Da Vinci Tree Academy
8055 E 22nd St, Tucson, AZ 85710, United States
Da Vinci Tree Academy

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I think this school is amazing. We were told our kid was to young to start at 4 years old at all but 2 schools; Da Vinci Tree is one. Now our 1st graded is starting to read beginners chapter books. This school is very attentive and been great with Covid happening also.Definitely recommend the school

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I have had my children enrolled since the school was till being built! I absolutely love the staff and teachers. They go above and beyond to ensure the children are safe, staying healthy and following all guidelines, and their education is always top priority. They are very accommodating and incredibly understanding of the parents work schedules and do their absolute best in making sure they can help in any way to accommodate to the parents and also the child. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for our family and children! We know times are difficult for everyone right now, and we appreciate all your hard work and efforts!!Thank you!!Alyssa Kauffman

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Working at Da Vinci Tree Academy has been a wonderful experience. The support our administration provides for their teachers is unmatched. This is evident by the favorable student to teacher ratio, technologically driven curriculum, and vast investment in each students educational journey.One of the most telling outcomes of such tremendous support is the vigorous and rapid advancement of our first grade students at Da Vinci. Due to superb continuity and communication between teachers and administration, first grade students are now advancing at a third grade level.This is just one example of how the interconnected efforts of staff, students, and families have made Da Vinci Tree Academy unique and ambitious in its educational pursuits. There is no doubt that every staff member truly wants what is best for the children that are in our school. Da Vinci Tree has allowed me to grow as a teacher and has helped me provide the best education I can to our students.

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My children attended a TUSD school last year and they appeared to get lost with all the other children. My daughter was getting Bs and Cs. She has a speech delay and they did not take the into account, when grading at the TUSD school. She now is getting almost all As. She is challenged in classes and loves the environment. She gets more individual attention. My son is advanced and was promised advanced learning in his TUSD school last year but it never happened. He now has high As in all his classes. He is actually participating in the advanced classes. The school is meeting his needs and helping him advance more. They have smaller classes and knowledgeable teachers. The staff has been amazing at accommodating for Covid regulations.

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It’s a great school! Great environment for the kids, small groups which is awesome! My daughter is very happy with it . The teachers and the personal there are very nice and available for any questions. I’m more than happy with the results .

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We have worked with the Kati Kaufman for years and found her to be the absolute best preschool and kindergarten teacher. She always wins the science competitions for our region. Her kids learn to read and do math earlier than any weve seen or known. She is amazingly patient, even with the toughest kids. We would highly recommend Davinci Academy and Kati Kaufman.

Review №7

As a teacher I enjoy working here and know that the staff truly cares for the students. We all work hard to provide our students with an education that is relevant to the world our students live in. Please come visit our school to see what we are all about!!

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Mr. Roll is amazing - his passion for educating our youth is like none Ive ever seen. My children came from BASIS so its nice to see they are still academically challenged yet their emotional needs are being met as well. This school is a breath of fresh air. My son, whom Ive struggled with to get his homework accomplished, finishes his homework without even being told to do it. My daughter told me that Mr. Roll is her role model. Im extremely impressed with Da Vinci Tree Academy and would recommend it a thousand times over!

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Its a great safe learning environment! my daughter is very happy with the teachers and personal at the school, we are so glad our child is part of this school during this difficult time because she is also receiving online classes!

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I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this school to anyone that has kids..I have 2 children that attend this awesome school.. One is in 7th grade and the other in Kindergarten. My family loves this school and the staff. Mrs. Kaufman the kindergarten teacher is such a Great teacher. She really does care about the kids she is teaching. My son really loves her too. And Mrs.Kemme. one of my oldest sons teachers is the same way. She will do whatever she can to help my son achieve his goals when it comes to his grades.. There are so many Awesome teachers and staff here to mention. Im so glad that we found this school because my sons have done so well here and they love it!! I would recommend this school to any and every family.

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This is the absolute best school Ive ever been to and im in middle school, its hard to come by a school that has all the traits you could ask for, one where they care about you personally, how well you succeed, how you feel mentally and physically, we go on wash walks almost everu Wednesday which is a really good way i think to socialize while exercising and not to completely stress you out and have you run for a grade participation is everything in P.E. class i have a perfect grade in that just because of participation, and i got to socialize while doing it. Pretty awesome. Our principal is an amazing person and teacher and i love how they take bullying very seriously. They do have a little more advanced classes but all that is worth it just to be here. I will never regret asking my mom to enroll me. They have an amazing staff and Mrs. Kemme is an amazing teacher and though you may think she is strict she is an amazing person and teacher. She cares about each and every one of her students and that trait i will never forget about her. If your not willing to work hard i suggest not going here but its not even about being SUPER SMART its about trying your absolute best and yes it is hard work but its so worth it just to be here. Wish i came here sooner :)

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Da Vinci Tree Academy offers a unique educational experience in East Tucson, and our family could not be happier to be a part of this great school community of wonderful teachers, staff, and students. The class sizes are small, which has been great for my kindergartener as he adjusts to a full day of school. Oh, and full day kindergarten is free! Also, my child is picked up every day by the school’s partner daycare, Storybook Cottage, for after-school care, which has been a saving grace as a working parent. In addition to these things, I can’t speak highly enough of the school’s educational opportunities, especially considering this is a new school just starting out. They offer a hands-on STEM curriculum, as well as several clubs and music classes to bolster creativity and overall academic success. In fact, we just witnessed the wonderful Thanksgiving play put on by the student council yesterday! It was planned, written, and directed entirely by the students for the students (student council directed, kindergarteners and first graders performed). What a neat opportunity for the students to develop leadership skills. We have been extremely pleased with Da Vinci Tree Academy and feel very safe and fulfilled in this family environment.

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This school has been the most picture perfect experience I could have ever imagined for my child. She is a first time school goer attending kindergarten this year and her education and safety have always been mine and my husbands upmost priority. We wanted our child to attend a school that understood the importance of a great education early on in life while still encouraging a child- like creativity that sparks the passion behind lifelong knowledge. I was also lucky enough to have her attend the storybook cottage day care before the school year began. This is a loving environment that wants your child to thrive. The education my child is getting everyday is beyond anything I thought I would be able to receive this early on. When my children falls behind the teachers are there to work alongside me as parent as much I am willing to help just as much and I couldn’t have asked for anything better. There are weekly newsletters sent out at the end of every week keeping us up-to-date with our children’s schedule and what the school is up to with whatever fun, new activities they have going on like clubs or plays. Every week their very own students get the opportunity to write these newsletters! There is so much opportunity here for your child and I highly recommend and suggest this academy to anyone searching for a fantastic experience. I am Ani texting bases with my child’s teacher for updates on her behavior and daily participation, you don’t get this with a huge public school. You don’t get any of this with most schools. This is a priceless time of my child’s life and I couldn’t thank this facility and staff enough for their talents and thoughtful minds.P.s- they have after school clubs, music options and are a tablet friendly school.

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Would not recommend

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Good school

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