Tomball Elite Driving School
1327 W Main St STE 1, Tomball, TX 77375, United States
Tomball Elite Driving School

Review №1

Coming into this school, I had absolutely no experience behind the wheel but I never felt lesser than because of my lack of experience. The school is very organized and professional and the instructors and administrators are very supportive. From my first lesson to my road test, everything was easy to manage and coordinate. If you come here, you will certainly learn how to drive well and with ease. Would highly recommend to anyone! :)

Review №2

My daughter enjoyed her classes. The instructors were very patience and her learning experience was awesome.

Review №3

Great place! I never thought driving school would be fun but HERE… It’s very fun and a safe environment for your child/teen to get started. Here, it’s not boring and all book work… we do hands on activities and play games. I’ve made so many friends within the three weeks I’ve been here. I Love this place and the people in it. The instructors are nice and well mannered as well. I am of age to get my permit and I got my certification for my permit within the first week of class. Above all else, this is the place to go for your child. Don’t hesitate! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Review №4

I had a blast learning about driving! The instructions are very informative but make driving fun. The classroom is always neat and the games we play helped us to learn drivers education. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. 5 Stars!!

Review №5

So far so good, my daughter is in the middle of her teen course and the staff has been extremely nice and helpful with the process. Will def recommend.

Review №6

I loved it. It was simple and thorough. At first it was boring work thats forced but then they added their own fun twist.

Review №7

Im very pleased with Tomball elite Driving school, the lessons are a good price with professional instructors and service. Thank you for such a great experience. They are great with teenage drivers.

Review №8

The classes are very enjoyable and the instructor is absolutely a joy. Although the writing portion can be boring, the activities and the vibe of the classroom is amazing! I definitely recommend Tomball Elite Driving School.

Review №9

Class is very fun and engaging and I’ve made memorable moments. I’m so glad I chose this class. Best decision ever.

Review №10

Best way to start your defensive driving education while having a blast at the same time highly recommend the morning classes too.

Review №11

Great school. Really great teachers who do a good job of engaging students and educating.

Review №12

It is a very good school, we have fun and Mrs. Fee comes up with creative ways to help us learn!

Review №13

Love it! the staff is amazing especially Mrs.Fee she makes class crazy and fun I enjoy coming it’s the best 2 hours completely worth it!!!

Review №14

Class was fun, engaging, and informative. The instructor was friendly, and the class was very enjoyable!

Review №15

*Leaving a review during class*Shout-out to Miss Fee for being an awesome teacher. Everyone in my class got our learners permits first try! The writing may of been hard, but the drunk goggles expirement & the SIPDE Activity was very fun to try, not like anyone -imaginarily- ran over a child... And the slushie group was funny. No, but really, we learn a lot & its very informative. Not all fun and games because driving is serious, but still interesting.We also played Heads Up & Deflection.Act like no one knows how to drive. Peace out. ✌️

Review №16

They are patient and very great teachers, definitely recommend for anyone needing a proper training and knowledge of the law on the road.

Review №17

Very nice teachers and there patients with the students. We learn alot about bwhat to do will driving and not what to do.

Review №18

My son likes their great instructors.

Review №19

Not me making a 5-star review while in class 👀👀👀 All of our instructors are super nice and I fully recommend this place to anyone looking for a fun and hands on place to learn how to drive. My entire class passed their permit exam and we’re all prepared for our license tests! Shoutout to Miss Fee for being the best instructor ever (sorry Miss LaToya...)

Review №20

Class is enjoyable! and the instructor is very fun and informative

Review №21

Very nice classes, I learned how not to run children over

Review №22

Good class too many my trang however

Review №23

Super nice people! Very helpful! So much nicer than dealing with DPS! Highly recommended!!!

Review №24

Fun classes and teacher. I look forward to classes

Review №25

Really satisfied with my driving lessons. My instructor Ms Latoya was really patient with me and explained every step really well. Overall an Amazing experience 😊

Review №26

A friend of mine highly recommended them and sure enough she was right! Super nice and professional. Every step was well explained. I will be going back with my second child!

Review №27

My son is taking the class and he absolutely loves it as far as school goes

Review №28

A fun class to attend.

