Warriors Way Martial Arts
4020 Rhea Rd #7c, Wichita Falls, TX 76308, United States
Warriors Way Martial Arts

Review №1

I love this place. Excellent and hard working family business that cares! My son has been a student for 2 years and they have addressed issues he has had at school all the way to working with parent to make your child a better human being. A++++

Review №2

We absolutely love Warriors Way! Our daughter, Olivia, is not only able to work off some energy in a constructive way, she is also learning about respect and discipline. I love that she is learning how to defend herself and that the Academy emphasizes that the skills she is learning should only be used for self-defense. Warriors Way focuses on increasing self-confidence and the instructors are excellent at encouraging the kids every chance they get. Even though the children are being encouraged as much as possible, they are also being taught that hard work is required. They may all receive a medal at a tournament, but the instructors do give special recognition to the students that have worked the hardest. Thank you Warriors Way for being awesome!

Review №3

For the test to get a black belt the adults basically beat up little kids and it is just cruel.

Review №4

Let me start off by saying that I was a customer and student of Warriors Way adult classes, but never an employee. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and do a great job of teaching. They acknowledge not everyone is there for the same reason but still motivate the students (regardless of their experience or age) to reach their full potential, as any good coach would do. Warriors Way Martial Arts creates an atmosphere which promotes personal growth, comradeship, and enjoyment.You may not always see the reasons behind some of the training methods, but they never do anything just because. If you see the kids class popping training dummies with bandannas or playing dodge ball, they are probably working on training hand-eye coordination and reaction time using methods that are more enjoyable for children. If you ever want to know why, the instructors would be more than happy to explain.In short, I highly recommend Warriors Way for martial arts training.

Review №5

Warriors Way is a great place for children of all ages. Our daughter absolutely loves the classes, and staff. As do we! Her self esteem, and confidence has greatly improved, as well as her respect for herself and for others. Not to mention she has a new love for physical fitness. Warriors Way is amazing and if your child is not enrolled, than you are missing out!

Review №6

Warriors Way has been the most detailed, analytical, concise and systematic martial arts curriculum I have ever experienced. The Full Instructors are incredibly talented, humble, and helpful. There has never been a question that I asked that was not answered 100% clearly with an enthusiasm. You can tell the teachers love what they do and they are very good at it. I recommend anyone interested in learning self defense, weapons, or even just general fitness give it a try.! I have made more progress in 1 year of study with them than any single year in my martial arts career!!

Review №7

As a practicing martial artist of 40+ years and full time instructor for the last 25 years, I have never found a more complete martial arts program. Above that, the quality of instruction has produced some of the best martial artist and the kindness and acceptance of the entire staff makes me feel like family. I could tran with anyone I choose and even though I live a state away, I travel regularly to to WARRIORS WAY to learn from the absolute best.

Review №8

Warriors Way Martial Arts Academy in Wichita Falls is perfect for any age! From toddlers to adolescents to adults! The staff is amazing and the facility is incredible. The after school program is the best in Texoma hands down! The children learn discipline, respect, self defense, build self confidence, and all while having FUN! My son loves it and my future children will too. They have multiple events throughout the whole year for great, safe family fun! Highly recommended!!!

Review №9

Warriors Way truly is an exceptional program. My daughter has been there for about a year- she loves it. She says her instructors are a lot of fun and she loves all the extra activities they do throughout the year. I love having the peace of mind knowing that my daughter is learning life skills in a very stable environment. I cant say enough about the program.

Review №10

Warriors Way is an amazing program. Our child has gained so much confidence. He was nervous when we moved here from our last military base. Warriors Way helped with that transition. We love the after school program as well. The Warriors Way family focuses on martial arts, academics, ensuring your child learns coping skills, among many other things. I am very grateful for this program.

Review №11

Our Pediatrician recommended Warriors Way to teach our son to be a leader, not a follower, because he started school early. We are so happy he did. You could not ask for a more outstanding group to contribute in raising your child to be a an exceptional, well rounded child. Not only has he learned to be a leader, but has achieved so much more than that, and he loves it! The Owners/Leaders have chosen the most wonderful instructors to aide in teaching your child to be their best. Our son has been attending for over three years, and we could not be happier with their organization. Choose Warriors Way today for your family, you will not be disappointed!

