traffic, lane change..etc. Thanks to the school, i am now a license driver. =] Yay!

Review №28

Crazy woman had an attitude with me... Many times she would not explain me in the right way how to perfect my turns. I failed here 3 times because something or the other. Lessons were not given on a timely manner. Never again coming here... Its a scam business they are running.. Very sad I wasted my money on this place.

Review №29

Pass my road test yesterday! I had a good experience with this driving school. I took a package and was very statisfied with my instructor. She was extremely patient and encouraging. I was so nervous at the beginning but she help me overcome my fears w/ other rude drivers on the road. At the start I had a huge problem w/ turns. Parallel parking was also another struggle of mine, but the techniques I was given helped me sooooo much. Thank you Perla!

Review №30

The receptionist was very nice and friendly, but the person that gave me the lesson was a little bit moody sometimes.

Review №31

Poor service, wasted my money, and time. will not recommend to any one.

Review №32

So far I have taken like 15 classes with them. Still I cant turn well or do the parking with out hitting the curb. Primarily because I am nervous about driving so it takes me longer and because I dont feel like they are preparing me well. At first I thought I was the problem but after reading the comments and hearing about where my friends went through I know its them. The woman was not a good teacher!

Review №33

Its at a terrrible location, the instructors vary with every matter how many classes you take, nobody is really concerned about making you pass the road test. I wasted a lot of time trying to park during the whole time but was never taught about road awareness and other things that you need to pass the road test. Overall, i am very disappointed and i wish i had spent a little more money and taken classes somewhere else

Review №34

Best driving school in all yonkers

Review №35

Nice school ! They helped me with my road test ! I just got my driven license,Carlos was my instructor, thank you so much for teaching me

Review №36

Worst experience ever .. the women who cannot talk to her customers properly .. every time I call them she is very rude.. her daughter is nice and friendly .. so I will never recommend this to anyone .

Review №37

Overall I give it to Alma she has been very patient and she actually gave me pointers on driving. I blame myself for not passing the exam because of my nerves but I give this place credit for giving me the confidence I needed on driving.

Review №38

No sense of customer service over the phone. I’m surprised they have not gone out of business.

Review №39

Horrible instructors, they just want your money not to teach you how to drive.

Review №40

DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! took a package with this school cause it was a short transportation to travel to but never again the staff is rude and dont care if you pass or not they forget to pick you up at times cancel classes last minute and also their cars are in horrible and unsafe conditions and o wait it gets better.... just took my road test and they switched the car on me right before the test giving me no heads up so i had to take the road test with a car i have NEVER driven before OMG im beyond pissed off!!! (it was the same model but breaks were not as good ) so since it was the same model i still decided to take the test and ofcourse failed my test because the brakes were not good and they said that i was driving unsafe. im going to a much better school who has proper working cars this weekend with better ratings passing percentage and people who actually care about people passing the road test and not all about the money! I should have read reviews before going to PERLAS!!

Review №41

Worse experience ever wish I cud give no stars... I paid $95 to use there car for my road test the car was so old,the brakes where delayed.the petal was to the floor and still not stopping..I failed my test because of this old car.when I went back to the office to speak with the rude manager her first words where take me to small claims court.I let her know I wasnt leaving with out my money asked to speak to the owner she looked at me and laughed and told me theyll be back in 3 moths as if this is funny.she ended up calling the cops on me because I wasnt leaving with out my money,when the cops arrive this crazy lady told them I was treating her name she fear for her safety.. thank god the cops seen thru her b.s.. the end result was she decided to give me a check for only half of my money in which Im gartful I got anything back...

Review №42

I dont know how this woman is teaching people how to drive! She yelled at me all the time... Plus she told me the lessons were $38.00 then when she showed up she charged me $50.00! This was a bad experience coming here.

Review №43

Instructors are rude and think they are something great! The car I was using was old and beat up shape.. I had a hard time keeping clam on our driving lessons.. 😥

Review №44

Very well driving school, I recommend it...

Review №45

Took driving course excellent instructor

Review №46

Very friendly staff, patient instructor. Will be sending my grandkids.

Review №47

Disgusting! Very bad customer service I waste my money!

Review №48

The receptionist is very rude and sarcastic but the instructors are very respectful and I like how Carlos encourages me and I like driving with him.

Review №49

All they do is yell

Review №50


Review №51

This is the worst school, I paid a combo and they did not comply, the lady is very rude, I arrived early for my practical exam appointment, and she took me out to wait in the parking lot there she let me stand cold for two hours, and I did not want to explain what came in the exam, I told him that he did not speak English very well and he told me to see them myself, he spoke to me very pedantic, he does not have the courtesy with the students, I do not even know how this school works yet ... I dont recommend it, they just eat your money and dont teach you anything.

Review №52

Very bad experience I still do not go to the exam, but the lady only tells her to go forward and nothing else. Even a baby does that, however she has never taught me to back down, to get out of a parking lot and much less to enter a parking lot, I lost my almost 400 dollars for walking around paying everything together, and the classes are given when she gets her almost monthly salary, I have had to stop working until she wants to, the lady is not very kindly say its not worth wasting your money. I made the videos and still according to her she will not give me the certificate for the exam, but in other schools they tell me that since I watch the videos they have to give me my certificate. I do not recommend this school to anyone

Review №53

Soul owner of Pearl Driving School. Even if I call billions and billions of times on my cell phone and chase Benny and beg him again, he doesnt come back to you because you stole his citizenship from his house and his cell phone and Im not going to mention that you infected him, I throw you away as the garbage you are. He is afraid of you because you are a woman, I am not. If you continue harassing we will go to the police, court and where necessary.

Review №54

The worst teacher! I went to take the exam and I could not pass it since they go three times that I take the road test exam. The instructors at this school are no good, they dont explain how you have to drive. The lady during classes does not explain whether one drives well or badly only speaks of her life about her. I just went to another school and passed the road test. Do not spend your money on this school trash.

Review №55

Very bad experience. I paid for my Road test appointment and they confirmed me day and time and then within days of the appointment they call me that I do not have an appointment. They made me waste my time. Lack of professionalism.

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