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Review №1

When I came into this I wasn’t expecting much but I was mistaken. Mr. knight is one of the best teachers I could ask for. We would learn many things while having fun. I give this place a 10/10

Review №2

Me.knight makes the class so much more interesting. He shares his stories and makes the learning fun. He’s an great artist and he helps about alot. 10/10

Review №3

Mr. knight is one of the best teachers that are out there. he taught me so many things that i didn’t know about driving, and not only made the whole experience educational, but so much fun too! (he even bribed us with candy- not actually, but he does give out chocolate!) the mountain states drivers education is an amazing place to go if you are wanting to get your permit, and learning how to drive. the service is amazing and the experience was nothing short of amazing. if you are looking for someone to teach you how to drive, i definitely recommend tucker knight! he is an awesome teacher!! :)

Review №4

Mr.Knight is honestly one of the best teachers I’ve ever had! Going into the class I thought it was going to be hard to retain all of the information, but he really makes the class entertaining and fun by relating the lessons to his own experiences which makes it so much easier to learn.

Review №5

This class is fantastic, It really help me with driving and making want to drive and Im learning many thing from this class.This class is really fun and the teacher is amazing with explaining things more clearly.

Review №6

My wife has over eight years driving experience in Spain and we recently moved to Colorado. She needed to take a test here to get her US license and she booked an exam at this center because the dates worked out.They looked for any possible reason to fail her and then had the cheek to offer her classes to help her. Highly unprofessional.

Review №7

The class was very informing and helped me learn so much! My teacher, Mr. Knight, made the class so much better. I was expecting the class to be boring but he made it super fun and enjoyable. The way he taught helped me remember and easily pass my tests. The only suggestion I have is that the chairs get very uncomfortable after 8 hours of sitting.

Review №8

Tucker was a great teacher. He always made sure we understood the content and put lots of emphasis on the “most” important information. He taught us things that were not mentioned in the slide shows but that would help us out later on. He made the class very fun while still effectively teaching us.

Review №9

This was a very nice experience and I appreciate how the instructors were very hwlpful like if you missed some one the tests they would call you over ask you to retake it and to ask for help and if you couldnt handle being around people they would put you in a separate room and they have a bathroom for all of your necessitys

Review №10

Mr. Knight is an amazing teacher. He makes the class fun and still teaches you everything you need to know.

Review №11

Mr knight is the goat best drivers Ed of all time. He makes the class so much more fun.

Review №12

Mr.Knight is one of the best teachers I have had and he dose a great job keeping the class engaged and actually enjoy being there

Review №13

Mr. Knight is a great teacher and I learned a lot in his class. He made it productive, while also making it fun.

Review №14

Mr. Knight is a great teacher and I loved his class. I really enjoyed his teaching style and he really helped me learn a lot. He made what was a boring course really fun and exciting.The one and only bad thing about this class is the chairs. However, Mr. Knight somehow made it easy to forget the uncomfortable chairs and learn. I highly recommend this course with mr knight.

Review №15

The teacher, Mr.Knight is an excellent teacher. He likes to have fun with his students and understands students. He gives us breaks and allows us to learn in a fun way. He is a bit of a goofball, but in a good way. He messes around a bit, but he still gets the job done. We have had many fun times in this class and I would very much recommended him for a teacher.

Review №16

Mr.knight had very funny and awesome stories and I also actually learned something from him.

Review №17

It was nice mr knight lit🙅🏻🧢

Review №18

Mr. Knight is a great teacher! He is very professional, and is amazing at what he does.

Review №19

Mr. Knight is a great teacher, and makes the learning fun and not boring thank youAndrew and leister

Review №20

Mr knight is very cool and nice. Taught us a lot of lessons about driving and life. Wish my school teachers were like him. Blesse

Review №21

Mr. Knight is an amazing teacher who makes the class fun while also teaching all of the information. Can’t recommend it enough!

