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3707 College Park Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77384, United States
FINS Swim School

Review №1

After trying different private and group swim lessons we finally found a place !!!! The struggle was real, but after the first couple lessons he was more comfortable in the water and was learning water skills. At the end of every lesson they tell you about improvements and what still needs work, when that part is mastered, they “graduate” on to the next level and get a ribbon. Eisa, my son’s instructor is amazing!!!! Hands down the absolute best.There is never any difficulties when we have to cancel and reschedule make up classes. Look no further - FINS is the best!

Review №2

My daughter took two daily power sessions this summer. We only intended to do one since she is already a pretty strong swimmer (thanks to FINS when she was younger) but she liked Coach Brayden so much we signed up for a second. He made the lessons fun for her. I also appreciate he wore amask for all 20 lessons with her without me ever having to ask after the first day. Victor and Carlos are always super helpful at the front desk. Gracie is super happy to have completed all the swim levels. 🙌

Review №3

We have been so happy with our daughters progress since starting at Fins! She started about 8 weeks ago and is already comfortably swimming at the bottom of the pool and diving for rings. I already feel so much more at ease with her around the water. She has loved every instructor that she has had. I was concerned that twenty minutes wouldn’t be long enough, but I was certainly proven wrong. We will be continuing classes as long as she needs! Thanks FINS!

Review №4

My son loves his swim teacher, Alisa! My husband and I do too! In fact, we have never had a bad experience here. When you enter the doors of the facility, everyone is warm, friendly, and attentive. When we have a question, it is always thoroughly answered.He has been enrolled in the baby fins one class since he was 8 months old and has made big improvements since. He just turned 1. I appreciate the staffs nurturing element when working with him and Ive observed them doing so with the rest of their swim students as well. This is comforting for me as a first time mom with an infant.When it comes to swim safety, I use to want to do ISR (Infant Survival Resource) classes, however, I began to fear that it may make my son fearful of the water. Im glad that I didnt. FINS aides parents in teaching their babies and toddlers swim safety in a way they can both enjoy. They are also very time conscious and consistent. This is awesome because structure helps kids learn. Its nice that the classes are small group because it ensures that each child is given quality teaching and assistance.So far he has been learning skills that will help save his life. Examples include, learning how to float of his back, swimming to/and climbing on a nearby float, swimming to/and climbing up the edge of the pool, breath control, gliding under water, and more!Fins is flexible. I am working on my Masters and my husband works full time. With each semester my schedule changes. I dont have to worry about putting my sons swim classes because were committed to only one time slot. In my experience, they have offered multiple times and days we could adjust our schedule to or use as a make-up day. Make-ups are super easy. Weve never had an issue scheduling a make-up as long as we call prior to scheduled class beginning.This facility is clean! I was concerned with it being an indoor facility it may have a dingy wet smell... thankfully, thats never the case! The bathrooms are always spotless, Ive seen employees doing routine water checks every time we are there, and they have enacted covid-19 safety protocols.Overall, I would definitely recommend this place!

Review №5

I love working @ FINS! As a HS student my schedule is always busy; however, they worked with me to create the perfect schedule. There are always opportunities to put in more hours and time for a nice workout in the pool. In all honesty, it feels more like a family than a job. The kids are amazing and I love getting to know each and every one of them. It is a privileged and an honor to be a part of their progress in the pool. I hope others consider joining the FINS family❤️

Review №6

I love working at FINS. The environment is so accepting and fun to be in! The management is fantastic, I have learned so much. They are patient with me and always make me feel like the work Im doing is important to the team. I think the coolest part about working at FINS is that I get to wake up and not dread going to work. How many people get to honestly say that?

Review №7

My kids boost more of their confidents since they had a swim lesson @ FINS, they love this place.

Review №8

We love this place! Our daughters Coach - Priscilla - is amazing. She’s great with kids and knows how to work with them and encourage them to try new things. Our kiddo gets so excited every-time we are here and she gets to see her fav coach!

Review №9

My 8 year old daughter has been taking swimming lessons at Fins for almost a year. Progressing through the levels of proficiency, she has not only learned how to swim better than I have ever expected but she has also a keen awareness of water safety. None of this would have been possible without the positive and constructive instruction provided by the coaches. Either be it with her primary instructors, or one of the many others we have had the privilege of working with, they have provided her with confidence. Concentrating on learning the strokes correctly, they were able to mix in smiles and laughter to make my daughter’s experience memorable.The facility is good, with management taking the appropriate measures during these tough times. Flexibility is a hallmark of the staff, working with us to match our schedules and goalsWe are happy to be part of the Fins family.

