Richways Auto School LLC
65 James St, Worcester, MA 01603, United States
Richways Auto School LLC

Review №1

I passed after 2 road tests. Unprofessional communication and unorganized scheduling system such that everytime I schedule a lesson or even the road test. I expect it to be rescheduled or cancelled. There is no Saturday road tests like they said on their website so toss that dream away. Be prepared to take off work for it. Wait time for road test is at least 2hrs so get there early. There is only one true driving teacher that I liked but I forgot her name. Tall slim lady

Review №2

Richways Auto School is the best driving school option! Youre welcomed with a great smile and attitude no matter who is at the desk and the instructors are experts at their jobs. Everything here is well paced. If you want to get your license quick, simple, and easy while learning everything you need to..come to Richways.

Review №3

I want to start off by saying if you are looking for a driving school who is professional, great customer service, instructors that teach well and are patient then this is not the school for you. If I can go back to chose another school I would, I had no Idea what I got myself into. The worst experience I had with this school was that they canceled three two hour lessons just because they were short with instructors and because they needed to give one hour of my two hour lesson to other student. It is not my fault that I had a booked my lessons before other students did and they took it?!?. There was another time where I was in my driving lesson with an instructor and I didn’t have much experience yet in driving and instead of teaching me he was making me drive to two different banks and made me STOP on the side of the road so he can make a phone call. So in conclusion please do not make the mistake I did, attending this school.

Review №4

7-28-21 today my car was parked on the street and was hit by a student, the instructor was way to defensive for being at fault. He claimed there was no damages to my vehicle. I had to show him the damages. I asked him where the damages were on his vehicle and said it got hit in the front and were no damages. I inspected his vehicle and seen my paint across his whole decal. The instructor then told me to punch him because he didn’t like that I was calling him out. After yelling and me he started yelling at his student who was 60 yr old African lady could speak to defend herself. The instructor deserves to be fired and not work for any other company again. Very poor professionalism.

Review №5

They are the best driving school out there the teachers and the main office are super nice and make you feel super comfortable they also give you the best advice and hints they teach you to become an expert at driving

Review №6

👎🚫Very unprofessional instructor that doesnt know how to handle situations. Rude, liar, and disrespectful! I would give no stars if I could!⚠️ Warning look elsewhere ⚠️🚫Better Option 👉⭐Best Driving School Inc & Adult Driving Academy - A Division of Best Driving School⭐

Review №7

Thank to them I pass on my first try. I only did 3 hours class. they give me that extra knowledge that I needed definitely recommend them. They are easy and accessible. Just pay online and call them to schedule.

Review №8

Awesome Driving School !!! The RMV has been backed up for MONTHS since the pandemic but Richways got me in right away in less than a month & I just got my License Today !!!! Highly recommended, Thank you !!!!!

Review №9

Very rude instructor !!! Always yelling, cant communicate!!! Terrible instructing, highly DO NOT recommend!! Get better instructors!!!! 0/5 for me.. dont waste your time or money at this driving school.

Review №10

I’d definitely recommend for any teen or adult that wants to learn how to drive. Instructors are very patient and teach you everything how it’s supposed to be teached. I passed my road test with them and you can too.

Review №11

This school is amazing! The instructors were super professional and helpful. I passed the test easily bc they had me practice a lot in the same area of the test! Mr. Richard was excellent. Highly recommended

Review №12

I recommend this place they teach you everything you need to know about driving and there professional

Review №13

They are not that professional he was always screaming at me and they charged me twice tried to say I owed a payment but I did not eventually they gave me my money back and I went else where

Review №14

I am a proud past student of Richway Driving School, I moved from being someone who barely could move a car to passing my road test with perfect score with only 6 lessons. It is worth the money and professionalism is guaranteed.

Review №15

I am very thankful to Richard. I get confidence to drive car and I cleared my road test in first trial. I really recommend this school for freshers. Thank you so much

Review №16

I’m beyond grateful for Richard! I’m a very anxious person but he was a calm and patient instructor that stayed with me until the very end. Every penny spent was worth all the lessons!!!