Review №29

A student spat on me every time i went to class but overall really fun

Review №30

It’s cool or something like that

Review №31

Super efficient from registration to reminders, right on time! Friendly staff, makes nervous kids feel comfortable!🤗🙏

Review №32

Very fun school very interactive and not boreing

Review №33

Instructors are very professional and patient, I highly recommend.

Review №34

My son was so nervous about driving school, but Tomball elite driving school made his experience worthwhile! They were so calm and patient with him, but most of all he had so much fun. Every day he would come home and tell me all about the different games and activities they did! I love that he had different instructors behind the wheel, his favorite was Mr Richardson, he really calmed my sons nerves and made his experience great!

Review №35

Very fun ! Loving every second !!!

Review №36

Best tacos in Houston 3/5 stars. In all reality, a great driving school. Would recommend to anybody looking for a fun school.

Review №37

This is a really fun driving school! I expected to go through a boring class every day,but its the opposite! Not only are the students really nice,but the teachers are very nice and like to have fun with the activities and lessons.This is a great driving school and I recommend you go here to get your permit.

Review №38

We took our driving test there today. The folks at Tomball Elite Driving School were professional, flexible and friendly. Highly recommend!

Review №39

I have visited a few driving schools in the past but none stood out like Tomball driving School. The owner offered me a tour and a detailed description of the program and prices. The classroom set up was so neat and organized for students to be in a learning atmosphere. The prices are the best out right now. I recommend taking care of your driving needs here.

Review №40

Great school, my son spoke highly of the instructors. I’ve personally meet two of them and they were always very nice and professional. I highly recommend.

Review №41

Its ight

Review №42

LOOK NO FURTHER!!!!!! Latoya is a great instructor! She gives that extra one on one help with my daughter. Pricing is reasonable and beyond compare! Register SOON because the classes seem to fill up quickly. HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Review №43

All of the instructors were great. It was very educational. I learned stuff I never knew. It was a lot of fun and I made great friends.

Review №44

I have sent both of my teenagers here, they absolutely loved it. This staff is amazing! You can really see they love what they do, it shows.

Review №45

Best driving school in the world, they taught me how to drive using only my feet. plus they taught me how to drive using telekinesis. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 also they taught me how to drive using my hands and braking with my feet. this is one of the best driving schools hands down and feet down. if you don’t come here you are not a very wise person.

Review №46

This driving school is so much fun, and the instructors are so nice. I learned a lot and they make learning fun. Would definitely recommend

Review №47

Super flexible. Nice people who get things done.

Review №48

I can say they are convenient. They are very difficult to get in touch with. Quite unprofessional. They had us leave there thinking we had everything we needed to get our sons TDL and that couldnt have been further from the truth. Now we are scrambling like crazy to get the forms together that the driving school should have told us we needed, not to mention a VOE which they NEVER mentioned. Steer clear.

Review №49

I am having so much fun and learning a lot about the road that I never knew even my parents didn’t know some stuff. I love this school if I could I would do it again.

Review №50

The instructors made this a very enjoyable experience for my daughter. They are very educated, patient, and caring. I wouldn’t take my other kids anywhere else but here!

Review №51

Mrs fee makes everything fun. There has never been a boring day here. Friends are made here and we work together. Thank you tomball elite!!!

Review №52

Really recommend the school. Latoya is very experienced and instructive. She made me feel confident but cautious at driving.

Review №53

I think the teachers here are really on point. I think there should be more hands on activities, but other than that this is the best school to go to. I think we have learned very much in this class.

Review №54

Great school! Very lively and beneficial for first time drivers.

Review №55

Very impressed with the staff, all the instructors were very nice and patient with my son. I highly recommend this school.

Review №56

This is the best driving school ever! The teachers really do care about their students and the information they teach. 100/10 recommending to everyone!!

Review №57

This was a lovely experience! I learned how to turn properly, check my mirrors, and helpful tricks to parallel park. This is a family owned business. The family was very welcoming and taught me how to drive very quickly. I was nervous beforehand but once I got in the car with Latoya all of the nerves were settled by her calming voice. I felt very safe. Her father mr. Richards is super social and a great conversationalist. He will test your skills in real life driving situations. I highly recommend this school. 10/10 experience.

