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Westlake Music Academy

Review №1

Words cannot adequately express how much I am enjoying studying classical guitar at the Westlake Music Academy. I have been studying classical guitar with Tom Ray since September, 2020. My Friday afternoon lessons with Tom are truly a highlight of my entire week. After having played accoustic and electric guitar for many years in church settings and as a practicing music therapist, Tom has worked with me in becoming much more proficient, especially in regards to the right hand. In addition, there are times near the end of the lesson, when Tom is helping me to expand my knowledge in classical guitar literature by playing selections, either himself or on his IPad. I can honestly state that every etude or piece Ive studied with Tom has been an absolute enjoyment; I look forward to my practice sessions. The Westlake Academy and Tom Ray deserve five stars.

Review №2

My daughter has developed such a love of the violin in a very short time at Westlake Music Academy. She has made tremendous progress in her skill level and confidence, and gets genuinely excited about each new piece she masters. Her orchestra instructors at school have also noticed a difference in her growth. I believe her Westlake instructor, Clara, is giving her a lifelong love of music, in addition to practical skills as a violinist. I’m planning to sign my son up for guitar lessons as well. I wholeheartedly recommend this studio!

Review №3

Westlake Music Academy is a wonderful facility for all ages who are interested in pursuing their musical interest. The staff is knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Vocal Instructor Andrea Soncina is exceptional!

Review №4

James and the piano teachers at Westlake Music Academy are incredible! My daughter has excelled at reading music and developing piano skills in a very short period of time. She not only has excelled musically, but has also developed confidence, self-discipline, and a love of music. Cher has been an amazing influence on my daughter and has made learning the piano both fun and interesting. I could not be happier with my experience at WMA!

Review №5

Westlake Music Academy has provided me an outstanding experience for classical guitar lessons. I have a disability that causes tremors and loss of dexterity in my hands. They have provided an environment of professionalism, understanding, and patience, which allows me to gradually progress at my own pace with dignity. They celebrate my small accomplishments and encourage me to keep moving forward to meet my goals, even when the physical challenges seem insurmountable. No matter how difficult my day has been before my lesson, I always feel optimistic and so much better after my lesson.Some may say Im foolish pursuing guitar lessons, considering my physical challenges, but I say Im blessed to have the opportunity provided by Westlake Music Academy.

Review №6

We started at Westlake Music Academy in August and the experience has been great. We had two piano teachers and both have done a great job with my 5 and 6 year old. Highly recommend!

Review №7

The Westlake Music Academy is very organized and professional. My son is really enjoy his drum lessons with Nathan. Nathan is well educated and knowledgeable in his field. And the parking is great!!

Review №8

We are so happy here at Westlake Academy. The teachers and staff are so kind, supportive and knowledgeable. The best music instruction on west side. Thank you for all you do. My grandson loves it.

Review №9

Joe has really been a great guitar teacher. I feel I’m learning so much and he’s been extremely patient with me. I’m so glad I decided to take lessons at Westlake Music Academy.

Review №10

My granddaughter takes voice and it has been a wonderful experience for her. Mary is wonderful and my granddaughter continues to develop beautifully. Thank you so very much!!

Review №11

The voice lessons I take at Westlake Music Academy are awesome! Im so glad I started them and Samantha is a great teacher! Would highly recommend taking lessons at WMA!

Review №12

The whole WMA staff is great to work with, and goes out of their way to help out their students.

Review №13

WMA is such a professional and warm place. The director James makes sure we have a suitable teacher and a time fits our schedule. He’s on the phone all the time but still checks with students to see if everything is good. My teacher Liliye is an amazing teacher. She has lots of passion on teaching and her suggestions are right to the point. She’s good at analogizing the melody with colors, songs, or scenes, easily helping my piano playing more vividly. I truly recommend this place to everyone who wants to learn music.

Review №14

Incredible experience with Westlake Music Academy - truly one of the best that Cleveland has to offer. They do an excellent job of pairing you or your child with an instructor that matches where they are on their musical journey with the right personality fit. Ive been working with John K and have improved 10x since joining WMA. I would highly recommend them to anyone in town.

Review №15

Easy to setup the schedule and the piano teacher is great.

Review №16

My daughter started her piano lesson here since she was 5. I was worried that she would not like the lesson since she is young and easily gets bored. Her teacher Ms. Liliya is awesome! She has always been patient and thoughtful for the kids. She prepared games and different ways to motivate them. Ms. Liliya really cares about the kids’ body and hand position when they are playing, which I think it is very important for a beginner. She teaches her not only playing piano but also enjoy and appreciate the music. We feel so lucky to have her as my daughter’s first teacher of piano!

Review №17

I am currently receiving piano lessons from Margot and she is outstanding! She is very patient and her experience is valuable. Margot is great with adults learning to play the piano.