Review №17

I came here and passed my test! The receptionist Monica was the best I’ve seen so far. Super nice and very understanding!! If you debating going to Richway, Don’t debate! Go

Review №18

My daughter felt that she got personalized driving lessons that the bigger schools couldnt offer especially through this Covid year. Liked driving lessons in Worcester;preparing her for city driving.

Review №19

I enjoyed this driving school. I took a total of six road lessons and every last one went smoothly. Everyone at the driving school was really nice and all of them were capable of answering all the questions that I had.

Review №20

Well organized office. Plesant and knowledgeable staff who answer all questions asked. Highly recommended.

Review №21

Richways is a great auto school to learn at and prepare for your road’s hard to fail your road test once you’ve been to Richways. The instructors give you everything you need to know and are very helpful so you really have to try if you want to fail cause with rich ways it’s an easy pass

Review №22

Richway is the best driving school. Best service, best customer service. Thanks t o all the drivers, Monica and Richard. God bless u all.

Review №23

Richways Auto School LLC is an excellent driving school. The instructors are very informed and commited to the success of their students.You will be literally doing mock road tests as you drive.I highly recommend Richways Auto School for any learner driver.

Review №24

Great teachers and are willing to push you to do better until they and you are ready to take the exam

Review №25

Extremely rude instructor !!! Yells at his students and is very uneducated!

Review №26

Excellent driving school. The owner is very patient and always going over and beyond to help the students. Would recommend this school anytime.

Review №27

Awesome quality,value,professional and communication from richways I loved it. They train me to be the best driver. Thumbs up am humbled by your services.

Review №28

Stay away the instructor is very rude!

Review №29

Richway Auto School is amazing, I took the JOL course. I had wonderful instructors, who encouraged me along the way. I took my road test and I passed, all thanks to this great driving school. I’m overwhelmingly Thankful to everyone there.

Review №30

It is ine of the best.

Review №31

Good instructors but the business itself is very disorganized, they mess up appointments at your inconvenience and expect you to drop everything when they have openings outside your availability. Lesson start late and end early and overall they overcharge for the mediocre at best service provided.

Review №32

Excellent communication and great professionalism not forgetting the Charismatic drivers and receptionist.looking for a driving school?look no further!

Review №33

They are very good when it comes helping you to learn how to drive better and pass your Road Test.i recommend the school to anyone who wants to enroll in a driving school

Review №34

Absolutely horrible service. I cannot even believe these peple are in business. I highly recommend another driving school. Ive overpaid these guys and they keep rescheduling all the appointments. Also witnessed the instructor failing 21 people, out of control.

Review №35

Excellent instructors, Owner is very nice and extremely helpful. I took 6 lessons and passed my road test on the first try!

Review №36

Richways Auto School is an amazing school, with great instructors that sincerely care about you becoming the best driver you can possibly be. At first I was fearful of getting on the road but my instructor (Richard) helped me feel comfortable and had so much patience with me. With every lesson, he took his time teaching to help me fully understand, never did he holler at me for making an in-correction as he was schooling me on the road. He is very kind+caring, has such an amazing heart. Now, I am a new driver with my license, Glory be to God!!! I recommend this driving school to anyone who is out there searching for one. BEST DRIVING SCHOOL IN WORCESTER!!!!

Review №37

It is really good school for adult drivers as well. I took 5-6 lessons with the road test and I passed the test ! Also, there are really flexible when comes to scheduling your lessons.

Review №38

I would not recommend this place to ANYONE if it was the last Driving School on Earth!! Take my advice and find another school to do your business with. The receptionist “Monica” very sweet but does not know what she is doing. The instructor Richard is unprofessional, literally to the point where during the road test at the rmv he “Richard”sat directly behind my son, put his foot under the drivers seat and said. “If you do anything wrong I’ll do this (lifts his foot, pushing on my sons butt). He then proceeded to stick his foot up his butt basically the entire ride!! In which my son became extremely nervous having been taught in driver education that it was illegal for a sponsor to do that and failed!! From untrained receptionists to scamming instructors is all this place has to offer. Go elsewhere you’ll be glad you did.

