Vero Beach Equestrian Club
7355 69th St, Vero Beach, FL 32967, United States
Vero Beach Equestrian Club

Review №1

Where do I begin? It has been a dream of mine to learn how to ride horses since I was a child. I am now 55 years young. I just discovered, Vero Equestrian Club. The first thing that comes to mind is; I am pretty sure this is what heaven looks like. The place is absolutely stunning. I was paired up with a new trainer, Emily. She is simply wonderful. Excellent teacher, trainer and overall stellar human being. The owner, Jenna, has gone above and beyond in her response, guidance and overall welcome. I simply cannot say enough good things. I had a perfect day today. Thank You! Final note, I am extremely impressed with the overall professionalism and system they have set up. I greatly appreciated the text reminders of my training appointment. I am equally impressed how clean the stables were and how pristine the entire property is. It really is just beautifully stunning piece of heaven on earth.

Review №2

Jenna and her staff gave our family one if the greatest gifts we so much needed with everything going on with COVID these days it was so nice to put that behind us for the weekend Jenna had my 10 year old son and 5 year old daughter scheduled for riding lessons and understanding of caring for Horses .My kids have not stopped talking about the experience and cant wait to do it again . Thank you Jenna and the entire team a VBEC . See you soon

Review №3

We spent the summer in Vero Beach, googled horse camp and found this absolute gem. My daughter only did 2 weeks of summer camp but it was exceptional. The staff are very kind and professional, the grounds are immaculate, the horses seem well cared for and my daughter was welcomed in and had an amazing time. Thank you!

Review №4

We brought our daughter here (7) for her first time around horses. They were so kind with her, helped her understand all that goes with riding a horse, got her comfortable and got her riding. It was amazing! The barn and rings are beautiful, so well taken care of. The horses are sweet and clearly loved and cared for. It was an absolutely perfect experience and we can’t wait to go back!

Review №5

I stayed here for a week on airbnb and its a lovely place. The place is quite clean and has sufficient room for my husband and I to work from home during the week. I managed to book a horse riding class during my stay and it was great fun.

Review №6

Im so happy that I found VBEC! This is my first winter in FL and I was somewhat concerned about bringing my horse down from NY, but I could not have found a better place. Not only are the facilities top notch, but the owner and trainers are exceptional. Alicia is so knowledgeable and caring, so it lets me sleep at night knowing my girl is safe, well cared for and happy. Ive really enjoyed getting to know the other boarders and look forward to all of the fun events they have planned!

Review №7

Stayed here on Airbnb and had kids take lessons. Absolutely love it and will be back. Very clean and classy. Top notch.

Review №8

My daughter took lessons from Mike at VBEC. The facilities are top notch. The staff are friendly and helpful. Mike is a knowledgeable, supportive and enthusiastic instructor! And the lesson horses were calm but responsive and knew their job. Highly recommend

Review №9

My 8 year old daughter, Carys, expressed an interesting in riding. We walked in blindly and have had an *AMAZING* experience with Michael as her trainer. The facility is always clean, the horses are very well taken care of, and I cant imagine her riding elsewhere. Carys was assigned Michael as her trainer, and I cant say enough positive things about him. His kindness, consideration, compassion, patience, and his ability to tune into exactly what my daughter needs is so comforting. We wouldnt change a thing :)

Review №10

We are so grateful we found Vero Beach Equestrian Club for our daughter. Every experience has been professional and positive with beneficial learning experiences throughout. She is surrounded by support, knowledgeable guidance & encouragement. We appreciate that Vero Beach Equestrian Club is a part of our daughters team, thinking of her best interests and safety, as well as the beautiful horses in their care. We are confident that we will continue to see great things from our daughter as she continues to work towards her goals with such an amazing team alongside her.

Review №11

Wonderful equestrian facility. Jenna and Alicia are amazing. Alicia is a special talent. Top notch trainer. My daughter loves her weekly lessons and has advanced wonderfully over the past 9 months. So happy we found them.

Review №12

Our experience with this club has been 100% positive. From the facility itself to the interaction with the owner to the skill of the trainer to the quality of the horses, we have been pleased. Our daughter is making steady and quick progress, plus shes making friends and is now leasing a horse so she can ride as often as possible. One thing I especially like is the warm, welcoming, supportive environment of positive people. Good people supporting good people, its a win.

Review №13

I started riding here about 6 months ago and it has been an incredible experience. I haven’t ridden in quite some time and I appreciate the patience they took with me in building up my muscles and confidence. They take really good care of their horses and I am really happy I found this place.

