Kiddie Academy of Vancouver - Salmon Creek
2203 NE 129th St, Vancouver, WA 98686, United States
Kiddie Academy of Vancouver - Salmon Creek

Review №1

We loved our time at Kiddie Academy Salmon Creek! Our daughter is starting kindergarten and we feel like she is fully prepared because of their structure in the preschool classroom. All the staff there are warm, friendly, and inviting. Ms. Kass and Ms. Kaitlin were truly the best. We wish we had started here sooner!

Review №2

Our daughter started at Kiddie Academy Salmon Creek this year and we’ve seen such an improvement in her. The curriculum each week is structured, has a variety of learning activities and really engages the kids. I’m so impressed with her teachers and the responsiveness of staff and management. We couldn’t be happier with our experience there.

Review №3

I would highly recommend Kiddie Academy. We have our daughter at the salmon creek location. I have never been more impressed with a childcare facility. We had tried others…the staff and owner have unsurpassed dedication to excellence. The facility is clean, transparent, and worth every penny!

Review №4

We absolutely love Kiddie Academy Salmon Creek!! We first brought our son into the infant room at 8 weeks old, and hes been there ever since (hes now 18 months). We have loved each and every one of his teachers, who have all been so invested in our sons development and wellbeing. They, along with John and the rest of the staff, have really gone above and beyond for him and for us as parents. We love the daily reports with pictures and videos of our son playing, dancing, crafting, and being silly (the other day, a teacher even got a video of our son holding another little girls hand as they walked around the playground hand in hand :) The facility is clean and very well kept, his meals and snacks are healthy, and the kids have time outside daily. When we were first looking at daycares, the cameras were a huge draw, but I find myself logging in only once in a while because we have so much trust in Kiddie Academy. It really does feel like we are leaving our son with an extended family each day when we drop him off. Thank you, Kiddie Academy!!

Review №5

The program is great for my childs development and we noticed his progress right away.The teachers are very dedicated and truly care about providing the best support for my baby. It is very comforting to know he is in good care and rewarding to see him so happy! We are excited to continue being a part of the Kiddie Academy-Salmon Creek community.

Review №6

Kiddie Academy of Salmon Creek has been amazing for us. We originally planned on having family watch our son, but ended up needing to find a day care. This is our first child so we had no experience with daycare. We researched a few, but Kiddie Academy got great reviews online so they were our first tour (and our last). We instantly felt welcome during our visit. What really caught our attention was just how friendly everyone was during our visit and how John seemed to know every kiddos name as we walked through the facility. He showed genuine interest in the kids and seemed to know their current story. It amazed us that the owner would have the time and be so invested. That sold us instantly and thank goodness it did.Our son LOVES coming to the infant room each day and has gained so many skills. We love that the teachers focus on each kid and really put time into developing their tiny minds. Weve noticed our son seems to be advanced in so many ways from what the standard development goals are and its so much in part due to the structure and nourishment he gets from Kiddie Academy. Its worth every penny to know we are giving our son the best care with the best staff. They always make us feel like we are part of the family. Wed give this place 100 stars if possible. Thank you Kiddie Academy for always putting your families first and for continuing to focus on health and safety in these strange times.

Review №7

Most importantly, I feel the staff at Kiddie Academy have become part of our family! The educational backbone is obviously a plus but at the end of the day I want to know I am sending my young kiddo to a place that supports his development of relationships and loves him when I can’t be there to do it myself. I have always felt we have gotten the highest levels of support, safety and compassion at Kiddie Academy and to me that is by far the most important thing I could hope for in any child care service. We are so thankful every day to be part of the Kiddie Academy Community and I cannot recommend them enough to anybody in search of care for their children.

Review №8

Our son hadn’t had much contact with other kids until he started going to kiddie academy. Since he has been there he is listening to people better and his speaking has improved. He has been learning so much by being there and we would recommend kiddie academy to anyone!

Review №9

We enrolled our son Isaiah here at Kiddie Academy in the infant room. This has been the best experience for him. He is truly loved in the infant room by all the teachers. His day is filled with fun learning activities, along with stroller rides outside. The teachers share videos and photos of the different activities he participates in throughout the day. In addition, for Father’s Day the teachers helped my son create a memorable gift that will last for years. I cant say enough about how amazing the staff here is. If you’re looking for a loving supportive daycare to take your son/daughter look no further. Every staff member here are heroes.

Review №10

Not just an incredible facility and curriculum, but also an amazing staff. From the management and front office, to all of the amazing teachers, and even they joyful kitchen staff. They care about each kid that comes through those doors and they care for them even after they head home for the day. Its truly a family.

Review №11

Everyone of the staff are involved with each child. Children are very valuable at Kiddie Academy, and they are treated with respect and allowed to be themselves. Highly recommend.