Review №22

This place made drivers ed very entertaining, all while still teaching me everything i need to know. Huge fan of this place. I recommend Mr. Knight. This is the best driving school experience out of every school in CO.

Review №23

Mr. Knight is the best teacher, he made this class fun and taught rlly well.

Review №24

The instructors are very nice, especially Mr. Knight. The lessons are fun and surprisingly less boring than one would expect. I comprehended the material well and would definitely recommend this place to someone looking for good, comprehensive, and engaging lessons.

Review №25

Chairs are the comfiest but everything else ten out of ten

Review №26

While I was skeptical at first, thinking that the class was gonna be so boring, it was surprisingly very fun, and I learned a lot. Mr. Knight, my teacher made this class very fun and while we were learning a lot, we also knew how to have fun and we all got along really well with each other. I am very thankful for this experience!

Review №27

Mr. Knight was an awesome teacher and makes me so glad I took this class. I think the way that driving was taught here was nade fun and interactive.

Review №28

Mr Knight was great and made a boring 8 hour class fun and easy to remember what we are learning. He also told us about real life experience.

Review №29

Mr.Knight is an amazing instructor who makes learning about driving fun and easy.

Review №30

This place is really good and the only con about this place are the chairs, but everything else was great. Also the driving instructor Mr. knight was really good.

Review №31

10 out of 10, Mr. knight was the bomb. Even had my name as habibi in Kahoot. But it taught me a lot and it was awesome! Please come here if u wanna learn the most out of driving and Mr. Knightnis the best teacher

Review №32

Mr. Knight was a great teacher. He taught us quality values for the road all while having fun and giving us good feedback. This made drivers Ed a lot less tedious.

Review №33

Mr.Knight was a great teacher and helped explain everything very well. He made the class enjoyable and fun.

Review №34

Mr Knight was a great teacher and made learning how to drive fun.

Review №35

The only thing I don’t like about this is the chairs they are really uncomfortable so please get better ones

Review №36

Mountain States Drivers Ed was very helpful and Mr.Knight is a great teacher and creates a great atmosphere

Review №37

Quality establishment. Would recommend!

Review №38

This is such a good combination of fun and educational learning I like how they take time to make sure everyone understands what we learn I also like how it is fun and enjoyable I really liked mr knight he was super fun while being educational and helping us learn!! Everyone is very kind and caring here!!

Review №39

Mr. Knight is about as great as a teacher gets. Class is entertaining and is extremely informative.

Review №40

Best Drivers Ed course(If you take it Mr. Knight is the teacher you want)

Review №41

My experience was amazing I was in the class and the way he taught was a really easy way to learn and he in my opinion is a great teacher beacuse he will go out of his way to make sure you understand that you know how to do it and will help you in every thing he can do

Review №42

They taught really well and they were very nice.Mr.Knight(the teacher I had) was an amazing teacher and was very funny and kind so we had fun and learned everything we needed.I suggest you do the in person because the online wasn’t very good but the in person was amazing.

Review №43

Very easy to understand, had some extremely fun stories, request Mr. Knight he teaches more about personal experience instead of a book, which is frankly easier to learn.

Review №44

He is the best I have ever had!!!

Review №45

The class was very informative and interactive I would always recommend to people. (Just a warning the instructor has a tempature intolerance so bring a thick sweatshirt.)

Review №46

He was a amazing teacher! He was very clear with his teaching!

Review №47

Mr.Knight was my favorite teacher of all time! He was very friendly and instructional. He answered all of my questions. The lessons were very accurate and definitely helped understand the basics of driving.

Review №48

Taught in a unique way that helped everyone learn and even taught the things not in the slide.

Review №49

Mr.Knight is a great teacher teaches everything he teaches is good and clear to understand and he makes it fun.

Review №50

I thought taking drivers Ed would be boring but Mr. Knight made it 100x better! He made the class more relatable to the content we were learning! I definitely learned more about driving than I would have thought!

