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2850 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, CA 90505, United States
Tutor Time of Torrance

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I would not recommend this place to anyone. The staff were nice enough at first, very thorough in rules and policies, as well as happy to answer questions and pretty responsive. However, our 2 year old daughters were only there for 2 days. We immediately cut ties with the center because they 1) strapped our daughter to a chair for over an hour (we saw her strapped to the chair) and 2) put their hand over my other daughters mouth (as evidenced by a bite mark on the teachers palm, near her thumb). We were very clear that our daughters had never been in group care, and would require some coaching and training. The staff assured us that they were experienced in this, but they clearly were not. I think they were overwhelmed and understaffed, or simply unwilling to work with our kids. Either way, this was a very frightening experience for our family, and I will probably never try group care again. A friend of ours recently withdrew his 2 year old for similar situations as well.

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Do not trust their drivers. They dont pay attention to the road, and when I called to let them know about their driver, they were more concern about their vehicle than the kids inside.

Review №3

I used to go here about 9 years ago. I remember so much and I wish I can pay it a visit just one more time. Great daycare. I recommend.

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My kid stayed here for one and half year. They have quite a few remarkable teachers and my kid had quite a great time overall. We moved to a different city due to my work change but we all missed this tutor time and the friendly staff here. Id recommend this tutor time to anyone.

Review №5

I truly feel blessed to have found such a wonderful, safe, loving and nurturing environment for my two kids. My daughter is in the pre-school class there and my son attends elementary school but gets picked up daily by the tutor time bus after school where he reads for 15 minutes and then proceeds to get help with his daily homework by the school-age staff. Everyday we are greeted with a warm welcome, everyone there is so nice and attentive to our needs and Tutor Time really ensures that every child is treated and cared for individually with the best quality care. I am so impressed by the quality of education provided to the kids there My two year old already knows what a compound word is (something my 7 year old is just now learning in second grade). I feel as though my daughter is in the best learning environment that she could possibly be in at her age as the curriculum they teach there is so advanced. I am very confident that by the time my daughter reaches kindergarten she is going to be way ahead of the game thanks to the extensive learning provided by the Tutor Time staff. Their hours of operation are also very convenient for working families as they are open on many holidays that your average child care facilities are not. They also offer parents-night out. Cant beat that! Our family is very satisfied with our experience and give it 5 stars, no questions asked!!!

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My kid went here for around a year since she was 5 months old,and this is heaven .Ms Roselle, Ms Marie and Ms.maria,the director Kristine, Assistant director Yadira are all awesome and warm..My baby Ashratha was taken care with full love and i did not worry a bit while at work.This Tutor time in particular is so close to heart for my family.Thanks to everyone.

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My daughter has been attending Tutor Time Torrance since she was 10 weeks old, she is now 2 1/2. Anyone who has children can agree with me when I say it is thee absolute toughest thing to do, to leave your precious baby with strangers. As the weeks go on those strangers become friends and people you trust with your gems. I can honestly say that she loves going to school to see all her friends and her teachers and she says she’s going to play with all her friends, play soccer, and go down the slide and say weeeee that’s the best feeling to know that your child is happy where she’s at. She walks into the building like she owns the place. I especially love that not just her teachers say hi to her but every teacher that just so happens to be in the hallway and sees her makes it a point to say hi and or bye. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her here and to see her grow and learn with her little friends.

Review №8

My child loves her teachers! And is learning so much!!!

Review №9

Used for backup care when primary provider wasnt available or on holiday. Kids seem to enjoy themselves

Review №10

My daughter used to be extremely shy. She didnt do well around adults she doesnt know and wont play with other kids her age. In the past, people say to bring her to parties and playgrounds frequently so she can overcome her shyness. We tried these to no end as well as other recommendations but nothing worked. That was two years ago.We decided to enroll her at Tutor Time to see if they can help her be less shy. She started in the Toddler Room (12-24 months old) and it took her a LONG time to adjust. The teachers were very patient with her as she learned to trust other adults. Her favorite care-givers were Ms. Gloria and Ms. Jessica. When we asked them how our daughters day went, they gave honest assessments of what occurred. They have daily reports showing what she ate, when she slept and pottied as well as what activities she participated in. As she started going every day, she opened up a little more as she started to make friends. She was still shy at parties, but she started to play with other little kids as she didnt do that before.When she graduated to the Twaddlers Room (24-30 months old), we were concerned she would revert as the teachers were different. It took her a while to adjust but she eventually did. All her teachers (Ms. Monica, Ms. Melissa, Ms. Jennifer, Ms. Kim, Ms. Crystal) acknowledge her shyness, but they made her feel so comfortable that at the end of the school day, our little one comes out of her shell. And it shows too - shes less shy around adults she doesnt know though it still takes a few hours before she comes around.Our daughter is in Preppers (30-36 months old) now as she prepares to transfer to the Pre-School class this Fall. Miss Lupe and Miss Keisha note that our little one has grown so much from when she started a few years ago. We cant thank the staff for their tireless efforts to help our daughter. She has close friends now as well as a best friend. At home she cant stop talking about them all. She can still be shy at times. But shes not as reserved as she used to be.So many great things to say about this place. The tuition is fair; its not cheap but its not expensive either, considering all the things Tutor Time offers. The facilities are excellent and well maintained. All the rooms are cleaned at the end of every day. There is adequate parking and the entrance is very secure. To unlock the front door, you type in your code and scan your finger print. If you are a guest, you talk to the staff (Ms. Christine, Ms. Denise and Ms. Anna) via intercom as they determine to buzz you in or not. You check in and out on the touch screen and then sign a book as well. Each age group has its own spacious classroom and there is a indoor playroom (The Village) where the kids go when it rains. The outdoor playgrounds are very large and secure. Every week there are special activities (petting zoo, reptile show, magic show, etc.) that are not only entertaining, but also educational. Theres a structured curriculum for each age group. We dont really refer to Tutor Time as a day care; we call it a school as the caregivers are more like teachers and less like baby sitters. I could go on and on but my wife and I are very happy we decided to enroll our daughter here.

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