Review №12

Short review: We love this place!!!! - Long review: We researched several places for our new son and decided we would drive further to be part of Johns program at Kiddie Academy in Salmon Creek. John does an amazing job and always goes above and beyond to make sure our son is well taken care of. John and his teachers communicate daily with updates about how our son is doing (which we love). Also, we can look in at any time with the fantastic camera system they have and thats really a wonderful feature that we use all the time. My wife and I love seeing how great they are treating our son. All the teachers we have meet so far are incredibly supportive and care for our son like their own. With 100% confidence I can give them 5 stars and highly recommend them. We love this place!!! They already feel like family only after a few months. I know they fill open spots fast, so if you are thinking about taking your child to the best school in the area, do yourself a favor and get on their list early to make sure you can get a spot.

Review №13

John & his team are running a first rate center. Our needs were short-term in nature and he went out of his way to help us out. The center itself is immaculate and teachers are dynamite. Expect to be greeted on a first name basis every time you stop in. We felt 100% comfortable leaving our 9 mo old son here each day.

Review №14

We are thrilled to have found Kiddie Academy. Its an incredibly supportive environment staffed with bright energetic and caring teachers in an amazing brand new facility with a huge outdoor play area. Most importantly they really take a 360 degree approach to educating children. I highly recommend the Kiddie Academy of Salmon Creek. My son has had no adjustment period, he just slid right in without ANY issue. He LOVES going to school everyday.

Review №15

Both our kids love Kiddie Academy Salmon Creek. The staff is fantastic and engaged with the kids! Our kids love the outside play areas and all the interesting activities in the classroom. Our kids transitioned effortlessly and are happy to go to school every day. As parents, we appreciate how interactive the school is with daily reports for each child and an app to see into the classroom and play area. We are very pleased with this new school.

Review №16

I did months of research for a day care that I can trust for my son until I came to a tour at this amazing new facility and immediately know that I can stop searching. My son has been going to Kiddie Academy for 2 weeks now. Hes 15 months old and this is his first daycare experience. When I came to a tour at the Academy John welcomed me with a huge smile and was really interested on getting to know me and my childcare needs. He told me that it is important to him that I will feel like home so I must say- Kiddie Academy Salmon Creek feels like HOME.John and Lindsey are amazing! greeting us by name every morning with a big welcoming smile and saying good bye every evening- you can really feel how this place means everything for John and how he cares for the kids and that the parents will feel comfortable.The teachers are warm, caring, learning and very patient. You can see that the kids love them! They always want hugs and snuggles.My son is bilingual, and I’m incredibly appreciative that the teachers took the time to notice the needs of my son and customized some things for a better communication with him. Every time that I come to pick him up they tell me everything about his day and asking me how to say words in Hebrew, and then they showed me a “sticky” note that they wrote with words in Hebrew that they will be able to say to my son. (with extra words that they search alone!) That really touched my heart!! This is the meaning of doing extra things for the kids. You can feel that they really care for them and for their development and encourage them to be independent.We receive a daily activity report with what he ate, diapers change, how long he napped, what activities he did and sometimes with pictures and videos of my son’s day. Not to mention that I can log in to the cameras all day long through Watch-Me-Grow app to peek in on how my little ones day is going.I highly recommend this amazing place!

Review №17

I started my job here at Kiddie Academy after leaving another child care center that never communicated with their teachers, they added students to their roster without warning, and gave false promises about pay, job titles, and scheduling. Many of the teachers had outdated beliefs on childcare and used a disciplinary approach. I went searching for a center that would take Early Childhood Education seriously and appreciate my passions for early childhood learning. I was recommended to apply at this AMAZING new school for a lead teacher position working with toddlers. When I met Lindsay and John I knew right away it would be an honor to work for them. They shared my passions for the young developing mind and agreed to pay above average wages for ECE teachers. They respond to the needs of their employees on top of the needs of families as well. Lindsay and John are trustworthy and highly respected by their team and community.

Review №18

I absolutely love this daycare! After having tried several in the area I can say Kiddie Academy Salmon Creek is the best. I really enjoy the individualized attention my daughter receives, as well as, the brand new facilities. The partnered Watch-Me-Grow app is a great way to peek in on how my little ones day is going. I find it easy to communicate with staff and I appreciate the daily reports they send, sometimes with videos of highlights of my daughters day.

Review №19

I am so thankful to have found and enrolled my child at Kiddie Academy. The owner and center director are kind and welcoming and create a positive environment. I strongly believe that the tone of the management sets the stage for everything else, and I am so grateful to have great leadership at KA. (This had not been the case at previous child care centers we have experienced).I am also incredibly appreciative that the teachers take the time to notice the needs of my child and support him. They work *with* him to find creative solutions that enhance his development.I highly recommend Kiddie Academy!!

Review №20

I absolutely love Kiddie Academy Salmon Creek. I have had some not so great experiences in the past with childcare and I have had to deal with feeling ununcomfortab with leaving my daughter with others. But! I must say, Kiddie Academy Salmon Creek feels like home. The teachers are warm and very learning and patient. They love on each of the kiddos as if they are their own. The learning criteria is superb and very age appropriate. The director and other office workers are very friendly. Love love this place!