Review №12

I have been a part of Warriors Way for the past 15 years. As one of the few who has grown up and been through all programs (Kids, Jr. Black Belt, Teens, and Adults) I can vouch for the excellence of this association not only for the martial skills and physical attributes it encourages but also for the character and confidence it develops. My life has been enriched by the training I have done at Warriors Way and the family I have found there. Hope to see you soon!

Review №13

My 5 year old started going about a year ago and he has loved it since day one. He loves the instructors up there and they keep him involved. They seem like they have had experience teaching kids. It is so great seeing him learn so much but at the same time laugh all the time. He says thank you and please now also yes mam and no mam. It has really been a improvement.

Review №14

We absolutely love WW! My son has been attending for over 2 years. He goes at least once a week and would love to go everyday. WW has a new curriculum each month and sends home materials to help reinforce what they are working on at home. It is not just about self defense. WW partners with parents to help children become productive members of society and not just think about themselves. My son has learned not to fight but how pick his battles. He has gained integrity and self confidence. This program is fabulous. Call now and get on the waiting is worth it!

Review №15

My child has been going to this academy for over a year now. And she suffers with add and aspergers syndrome. She has improved in ways I never could get out of doctors or teachers. She now has improved in all social situations and self control. And is learning great art while learning self defence.Warriors way offers class for children as young as 3 to adults.I highly recommend this academy to anyone wanting to learn martial arts and the craft of self defence.The instructors are patient and highly skilled in their craft.

Review №16

Thank you Warriors Way for bringing together your elite group of martial arts instructors. I traveled over 1600 mi to Wichita Falls, TX to learn JKD and Filipino Martial Arts from the best. Some great stick and knife work and trapping on day one. Cant wait for day two. -Mike L.

Review №17

If you want to learn martial arts from the best this is the place to do it!!! Warriors Way is like a second home, it has an amazing family atmosphere with great professional staff who encourage growth and skill development. Come try a class, I cant recommend it highly enough!

Review №18

Warriors Way is a wonderful place. I cannot say enough good things about the care, love and discipline my child receives while he is there. The lessons he has learned, whether it be physical, emotional or life lesson is worth its weight in GOLD. The staff is amazing and is committed to given 100%. We would not want to be any where else.

Review №19

Warriors Way provides some of the best martial arts training. But, they are really in the business of building better people. If you are looking for a great way to upgrade your life, then there is no better place than Warriors Way International.

Review №20

Recently I moved to Texas and I found at Warriors Way Texas what I was looking for, top class martial arts instruction in a friendly environment. Guro Harley and his instructor will make you feel at home, although the training will be tough... and fun.If you are looking to learn to defend yourself and your family, this is one of the best places, no doubt.

Review №21

This place is fantastic. The instructors really hep build up confidence and self-discipline while teaching self defense skills applicable in the real world. I highly recommend them.

Review №22

Thank you so much for all the hard work you do for our kids! I think T has been there for about 8 years and it has definitely exceeded our expectations. I cant begin to tell you what a blessing you have been to us. You have been instrumental in helping us to teach T to be respectful, to strive for excellence and the benefits of hard work. Your program teaches these kids to make morally correct decisions, that there are repercussions for their actions and that you become a winner thru hard work. But most of all you really love these kids and love what you do. You create WINNERS!!

Review №23

My daughter has attended Warriors Way Martial Arts for the past two years and she absolutely loves it. Her confidence level has increased tenfold as she learns new skills she never thought she could master. The lessons of respect, health and physical training she receives at Warriors Way definitely carry over to other aspects of her life at home, school, sports, etc. Guro Harley Elmore and his wife Krystal are very dedicated to the programs they offer, as are the staff and instructors they employ. I trust Warriors Way to pick up my daughter from school every afternoon and I would recommend them to anyone.

Review №24

Warriors Way is the place to go if you are looking for the best and most thourough knowledge base in the martial arts. However, with a top-notch facility and a staff that treats you like family, their main focus is the personal growth and development of their students, both young and old. My younger brother train together here, and it is an amazing experience every time!

