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Review №1

We have had an amazing experience with Society Performers Academy! We recently started on this journey with our daughters and knew little about the industry. Joe and his team have been phenomenal in guiding us through the process of getting our girls started. They have a variety of talented and experienced coaches to teach in areas of acting, vocal and dance. Each coach we have had has been great and have offered different techniques and expertise which has been invaluable in learning different approaches. Joe has been so engaged in our journey, always accessible, quick response and checks in after each step of the way. Finally, the opportunities that became available from participating in this program have been amazing in such a short period of time. Showcases were professional and offered our girls an opportunity to work with top level agents. Would definitely recommend everything about this program!!

Review №2

From the beginning to the end Joe and Society Performers Academy are well worthy of five stars all the way through!! Our son had zero experience and is now signed with an agent after having multiple inquiries! The process was amazingly easy, but very professional. Not only did my son learn so much from this program, but myself and my husband did as well. I highly recommend if you or your child are interested in the entertainment industry Joe and the crew at Society Performers Academy are the right place to start your future career.

Review №3

SPA is an amazing acting program. My son started not too long ago and with the right quality of instruction of SPA Coaches he have the opportunity to work with great Agents in LA area.As a new mom in this industry Joe was able to answer all my questions and guide me into the process.My son had a great experience and the vibes of the program are really positive, great atmosphere, good communication and really professional.~Liz

Review №4

SPA is Life-changing!! Society Performers Academy is a top notch organization that delivers on what they promise. The owner, Joe, maintains great communication with parents throughout the process, provides comprehensive support from the time you start with them through the point of gaining representation in the business, and is accessible for any advice or needs, in general. Our son is 8 years old and has had a positive experience taking acting, vocal and hip hop classes. He’s enjoyed working with several coaches on staff and gained valuable knowledge and skills. In less than two months he’s been presented with several opportunities for representation, which we’re very excited about. We highly recommend SPA!

Review №5

My daughter is 12 years old, and a proud member of the Society Performers Academy(SPA) family. We are new to the industry and have been enrolled and involved with SPA for about 6 months. Thus far, we have had a lot of fun, helpful experiences, amazing exposer, and high touch guidance from a hands on staff. SPA is consistent is preparing their students for success in any opportunity that may surface, while opening doors to many opportunities they provide just on relationships, creditability, and past proven results. You learn the business front to back, as both parents and prospective talent. We have Participated in Acting Academy Classes, a full photo shoot, as well multiple Agent Talent Showcases. So much in a short time, and so much to come.We chose this Academy for a few reasons I find important to share. First, SPA is hands on from the first handshake, child interaction, and they are invested in 2 things. Preparation, and success. Their staff, coaches, and Owner Joe Lorenzo are some of the most experienced and versed professionals in the business. Another reason is the reputable success rate along with the amazing Hollywood Talent(s) that coach my daughter. Lastly and most importantly is the comfort level I felt immediately from onboarding, preparation, Q&A, Showcases on/off site, and family safe atmosphere. As parents our Childs safety and comfortability is the only mission.Joe Lorenzo is a staple to this Fine Arts organization that is Society Performers Academy(SPA). I admire his engagement among so many kids. He is a father, big brother, coach, mentor, etc. to all that share the SPA umbrella. He is high touch, his response time is very quick, and he is always accessible and present. In such a short time both my daughter and myself as her fan and parent, have followed his guidance and are better for it. He is invested in our kids and their development and succession. My daughter has already experienced a call back, and I am confident that her success is on the horizon. I attribute that to SPA, and we are thankful....

Review №6

My daughter loves the classes. I can see her confidence building. She loves to dance and now act. SPA offers the best of both worlds. We just re-enrolled my daughter in another month of classes. The online environment makes it really convenient for our busy lifestyle. Thank you Joe and the rest of the SPA team. We are so glad we found you!!! Lots of xoxo from the Sanders family.

Review №7

I just have to say that our experience with Society Performers online classes have been truly wonderful! From our awesome coaches Amber, Chris, Daynah, Erica, Jared and Jules to Joe and the rest of the staff, especially Amie 😊, you have all made us feel very welcomed and very safe through the zoom sessions.

