99 Cents Only Stores
950 E Avenida De Los Arboles, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360, United States
99 Cents Only Stores

Review №1

The store is big and well lit, everything is organized properly, they have a lot of interesting grocery items, including a large assortment of Mexican and Mexican inspired snacks, and they have a good assortment of basic necessities, such as beauty and kitchen supplies. It’s fun to shop there!

Review №2

This use to be a good place to shop but with the last year it has gone down hill. The price has gone up and the service is so bad all the employees seem depressed and mad all the time and the manager is the wose. I have herd the way he talks to his employees. My wife has gone in there and she is fed up with it. The floor is grose and there produce is wife and I will never shop there again

Review №3

Used to actually be 99 cents only but now thats just false advertising. Siracha was $1.49 and other stuff $7.99, $12.99. Now that the business is NOT a $.99 store I shop there less. Walmart has better prices on most of the food items and they arent expired like they are in this store. Also, be prepared to wait a LONG time at checkout, theres only 1 cashier usually.

Review №4

Beside the typical 99 cents items, sometimes one can find great buys on produce, plants and others.

Review №5

Has more variety and selection than other 99 cent only stores. Kept well and people working there were nice and helpful.

Review №6

The store is well organized clean and the employees are really nice and I like the fact that they desinfect the cart for you....

Review №7

Its a good store, but not everything is $.99

Review №8

Love it !!! It so convenient and always find what I need.Thank you.!!! Great service too😊😊👍👍👍

Review №9

Not crowded and they had what I needed. Great savings.

Review №10

Its the 99cents store. Dont expect too much12/28/2020 - So sorry this was meant to be 4 stars not 3. I have always found a place for this store in my life, there is always a need and reason to go there and I will always be back.

Review №11

Fabulous store. Cleanest 99cent store ever at the Thousand Oaks Store on Avenida Los Arnolds.Was at the Doctors, not my neighborhood, but stopped & was very surprised.Employees very polite & helpful. Thank you.

Review №12

They started rearranging everything not a good idea it looks awful I dont know where to find things and as usual long lines if youre in a hurry to pick up one or two things do not recommend this place until they have finally put in an Express line when are you going to put it an Express line 99 cents only store?

Review №13

Completely out of things we needed☹

Review №14

A little annoyed pet supplies consisted of some pet pampers and no dog food I was looking for....???

Review №15

They have a very friendly staff. Strange but true they also have best view of the moon every evening.😁🌜🌛

Review №16

99cents stores is losing their way of late. First, the store in my area off Avenida De Los Arboles TO, is out of so many things....ok, give them a break due to Covid? No! Other stores are stocked well and Im talking September 2020 when shortages havent been a problem. Also, the store needs to change their name! Easily 20%+ of items are $2-$12+.

Review №17

Not from this area, when i am, i stop and find good, the thing is to know your deals for best trip at these places

Review №18

Surprising variety of sugars and salts,very good prices on spices also good selection on toiletries. The store seems clean and well stocked.

Review №19

Love shopping at your store you all have great things.

Review №20

Great place to shop, horrible place to work. Most employees have a criminal record and it is very apparent why. The store manager expects too many tasks to be executed in an impossible amount of time. The store manager is a criminal and will try to snake you out of hours and even wages so be careful. Besides the awful manager and criminal element of the employees, most of the employees are actually pretty friendly people.

Review №21

Great! Clean and well stocked.

Review №22

Its ok nothing spectacular, didnt find what I was looking for but it was ok..

Review №23

Great prices and had what I needed!

Review №24

There is a person inside the door that will completely sanitize your cart. There is a good variety of things for sale.

Review №25

Nice and big. We came from Northridge, and we decided to stop by your store. You guys have everything.. thank you

Review №26

A well-run, inexpensive grocery store.

Review №27

This place is great!! Also I have a question! Do you guys have the din don ju c jelly candies? I’ll love to buy those!!

Review №28

Terrible terrible terrible. $.99? Where???Please change your name. Nearly everything at this place is between three dollars and $12. And always the single cashier on duty, no matter how long the line is, so don’t be in a hurry.

Review №29

A lot of fresh vegetables, fruit, and nice daily supplies.

Review №30

Are used to shop here all the time I still do, everybody is nice here friendly, but now I’msseeing many items that I usually buy or more expensive than other stores now. Everything is going up in price and I can name 15 items at the store that is more expensive than Ralph’s. Looks like I wilL Be shopping elsewhere and dollar tree who will never rains their prices. It’s all about greed these days. There are other stores that are staying 99 cent only.