Review №14

Just when I thought we couldn’t love Vero anymore we found VBEC. My 3.5 year old son had his first lesson on Sunday and had such a wonderful time that he told me on the way home he wants to go ride “Sven” the pony every day. We fell in love with the beautiful facilities, the gorgeous horses and how kind the entire (human) team is. Our whole family will be taking weekly lessons now and we’ll likely start leasing soon too. What a dream come true to find this gem in an already incredible place to live!

Review №15

Vero Beach equestrian has been nothing short of an amazing experience for our daughter. She has enjoyed all her weekly lessons with Michael. He is a wonderful, caring and patient teacher. Alicia is great! Thank you for everything!!!

Review №16

VBEC is amazing. I have been too many different farms in Vero to come back to VBEC. One I get to the barn I have a warm welcoming from either staff or borders or friends. The barn is a place to call home to many people and animals. The facility is amazing, well kept and beautiful.Once you meet Alicia and Jenna your day will get better. There always smiling and kind and helpful.Alicia is my trainer and she knows what she is doing.She would never make you do something you dont want to do.She has helped me rise as a rider and a person.

Review №17

I grew up in Vero but moved to Kansas 10 years ago. While visit I decided a lesson would be fun. I LOVED my lesson the instructor was very knowledgeable and helped me work on a few things. She treated me as her own student even though it was just the one lesson. The facility is well kept and the arenas are lovely with nice footing! I look forward to future rides there.

Review №18

I am so pleased to have found such a fantastic facility. All of the staff and the instructor, Alicia, are amazing! She is so accomplished and skilled at instructing riders of all levels. The trainers who work with the horses are also top notch! They work to pair a rider with the right horse, making an effort to provide the best possible expereince. The property is emaculate and the horses are healthy and well cared for! It is a terrific experience for families, children and adults of all ages! I have never been to a better facility!

Review №19

I have two geldings at VBEC. I have them both in training and full board. My daughter is also taking dressage lessons there three times a week. After two other barns, I finally found my home at VBEC. The moment I drove through the big iron gates and saw the perfectly manicured jumping course my heart leaped. Sometimes fancy outer trappings do not mean great care. This is not the case here.My horses have had superb care here. They have blossomed, both emotionally and physically. My big thoroughbred looks like a different horse. The stalls have huge fans installed and wonderful windows. The bedding is always fresh and never damp. One of my favorite aspects of my barn is the fact that each turnout has a covered area with a huge fan. The turnout grass is also nice and green. This is a big deal for me because my boy gets hot. I hate having him out during the nasty Florida thunderstorms. Its nice to know he can stay cool and dry.From a lesson standpoint, my fourteen-year-old daughter just took up riding this January. She began lessons at VBEC in February, and is now preparing for her first dressage show! She is learning not only dressage, but basic horsemanship. Bella is being taught with the best of the best. Her lessons include a headset for clear communication with her instructor. Her lesson times are very flexible to accommodate her busy schedule. Most importantly, my painfully shy child LOVES being out at the barn. The barn is a safe, clean, positive atmosphere that always relaxes me whenever I go out there.If you want the best for your horse in all aspects, this is the barn for you. Oh yes, the heated wash rack, private tack box, a/c tack room, and wonderful boarder lounge are just icing on the cake.

Review №20

In March 2020, I did a “ship in” at Vero Beach Equestrian Club. The staff were warm and welcoming. The employees were very nice and professional. The cross country course was interesting and fun, but the star of the show was the covered arena and the awesome footing.I totally recommend Vero Beach Equestrian Club for ship in, boarding and or lessons. You won’t be disappointed.

Review №21

Alicia is an honest and genuine person. Jenna and her husband, the owners are the real deal. The Equestrian community is lucky to have them. They have great plans to come and Vero has a huge need for them. The facility is exquisite for both equine and rider. I love how they promote younger children to embrace all aspects of the sport. Never too young to start the journey if you have a passion. ❤️

Review №22

Incredible facility with top notch knowledgeable owners & trainers. Jenna Suleman & her husband are definitely making the Vero Beach Equestrian Club the premier training & event facility on the Treasure Coast. If your wanting to train I definitely recommend Alicia who will teach you correct form & technique. She’s definitely top in her game! Come see the grounds & take a tour to see for yourself this one of a kind Equestrian Club!

Review №23

Alicia is an amazing Master Trainer. In my limited experience I have found her to be thorough yet succinct so I can process the information while I’m in the saddle. I was not comfortable in the presence of horses (size) but with her strong guidance and understanding I was able to overcome my initial discomfort. I now...without worry, feed them carrots, brush them, lead them and of course ride them. Thank you so much Alicia. A long held dream is coming true.