Review №18

My son, much like I did when I was his age wanted to play the drums. I am so thrilled that we chose Westlake Music Academy.His instructor, Daniel Raney, is the perfect teacher for him. Hes patient, breaks things down so that its easy for my son to digest the new things that he is being shown. Daniel is a great role model for my son to emulate on the drums.I could have used that kind of teaching method when I was learning to play the drums.

Review №19

Our daughter is loving flute lessons and loves Jackie! We are so happy and love Jackie! We hear her getting better everyday and is progressing so well. We love the school and appreciate all Jackie’s hard work!

Review №20

Great learning experience. Gary Granings teaching makes me look forward to practicing the piano! I live in Chicago so my lessons are conducted via zoom and they remain fun and rewarding.

Review №21

I have been taking piano lessons with Nicole for about six months. Nicole customized my lesson plan, taking into consideration my skill level when I first approached her (adult beginner), where I wanted to go (recreational classical pianist for personal enjoyment), and what my work/life balance was (too much work, not enough life). Nicole teaches me the fundamentals and technique, but she also exposes me to classical music that I had never experienced before, complete with the history behind the composer and compositions. I have made tremendous progress under her tutelage, and I’m playing pieces I wouldn’t have imagined six months ago. I’m giving five stars and two thumbs up for Nicole and Westlake Music Academy!

Review №22

My 8 year old son has been taking piano lessons with Zachary Lynn and I couldnt be more pleased. With having to take virtual lessons due to the pandemic, we struggled to find a teacher who could really connect with him in that environment. James Flood really took the time to talk and listen to me to really make sure that he was connecting him with a teacher that was a good fit for him. Zachary really takes the time out in every lesson to make sure that first and foremost he in connecting with my son, which makes engagement so much easier, especially in a virtual environment. His lesson content is fluid and exciting, and allows for my son to feel empowered by what hes learning to play around beyond the work of the lesson. Would absolutely 100% recommend, especially to those with highly sensitive children.

Review №23

My daughter has been taking violin lessons with Miss Clara for almost a year now, and she has come a long way thanks to Miss Clara! Miss Clara is so patient with my daughters many questions and always brings a fun energy to every lesson! Miss Clara is great about coming up with different ways to explain and demonstrate concepts to find the best way for my daughter to learn. Miss Clara also takes the time to answer any questions I as a parent have - by email, phone, or text. We have enjoyed learning violin with the Westlake Music Academy!

Review №24

My daughter who started learning to play the piano last year have grown a lot in her skill for a short period of time. Dr. Gary is amazing and she is always looking forward to her piano lesson. He keeps his lessons with her engaging for her age while also challenging her to be better each week. His lessons and approach to teaching makes it easier for her to retain her learnings. James is also very helpful in accommodating our scheduling needs and in checking in regularly. I highly recommend them.

Review №25

Ms. Sam is amazing.

Review №26

My son has been taking piano lesson here for about 6 months (weekly lesson). He has enjoyed and been challenged learning to read music, playing the piano, and preparing for a recital. His piano teacher has been a very positive adult in his life and one of the main reasons he enjoys going each week. The teacher has made the music fun by teaching the basics along with teaching songs my sons knows from culture, movies, games, etc...

Review №27

I see Mary once a week at Westlake Music Academy! She is so knowledgable, helpful, and kind. I love my weekly sessions with her and always look forward to them. I have noticed massive improvements since beginning my lessons here 6 months ago. I highly, HIGHLY, recommend you look into lessons here if you are interested in improving your instrument/singing skills.

Review №28

I love Westlake Music Academy and my violin teacher Clara. The academy is run in a relaxed yet professional manner. My teacher is excellent. She listens and shes well-trained as both a player and a teacher.

Review №29

I have taken piano lessons with Bill for about two months. He is a great teacher. He has a unique ability to tailor each lesson to exactly what I need to hear to move forward in my learning. I am an adult with a challenging schedule and cannot always devote the time I need to practicing. Bill has taught me techniques to maximize the time I do have. He is very knowledgeable and encouraging. I am enjoying my lessons very much.

Review №30

Samantha has worked wonders correcting many years of bad vocal habits. She is patient and makes learning challenging and fun. I look forward to my lesson each week.

Review №31

John is a great guitar teacher. He creates a comfortable learning environment and explains concepts at a level I can understand. Does a good job understanding my goals and helping me work toward them.

Review №32

Westlake Music Academy is a quality business with talented, professional teachers. James is an excellent communicator and my son loves his guitar teacher! I would highly recommend Westlake Music Academy for lessons!

Review №33

Mary was my teacher for 2 months so far and it’s been amazing. She was extremely patient, kind and made the entire experience fun and helpful. I used to be nervous about singing in front of others but she has really helped me through that!

