Elm Auto School
262 Elm St, West Springfield, MA 01089, United States
Elm Auto School

Review №1

Driving instructors are harsh and demotivating. They only focus on most of the maneuvers we use in everyday driving but what about actual parking? Ever since I’ve gone there not once have they taught me how to park. I had to ask. I thought that came with the curriculum. Imagine paying all that money for driving school only to have instructors drive you around town for an hour, have you taking turns and parallel parking all throughout your lessons but when on your own you don’t even know how to park in a regular slot. I guess you’re supposed to gain that knowledge on your own. Not once have I parallel parked outside of the lesson but yet I struggle with parking in lots.

Review №2

I’ve first time called to ask about private driving lesson ‘s course and schedule . I’ve just not finished my sentence yet then she jumped in my mouth and she’s like scream over the phone ‘ WE DONT HAVE ANY OPENING THIS MONTH’ . I did not even ask her about next month schedule cos I think she doesn’t respect and need customers at all. We pay, we do not ask for free then we dont deserve for that bad service.

Review №3

I would not give this company any rating at all. The owner Debbie is extremely unprofessional, rude and could not stop yelling at me at the top of her lungs. I am the parent calling for the first time and had to deal with her anxiety attack. I do not recommend this driving school to anyone. My daughter also said that the instructors are unprofessional, rude, dirty, on their phones etc... Debbie will not listen to what you have to say and does not care about your situation, she will not let you speak and will hang up on you. If you want a great driving school experience this is not the place! There is much more about her maltreatment but its too much to say!

Review №4

You pay less, you get less. Instructors were more preoccupied with having you drive to the next students house than practicing maneuvers on the exam like parallel parking. Was told I was ready for the test, but did not yet feel prepared so I waited two more months and continued to practice and take lessons, but did not pass. Not sure why I was told I was ready, I would prefer honesty over being told what instructor believes I want to hear.Instructors were frequently on the phone during lessons as other reviewers pointed out. Debbie in the front office was extremely kind and accommodating but over all, Elm was not worth the money I saved on cheaper lessons ($60 vs $100 at many other companies). Will be switching to another school.

Review №5

I would assume that the cost includes practicing the test route until perfect. This was not done and I was not excited about having to teach after paying this kind of money. Must prepare students better for the test especially since the RMV seems to treat some people differently than others or based on their mood that day. Having said that, we really like the employees we dealt with at Elm Auto School. Very pleasant, accomodating, and convenient program. Only had to reschedule once and they were punctual within 10-15 minutes every lesson and were good at texting to let student know what was going on.

Review №6

Great school my in class was teacher was Lora she was great my on road teacher was Beth she is firm but fair she really makes you see the point of things so it clicks in your head shes a great at her job Debbie is also great and funny loved my experience here have no complaints and at the end of the day they did their job and I passed my road exam just yesterday

Review №7

The driving instructor I had here was rude, did not pay attention and was screaming on the phone while I was taking my test. She was on her phone most of the time I was with her. The most unprofessional driving instructor I ever seen. Cost me my exam and my safety because she also gave me the wrong instructions during the short lesson before my exam. Waste of money and time. Go to a different school if you want professionalism.

Review №8

The service and instruction at Elm Auto School was top of the class! Bethany was my instructor and she was amazing! She took the time to pick us up;early too might I add, to make sure we all had time to practice before the exam and even dropped me off at a location of my choice.If you need a driving instruction school you cannot make a better choice!

Review №9

Perfect driving schoolInstructor : Bethany Guarnera.Attribute : Excellent teaching skill, punctual & friendlyResult : Pass

Review №10

Lady named Amber (who is one of the driving instructors employed at this establishment) almost had my life taken away from me TWICE in just 1 day of driving due to her lack of attention, awareness, and responsibility, by constantly being on her phone, complaining, screaming, swearing, and yelling about food, her dream vehicle, and mocking a deaf student. She intentionally ignores students who she dislikes and doesnt answer their questions when it comes to driving while driving. If you want a good driving school experience with SAFETY, go someplace else. TRUST ME.

Review №11

Well, I had a lot of experience with this school (including renting car for driving test). At that time, my non-English speaking friends needs to pass driving test.1. Well working office.There was DMV system change in main office and with all that problems and difficulties, the office stuff was extremely helpful, trying to do as much as possible to give us all possible information and guide us through all scheduling, payments and information of how, where and what to do, being consistently patience texting me back and force with all reminders.2. Our teacher was Bethany. Very punctual, knowledgeable teacher! I was a translator for my friend and can tell the attention is the road, rules and give a knowledge how to use it safely and competently.I saw her with young people (prior to driving test) and she is very patience, can give a comfort, a time (to think) and you better listen ))).My friend (who use to drive in different country for more than 10 years) and 2 young girls (who never drive any car) - all passed.I read previous negative reviews about Elm school and there was some strange feelings like not to go, but we live near by and had no choice but take the chance and risk. I guess something was changed in time, because im more than satisfy with the results and already referred few people there.

Review №12

Dont ever take lessons here. Incredibly unpunctual, rude, inattentive, you name it. Had instructors forget appointments several times, come at the wrong times, and overall had the time to get my license stretched way beyond a reasonable amount. Never, ever, again.

Review №13

Certainly would not let my 3 children use this auto school if their cars are going to ride my bumper when I am do the speed limit down a major road.

Review №14

I want to learn driving

Review №15

Nice Teachers

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