Review №31

Shelves are always tidy and things are pretty easy to locate. Produce can be hit or miss in freshness, though standard items like apples and carrots are always pretty good. Ive been lucky enough to find name brand items (cereal, makeup, and more) that are pretty good deals. The cashiers are mostly friendly too.

Review №32

Clean, fresh produce, great buys, good finds. Some things are over $0.99 however you still cant beat the price for the value. Not everything is cheap made in China either. Decent frozen food section and goods of all kinds

Review №33

You get what you pay for. I would never buy fresh food or any refrigerated items from here, but their dry food and canned goods are worth the savings. The cashiers are always nice and I also like the fact that they have (limited) school supplies like paper or pens. Overall I like coming here to save money, and I buy way too much pocorn for my own good...

Review №34

I miss the old 99 cent store, where everything was 99 cents. Now I dont know what Ill be paying for many items. A lot of stuff say 99 cents but then they ring you up as $1.99.

Review №35

I happen to be in the store when fresh watermelons were being delivered. I asked where the melons came from and was surprised to find they are locally grown. He said they buy local grown produce. I have to say they were the best watermelons I have ever had.

Review №36

The staff members are helpful & courteous. They usually walk me to the exact spot where I can find what I want instead of just pointing me toward it. Sometimes, they will even search for me and bring me what I need. This location is smaller than others but I prefer going here than to other locations of the same store.

Review №37

Always love to go to the .99 Cents Store. I always find things I need like lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and tortillas. Sometimes I find name brand stuff. Its a great place to shop!

Review №38

The fruits, vegetables are fresh. Cleaning products are good as any other big brands. The prices are excellent. Im very satisfy, never had to come back to complain, always come back for more :)

Review №39

Even over 99 cents items are a great deal. Slightly unorganized & they need more employees dedicated 2 recovery. The stores messy w/ merchandise stuck wherever down every aisle.

Review №40

Fresh produce, dairy, excellent canned goods and drinks, and lots of regular surprise items make the 99¢ Only store my first (and often only) grocery stop. This is how Ive saved thousands the last 8 years. Every time I shop I marvel at what an awesome deal it is.

Review №41

A great store to pick up wrapping paper or bags for gifts or even cards! They also have a huge selection of mexican candy! Yay!! The kids love it!! If you need anything for your animals there is an assortment of food for them as well. I would also add that on the right days you will find nice, fresh produce.

Review №42

The store is big and well-stocked, but there are frequently only 1 or 2 cashiers working, even when the line exceeds 10 people. If you plan on doing a lot of $1 shopping, come here. If you just need one or two items, Id suggest going elsewhere.

Review №43

I always find great things here! I start here first for decorations and small gifts/giveaway items for Holidays and parties.Its a good idea to buy basic cleaning & kitchen supplies here also.The store is always clean and organized as well.

Review №44

This place has me hooked on deals.

Review №45

This is a great store. But they usually run out of products really fast. Because so many people like the store.

Review №46

Wide variety of merchandise, fresh produce and refrigerated and frozen food. Bag of ice only 99 cents. A really fun place to shop with cute purple carts. Lots of name brands​at bargain prices.

Review №47

There are some amazing products that you can find here including a wide variety of produce! You save lot of money buying from here and recommend it. The store does need more cashiers at peak times as everytime i have visited the lines were very long and cashiers seem fruatrated. It can be tough to give great customer service when you are short staffed or not managed well.

Review №48

I love to go there, I find lots of good things, including beer and wine in some of your stores, and if you go there at the right time, you can find fresh fruit and vegetables. Some other stores dont have enough people to help you either or are not so clean either. Thank you for your service!

Review №49

It is always a surprise to see what is avsilable. The store has been greatly cleaned up in the last few years but the discouraging problem is that increasingly the items are no longer 99 cents. There are still some good deals to be had but not like years past. I would like to see the name changed to reflect the fact that most things are not 99.

Review №50

Good bargins

Review №51

Has good value.

Review №52

Very good resources, and the food is not bad at all. You can get your fresh fruits, salads and tomatoes along with avocados to make avocado salad.

Review №53

Its gotta lot of stuff! Sometimes some expensive hair products are there, sold for 99 cents. It seems they finally have enough cashiers. All in all, its a good little neighborhood store.

