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Yost Driving School

Review №1

Apparently your older instructors have issues with controlling their anger. My son’s vehicle broke down in Derby today in front of your wrapped white four door vehicle. The man diving screamed at my son and myself and honked in a belligerent manner. We had turned our hazards on but they were dim due to mechanical issues. His screaming and honking made us feel very unsafe and humiliated us. Your drivers need to set a better example. The Derby PD was contacted. Road rage is unacceptable.

Review №2

Fantastic experience and would highly recommend! They take great care of you as a customer and your student. You cant go wrong when they serve you donuts :) Super friendly staff and drivers, the environment just puts you at ease.

Review №3

Great communication from the first test with the owner, the explanations from the office manager and to the last text with the driving instructor. Great learning atmosphere for the class. Daniel, the driving instructor was very calm during the 6 hours on the road, communicated with the parents and was very punctual.

Review №4

Our son was so excited to drive and then CoVid hit and his desire flagged. Using Yost Driving School to help him wrap up the process of getting his drivers license was easier than imagined. The staff are knowledgeable and friendly. My son drove with Daniel and it was a great experience. Daniel is patient and calm. He was prompt and professional. Can’t recommend enough.

Review №5

Good class. Daniel was terrific, very patient as he took our son out on the road for the first time. It was so convenient that he came to our house to pick him up for his driving hours!

Review №6

Had lots of fun in the class! They made the whole day full of excitement, pizza, desserts, plus a scavenger hunt! Personally my driving instructor was great! Daniel made sure I fully understood every procedure while driving ! Definitely recommend Yost driving school!

Review №7

Weve used Yost for two of our kids so far and plan to use them for the other three when the time comes. My son just finished up his behind-the-wheel part with Daniel, who was kind and helpful. Daniel was sure to discuss how our son did with either my husband or myself after driving sessions, which was very helpful. I highly recommend this driving school.

Review №8

We recently used Yost Driving School for my 15 year old and was very pleased with the individualized attention everyone in the class received. His driving instructor, Daniel, was very patient and made learning fun. My son looked forward to his driving days with Daniel. I plan to use Yost again for my younger son next summer.

Review №9

100% worth it. I just completed the 6 hours behind the wheel and it was probably one the best times Ive had behind the wheel so far. Great instructor, great car, AMAZING communication.

Review №10

The best driving school in Wichita, All the instructors are very professional and knowledgeable. My wife Sahira Bano just got her Drivers license through them and she was very impressed Especially by driving instructor Dan Smith he was kind and very professional and very detail oriented. We highly recommend the driving school and Instructor DAN SMITH .

Review №11

I recently did driver’s ed at Yost, and I had a very positive experience. The class was fun and engaging. My instructor was really good. They have a very nice facility as well.

Review №12

We had a great experience using Yost Driving School for our youngest. Everyone we talked to was kind and helpful. His driving instructor, Daniel, was helpful and calm. My son learned a lot and said it wasn’t stressful!

Review №13

All the people are wonderful there, they are all so nice! I had a great experience they give you some yummy sweet treats and beverages that you can just grab. I love it.

Review №14

I attended the driving school and it was a tremendous experience. I feel comfortable driving behind the wheel, as well as educated. The experience walking in was very professional, homely and welcoming. The school covers necessary topics. The driving instructor was very informative and had teaching experience so he was well equipped for the job. I highly recommend anyone shopping around for a driving school to come here.

Review №15

This class is wayyyyy better than taking the written test at the DMV

Review №16

We had such a great experience with Yost Driving School. We will definitely be back with the rest of our kids!

Review №17

I had such a great experience with yost driving school class and along with my great instructor Daniel! I appreciate the great things they taught me and I look forward to tell people about this amazing driving school!

Review №18

THANK YOU YOST!! I had a fantastic and easy experience here at Yost. I was worried about how many steps there are for getting a drivers license, but now that I got it, it felt like 5 easy steps and I’m done with my tests and driving test. I promise they teach you everything you need to know in a visual and not technical mumbo-jumbo. I finally got my parents off my back about driving and was glad to meet good people like my driving instructor Daniel Smith.10/10, Jordan Estrada

Review №19

Extremely helpful! Daniel was my sons driving instructor, very punctual and provided great feedback.Id highly recommend Yost.

Review №20

I had a great experience at Yost Driving School. They are nice people and very professional.Thank you, Mr. Yost and Mr.Don McKeown ...

Review №21

My daughter was very nervous about learning to drive. The professional, calm instructor taught her a tremendous amount of driving skills along with a healthy respect for driving. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for her and will have all of my children go through this driving school in the future.

Review №22

My son just did drivers ed about 2 weeks ago. He really enjoyed it. He felt comfortable with the instructor, it was nice to just finish everything within 2 class and he is looking forward to doing the one on one driving time which was a big selling point for us. The staff is really easy to talk to and we loved our experience.

Review №23

Great people, very helpful information from the instructors. My wife just came to United States so there were a lot of things she doesnt know that I couldnt explain it all on my own, but the Yosts instructors explained them all to her. Also, the classroom is brand new, not like other classrooms from different schools here in town. They also have donuts and soda drinks for you when youre studying the permit. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Review №24

Yost driving school (and auto sales services for that matter) is the most respectable business to go to for anything to do with your car. Great people and great service. They have integrity and make sure their customers are happy!

Review №25

I would 100% suggest going here. The instructors are very kind and thorough. I’ve had many friends and family go through this driving school and they came out of it a great driver as well as a great experience.

Review №26

The online school is not convenient because we still had to go into the school for registration/testing. We also felt it was extremely difficult for my son to follow along via video and stay focused. Mr Yost is a nice guy, but we are not a fan of the online program. We will see how the driving goes.

Review №27

This place is awesome! He explains things so well and is very easy to understand. I highly recommend. Great for all ages! 5 stars.

Review №28

Very friendly, were still going though the class and have yet to start the driving portion, but customer service seems excellent to this point!

Review №29

Very kind and helpful. Was quite disarming for my anxious 14year old. Made class time move quickly and memorable and they were extremely accommodating with the followup driving hours over the next several weeks. My son has developed into a fine driver during there tutalage.

Review №30

Really Great experience with Yost Driving School. Russ is great with the kids and my daughter enjoyed the one on one drive time with him. He picks the kids up at your house and has two hour driving sessions with them. Highly recommended!!!

Review №31

A great experience for our 14 yr. old! Russ handles the 8 hour classroom instruction very well and Daniel helped our son gain a lot of confidence on the road. Highly recommended!

Review №32

My son had a great experience here. Instructors were extremely helpful and the driving instructor was patient and thorough. Will definitely use them again in the future.

Review №33

Our 14 year old son completed driving school with Yost. We would highly recommend them! Everyone we dealt with was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you!

Review №34

Great place to learn to drive, definitely one of the better driving schools in the ICT area

Review №35

Appreciated the effort made to make this time fun and valuable for my student. Small classes and personalized attention were a plus too!

Review №36

I passed the driving test

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