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2706 W Nob Hill Blvd #106, Yakima, WA 98902, United States
Review №1

I thought I am too old for college plus my language and computer barriers. I was wrong!!! Teachers are so kind and patient! My classmates are very nice and we support and encourage each other. I truly enjoy my time here. Charter College has a friendly environment and it is a right place for anybody who dreams about successful future! Please join us and you will not regret. If it is for me, then it is for you too!

Review №2

I chose Charter College because they have a good academic reputation and Charter will get you working as soon as you graduate! They will provide the degree program you need, as well as the educational and financial resources that ensure your success. The staff is respectful and kind! Always there to answer any questions.

Review №3

They will help you with financial aid so you can start school asap. The program for Certified Medical Assistance is 11months. Its a fast program. Most of your studies is online. So, if you are looking for a career that is needed quick this is your school. They sure wont waste your time. Just study, study till the end because you will be taking the NCCT. Thats online as well with your group of students you had started the year with. Applying is easy, getting help for financial aid threw out the 11 months not so much. Theres this other program they have were if you pay the school, while in school your cost of school is lower. But I heard its the same. So, the choice is really up to you. If you feel like you have to do something quick then this is it. Good Luck on your journey of a lifetime!:).

Review №4

If you want to further your education in the medical field, Charter College is the way to go! They are helpful with everything to get started for school. Everyone is really respectful and helpful. Thank you Charter College for enrolling me, made a difference in my life.

Review №5

I love this school. The staff is amazing and extremely nice. Ive made so many new friends at school. I would definitely recommend a friend.

Review №6

Charter college is a great place to start your medical career education. Charter staff is friendly, helpful and professional. Highly recommend!

Review №7

I’ve had the pleasure to attend Charter College and graduated as a Medical Assistant in February 2008. I’ve never met such a great group of people that has made all of this happen from the staff to faculty. This was my second home and I looked forward to seeing everyone each day. Besides being compassionate and kind – they have made everyone feel good talking to them and yes they care for the students to reach there dreams. I would highly recommend if your thinking about attending college – the Yakima Charter College should be your #1 choice.

Review №8

Incredibly friendly staff, they make you feel welcome. The education is great if you put in the hours. If youre not ready to put in several hours a day into your studies, you will fall behind fast. Every week you get several assignments to complete and a lot of reading material. My advice to anyone planning on going to college here make use of the social aspect of college get a study buddy and collaborate. Make sure its someone who will keep you accountable. There will be days when you want to give up after doing multiple papers a week and reading so much material. Its defiantly worth putting in the work though. Also, they put effort into getting you hired. Its borderline annoying how much they help you get a job. I dont know any other College who tries this hard to help their alumni become successful.

Review №9

I struggled at the community college to further my education and I made the choice to attend Charter College and it is the best decision I have ever made! I am excited and delighted to be in the medical assisting program and I definitely would recommend charter to everyone!!

Review №10

Great helpful staff. When I showed an interest in the school they were every step of the way to help me get started. Amazing MA program I have learned so much in only 3 months.

Review №11

I really like my experience as a student there . Very helpful instructors with classes and homework. Also staff there always there for whatever you need and advisors communicating to see and make sure you have everything you need

Review №12

Very easy to enroll, staff is extremely helpful and the instructors are amazing! Website is easy to navigate through too.

Review №13

I love this school. I am getting my MA here and the teachers, staff, and fellow students sre wonderful.

Review №14

Great school, very friendly and helpful staff makes me enjoy going to on my scheduled days!

Review №15

Love this place, great help with everything. Nice people who help or find someone to help with whatever you need.

Review №16

Charter college has given me the tools needed to enter the employment field as a CMA. The program has given information that will help me be the best I can in my field.

Review №17

As an employee of Charter College, I have seen nothing but integrity throughout leadership and our departments that service our students. The faculty and staff at the Yakima campus put their hearts into the career training programs they are teaching to prepare the students to work as Medical Assistants, HVAC/R, and business professionals. I have enjoyed every day of coming to work, working with affiliates, meeting students and parents, watching our graduates walk up on stage during commencement, and seeing the fruits of our labor out working as professionals.

Review №18

This a Great place to further our education and Helping staff to feel comfortable at school

Review №19

Great staff and instructors. They really care about you and want to see you succeed.

Review №20

Put in for some information and got 10 phones calls in one day plus multiple text messages. If someone doesnt call you back then maybe they are busy give them a dang minute. To pushy for my liking

Review №21

This has been one of the best life changing decisions I have made. The on ground instructor are a reliable source when I have questions abut any assignment.

Review №22

Great staff, everyone easy going and easy to work with.

Review №23

Charter college is a wonderful college for people who want to further their education without having to deal with a lot of people and crowded classes.

Review №24

If you want to further your education in the medical field, Charter College is the way to go!

4.8 Rating
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