Review №8

My 13 yr old joined a couple of weeks ago, I was pretty nervous about his concentration level. He has ADHD and ADD, is dyslexic and has sensory disorder. But let me tell you how amazing the team of Coaches has been. Without needing his meds they have kept him engaged, excited, and eager to attend the next lesson. It is the only reading he does without being told. So when I tell you that these classes are a game changer it most definitely is. He has memorised all his scripts and monologue and commercial all in 2 weeks. WHY, because he thoroughly enjoys it, because the coaches encourage him and for the first time he actually fits in somewhere. So if there any parents who having kiddos like mine, just know that they will be fine. This academy takes care of their own, they are on top of their game from the Owner, to the administrative dept (shout out to Ms Aimee). And they even have amazing substitutes like Coach Bill. I would give them 💯 if I could. Sorry for the long essay but I could write a book of gratitude for the life changing experience my kiddo is having..

Review №9

Joe Lorenzo and Society Performers is a great place for aspiring young actors!  When my son showed an interest in acting, I had no idea how to break into the business.  He auditioned for Society Performers and then signed up for a Talent Showcase in Santa Barbara.  The cost of the Talent Showcase included several days of acting workshops.  Society Performers  Talent Showcase gave him access to two amazing Hollywood agents.  My son was later signed by one of the agents and just got his first acting job.  Thank you Joe Lorenzo and Society Performers!

Review №10

Joe from Society Performers Academy always, always answers my emails in a timely manner and sends out great information on how to get started in this industry of acting. The classes are very helpful and hands on. If your child is meant to be in this line of work, you should check out Society Performers Academy. Society Performers Academy gives you the tools you need for success and introduces you to people that can get you started in the industry.

Review №11

Why Choose Society Performers Academy (SPA)?SPA is a Top Acting School in the entertainment industry lead by the most professional coaches.A big huge thank you to Joe Lorenzo and his awesome SPA team!!!It was so amazing! I can’t believe that my 14 year old daughter started taking classes with SPA in late October and just got signed by LA Talent agent right after her first showcase. She only has been trained by SPA for 30 days. SO INCREDIBLE AND UNBELIEVABLE!!!I truly appreciate Joe and his talented team for coaching and guiding my daughter to take the next step into a career in acting.Thank you so much Joe for giving Kayla with a great opportunity to pursuing her dream career. She enjoyed her acting classes so much and will continue taking classes there for growth.I Highly Recommend SPA!!!

Review №12

I can’t say enough good things about Society Performers Academy! My daughter is having an awesome experience with them. She loves the classes offered and is making tremendous improvement. Joe is awesome! He has gone above and beyond and he is a true professional to work with!

Review №13

This has been the best experience for myself (as a parent) and my child. Society Performers is a well oiled machine, with talented and amazing coaches. Joe Lorenzo is very helpful and supportive. He is always available to answer questions and provide encouragement. I highly recommend Society Performers Academy to everyone!

Review №14

Joe L is top notch!!! He has been nothing but patient and helpful every step of the way. I am so glad we found Society Performers!! Due to covid our daughter was no longer able to attend in person classes at our local studio. This program is absolutely perfect. It has allowed her to continue pursuing acting and has given her some pretty amazing opportunities!! Highly recommend!!

Review №15

I didn’t know what to expect when my daughter auditioned for a spot at the Society Performers Academy. From the get go she has been guided and coached in a way that has been just how a 6 yr old needs. All instructors have been amazing and all have their own unique style. There are no guarantees that she will book a gig but what she is learning can be applied and go a long way in the real world and as she gets older. Joe wants all the kids to succeed and you see that in all he does.

Review №16

Where to begin with this review... there’s so much I could say!From start to finish (which I don’t think we are done just yet), it has been such a wonderful experience! Joe and Jay are complete professionals. Our son is only 3 years old, so naturally he has a bit of a tough time staying focused but that was no issue for Joe or Jay. Their patience with our son was awesome and they knew just how to work with him. They never gave up on him or got frustrated with him. They have worked with us just as much as they have our son. If you ever get the idea to put your child in to acting/dancing/modeling classes, this is the place to do it! Highly recommend!