Review №54

It’s a good place to shop and you Gould go there now

Review №55

Friendly positive people i would love too work their hopefully real soon ???

Review №56

The people that work here are always friendly and helpful. The produce is pretty good and you cant beat the garden section for the price.

Review №57

I got c type charger USB wires for 99 cents, they are not always there, I look in the gas stations they want 15 bucks for them... go to Walmart... they want 20 bucks for one....

Review №58

Good friends?

Review №59

Great for fresh veggies, day old bread (mondays), crackers, and who knows what else youll find!

Review №60

This store did not refund my purchase and I paid cash for my items and brought them back within the hour. Do not buy their frozen foods they wont refund you for any item and they only give you a store credit. They said they wouldnt refund anything anymore. They only give store credit. .

Review №61

This store is very good. Thank you to everyone who work in there, very polite persons.

Review №62

I love the 99 cent store. They always have great deals.

Review №63

Clean and abundant ... service is less than and not everything is priced to its promise built into the name

Review №64

Awesome 99 has stuff others dont have, very organized and clean.

Review №65

Store seems to be kept stocked and clean. Vegetables are sometimes alittle too ripe.

Review №66

There never seems to be enough employees tending to the long lines that build up at the register. The employees are not the friendliest either, they tend to look the other way as of to avoid their customers. Nevertheless, theyre reasonably priced lol

Review №67

I loved this place because their are toys,clothes,and a lot more stuff. The employes are very helpful

Review №68

This time we went (an hour before closing time), the store was half empty (half the shelves were completely empty!) Also noted was the lack of 2nd shift employees (none) who would normally stocking new inventories. Is this store about to be closed down? Who knew.

Review №69

The best dollar store in the Conejo valley. Helpful employees. Well stocked.

Review №70

This place has great deals on just about anything you need around the house and in the kitchen.

Review №71

The checkers are always friendly at this location and theres always a great selection of items available

Review №72

My favorite store to buy big and little stuff for cheap. Love the 99 cent stores

Review №73

Need to update store hours online. Just drove all the way here, thinking they were open for another hour like the listing says, but they were closed.

Review №74

Planned to buy 2 items, pald for 10. Of course I could use the others, but didnt need any of the 8 today or tomorrow.

Review №75

It shouldnt be called 99cents ONLY, when they have tons of stuff in there for $1.99, $2.99, even $9.99.. All still great deals for what you get, but lets just take the ONLY off the store name..

Review №76

This is the best dollar store/99 cent store Ive EVER been to

Review №77

Always pleasant to go to the 99 cent store. People are friendly. And is well stock

Review №78

Good place to pick up a last min. Present or school things, they have it all, and even more.

Review №79

Love it! Lots of good stuff, but beware of lots of junk, too.

Review №80

Pretty messy and needs better management but the prices for most items are good

Review №81

Great prices great staff

Review №82

GREAT... quick check out... lots of good stuff ☺

Review №83

Good price on things you may or may not need.

Review №84

Best (most diverse and consistent) super cheap store in the region.

Review №85

Quick, cheap, and a wide variety of items. Only place in TO that will sell ANYONE lighters.

Review №86

Good stuff for cheap. Great food prices.

Review №87

Good prices. Fairly good selection.

Review №88

Like this store. Has a good selection of food and produce.

Review №89

Really cheap and alot of quality

Review №90

Great Halloween goodies even my puppy likes them

Review №91

Love done products but the dolls break easily

Review №92

Clean, organized. Not as much Christmas stuff as I was hoping for.

Review №93

I love this market! There are tons of things just less than a dollar!

Review №94

This store has a large selection of many different things. Its a good place for last minute shopping and the prices really cant be beat.

Review №95

Good plase to shop good prices love it

Review №96

Much cleaner and open than your typical 99c store

Review №97

Lots of variety and food fresh and cold items

Review №98

Good store and they have a ton of produce for 99cents.

Review №99

Must visit. Sometime u get good stuffs for a $

Review №100

Theres no reason why there needs to be 13 people waiting for one cashier theres multiple registers theyre not using it just does not make sense I watch people walk to the front door have a look at how many people are in line and turn around and not even enter the store theres got to be a better way to serve customers

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  • Address:950 E Avenida De Los Arboles, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360, United States
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  • Phone:+1 805-492-4499
  • School supply store
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  • Grocery store
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  • Outlet store
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Health & safety
  • Mask required:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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