Review №51

The teacher made things really fun to learn and it was a really fun time, I actually learned things

Review №52

Good things to know taught extremely well by Mr. Knight. Learned how to change a tire.

Review №53

It was an amazing class. A lot of hands on experiences and Mr. Knight made the class a fun, enjoyable time. The only suggestion I have is the chairs aren’t very comfortable for sitting in for 8 hours.

Review №54

It was really fun and I learn quite a bit.

Review №55

Mr Knight is the best teacher I have ever had!

Review №56

This class was perfect for drivers ed students. I learnt more in 4 days then I did in my 14 years of life. Tucker Knight related the content to real situations and made it engaging.

Review №57

I had a lot of fun in the class and learned a lot. I feel prepared for when I get on the road.

Review №58

I learned so much in four days and the lessons are a lot less boring than they seem

Review №59

Great teacher found the perfect balance of keeping it fun and educational classroom was fun would highly recommend.

Review №60

I have learned a lot from this class. I would highly recommend taking it. There was a lot of information that I hadn’t learned before, now I feel very prepared for when I start driving. Thanks to Mr. Knight I feel more confident about taking my permit test and for future life experiences.

Review №61

Tucker is a g and he made drivers Ed a lot less boring than I expected 100% recommend.

Review №62

I took my daughter to her driving classes and lessons here. Tucker Knight was her driving instructor and he was AMAZING! As a mom, struggling with her first child getting on the road, he was not only professional but he gave her lifelong tips and put my mind at ease.I will be telling all of my friends to request Tucker at Mountain States Driving School in Windsor!

Review №63

This class was fun but serous and had a great time in the class they taught me a lot and helped me pass my permit test

Review №64

Learned alot, excellent teachers are here, very understanding and keep it fun the whole time while we learn, using the Kahoot as a way to practice

Review №65

I had a fun time learning. Mr. Knight explained things really well and if someone didnt understand anything he made sure he explained it better and played more Kahoots to help us.

Review №66

Ciriculum is straightforward and and the instructors are ready to help you at any time. Would recommend.

Review №67

When I was taking this class, I had my doubts but after the first day I was actually pretty excited to go to class. I had Bruce and he made the class funny and not boring. They do very well on teaching to make sure you pass. If you are looking for a place pick this place. Try and ask for Bruce as your teacher.

Review №68

It was a nice class and was fun. It was very informative and I’m happy to now be able to change a tire. Great teacher who taught us a lot about safety and all that Jazz.

Review №69

Note: this is being written before I have taken the permit test.I enjoyed this course because it was fun and we got to play Kahoot to review. My instructor was named Bruce and he made the class much more fun than it probably would have been. I mostly understood the content, we have also been doing quizzes I have done well on all of them. I have not taken the permit test yet so I am not sure if this class has prepared me yet. At this moment I would strongly recommend Windsor Mountain States Driving School.

Review №70

It was perfect for what I needed. At first I was sceptical if I would enjoy. But it turned out to be fun and enjoyable so I was actually glad to go back. I was able to learn more than i though i ever would. But the whip was a bit much.

Review №71

I really enjoyed this class. The instructors taught me a lot about the rules of the road and I feel a lot better than I was when I first came to the class when it comes to driving. I now feel prepared to get on the road

Review №72

This course was very informative taught me lots of stuff. Met new people instructors were pretty fun. They made the class a lot more enjoyable then I was expecting it to be. Kaleb was a super fun instructor who made the class more enjoyable.

Review №73

I really loved this class. I learned a lot and the class was very fun. I also really liked that we watched videos and we did worksheets

Review №74

Great place and great teachers. Very professional 👍

Review №75

I learned a lot about driving in this class and I am not as scared to start driving anymore. The instructors were really good and fun and explained everything really well.

Review №76

I enjoyed getting my drivers ed done at mountain states. it was a great place to get my drivers ed completed. i think personally this course was extremely helpful and taught me a lot about driving and being safe on the roads.

