New Life Church Trumbull
28 Hedgehog Rd, Trumbull, CT 06611, United States
New Life Church Trumbull

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It’s a very lovely church. Very practical and insightful with the teachings.

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My husband has been going to this church since he was a little boy and highly recommended it. So I checked it out.... The pastor was very welcoming. Has a great sense of humor. And whenever weve been gone for quite a while, instead of judging... They welcomed us with loving arms and remembered us. I also love the diversity the church encourages and how they willingly take people under their wings and allows them to feel at home and safe!

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I love New Life!! Unlike many of the other churches I have attended, the truth is preached and is never watered down. I have felt very welcomed during the couple years Ive been here . New Life is the first church Ive been to where the people dont make me feel uncomfortable or out of place. I feel right at home. The messages are uplifting and convict me in the areas of my life that need work. My spiritual life has strengthened ever since Ive been attending, and New Life has helped bring me closer to God than any other church has.

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I really love the way that the message is preached, its not boring its very contemporary, practical and easy to understand the worship is great with one of the best lead worshipers that I ever heard and Ive been Christian for over 28 years. If you like small quiet Church this isnt a place for you...but if you like a vibrant and active church this is definitely a place for you and your family seek the Lord..

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Great sermons, bible studies, prayer meetings and Sunday night services! It also has a great community and just an amazing team of people that do a huge amount of activities for families, kids, married couples, singles, patrons and more. From summer camps for the kids, to marriage seminars for couples, fund raising events for the community, daily scripter readings...just way too much to list. This church works hard to help you build your relationship with God, and teaches many lessons on how to grow in all ways of life. Very grateful to be a part of this church!

Review №6

I want to start off by saying that I was an attendee of this church for about 3,4 years. And while I was there I met some very amazing people; people who I would lay my life down for without hesitation. But they were the outsiders. They were those, I never saw the majority accepting of, because like their pastor who all but encouraged this behaviour, shunned them. Made them the subject of their gossip circles. I was even privy to Mark Evans mockery of said people! And as distasteful and pathetic as it was, I forgive him. I do not like this church as a whole, I can’t, because of the way my family and I were treated but above all else how they treat others. But I love them, and I hope they get their hearts right. So until that day comes, I find myself quoting something all should hear and that is to run.»Were living in a generation where truth is falling into the streets. I want to be among those that are not running away from the conflict but running into the conflict saying, RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!.RUN from gospels that focus only on success and prosperity: RUN!RUN from those that use the Name of Christ only for their personal gain!RUN from those who are picking your pocket in the Name of Jesus! RUN!RUN from gospels that only focus on self-improvement! RUN!Run from churches WHERE MEN AND NOT CHRIST are glorified! RUN!Body of Christ RUN!Get out!Don’t touch the unclean things!Run from the Churches where there is NO BIBLE! Where there is NO CROSS/COST in its theology!There is no soul searching word! There is no repentance from sin! There is NO mention of the blood of Jesus!... RUN from churches where you are COMFORTABLE in your sins. If you come into the House of God and you’ve got sin in your life and you’re not convicted of it: you’re at a table of devils....They know NOTHING of God: RUN!RUN FROM PREACHERS that stand and tell STORIES AND JOKES : RUN LIKE YOUVE NEVER RUN BEFORE!«(Carter Conlon)

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No other church is like this one, none. When you find someone who says Im saved...go here and see what Christ is doing and youll know EXACTLY what it means to be saved. Oh and DONT miss worship...its the most important part of every service. The music welcomes His presence and you can FEEL it.I was ready to leave this state, sometimes I question my own sanity as to why...then God says stay and home. Youll know what that means when you open the door to your heart that Jesus is knocking upon.

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Very uplifting preaches the true word of God, Great Pastor and his son also which fills in at times. Love the way they get the messages across and love the music also, which also speaks to my heart. I love music and love singing a Great way to start the day.

Review №9

The best church to go with your family!

Review №10

The childrens ministry is absolutely amazing! My 4 year old son had a severe cough last Sunday due to a cold, I decided to stay home with him but he wouldnt have it. He cried hysterically asking to please take him to Kids Zone while promising that he wouldnt cough at his service. I took him to his service and he couldnt be happier.

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I love New Life Church. My first encounter with them was in 2002 when my son played basketball with a program called Upward Bound. Although I didnt attend their church, I loved the messages that were given to my son. At that time I was not attending church at all. Fast forward to March, 2010 a neighbor invited me to church with her and it so happened it was New Life Church. I went that one Sunday and felt at home and as if the Pastor was speaking right to me. The next week I brought my son. I continued to go on Sundays if I could and that soon turned into every sunday. Which turned in to meeting some really great people. I have learned that my journey with God is mine, but have some great supportive and patient people around me. I cant believe March has made 6 years i have been attending. I am not perfect, but I feel at home, love God and love my church. If you think about attending, look for me, I will be the one with a big smile and a lanyard that says ask me and i will be saying GOOD MORNING, welcome to church!!

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Love the peace you feel, nice people that make you feel welcome

Review №13

Pastor Mark speaks about praying for his sermon today nice being in service to hear how he brake it down.

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Word based, wonderful worship team . Very friendly people . Funny and intelligent pastors

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It was a pleasure to return. Lived in New London moved back to Bridgeport, praise God. Love this church.

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Would never come back to this church. He talked about jfk put a man on the moon and Obama put a man in a womens bathroom. He said he talked about it because you stand up for God but he never talked about how donald Trump dislike certain people because of their nationality and Im sure Jesus would not like that either. Funny how they pic and choose whats standing up for God and whats not. This pastor came of as a true bigot. Would never go back nor would I ever give them a red cent. What a horrible service that was I rather a president who accepts all people then one who hates people because of their nationality. If your not into conservative hate preaching than this not the church you should go to.

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Inviting, loving and comfortable place to be.

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Grew up in this church and couldnt be happier with the people, the programs, the worship and the sound gospel that is preached

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The PEOPLE in this Church are Awesome!!!

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Service was awesome.

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Great church.

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Inspiring, and motivational

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I believe.....

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