Review №17

I just want to say we want to say Joe Lorenzo and Society Performers Academy is the best. We have been working with them with our 6 year old daughter since summer of 2019 and they have been remarkable!! So professional but the love of a family environment. Classes, workshops, showcases and events are fantastic. So much to learn and so helpful. Our daughter loves it!! As parents we needed someone so personable like Joe and staff whom you can always feel comfortable with and able to go to with all questions and concerns about the business. I highly recommend them.

Review №18

Joe Lorenzo and all of the Society Performers team are so supportive, helpful and professional. We feel so lucky to be working with them. Joe always goes above and beyond with communication, I dont know how he does it! Sometimes I feel I have silly questions and Joe doesnt care, he is always understanding and makes you feel at ease. SPA is always providing such great learning opportunities for both parents and their kids. Both of my kids have loved all the classes they have taken and we love watching their confidence continue to grow. Coach Matt has been so inspiring and great for my kids as well. We cant wait to try out some other classes offered. Even during this worrisome Pandemic time, Joe and his team super quickly put together so many online options for our kids! It has been helping them stay creative and active, I love how it gives them something special and fun to look forward to during this unknown time. Only have wonderful things to say about SPA! So much thanks to Joe and his amazing team!!

Review №19

I auditioned for the studio and I never got an call back, I had my father email them and they never emailed back, it’s been over a month.

Review №20

Joining Society Performers Academy was one of the best things we could have done to enhance our son’s interest in acting. Joe Lorenzo and Jay have helped our kid learn what being a performer is truly about! We love their energy and enthusiasm towards each and every child. Each class is different and targets different skills towards becoming more confident as a performer! If your child has interest in the performing arts world...Then this is your GO TO place!! You will not be disappointed!!!!

Review №21

I love training with SPA! Its the perfect place to learn all the skills to start a career in the performing arts.

Review №22

I cannot say enough enough positive things about Joe Lorenzo, the amazing coaches on staff and SPA as an organization. My children have truly blossomed not only in their self confidence, but in their creativity as well. It has been amazing to watch them connect with their coaches, practice their lines and expand their goals and enthusiasm for acting and modeling. I am always grateful for the personal guidance/feedback that the kids receive and the prompt responsiveness to all of my questions. As a protective parent who spends a lot of time researching backgrounds/safety measures of anyone whom I entrust with their care and wellbeing, I can honestly say I have felt safe and comfortable with all of the coaches and staff members at SPA. Joe has answered all of my questions, ensures that all staff undergo background checks and has created a safe place for my children to grow and thrive in their personal goals as future models and actors. As I have been keenly observing interactions between my children and the coaches I have seen each of them display and model good boundaries and professionalism at all times. I am truly grateful that on their own accord, my children have courageously challenged themselves to learn and be coached by the best in the business. As a parent, there is nothing more comforting than to see their coaches care for them, deliver constructive feedback in a clear and meaningful way and have their goals/best interests in mind. I highly and wholeheartedly recommend SPA to any child or young adult who has goals of enhancing their acting, modeling, singing or dancing skills and a future career. SPA is a wonderful organization and my family has genuine gratitude for our experience thus far and excitement for our future in acting and modeling.

Review №23

Truly a blessing to be apart of such an amazing performance academy!!! The growth my daughter has shown within the first month is impeccable!!! Everything is professional and Organized!!! To help our children and us as parents!!!

Review №24

My son has been going to Society Performers Academy for 4 months. Our experience has been an incredible journey in such a short time. Joe Lorenzo and Jay Ward are great teachers and mentors for the kids. With Joe and Jays help, my son, has already had some great success for doing acting classes for such a short period of time. If you are looking for acting classes with instructors that truly care about their students personally and professionally, come join the Society Performers Academy family!

Review №25

We love it here! Great coaches that really bring out the best in your child. Makes it a fun learning experience for the students. Helpful & knowledgeable to help your child achieve their entertainment dreams. Highly recommend!

Review №26

We cannot thank the universe enough to have sent us Joe and his ninja team of coaches! Amidst the COVID19 season, my 7 year old daughter started coaching lessons with Society Performers talented coaches! Her dopamine levels are higher after each class and thats when its clear to me that she is thriving one day at a time as a Society Performer!Joe has been our beacon in navigating this new found world of entertainment. I would highly recommend such a positive community for anyone looking to bloom as an artist!