Review №77

This class was fun and cool. I learned a lot and it was a great class with a great instructor. The instructor explained things thoroughly and was funny. I definitely know and understand everything. Overall though it was a great class.

Review №78

It was really fun and the communication was good and it made the quizzes easier

Review №79

Really great place. Instructors are awesome and really nice and helpful. Really great place to get permit and lessons.

Review №80

My experience being in this course was great! Caleb, our instructor was fantastic! He taught us a lot of information on driving and what to do in certain situations. Even though its an 8 hour class for each day you attend, he made learning everything quite fun from Kahoots and some videos on driving and sometimes movies during breaks and lunch.

Review №81

This course is designed for hands on learning and that is very helpful. I learned many important techniques throughout this course. My experience was very good with learning how to drive especially in emergency situations.

Review №82

This class was very fun and interesting, I learned a lot and I’m glad that I did the course. The instructor was great and was really good at explaining and relating what we were talking about to real life. I really liked the class and I feel that it was a big help.

Review №83

The instructor Kaleb made this class more exciting and enjoyable. I didn’t want to come in and spend my 4 day weekend doing more school, but Kaleb made sure that we all enjoyed ourselves as well as learn.

Review №84

I passed my test also the guy was very awesome talked through what I need too work on and very friendly!!!

Review №85

This class is amazing and fun. I learned quite a bit of traffic laws, and just laws and rules in general. I look forward to passing the permit test and driving!!!

Review №86

8 hours a day, for 4 days straight can be hard for a bunch of teens who just want to learn how to drive, but the instructors are so much fun and make learning how to drive easy. The videos and slides were very informational and taught me so much so I’m prepared to get behind the wheel and share the road with other drivers!

Review №87

This was a great learning experience and it taught me alot of things. Both my instructors where amazing and they both were very friendly and kinda. Definitely feel I learned alot of things from this class that will helpme in life.

Review №88

I learned a lot at Mountain States, I would recommend this course to my friends and family who are looking for a good drivers ed class. I feel prepared and ready to start driving (once I take my permit test).

Review №89

Mountain states drivers Ed in Windsor is awesome. Classes only last 4 days which is a plus in my opinion. Ive had a good experience so far, I Definitely recommend them.

Review №90

While yes it was helpful but i guess its mainly cause I new litterally NOTHING before attending the classes. I feel i really just read the book i would come out with the same knowledge i gained here. while the teachers were ok they need to slow down with there lectures a lot! its always so hard to take notes and follow along. it was fun hanging out with my friend Tessa and meeting my friend new Cannon though cause there cool 😎

Review №91

This class was great. It was very productive and hands on. The instructor was and knew how to teach.

Review №92

Drivers ed is very cool because the instructor always makes me feel like I am a child of God

Review №93

It was an amazing experience, especially with Bruce, he was the one who made the whole class! Even though I already got my permit it’s a nice place to learn in a different manor, which is always welcome

Review №94

Caileb was super nice. Thank you

Review №95

Very long classes but it’s fun because you get to meet new people and learn to drive.

Review №96

I thought Mountain Stares Drivers Ed was very good. Information was taught in many different ways and repeated making it easier to remember information that helps me through my driving experience.

Review №97

I really enjoyed this school. I thought this school taught me a lot important skills and ways to be a responsible driver. The class is very fun and it is easy to learn about driving. I really hope you join this school because it awesome and very helpful for you.

Review №98

I thought this drivers ed class was very helpful. I learned a lot, and I feel more prepared to be on the road.

Review №99

It was an efficient and good place to learn how to drive, but sometimes it got a little boring and there was a lot of videos that you had to watch. Other than that, it was great.

Review №100

My experience here was good because I learned a lot I have learned how to drive and the laws on the road the first instructor was amazing and the last was amazing also.

4.9 Rating
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