Review №24

Discovering VBEC has been an incredible experience for our family in many ways! My daughters absolutely love spending their days here and are thriving with their riding lessons and camps. They are learning so many new skills and the students, staff and trainers are the positives role models you want for your children. During the time of COVID, VBEC has become our oasis and we are very grateful.

Review №25

Alisha is an amazing trainer. My daughter is 11 and very new to riding. She’s picked up on things rather quickly and it has a lot to do with the amazing trainer she has. She doesn’t just teach her about riding, she teaches her about properly caring for the horses and all the work that goes into them before and after riding. I couldn’t be happier and I look forward to our future with Alisha and riding.

Review №26

Working with VBEC has been a great experience!I worked for Dadre McCreary, the Director of Events, as a judge at the farms inaugural horse show last October. The show was a great success, very well managed and all of the exhibitors appeared to be having a wonderful time.Most recently, my daughter and I shipped into the facility for schooling and had a great time training in their GGT arena filled with Burlingham jumps.The barn is beautiful, the jump course is meticulously maintained, and staff very professional. Totally recommend.

Review №27

Alicia is a an amazing skilled instructor with decades of experience and tons of patience with horses and people! She is a kind and compassionate making her an excellent choice for both children and adults wishing to further advance their riding level. She has worked all over the country and most recently transitioned over to Vero Beach Equestrian Club. This is an absolutely stunning facility with top notch instructors and care givers for the horses. If you’re looking for 5 star horses, trainers and facilities look no further!

Review №28

I highly recommend the Vero Beach Equestrian Club to anyone that Is looking for an extremely professional and beautiful place to learn how to ride. Garrett is one of the most amazing, professional and personable trainers that I have ever seen and he is a very flexible and supportive instructor. He is ambitious and holds his students to a very high standard and delivers amazing results in a very short period of time. My daughter absolutely loved the instruction she received from Garrett and his passion and love for his students and the sport resonates in everything he does. I can think of no one I would trust more with my daughter or my own horses.

Review №29

A beautiful and serene setting with excellent horse care. Garret Gustafson is amazing to work with creating harmony between horse and rider. His expertise and dedication are evident in his teaching and training as he individualizes to the learning needs of the student and horse. The details put into the design of the facility, arenas, and care of horses is of highest quality. Highly recommend!

Review №30

Garrett has been a great trainer for both my daughter and I. He stopped my young horses bad behavior of bucking and my horse and I have a great connection. My daughter showed our big Clydesdale/ Thoroughbred in dressage and always had high scores. Garrett gives his heart and soul to help horse and rider reach their goals.

Review №31

Garrett Gustafson is one of the most savvy horsemen I have ever worked with. His horse sense on the ground and in the saddle comes second nature to him. I have been working with horses since 1977 and his kindness and intuition really impressed me. He coached both myself and my daughter in dressage and helped train a couple of our horses. We have worked with several top coaches, Olympians and judges and Garrett continues to be at the top of that list for us. He has a unique way of explaining the mechanics of how the horse moves and how your body should work with the horse in a way that is easy to understand and will improve your riding. He has a gift for determining which tack will work best for you to solve training challenges. If you are looking for solid coaching, I would highly recommend Garrett.

Review №32

Top caliber facility must visit to really appreciate beautiful new covered arena

Review №33

I have taken long-lining, driving and riding lessons from Garrett. I have enjoyed them and learned much. My horse loves him. Garrett has the unique, well-developed eye to spot a problem and tell whether it is the rider causing it or if there is something wrong with the horse. What a marvelous facility also, too bad I’m still in Minnesota!

Review №34

Garrett G. is an expert horseman who goes above and beyond for his horses & clients!!!His whole health approach to daily horse care & riding style driven by the horse & rider’s biomechanics - is like no other farm around. Garrett’s teaching style exemplifies his compassion for his clients and how he genuinely wants his riders & horses to learn & succeed!!!

Review №35

I took lessons from Garrett in WI. He is very professional, patient willing to take as much time as you need to learn. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Review №36

The facility is an innovative equestrian club with private arenas that evolves their services to the needs of the horse and the member.

Review №37

Alicia is a very skilled and super nice teacher, we had wonderful lessons with her 😀

Review №38

I had several lessons with Garrett. He has a deep understanding of the horses mind and body.

Review №39

Garrett Gustafson is an amazing trainer! My Sugarbush draft gelding is there for Dressage training and he is doing a great job with him! would recommend him to anyone that asks me.

Review №40

Worst experience I have ever had

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