Review №27

Society Performers is a great way to get your acting career off to a running start. We both started taking classes in late October and Im proud and excited to announce that we were both signed by a top talent agency this past Friday! Joe, thank you so much getting us in front of Hollywood agencies! We highly recommend SPA and will continue taking classes there. Love, Danielle and Olga B

Review №28

Highly recommend! Our daughter has been working with Joe and team on her dream to become an actress. She is having fun and receiving great feedback and advice in the process. As a parent, I appreciate the constant communication and professionalism of Society Performers Academy! Joe Lorenzo is top notch.

Review №29

We love Society Performers. Joe and Jay are always looking out for my child’s best interests! Coaching is awesome. But what I especially notice as I sit in on my child’s classes, is how tailored the teaching is toward each child. My child looks forward to his classes and says it’s actually the best he’s taken. We would definitely recommend Society Performers Academy!

Review №30

Society Performers Academy has been great with our daughter. She has grown so much in her talent with your help!

Review №31

Joe and the team at Society Performers are the best of the best! My brother Chandler has attended since September and my daughter Colbie is starting this week! We have had nothing but support from all of the coaches and staff, leading Chandler to be signed by an Agent and a Manager within 6 months! Looking forward to Colbies success here as well! Cannot recommend enough. ❤️

Review №32

There are not enough words to explain how happy I am that we found SPA. Joe is so amazing he has stopped up during these super hard times during quarantine and has scheduled so many different options for the children to keep their creativity going. He truly cares for our children and gives them the best constructive criticism they need. All of the coaches are so amazing and I cannot thank everyone enough. Thank you all!

Review №33

I HIGHLY recommend SPA!!! Joe Lorenzo and his team are absolutely the BEST of the best! Our daughter started with SPA at the end of June. We are so thankful that we’ve found such a wonderful environment for her to learn and grow. Joe and Jay are two of the most delightful people my husband and I have ever met. They are both truly masters of their craft. They are so attentive to each child and their genuine spirit to want to help kids grow and gain confidence in their performance abilities makes the learning process all the more effective.Our daughter loves both her group and private classes with Jay. He has such a positive energy and makes learning so much fun! His feedback for growth is always thoughtful and individual for each child. Joe is always so patient and kind. He really has a way of drawing out the best in a child’s performance, while modeling professionalism for them, as this will be critical for them to learn while on a set or attending an audition. My daughter absolutely adores these two gentlemen, has made some wonderful friends, and always leaves SPA feeling motivated, inspired, and excited for the next class!!!

Review №34

We have had an amazing experience working with Society Performers Academy! Joe and Jay are absolutely amazing people and have the best intentions for all the kids they work with. They just want the kids to be the very best they can be and shine like the little stars they already are. We have attended several showcases and classes and they were there every step of the way for us. My son Theo now has a manager and has met some pretty amazing people along the way on his journey. Cant wait for the east coast location to open soon here in NJ!

Review №35

Joe and Jay are an awesome duo! They are both knowledgeable about the industry and very professional. My daughter trained with Joe. She thinks the world of him! His training techniques and advice he gives is amazing! Both Joe and Jay are the real deal. They care about their clients and the guidance and training they provide is the best! I highly recommended recommend Society Performers Academy.

Review №36

LOVE LOVE LOVE Society Academy Performers.... My sons passion has been to act for as long as I can remember, Joe amazing in guiding us down the right path. I would recommend classes at SPA to everyone! Thank you SPA for getting my son closer to his dream.We love you!

Review №37

I highly recommend Society Performer’s Academy for anyone looking to get their child started in the acting industry. Joe is honest, driven, and always available to walk you through the process of beginning a career in the entertainment industry. He is open to working with children of all shapes and sizes. I’m very excited to see what the future has in store for my daughter. Thanks a million, Joe Lorenzo!!

Review №38

Society performers Academy is the BEST!! My daughter started to attend SPA last August. Joe and staff always bring positive energy to the class and genuinely want everyone to be successful. SPA organizes amazing classes, workshops, showcases, and more! They helped my daughter get an agent and continue to be supportive.