Review №39

I DO NOT Recommend this place at all. I wish to give one zero star if I could. The instructors were OK, but they were never on time. I usually need to wait for them for 30 or 40 minutes. I am a college student, waiting the extra long hours just breaks my schedule. When I called them to schedule a lesson and they promised to call back, they never did. And the schedules were not organized at all, they just canceled your lessons randomly. It was not a good experience at all.

Review №40

They helped me a lot an also I was very nervous and they helped me practice more made Sure I was more then comfortable there prices and time length are fare if u work with them the have a better rate than passing I have went to million others and was a Wreak after and wasn’t happy best place to go hands down would not change anything I did 🤝

Review №41

Had two separate instructors during the classroom, one knew absolutely nothing about what he was talking about and the other, the owner, was actually a decent teacher. Id give the classroom portion a solid 3/5, but the actual road lessons are a completely different story. They were, on average, an hour late picking me up for the first five lessons (Honest to God this is no exaggeration). One of the instructors was supposed to take me for an hour of observation one time actually kept me in the car for an extra hour observing another student and just flat out refused to give me the extra hour of observation. He said, and I quote, You can only do one hour of observation a day, but at least you got the extra hour to observe her. Thats more skill for you. So I called my friend who works for CMSC, and what do you know, its perfectly fine to do two hours of observation a day? This school made me jump through so many hoops in trying to get my license that, I kid you not, the day I got my license the first thing I said was Thank God I dont have to deal with this school again. The owner is a nice guy, but a very unprofessional business owner. I strongly advise you to go ANYWHERE else but here.

Review №42

I was looking for my husband, who had failed the test the year before, to get adult driving lessons. Monica, who runs the office, is always professional and smiling! Richard, the owner & an instructor, was there to help my husband learn all the technical aspects. I had him drive with me for the day-to-day driving experience. For a premium, you can also pay to be road tested by the RMV right at the school! It allowed my husband to feel less intimidated. Well it all worked, cause he passed and now his drivers license! Thank you Richways!

Review №43

This driving school is horrible. The owner on the school( Richard) doesnt respect women and I feel very bad for the wife. My wife paid for 6 driving lessons. The first driving lessons, Richard was supposed to pick her up at 5pm. He didnt show up until 5.35pm. He lied and told her he went to our house instead of her work place. He was very disrespectful to her. I was very disappointed with his first impression. The second lesson, he was supposed to pick her up at 5pm. He came to the house at 4.40pm with another student driver and yelling at my wife to come out now. She told him its not 5pm yet and she is getting ready. Richard drove aways. We decide not to do the driving with him since he doesnt respect women. He came back in 30 minutes but we told him we want our money back. He didnt gave us the remaining 5 lessons left. He will pay for it and hopefully people will stop doing driving class with him. The front desk girl ( Monica) is the only nice person at this school.

Review №44

I had a great experience at Richways. I took drivers ed class back in April, the classroom portion involved a lot of listening and watching videos. The location is very convenient for lunch break because there are several food places in walking distance. During the road lessons, I learned a lot. I had Richard (the owner) the majority of the time so I got the chance to know him well, such a funny and humble soul. He made learning all the maneuvers very easy and simple. I learned how to do a three point turn and parallel park my first try. The instructors are very patient with the students and they make you feel comfortable and confident being on the road. Monica at the front desk is so nice and helpful, she helped me throughout this entire journey, booking everything and answering all my questions. I took my road test today with Richways and passed my first time. Everyone in this environment is so patient, understanding and friendly, 10/10 recommend!!

Review №45

Awful. Sorry Richard. I hope this driving school improves

Review №46

I did my test last Saturday and passed on the first trial.The owner is easy and the inspector is so professional but very serious.He gave me clear instructions that i followed.Long story short,i recommend this school.