Review №34

I have been taking guitar lessons with John for about 5 months. I am very impressed with his musical knowledge and ability. I am interested in understanding theory and he incorporates that into the lessons. He is very patient and encouraging. My daughter is taking voice lessons with Sam and it is clear James has some very high quality instructors.

Review №35

Im an adult cello student coming back to my instrument after a 25 year absence. Trevor, my wonderful teacher, has been very patient getting me back up to speed. While Im taking lessons for fun, I also have a very specific goal in mind. I want to be able to play with a community orchestra in a years time. Trevor has been very amenable to my goal, tailoring my lessons to that goal, pushing me to play better. I want him to correct my technique or anything that will improve my playing. He does so in a very kind manner but a very constructive manner. Thats what I want and need to reach my goal. Hes the perfect teaching fit for me!

Review №36

My 8 year old son has been taking drum lessons with Daniel for the past 4+ months. Daniel is awesome and great with kids. He really helped my son get comfortable with drumming as a beginner. My son enjoys going to his lessons each week and have seen him make a lot of progress in a short period of time!! Highly recommend taking lessons here!

Review №37

I have been taking guitar lessons since January and I am so grateful I found the right place! My instructor Steve is the perfect match for me. He makes me feel at ease and makes the lessons fun. He is a musical genius and I always leave learning so much more about music than just guitar. He doesn’t take it too seriously and when I mess up we start again. He never judges and is very encouraging. I look forward to my lessons each week. Also, James Flood, the owner is very organized, makes payments easy and checks in to see how my progress is going. I highly recommend using this studio!

Review №38

I have a 10 year old and 6 year old (boys) that were looking forward to piano lessons. They are being taught by Danielle and Nicole. Both ladies work with my boys uniquely, and are teaching them songs right away as well as proper technique. This keeps them interested but also advancing much quicker than I expected! The boys are having much more fun than they ever imagined!

Review №39

Bill Shaffer has been an incredible piano teacher to my son thus far. Bills background really shines through with his extensive background as a pianist and an educator. My son is 4 and working with someone as patient and dedicated to his my sons success as Mr. Bill really encourages my son to put his best foot forward every lesson. Some days are easier than others with a 4-year old temperament but Bill is very accommodating and understands the good/bad days. He is able to get down to my sons level and implement play with practice making the lesson fun and educational.

Review №40

Great school! Steve is an awesome instructor lots of patience with a older guy just starting out with guitar lessons.

Review №41

I have been studying with James for over three years. He is an extremely talented teacher who knows how to get the best out of his students and advance their skills. He is very good at meeting students where they are in life, as well as with playing. I cannot recommend him highly enough.As an aside, I used to live about 45 minutes away when I started lessons. One of the reasons I bought my current home in Lakewood was to make it easier to continue studying with James. He is honestly that good.

Review №42

My son and I both take piano lessons with Bill, and he’s been great. We are both beginners, but he’s done a wonderful job at instructing each of us at our own pace and has been particularly attentive to teaching fundamentals as well as more modern music that I’m interested in playing. My 8 yr old really enjoys his lessons and has learned a lot in a few short months.

Review №43

I have been taking lessons here for about 3 months. My guitar teacher, John, is easy to talk to, a great player, and has plenty of awesome tips for playing. I learn something new every lesson and always look forward to going. There hasnt been a bad experience and I highly recommend learning with John!

Review №44

My daughter has been at Westlake Music Academy for three months and absolutely LOVES it. She has shown enormous growth in the piano and is always excited for class. Her teacher Bill is fantastic and entertaining:)

Review №45

James is a great teacher. It is so much easier to learn with him because of the natural pace of his lessons. His patience creates a great atmosphere to learn in which makes his guidance easier to internalize and then demonstrate. The rate at which you gain skills on the guitar with James as the teacher is what makes his services so valuable. Signing up was easy and it was apparent I made the right choice in teachers after my first lesson. You have in James a skilled artist and a precise teacher.

Review №46

We love westlake music academy, my daughter loves taking piano lessons with Danielle. Danielle is amazing with her and very talented. I highly recommend this place.

Review №47

It really makes a difference to learn piano from someone with formal training.

Review №48

We love WMA and look forward to vocal lessons with Mary every week! She is the perfect combination of patience, passion and encouragement. They are flexible and understanding and we are so proud to be a part of this awesome Academy of Musical Abilities!

Review №49

We came to Westlake Music Academy for piano lessons for my daughter after a year of practice elsewhere. After 2 months of working with Ms. Danielle, Ive seen noticable improvements in not only my daughters skill level, but note recognition as well. James, the owner, is very responsive to all forms of communication. Payment is easy and deducted every month without me having to remeber.Most recently, weve had to deal with social distancing due to the virus that has plagued the world. Piano lessons are still on and we get to see Ms. Danielle virtually once a week! We hope to get our younger daughters enrolled soon!