Review №39

There arent enough words to describe how ecstatic our family is to know Joe Lorenzo and have our daughter be a student at Society Performers Academy. Joe is not only super professional and detail oriented, but he is approachable, affable, and a straight shooter, which is something that I think is rare nowadays in this industry. With the world facing these unprecedented times and we are forced to quarantine at home, Joe and his fabulous Society Performers team have leapt into action to assist our kids by immediately getting them all online to take classes to learn, to grow, stay active and help them become successful performers. Our daughter has loved that the virtual classes have given her the opportunity to stay creative and engage with some talented coaches through acting and dancing classes. The coaches are relatable and make it so much fun for students, but also keep them on track and give valuable feedback that they can apply toward their monologues. My daughter has been enjoying working on many different projects, contests and being part of a community that cares. On top of all of this Joe has been hosting bi-weekly virtual chats with industry professionals and talent agents that are so informative and have really helped me navigate the path of how to get an agent and simply get started in this industry. I cant recommend Society Performers Academy enough and I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed!! Our family is grateful that Joe was able to enthusiastically pivot to provide a truly rewarding experience during this new normal so our budding artists can succeed in this industry. Thank you, Joe, we admire your passion and commitment to excellence!

Review №40

Society Performers have been amazing and I am grateful for the guidance they are giving my son. Their support and feedback is so helpful. Joe and the coaches really are amazing and top notch. I would recommend them to anyone trying to become an actor, 💯. Thank you Society Performers!!!

Review №41

You will not be disappointed! My daughter started with Joe about 4 months ago and this experience with Joe and his team has been amazing ! Her confidence has grown so much in the past few months and I can honestly say it’s because of Joe and his team. I’m so happy that I made the decision to start this journey with them and he will forever be apart of our family. Harmony just booked her first runway show and it’s because of the training she received from Society Performers Academy ! One of the best decisions I’ve ever made !!

Review №42

I love SPA and how it has introduced me to some AMAZING people who are helping my daughter be her best, energetic and happy self. If you are looking to grow confidence and make the best impact on the world, I would work with this team.

Review №43

Im thankful for my parents and Jay.Im thankful for my parents because they help on my homework, keep me safe, are the best parents I could ever have, and they take me to places like the Society performers academy. I also thankful for Jay because he teach new things, is funny he let us take a break when we work hard. He is one of the best teacher that I had because he is helpful and kind.To. Mommy and papa.From. Jasmine

Review №44

We started back in October, and have recently received some amazing news. We wouldn’t be here without the amazing coaching from SPA. Both Joe and Jay have been amazing coaches and have help my daughter’s growth in acting. They are honestly the best and we are so happy and thankful for all the opportunities that have come my daughter’s way!!!

Review №45

Society Performers Academy has been a really great for my Daughter! She has grown so much since she started this Academy. Especially during quarantine she looks forward for her classes to stay healthy and active her her peers. Thank you joe and SPA teachers you all are great blessings !

Review №46

I can never thank Joe and the staff of SPA enough for all the hard work that they put to help daughter Chelsea, be where is in now in her acting. To the point that my 5 year old Cassidy wanted to join as well and now is a part of SPA as well. ❤️❤️❤️🙌

Review №47

Society Performance Academy is the best they work hard for there kids. We have been with SPA going on two years now. If your just starting out or just need some extra help this is the place to be, My little guy has grown so much from when he first started.Joe Lorenzo is amazing, he is so knowledgeable in the industry! He is always there to help you when you need it. Even the simple question you may have he’s quick at reply’s. Everyone there is so awesome and you just get the best energy every the time.

Review №48

I had such a great time last month spending the day working with such a talented (and fun) group of kids & teens. Since then weve had several of them in for auditions and callbacks starting the day after the class when we coincidentally began casting a fashion commercial campaign for 6-9 year olds. I was very impressed with the level of commitment and professionalism with these students overall and am looking forward to seeing and working with them again. Thanks Joe!

Review №49

Absolutely amazing business specializing in developing young careers. Joe is phenomenal with the kids! You can tell he has a true love and passion for his craft.

