Avant Garde Preschool and Early Learning Center
4103 S Detroit Ave, Tulsa, OK 74105, United States
Avant Garde Preschool and Early Learning Center

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We love this place. They are great with my kiddo, and are always so happy and welcoming. The teachers are kind and considerate. My child loves the teachers. I would recommend this place!

Review №2

Our daughter has gone here since she was 3 months old. She loves her teachers and continues to thrive.

Review №3

Don’t be fooled by the façade, this place is completely unprofessional and disingenuous. This is an extremely unprofessional daycare that needs to be called out on their double standards. Both the director and staff members (does not apply to all teachers) demonstrate a strong disregard for the welfare of the children enrolled in this center and abuse their position of authority. The only qualities that are guaranteed to be demonstrated is their lack of respect and lack of accountability towards you and your family. If you have small children that can’t yet fully voice concerns, or understand the difference between right and wrong, then I implore you to seek arrangements elsewhere. If you have children already enrolled, and they express something that sounds concerning about this place, BELIEVE YOUR KID. I do not wish for another family to be placed in a position or endure the same horrible treatment.Also, heres a fun fact- some of the positive reviews are from the staff members themselves! This only proves my point. In attempt to try and maintain their social standing they fabricate lies but continue to conceal their real intentions.

Review №4

Unprofessional! Management is incredibly rude! They tell you want you want to hear but never keep to their word. Definitely would not recommend this place to anyone!

Review №5

They allow disruptive, destructive and unfaithful behavior due to their overinflated egos and vanity. This is a place that is living in the past and failing to measure up to what is promised in so many ways - intentionally. They excel at segregating, demeaning and belittling students in order to make them understand they are not worthy. The simple things that you teach your child, truth, faith, honesty, courtesy are rejected and discouraged. Run.

Review №6

I have two kids that attend Avant Garde - one in the infant room and one in the preschool room. They both love it there, and my oldest talks all the time about the fun things he does, his buddies, and his teachers. The staff there genuinely care about the kids, and the executive director listens to requests and questions with patience. The infant room has cameras, and I have seen the teachers sitting in the floor talking and playing with the babies. I know my oldest is getting a good education as well. They used to have an issue with teachers not sticking around very long, but they seem to have got that sorted out a few months ago. Highly recommend this place!

Review №7

I have been extremely happy with this center. The Director and Teachers are so kind and loving with my daughter, and really care about the kids in their class rooms. I love that its a technology free classroom, and they let the kids lead their own play time. It has helped with my daughters development significantly, and I am always surprised when she shows me her new tricks! Definitely would recommend this to any families looking for a good center.

Review №8

We love Avant Garde and so does our son. I was worried he would never adjust to being away from home but in a short amount of time he became excited to be at school with his friends. His vocabulary quickly expanded, he developed routines and became open to trying new things. The staff genuinely care & treat you like family. I’m so thankful we have a place like AG for our kiddo.

Review №9

Avant Garde Brookside location is a must. It’s a clean and bright facility with respectful/loving teachers and a great director who hears out the needs of parents and staff. Children follow lesson plan curriculum and they always make learning fun! The atmosphere is just right and meeting the needs to feel safe and secure is a priority. Check them out!

Review №10

We love Avant Garde!! The teachers are wonderful and our son has developed a bond with them as well as his peers. The director is always present and the center is always clean. The staff really go above and beyond.

Review №11

Our daughter loves this place. She has fun, the place is super clean, she learns something new everyday, the teachers love her, the food served is healthy, she takes her nap every day, and they have never let her watch T.V.The staff is friendly and every person there knows my daughter.It is true that they have a high turnover and I wish this were better, but at the end of the day, my daughter is happy, loved, and well cared for. I have never worried about her once when I dropped her off (and I’m a worrier) and that peace of mind is priceless.

Review №12

We moved our baby to the Brookside location a few weeks ago. The teachers are excellent! Every employee that we have met has been warm, inviting and friendly with genuine smiles on their faces. They really care about each child. Our baby does have a few special needs for which she is in therapies for and they have all been open and willing to learn. We appreciate that they are all willing to be partners in caring for her. Our baby is coming home tired and content every night!PS When you first drive up, it looks like a little house. But dont be fooled...that little house goes on and on. It is bigger than it looks and its very cozy, too!

Review №13

Wonderful, caring teachers! Great communicators. Very clean facility.

Review №14

I just enrolled my child at the South Tulsa/Sheridan location and have nothing but great things to say. From Danielle and Jessica on the administration staff, to Ms. Melissa and Majeste in the toddler classroom, and every other teacher I have met there (sorry I do not know all their names), they have made the transition wonderful. My son has come home every day talking excitedly about what all he did and not once in the year he was at his previous school did he do that. Their attention and dedication to their students shines through and I am so thankful for all of them! I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a place to bring their children!

Review №15

I wish I could give this location 5 stars, but I cant. The teachers are amazing (theyre the ones who earned 5 stars - and more), the center is clean, and the lesson plans are always nice. The reason I am giving this location only 2 stars is the director. I have heard how she talks to her staff, and it is not nice, she sounds like a bully! The staff work very hard to care for the children, but I have never heard a compliment from the director to them. If youre wondering why some of the classrooms are always changing staff, that is why. It shouldnt be hard to keep staff there!

Review №16

The staff is very friendly and you can tell they really love our son! The remodel of the facility is really nice, I hardly recognized it. Our son really seems to enjoy going and loves his teachers!

Review №17

We moved to Advant Garde a few months ago and have been very happy with our decision. The Teachers, Directors, and Owners are very professional, loving and caring to our little one. What drew me to Advant Garde was the daily curriculum and activities, nutritious food that is served 3 times a day, and the education/certifications of the teachers. My little one is always smiling when I pick him up and I have comfort knowing he has had a great day filled with fun and learning! I highly recommend Advant Garde!

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