Review №25

Warriors Way is the best! For an exceptional training experience and lasting relationships in the martial world this is the place to go! World class instructors and an outstanding curriculum program. Thank you for all you do!

Review №26

Awesome school with great people. They have always treated us as a part of a large family. WWMA truly exhibits a true since of community and family. My son and daughter love the staff very much especially Mrs. Crystal and Melissa.

Review №27

We have been more than satisfied with the change in our kids enrolled at Warriors Way. They have grown so much since they began classes. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. We arent just members we are part of a family.

Review №28

I love Warriors Way academy. I cant say enough nice things about it. They care about the kids!!! They are involved in their lives. It isnt a place where a child will be lost in the crowd. We appreciate the extra things that they do. Every year they host an Easter Egg hunt and a Halloween party. The parents are only asked to help with food (Halloween) or bring eggs to the Easter egg hunt. I think in this day and age where everyone feels nickel and dimed this organization just does it for the love of the kids. My son thrives there and my daughter is anxiously awaiting her birthday so that she can start too.I dont want to leave out the fact that it is a wonderful Martial Arts Academy. My son has learned so much!!

Review №29

I have been a part of the Warriors Way family for thirteen years. It has been an amazing journey, I have made many friends and have grown as a person and martial artist. You will find no better instruction. There is not a better group of people anywhere.

Review №30

This is the best program I could have ever put my child in!!! He has ADHD and this provides him the structure, consistency, and discipline he needs to learn to cope with his disorder. I have seen him grow so much and mature through their training. With the help of their program, we are slowly weaning him off his prescription medications. He is always so excited about the awards, new belts, etc. that he receives but has also learned about great sportsmanship and what it takes to be a part of team. Thank you to Warriors Way and their awesome staff!

Review №31

We are very pleased with Warriors Way. Our daughter, Sarenna, loves going and has had such a positive experience. She has gained such self confidence and strength. She is so proud of herself and so are we. Thank you Warriors Way!

Review №32

Training at Warriors Way has been such an amazing experience! The instructors are the very best, and getting to share it all with my daughter has been so awesome! They are our extended family:)

Review №33

Warriors Way is an excellent place to better yourself. You will find inspiration and motivation from the instructors and staff. I recommend it highly.

Review №34

Warriors Way international is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in each and every student in or out of town. Highly recommend.

Review №35

Warriors Way is the best place to train martial arts in Texoma. I have been training at Warriors Way for 15 year. The staff is top notch and the facilities are the best in the area. If you are in Wichita Falls you really have only one choise for martial arts training: Warriors Way.

Review №36

Great place for people to learn self defense and build confidence. Warriors Way is an awesome community of people working towards the same goal.

Review №37

This place is an absolute waste of money. Let me start off by saying the majority if not all of the people that wrote reviews are employed by Warriors way. The office staff is disgustingly rude and have no customer service skills! Aside from terrible help, out of a 45-50 minute class, they spend 20 minutes playing dodge ball! I do not pay all that money for my son to learn how to throw balls at people! The instructors are for the most part nice, but every child will not get a fair shot. I can honestly say my sons self esteem has been damaged here, and has learned that hard work does not pay off!!! We will certainly be finding a better equipped and friendlier place for my son to practice martial arts!!

Review №38

Warriors Way is a great place to train and become part of something great. Kids program is top notch and adult program is really world class.

Review №39

This is the place to train in Texas! If you are a parent of a child that is having bully or discipline problems, a person looking to up their fitness or a person who is looking to defend themselves and their family. Get with the excellent staff and instructors here. They can help you reach your goals.

Review №40

Warriors way is one of the best organizations I have had the pleasure to be apart of10/10 would train there.

Review №41

Great Academy my son learns not only self defense but discipline and respect as well.

Review №42

Are you looking for a practical martial arts system to protect you and your loved ones? Are you looking for a group of like minded folks who are seeking self improvement every day? Then youve found the place. They teach a combination of martial arts (Filipino martial arts is my favorite), as well as muy Thai, jkd, bjj,... Definitely stop by and have a look!

Review №43

My girls have been attending for almost a year. They look forward to an opportunity to attend. Highlight of their day.

Review №44

Aweosme place for kids to learn patients, respect, responsibility and how to Defend them selfs. Staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №45

Strait up trash......

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