Review №50

We met Joe Lorenzo back in May of this year and it has been nothing but greatness since! My four year old daughter has learned so much from him and his team in such a short period of time. My daughter has had so much fun since starting this journey. He is very professional and personable. After my daughter did some training with him, she was given the opportunity to audition in front of agents and managers. Because of that opportunity my daughter now has a manager and an agent! She just had her first job and finished taping yesterday! If you’re looking for someone honest and is truly all about your child then SPA and Joe Lorenzo is the way to go. We are finished our training with him and he still checks in to see my daughter is doing! There’s no one like him!

Review №51

I highly recommend society performers academy. My daughter started with Joe and if it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t be where she’s at today. Because of him my daughter has an agent and manager at 4 years old. Joe loves what he does and is very passionate about it. He will work hard for your kids! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Review №52

This company is absolutely so professional and CARING! They make sure to provide their clients with the attention and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism to guide them towards their goals. They are extremely attentive and always available for questions! Loved working with them!

Review №53

We love having SPA nearby. You get the kind of excellent training and networking opportunities you usually have to drive for to Los Angeles. The trainers are highly skilled and knowledgeable of the industry. I just wish we found them sooner!

Review №54

Society Performers Academy is awesome! Joe and Jay are both excellent teachers. They are so attentive, caring, and knowledgeable. I am so glad I took a chance and signed my children up for classes... their future is looking extra bright with their help!

Review №55

Having attended several Talent Conferences in the last year, I was very impressed with the caliber of talent that Joe Lorenzos Society Performers Academy represented. All of the young people were well prepared and enthusiastic and their parents were very supportive. We held callbacks and subsequently signed several of his candidates and expect that we will continue to do so going forward.April StoneStein EntertainmentDirector of East Coast Talent

Review №56

Joe and his staff are absolutely amazing! I’ve had the privilege to work personally with Joe and from experience I can tell you, he does everything in this power to help you succeed! Great guy! I highly recommend working with him, if given the chance.

Review №57

I have attended a few Society Performers showcases and have always found good talent. I have also found Joe and his staff to be efficient, knowledgeable, professional, organized and all around great at what they present to us. I recommend any young person contacting Joe and taking one of their programs. I have always been pleased with their approach with talent. Thanks. Matt Ilczuk - Entertainment Lab NY/ LA.

Review №58

Such a wonderful pleasure to be associated with this company! Joe Lorenzo is the most professional, caring individual out there! Him and his team truly care and with their experience, the sky is the limit!

Review №59

Okay so I’ve never been good with words but when I tell you WE LOVE SOCIETY i mean WE REALLY LOVE THEM! From day one Joe and Jay have made us feel like family. I came into this process knowing absolutely NOTHING! except that my daughter had a love for the camera and I was lacking the know how to feed what she loved. And like over night I saw an audition casting for Society on Facebook and it’s been a wrap ever since. Jay, Joe, and now Kila have such an amazing resume we are honored to be in their presence. Thanks guys so much for taking me and Aria as we are and for being so patient with me as I learn the tools it takes to support my daughter dreams. Forever love you guys 🥰🥰

Review №60

Society Performers has a great program and I loved meeting with their students. The students did a great job and I really got a chance to see what they could do. I cant wait to come back!

Review №61

If you stay committed and you are humble for doing what you love and have a passion for it SocietyPerformersAcademy is for you you will be taught what is right from wrong and will give you time to correct your lines they as always stay committed and are always open if you have any questions or concerns.

Review №62

My son has had the best experience with Joe and his team! Society Performers has been so awesome and Ryder has learned so much & has had a blast! No matter what the future holds, I’m sooooo glad we got this amazing experience! Thank you Society Performers!

Review №63

Joe Lorenzo and all his teachers are amazing with the kids. They are nurturing and loving. Couldn’t be happier.

Review №64

Met Joe in Atlantic City for an audition and continued with his class. This led to my daughter being signed in New York City! She is currently walking in New York Fashion week this September! Highly recommend taking this opportunity if you can- tons of knowledge from everyone and such a friendly environment for kids!

Review №65

Big shout out to Ms Christin Rickman is absolutely AMAZING I love love her energy with hip hop kids & they all love her as well, shes a beautiful person 💕

Review №66

I am so excited my daughter has an opportunity to pursue her dream with an amazing talent in Joe Lorenzo and Society Performers Academy. My daughter is determined and passionate and I am confident that she will succeed!