Review №10

I been going to FINS since my kids where 18 months old. It’s been almost 4 years and they are almost at gold. Every single person that works here is wonderful. Always helping out and proactive to solve any situation that can come up.There are not enough words for me to recommend this place for anyone that wants their kid to learn swimming and be in great hands. And now with the pandemic they take all the safe precautions to keep everyone safe.

Review №11

Every instructor here is awesome! My kids have become confident swimmers after a summer of being terrified to get in the pool. Their program of levels keeps them engaged and excited to earn their ribbons each week.

Review №12

I love FINS Swim school, my son enjoys his classes with Coach Maria, she is kind and patient with him. The staff is super friendly and always make us feel welcome, I definitely recommend this school.

Review №13

This is a great place for children and adults and even babies. I’ve been doing the Woodlands FINS swim school program for 4 years and have become a great talented swimmer. The coaches there are helpful, nice, friendly, awesome, supportive. They challenge your child to try there best at swimming! They teach your child the basics or swimming and more! The moves your child will learn are backstroke, breath stroke, butterfly, freestyle and the most important one big arms. The pools are really clean and tidy. When your child finishes a lesson there instructor will kindly give feedback on your child’s swimming. When your child levels up they get a ribbon that saids congratulations you leveled up. If your child wants to earn a prize they will need to go to the front desk and tell them some safety rules like never swim alone and stuff. They have seating both indoor and outdoor and free internet. They also have showers there are very clean and there are changing rooms. Fins swim school is a very good place to learn swimming at. I love this place a lot would come back rate this place a 10/10 would definitely recommend for a skilled or beginner swimmer. Written by Arabella Rodriguez

Review №14

My two children started swimming at the age of 6 months and today (3 years old and 2 years old) they are great at the pool. The instructors are amazing! Have a lot of patience and fun!I couldnt have chosen a better school!Thanks Fine Swimming school!

Review №15

We have been going to Fins for a few months now. They are FINTASTIC!! From Beth at the front desk to the swim instructors they are all friendly, patient and kind. My daughter was nervous in the water but with Victors creative techniques he helped her adapt to the water and taught her the basic fundamentals. My daughter is strong minded and needs the extra push at times. Victor makes sure she feels safe while pushing my daughter to achieve her best. SPECIAL THANKS TO VICTOR!! YOU ARE THE BEST!

Review №16

We love Fins.This is where my daughter learned to swim years ago.. now my 4 year old is here.We had our first lesson today with Mr.Victor he was patient with my scared kiddo. My son actually said he liked his lesson and had fun 😊

Review №17

I have been going to this Fins location in The Woodlands for 3 years and it is so much fun! My favorite thing to do is the backstroke but I also like freestyle and bobs. I never used to like treading water, but now I’m pretty good at it thanks to Fins. I’ve learned so much from all the great instructors. Now, I am pretty good at swimming because of all the great coaches Ive had throughout the years. The people at the front desk are always friendly and helpful when it comes to finding the perfect class day and time. Every instructor I have had has been great. The pool area is huge and always clean and feels great in the Texas heat. They have four showers and multiple dressing room areas so you can change before and after your lesson. There is a lot of seating both outside and inside where you are able to watch and wifi available for parents. I currently go two times a week and my swim coaches are Eisa Maldonado and Zach Clark. Both of them are patient and nice. They help me learn and get better. I like the Fins level system. You get to earn ribbons every time you pass on to the next level. I also like to earn tickets by telling the front desk some of the safety rules Ive learned. I’m looking forward to getting a prize once I earn 500 tickets. I’m excited to get there and see what I learn next. Fins is the best place to take swimming lessons for any age. The staff make learning to swim fun but challenging and exciting. I love it! It is such a great place that everyone should try it out if you’re looking to learn how to swim. P.S. sometimes I like getting colorful and tasty gumballs from the gumball machine!

Review №18

Love this great swim school for my 6year old boy!He was learning swimming since he was 18months old in Colombia Bogota and we moved to Texas. I felt like he swims so much better here than Colombia where he had classes twice a week for 4 and half years. He loves his teacher Maria and she is really the best! I feel like all the teachers here in FIN swim school is the BEST. We are so glad to found this school. It’s amazing! Best staffs ❤️

Review №19

If you want your child to learn proper swim technique THIS is the place to go! So much more than simply learning not to drown, your child will learn to be a skilled swimmer. Staff is super helpful and friendly too.I came to FINS after my kids attended classes at another swim school. This school is head and shoulders above the competition with the quality of classes they are offering.

Review №20

We started brining our baby here 2 months ago and the instructors have done a fantastic job getting her comfortable and moving in the water. Priscilla and Alex are excellent instructors that know when to challenge the little ones so that their love for swim grows along with their skills. Victor and the front desk are super helpful in getting you setup and doing makeups when schedules get tough.