Review №21

Outstanding staff and facility! Our kiddo loves going!

Review №22

My son has been going to Kiddie Academy for 3 weeks now. Hes 19 months old and this was his first daycare experience. Hes having a great time. Of course he doesnt love it when we leave, but because they have watch me grow, we are able to see how much fun he has during the day. His vocabulary had expanded. Hes better with eating and hes started cleaning up after himself. They give us detailed notes though tadpoles like what he ate, activities he did, how long he napped, and his diapers.I highly recommend them. It is expensive, but you really feel good leaving your childs in their care.

Review №23

Our toddler has been at Kiddie Academy Salmon Creek since opening day. This is his first daycare/school experience and the staff at Kiddie Academy helped make the transition wonderfully smooth. We are at ease each day knowing that he is in such a safe and modern facility where he is learning and having fun. The teachers and staff are tremendous.

Review №24

My wife and I we are very happy with Kiddie Academy!Our daughter loves this place, teachers are friendly and very professional.Its been only 6 weeks but we highly recommend and will post more reviews soon!Thanks

Review №25

We transferred to Kiddie Academy a few months ago and its the best decision weve made. The most important thing that stands out to me is that Kiddie Academy Salmon Creek teaches the kids community and what it means to be part of a community. Miss Kas has such a positive impact on our daughter and encourages her to try new things, problem solve and most importantly, Miss Kas listens to our daughter and allows her to speak for herself. She talks to the students at eye level and that is so important to me because it allows our daughter to respect her as the teacher and gives her the understanding that Miss Kas is there to lead not to direct as the authoritative figure. We have seen so much positive improvement in our daughter since attending Kiddie Academy Salmon Creek. The nutrition that Kiddie Academy has to offer is amazing, everything is fresh and sanitary! Our daughters diet has change so much, no more fighting to eat her veggies, Miss Kate is doing something in that kitchen and our daughter is craving things like cauliflower. She asks for fresh fruits and veggies. Kiddie Academy Salmon Creeks mission compliments our way of raising our daughter. John and Lindsay genuinely take their time listening to us and what we want for our daughter. Kiddie Academy Salmon Creek exceeds our expectations and we are so happy to be a part of the Kiddie Academy Family at Salmon Creek.

Review №26

Beyond thankful for this place! Kiddie Academy of Salmon Creek completely exceeded all expectations. 🙏

Review №27

I highly recommend Kiddie Academy of Salmon Creek. I did months of research and upon meeting John the Owner at the Welcome Center in January we enrolled our little guy. We patiently waited for construction to finish and received updates throughout the entire process, John is really big on communication! Prior to opening we met Lindsey the Academy Director who we see daily along with John. They are both amazing greeting us by name each morning with a smile and saying good bye every evening.The center is full of top notch teachers who are accommodating and care about all the kids at KA and know each of their names. My one year old son LOVES going to school everyday and on the days he’s having a “moment” there’s always a staff member with open arms to give him a good snuggle and put a smile on his face.The environment is clean, organized, safe and nurturing. We receive a daily activity report with pictures, video and blurb about what he was learning. Not to mention I can log in to the cameras all day long through a secure parent portal.Each room has an age appropriate curriculum and learning toys. One of my sons favorite parts of the day is outdoor time where the littles have a dedicated play area. His other favorite part is food, what toddler doesn’t love food. KA serves a wide variety of foods and encourages family style dinning where my little one is learning to use silverware.Over the last 6 weeks KA has exceeded expectations and I’ll never send my little one anywhere else.

Review №28

I happened across an advert for KASC on FaceBook one day & the thing that immediately got my attention was that they were servicing my daughters school-Southridge Elementary in Ridgefield. My daughter had been attending the SWCCC daycare onsite at Southridge & my husband & I were looking at moving her. We didnt know what we were going to do until I made an appointment to see John.From the moment we met John he was engaging, kind, courteous & sincere. I loved that he shared his story as to his why & it really hit home to me. I also liked that he has many years experience in the childcare industry, so was able to see what worked & what didnt.That KASC has a STEM based program was another major point for the facility, as was its proximity to our home & that they would be busing our daughter to her new school (shes a Kindergartener this year). When we worked out the financial aspect, we found it to actually be cheaper than where we were, on top of having a better curriculum in place.Since our first days at KASC we have been nothing but pleased! Lindsay & John are wonderful & always ready to answer questions. My daughter hugs them both daily when we enter & when we leave. That they take the time out of their busy schedules to always listen to her warms my heart. They truly care about their littles.The facility is uber clean & I have witnessed not only staff actually cleaning, but asking about WHAT needs to be cleaned & when. Im thrilled theyre partnering with Chucks Produce to ensure fresh, healthy meals & snacks, as well as supplying ample play time to work out the wiggles. ;O)I cannot say enough good things about this new facility & that my daughter goes with a smile every morning & comes home excited to tell me about her day there just adds reassurance that my husband & I chose the best & right place for our baby Dragon.Courtney Scott

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