Northwest Railroad Institute
2901 E Mill Plain Blvd, Vancouver, WA 98661, United States
Northwest Railroad Institute

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Overall its a great program. They teach you what it will take to become a better person While learning a new life long skill. I always tell people looking to come to the school it is what you make of it.

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My fiancé recently graduated from their railroad program. Going into the program he was told that he would be conductor certified, not just getting his conductor readiness card, by the end of this 6 month program. Several months into the program he was informed that the FRA had changed their requirements and the school was unable to meet the standard so they would not be getting their conductor certification.School administration was unapologetic about the fact that their program is not up to par and would issue no sort of refund to the student who are getting stolen from essentially.The dorms are old and dingy. During his stay the security had to be called several times to break up fights. Apartment “raids” were made every few months to check for alcohol or other contraband throughout the apartments.Overall awful and disgraceful “dorm culture”.

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The instuctors are great. Lots of experience. Houseing can be improved. Great experience for me. Took me out of my comfort zone even at 47 years old. Great to work with the equipment, school personal, help you get that great resume and teach you tricks for job interviews. I highly recommend the time.

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I learned a lot about the Railroad industry and the instructors were excellent and I made good friends. Beef with the administration who will allow anyone into the program. One student, a good friend of mine, with a learning disability, should have not been allowed into the program in the first place, as a courtesy to save him money and time. We also had a student who could not read ( he was wise to walk out after our first week while he could still get a full refund). I saw a student, a man in his 70s and I have bad arthritis. I had second thoughts of attending because of that but the recruiter urged me to give it a go. So the school, like any trade school will want your money.Our class, graduated in 2015 was one of the lucky ones. Of 18 students in my class, at least 14 were hired by the railroad. Someone in upper management from a Southwestern rail company had connections to the rail school and hired one of our instructors for a railroad management job there with a lot of job openings. Because of the link between the Southwestern rail company and our school at least 20 people were hired. It wouldnt surprise me, if to this day the schools recruiters and administrative office boasts about it. Within a year all but 3 former students were still working in railroad. Layoffs, and people quit or were fired. The rail company sold a lot of its track.At the time of inquiry to the school I was desperate for something to do- that and wanted to be closer to family nearby. In my own trial and error there are cheaper ways to go about that. If you have a passion for the railroad, have connections then by all means apply to this school. You will meet some nice people, make friends and learn a lot about the railroad. (I liked the railroad history class).The reality though is that most railroads dont hire from schools. They look at who has similar skills and qualifications. Mechanical no-how and ex-Military sure helps and knowing people in rail helps too. And once hired you go through training similar to the school, except it is real world, you get paid while in training and the equipment probably much more up to date.

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I graduated from this school and they didnt live up to the hype. They didnt help with getting a job or have any recruits come in for our class. We have 29 ppl in our class and only 3 got hired. Once u give them your 16000 and graduate from there they throw you away and will not help you like they promise. Its crazy Ive served in the military over 8 years honorable discharged. No criminal record and with that school under my belt havent done anything to help me or my classmates. Would not recommend anyone to go to. If you get hired on with a real railroad they will give you all the help you need do not lose 16000 by going to this school.

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Biggest mistake of my life attending this school. Avoid this place like the plague folks. Youll make more money delivering pizzas.

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Bad for Business

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You dont get certified here. Dont bother

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AMAZING school

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