Review №50

We gave a guitar to my son on his birthday last year, and I joined him in taking lessons from James Flood. I have had the most enjoying experience while learning to play the guitar. I had no training and never before even touched a guitar, but James was very encouraging and patient with me, guiding me through as I navigated my way through the strings and their notations. For a complete newbie, it was an almost insurmountable task to even read the notations. And now, after almost an year, I actually played the guitar at a recital of all students in front of friends and families. It was possible only due to the excellent guidance from James.James is an excellent teacher. He explains the basics and identifies and helps rectify any mistakes in technique. He also has a good sense of humor, is pleasant to interact with, and gets along very well with kids (my son loves to come for guitar lessons. I was not sure if he will keep playing but under James tutelage, he has become very passionate about guitar).I would strongly recommend James Flood Guitar Lessons to all enthusiasts (of all ages)!

Review №51

I highly recommend the Westlake Music Academy. I am taking classes with Mary Krason Wiker (voice) and she is fantastic!. Mary has the proper education and experience and has systematically assisted me to develop so much! Thank you!!

Review №52

I have been taking guitar lessons from Steve for 8 months now. He is excellent at giving instruction, seems to have a knack for knowing when I need to continue working on a specific skill and when Im ready to move on to something more challenging. I highly recommend this school.

Review №53

I have had the pleasure of studying under James for more than two years and I am constantly impressed with his talent, patience, enthusiasm for music, and wonderful sense of humor. And, based on my years as a college instructor, I can confirm that James is an excellent teacher and definitely knows his material and how to encourage students to become their best. Many thanks, James.

Review №54

Westlake Music Academy helped this 60 year old guitar player progress in technique and theory. My instructor Steven Miller has the patience needed to change 50 years of my bad habits. One lesson with Steven will show you that he is not only an accomplished musician in all genres, he can call on years of teaching experience to find different ways teach the same thing to different students. His chill vibe will allow you to relax and play without worry of making mistakes.

Review №55

James Flood is a gifted instructor who enjoys teaching. He is patient and has a good sense of humor which makes me feel relaxed. I started playing classical guitar about 2 1/2 years ago at age 59. This is my first time to play a musical instrument. While he expects me to do my best, I do not feel belittled when I make mistakes and he takes the time to analyze the problem and come up with a solution. This is important to me as I tried one instructor before James Flood. That instructor seemed to be teaching because he had to rather than because he wanted to. I would enthusiastically recommend James Flood to anyone who wants to learn the guitar.

Review №56

Gary Ganning is an amazing piano teacher for children of all ages and abilities!

Review №57

James Flood is an excellent teacher. He is patient, methodical and tailors his lessons towards the strengths of each individual student while helping to find solutions for each individuals difficulties. Very knowledgeable in his craft I would recommend him to any and all those wanting to learn.

Review №58

James Flood is a great guitar teacher. He teaches both classical and acoustic guitar, using great books for both. However, he is glad to add whatever music one may bring in to him. One of his best traits, though, is his patience. I personally would recommend James Flood,he is the best instructor in the area.

Review №59

When James accepted me as a student he faced a real challenge. I had acquired so many bad habits when trying to teach myself. (I failed as a teacher!) James put me on the right track which improved my playing and also my personal satisfaction.

Review №60

I live in Akron and I think the trip to the Cleveland area for my guitar lessons with James is well worthwhile. I feel so fortunate to be able to take lessons from a musician/teacher as gifted and inspiring as James Flood. His musical skills and credentials are simply unparalleled by anyone else in our area; plus, hes really a very nice guy. James brings out the best in his students with his patient encouragement and dedication to excellent technique. Hes quite conversant in all musical styles and guitar techniques and creates an individual approach for each students particular skill level, musical preferences, and goals. So if youre looking for someone to help you unlock the secrets of the guitar, you wont find a better instructor than James Flood. Definitely 5 stars!

Review №61

I took lessons with James for about 11 months and my playing has improved a lot. I previously played for a year before I started lessons with him and he fixed all my bad habits that I had formed since I was learning by myself. I learned how to read music, improved my playing speed and also learned the fundamentals of soloing. He goes at a pace that is right for you which is great for anyone learning guitar. I would recommend anyone looking for lessons to go to James because mine were definitely worth it!

Review №62

James is simply an outstanding teacher. He is as patient as he is talented and tailors his instruction to whatever your goals are. Ive had several teachers in the past, all very good, but he is the best and I am actually learning to play songs that really interest me, not just the standard guitar lesson fare.

Review №63

I had James as my classic guitar instructor for almost 2 years and I can truly say that you are in great hands. If you show interest, dedication and follow his instructions I can almost guarantee you that you will see good results.

Review №64

James Flood was excellent at breaking down the skills I needed to learn into easier pieces. He is very systematic in his instruction. I feel like Im in good hands with him as my teacher.

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