Review №58

Great needs More drunk googles, very nice staff . Always laughing while learning

Review №59

I learned a lot at this driving school and had fun with teacher and classmates, I think this class did a great job of preparing me for the roads

Review №60

They have the best customer service and very polite! The owner takes the time to come and meet you personally & very professional. Definitely recommend to others

Review №61

Mrs. Toya is my fav teacher, super nice, all the employees treat you really really good and are all super friendly. Classes are really fun, everyone becomes friends after a few days and lessons are intresting and easy to learn.

Review №62

This class is fun and it helped me learn much faster and i had a fun time here and the instructors are funny

Review №63

It was fun! Ms toya is the best instructor ❤️

Review №64

Base in my experience, I Highly Recommended Tomball Elite Driving School, Ms Latoya is such a Great Teacher shes calm and she definitely makes me feel confident,comfortable and safe while Im learning driving she thought me everything i need to learn, and Thank you so very Much.

Review №65

Mrs. fee and Mrs.latoya where the best instructors and Michael was the best kid in there and free pizza and water

Review №66

Really nice school! Did the driving portion and was able to complete all driving sessions within 2 weeks.

Review №67

Best drivers school in Tomball. I’d recommend to other teens

Review №68

Mrs. Fee was an awesome teacher and she made the learning fun and interesting.

Review №69

Jesus did take the wheel I was called sushi guy overall cool place

Review №70

The school is fun. And the teachers make sure you learn a lot, and the best ways to stay safe whole driving

Review №71

Pretty good driving school, learned everything I needed to know and helped me easily get my drivers license and permit.

Review №72

Great School! Mr. Richardson is a great instructor, very patient.

Review №73

Great school, very professional, and a great staff.

Review №74

This is a great driving school with great teachers and staff. I promise you don’t want to miss out

Review №75

Great school! Everyone is very friendly, and great teachers, very happy I chose this school to learn to drive

Review №76

I learned so much!! I definitely would recommend them for your teens! Trist me every time you come to pick them up they will have a smile on their faces!!

Review №77

Great teachers and learning experience. Very fun and helpful class.

Review №78

Tomball Elite Driving has the BEST customer service ever!!! Very patient understanding and helpful to meet your needs.

Review №79

Class was lit, took all classes enjoyed it, no drama easy quick learning. Great teachers.

Review №80

I love mrs fee and how she works w her students and the staff is amazing

Review №81

Had the best time doing dance offs in class with mrs.v and learning the rules of the road

Review №82

Ms.fee is the best driving teacher and we have a lot of phone in her class....

Review №83

Ms. Toya can put up with all of us. YOU CAN EAT FOOD IN CLASS

Review №84

Lots of busy work looking through books for answers, but very nice people and good driving instructors

Review №85

I learned a lot here and all the teachers are really funny especially Mr. Richardson. I recommend going here its not just copying notes its an active learning experience with lots of activities.

Review №86

Great place loved Mrs. Fee she was the best teacher eva. She was entertaining and I especially loved the 20 questions game as I found out one of my classmates was Diego from Dora the explorer, it really gave me a better idea of who was in my class. I learned a lot from this class and especially loved learning roundabouts as I like the word roundabout. Besides that Mrs. Fee was a great teacher and I learned a lot of driving procedures and techniques for when I skrt skrt on the road.

Review №87

Everyones really friendly and sweet here. Its not just learning driving, its making friends.

Review №88

Mrs.Toya is very nice and a very good teacher

Review №89

Ms. toya is the best teacher ever!!😋

Review №90

This school is excellent and the teachers are pretty cool

Review №91

This is the neatest and cleanest driving school around !!!! Good environment for kids.

Review №92

I love this class bc of the energy and its super fun

Review №93

The teachers are great include Miss fee

Review №94

By far the best driving class ive ever taken

Review №95

The superior gender will always win.

Review №96

Very convenient and easy.

Review №97

Ms.Fee is the best driving instructor ever!!! I love this school!!

Review №98

This is a very great driving school 😄

Review №99

Fun experience, Mrs.fee is a great teacher to have

Review №100

Awesome experience, teachers were awesome.

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