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Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing

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Dale runs a great school. I have been Blacksmithing for a couple of years and always learn something new in every class. I highly recommend it if you have any interest in the metalworking arts. This is the second class Ive taken and I think it is well worth it. Cant say enough good things about Dale and The Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing. I will definitely will be back.

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Ive taken two forging classes with Dale and a welding class with Bill. These guys know their stuff, and make it easy for absolute beginners to pick up the basic skills necessary to successfully complete the projects. Each time Ive left with a great sense of satisfaction and eager to take on more projects. Absolutely worth it if you have any interest at all.

Review №3

Amazing Place. 5 Star all the way. :)

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I recently went through the Blacksmiths knife/Chopper class, and I had a great time. The teacher, Dale, was very knowledgeable; providing both practical and theoretical metal working knowledge. The pace of the class was fast, but we were given ample time to catch-up when we needed it. We were able to do everything ourselves, all the way from a bar of steel, to a forged blank, to a ground and sharpened knife. I highly recommend these classes for a weekend on your own, or with a friend or two.

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Had a great time taking Dales course. He is a patient, knowledgeable and experienced educator. I would take more of his courses and highly recommend him to anyone.

Review №6

Our teenager has taken 3 classes with Dale Morse. Dale is an exceptional instructor. And a true artisian who has honed his craft. Looking forward to another class! 👍👍

Review №7

Sparks will fly! We took Welding 101 [and others, see edit below] at VIB and had a fabulous experience. We [have returned] for both welding & blacksmith classes. Not only do you learn to weld, but also how to use various equipment in the shop, including the plasma cutter, bandsaws, grinders/sanders, power shear, and more. Harold is a great teacher, super welcoming, and he runs a fun, casual-but-get-your-hands-dirty class that will keep you engaged. Youll be welding within the first hour! Everything you need is provided but I was glad I brought my own leather gloves that provided me with more dexterity than generic welding gloves.EDIT: Since my initial review, I also attended Welding 102 and Blacksmithing/Grilling Tools classes. Dale is an incredibly talented blacksmith and it is an incredible pleasure to watch his demonstrations and learn from him. Within a couple hours, 12 mostly new-to-blacksmithing people learned shop safety, how to light & maintain fire, and then hammered out our first grilling tool! Lessons from the first tool are used to create the second tool, and so on, eventually exposing you to several new techniques. Not sure how Dale did it, but everyone received the personal attention they needed. I look forward to taking a couple more classes and, eventually, using the shop on open Fridays to do some of my own work.

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What a great class!!!! They offer so much! Lots of fun as well!!!

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This place is insane! Such an amazing experience. Great people and are extremely knowledgeable. Worth every penny. I would pay twice the price for this experience again. Will definitely be back for another round. Dale makes the class so much fun.

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I did a two day course for beginners, and it was fantastic! Everyone gets their own materials, tools, forge, and anvil. Dale was an awesome instructor! Knowledgeable, funny, and patient. If you want to try your hand at blacksmithing, this is the way to do it!

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I just completed the grilling tools class. I had a great time and learned a ton of information on blacksmithing techniques.

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Best classes of my life. I am a carpenter and make furniture, I took Dales classes through piedmont college. He is brilliant as an artist and a teacher. He is kind, patient and an obvious master of his trade. I want to learn to make my own forge. What a resource, I highly recommend these classes. Ive taken classes all over in stonework, woodwork and glass, none were as organized fun and professional as these. Much gratitude, I will be back!

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It was great. I’ve gone to both the rotisserie and the hatchet making classes. Dale is a great teacher, as long as you can survive the constant puns and dad jokes.

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I had an great time taking one of these classes this past weekend.The instructor Dale, takes the time to help everyone regardless of skill level. I highly recommend!! Awesome instructor

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My son took the year-long certification course when he was only fifteen and loved it. Dale is a master blacksmith, but more than that, hes a brilliant teacher. He encouraged my son and his younger friend to persevere, taught them about running a blacksmithing business, and expected the best from them. They both completed the course, and it was a milestone for them. We highly recommend this course, and any of the weekend classes. If this kind of craft interests you, you wont regret it.

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My son and i had a great time. Dale is a great instructor. Looking forward to taking more classes. Would recommend this school to anybody who has even the slightest interest in metal working.

Review №17

I took the hatchet making class over the weekend, my very first time near a forge, and had an amazing time. Dale was our primary instructor and really took the time to explain and help us turn a hunk of steal into a functioning hatchet. I am already looking for my next class to sign up for.

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My son and I just complete a year long blacksmithing certification at VIB. I cannot promote, recommend to encourage you more to take on the certification course or any course at this school. Dale Morse is not just a master blacksmith, but a master teacher, and just an amazing individual as well. This is not an easy skill to acquire, but with Dales incredible patience, eye for technique I am now on my way to being able to do anything with metal. Dale was always encouraging, helpful, supportive and available. The materials were always available, there is plenty of equipment and always an eye on safety. I cannot say enough about our experience and my newly acquired knowledge!

Review №19

Building power hammers and having fun!!

Review №20

Dale and Dave are fantastic instructors. 5 classes and counting. If you want to learn classic blacksmith technique from a true artist. Take one of their classes.

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This class is amazing. The instructor makes the class lots of fun and extremely informative. He is an amazing Knifesmith and Blacksmith. His personality and knowledge are unmatched in his profession. Dale is one of the nicest and funniest men you will ever meet in your life. His passion for what he does is beyond commendable. I will definately be coming back for some more classes. This class is worth twice the price. A truely great investment in advancing your mind. Thanks Dale! You are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the great work you do. You are beyond valued in this community.

Review №22

We took a weekend hatchet-making class and it was a terrific experience. The instructors at the Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing are fantastic and we are looking forward to the next class.

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4 weekend courses and I have my favorite hobby for life. Dale’s teaching is superb, and the entire family is welcomed and entertained.

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Dale is a great teacher! We came here for part of a bachelor party for a two day spear making class. While searching for a smithing class it was difficult to find a place to accommodate all 6 of us. VIB can accommodate 16! But we got extra lucky that Dale is incredibly knowledgeable about his craft that he’s been honing (sometimes literally) for 40 years! Dale offers a great balance of instruction and learn on your own experience that we all benefited from.We were also surprised to learn that the “Institute” part of the name isn’t just for show. VIB is legit and one of the few places in the country that offer this kind of recognized education. We really felt like we walked away with real knowledge and skill from the class.Be prepared for a workout and hungry to learn!

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Took a class there over the weekend. Wow! Without a doubt, the best adult education / skills class I have ever taken.

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Best place on the east coast for Blacksmithing Classes

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