Review №47

Examiner was rude and when I was about to turn i slowed down he told me that I stopped. I drove perfectly but the examiner told me that I performed dangerous maneuver and he was giving me instructions 2 seconds before I can do what he told me. Examiner made up mistakes that I didnt do in order to fail me . Is not a good school and is too expensive therefore it looks like examiner and Richard have deal to fail people . I dont recommend anybody to go to this school👎👎👎👎👎

Review №48

This is the best school to do your driving I have done it and passed so why not you ?

Review №49

This is indeed the best driving school, they offer the best services and their (experienced) instructors treat you with respect and ensure you are to drive safe on the road.

Review №50

I had very good experience at the school with the instructors,did my driving test and passed I recommend to anyone who wants to go for driving classes richways is the best.kudos!!

Review №51

I had a Great experience with their company, i called almost every driving school before i reach out to them but Richways were the best, laid back people, they respond fast and professionally,nice brandnew equipped cars, they also understand ur feelings and they know how to calm you down if youre nervous about your road test- the instructor assigned to me was great he made me ready for the test real quick, ONE DAY! He was nice and funny and at the same time very serious while teaching me which made me ready to deal with the examiner - Im writing this because they deserved it I just passed my Road test from the first time.

Review №52

Great school did 3 lessons and passed my road test.

Review №53

Dont go on the positive reviews on this page. These are most probably from the school itself. I wish I could give less than 1.The place is horrible. Like people before me said that it seems as there is a deal between the owner and examiners. They will fail you for no reason and make you pay again for another road test.On my First test I was making parallel parking and the examiner stopped me in the middle of it and said this is not good and you cant fix it. Lol. Seriously? Let me finish the parking first. I was told only 2 out of 27 passed that day.Second time the same examiner. I did the parallel parking. Three point, stopped at stop sign. Long story short did everything right . When I came back I thought he would say congratulations you passed Instead he said you slowed down after taking the right turn? 😂 Come on you want me to speed up after making a turn or slow down to make safety sure.So I talked to him and he said this was dangerous so you have to come again. When I complained, and was sharing my story with other people who were there for the test, the owner started taking his side and said he is a very fair examiner and when u fail, dont say anything, just leave. Richways Auto school! you are not a charity school People pay you their hard earned money so you make sure they are not cheated with.So I had my children in my car and was waiting for my friend to come and give ride to my kids home cos I had to go to work. So I parked my car in the parking lot. The examiner was taking the test of another student and the owner was in the back seat. They came and parked their car near my car. The owner came out of the car, came to me and said, the examiner says if you dont leave, I am going to call the cops on you. Seriously? But why?? He said cos you are recording us. Haha. I was not. But even if I was, do they even know the law about making videos in a public place? Apparently they did not.I would say if you can find another place,go there if u dont wanna end up in police station just because you tried to question them.You dont want your kids to be in that situation and live with it for the rest of their lives specially when they are 16 years old.By the way I immediately left the place after he threatened me with police cos I did not want my kids 10 years old, 5 years old and 8 months old experience and witness their dad dealing with the cops for no reason.Those who were there that day, if you saw what happened please share your thoughts.Good luck every one. Safe and happy driving.Peace

Review №54

It looks like both Rmv and driving school having deal.. Examiner keep on failing you un necessarilyI don’t understand why examiner is very rude to the people. Don’t go to this place, they will definitely fail you and makes lot of money from you.. better do practice and go to near by Rmv

Review №55

They have good very reception and excellent instructors

Review №56

I never ben there but i was today in 296 w highway at 12:47 pm and the one of the teacher drive a silver car he was driving like a crazy no signals speeding passing through lines so fast i will be worried sending my kids there

Review №57

Overall richeways auto school ll was good.

Review №58

The keep using the less busy streets around their business as a driving range.Get a life, theres no need for me to constantly worry about you scratching my car to make a buck.

Review №59

Great school! Passed on first attempt.

Review №60

Am proud of this school,my son took the JOL class and today passed his road test.I give credit to the school and the the examiner

Review №61

The best driving school ever.

Review №62

Unnecessarily failing students. dont go here

Review №63

Richard is a professional driving school

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