Review №67

SPA offers virtual classes during COVID-19 quarantine and we felt so lucky for this opportunity since we live hundreds of miles away from the studio and we cant possibly make it in person so virtual classes are perfect solution for us. On top of that, in Silicon Valley professional acting classes coaching for children and teenagers are so rare and extremely hard to find good one like SPA.SPA not only provides professional acting classes, they also give backend supports - checklists such as sample resume and head shot help, work permit link and more! Joe even go above and beyond with Facebook Live interview videos with casting directors/agents offers many entertainment industry insights. Highly suggest to follow them on Instagram and Facebook!THANK YOU SPA!

Review №68

Society Performers Academy is the place to be! My daughter Laycie auditioned as a 100% beginner and has already learned so much with the guidance of Joe Lorenzo and his Awesometeam of knowledgeable, talented, kind, and hard-working professionals. They are so passionate about what they do! I am someone who is always skeptical and looking for the bigger better thing. I can honestly say that I am completely confident that my daughter and I are receiving the very best training and advice to help her develop her craft and be prepared to work in the industry. They have given my daughter so much personal attention and from what I have seen, they truly care for each student and their success. Since she has been working with Society Performers academy, her passion for acting and modeling has grown and she has been exposed to agents in the industry for many opportunities. I would highly recommend!!!

Review №69

Amazing place

Review №70

Very professional and they offer great resources that lead to personal improvement and overall confidence and success. The staff is highly experienced and knowledgeable!

Review №71

Absolutely a must ! Helped us so much. Joe works closely with all students and truly loves what he does.

Review №72

We signed up for an open call audition, luckily we were called back along with so many other talented children!!! It was such a blessing to have Joe, Jay, Byanca, Kila, and Tiffany guide towards the right direction on how to become a STAR. My daughter was allowed a photoshoot, bootcamp, acting class, and last but not least after hard work and dedication, she was able to do an audition for a couple talent managers, And behold!!!! The agency wanted to sign her!!!! We are overwhelmed with gratitude and can not wait to see what the future holds for Heaven. Thank you Society Performers Academy for starting us on the right foot, and god willing we can do major things! Couldnt have done anything without you!!!! Joe you have been so amazing, thank you for all your time!

Review №73

Joe is truly a professional and is the best in the biz. He is fantastic with kids and knows how to navigate this industry with years of experience to back him.

Review №74

A great place where they can have fun and meet new friends

Review №75

“ I had a lot of fun learning my commercials and monologue. My favorite part was watching the big kids . I was nervous, but stopped crying and had the best time ever !!!!! Joe made me laugh, and hugged me when I was nervous . It made me feel better . “ Kylie age 6

Review №76

Learned a lot from Joe. Helped me out with my daughter Tiona and she loved the program. As long as you are willing to listen and put in the work it will be very beneficial

Review №77

It is a great place my daughter loves it. Joe and Jay are the best!!!!

Review №78

Joe and everyone where fantastic!! Made feel confident, was available when ever I had a question and made sure I had everything I needed

Review №79


Review №80

I highly recommend Society Performing Arts Academy. Joe Lorenzo has so much talent to share and gives such valuable advice to young aspiring actors. My daughter learned so much from this training.Kelly Gemellaro(Studio 295 GEMPAC)

Review №81

I would like to see my daughter Jixelys Tapia in society performers Academy

Review №82

Joe has taught me so much! My mom says I would never be chasing this amazing dream if we hadn’t met Joe and attended Society Performers Academy!!

Review №83

Joe has been there for us from day one and still offers help and support. Cant say enough about how much he cares about his craft and the people in his classes.

Review №84

Top of the line Performing Arts Studio..

Review №85

We are very Thankful for Society Performers Academy

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4.9 Rating
  • Address:659 E 15th St suite h, Upland, CA 91786, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 310-348-7242
  • Dance school
  • Drama school
  • Entertainer
  • Music school
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–9PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–9PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–9PM
  • Thursday:9AM–9PM
  • Friday:9AM–9PM
  • Saturday:Closed
  • Sunday:9AM–9PM
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Membership required:Yes
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