Review №21

Coach Maria is great! Our toddler was a little nervous getting into the pool at first but Coach Maria taught her how to overcome her fears and get comfortable in the water. In the 8 months that we’ve been at FINS, our toddler has learned valuable safety techniques all while having fun in the water! Thank you to all the staff at FINS!

Review №22

We see the improvements in our daughter’s confidence each week. She’s two and went from crying at her first class to now eagerly anticipating swim class day. The instructors are patient and incorporate songs into the lessons, making it a playful and fun experience. We highly recommend FINS; and a special word of gratitude to Coach Alex.

Review №23

My son has been going here for 3 years and it has been a great experience. He works with coach Brian and he’s been great. Over the last year working with him he has rapidly improved. Highly recommend Brian and Fins.

Review №24

I love fins at swim!Fins at swim is wonderful because I started out on Blue fins and now I am at Shark fins!The staff is very friendly and helpful, when you miss any class they always find the best time for the makeup class.Coach Calista is amazing, she is so patient and very smart about swimming I thank her for teaching me so kindly and moving me up four levels! I love my coach Calista!The school is always shining so clean, the pools are warm and spacious, there are showers so you can have a shower after your class, the bathrooms are big and there are a lot of dressing rooms so you don’t need to wait in line to get ready after your shower.When I started at Blue I learned how to swim thirty feet on my stomach and back and all the security rules, at Bronze fins I was stronger and more controlled, then I learned how to swim about forty feet and take a breath on Silver fins, later on Gold fins I could swim twenty five yards with freestyle and backstroke, after that comes Dolphin fins where I learned how to breaststroke and now at Shark fins I can swim multiple laps and learning butterfly... I am so happy and anxious for the last stage that is Fast fins, where I will be able to join a swim team and compete. 😍I love swimming at Fins!

Review №25

So far it has been great. The best part is it wears my 4 year old out enough so he goes to sleep on time in his own bed without getting up 10 times. Definitely highly recommend.

Review №26

Coach Maria has been absolutely amazing with our 3 year old. Maria has been working with her for about 6 months and our little girl is so close to swimming all on her own (when she knew nothing before)! Coach Maria is very patient when our girl is feeling 3.... Which is most days now lol.

Review №27

I’ve been taking my 16 month old to FINS for about 6 months now and we absolutely love it! Coach Alex is so patient and great with the babies. I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Review №28

Our girls have been in swimming at FINS since they were under 2. They have had such a great experience and love the water thanks to all the wonderful instructors! Our daughter just turned 4 and can swim on her own with confidence. We definitely recommend fins!

Review №29

I LOVE FINS! My 4 year old just finished his third set of classes here and is doing so great! He begs to go to swim class!! The instructors are all so friendly and work very well with him. I couldnt be more pleased with his progress!

Review №30

In the past yr they went from me never going anywhere else, to I count down the seconds I dont have to be there. 🤮🤢

Review №31

Ms. Alisa is my 5 year olds teacher she is wonderful, kind, patient and he is swimming just after 2 months. Highly recommended!

Review №32

We are such a huge fan of Fins & the entire staff! My three year old is a better swimmer than I am. Never knew he could swim so well at this age!

Review №33

We have been going to FINS every week for almost 4 years. We have done group swim as well as private and semi-private lessons. From those behind the scenes like Ms. Juli, to those at the desk like Victor and Liz, all the way to those in the pool, like the one and only Carlos, the entire staff is courteous, flexible, and caring. The coaches are great with the kids—pushing them while also incorporating frequent praises. They truly make learning such an imperative life skill fun. FINS has my absolute highest recommendation.

Review №34

I am now on kid 2 at FINS in The Woodlands. Priscilla is the best. She is patient and works very diligently with our girl.

Review №35

Coach Alex did an amazing job for FINS 1 class. We’ve enjoyed our time here and are looking forward to FINS2!

Review №36

My 7 year old and 5 year old joined Fins as beginner level last May and now they are participating in competitive swim! Great learning experience, attention to details, stroke correction. The instructor knows each kid and what needs to be improved. We had Mr Carlos for almost the entire year! Amazing coach! Mr Victor is really good as well! We had him for the mini league sessions and He did great endurance building for both my kids!

Review №37

Coach Alex is the best! 5 stars for this place. Definitely recommend this place!

Review №38

FINS Is a wonderful place for children to learn how to swim. The front desk staff is friendly and accommodating. The teachers are knowledgeable and are able to make the lesson is fun for all age and ability levels. The lessons always start on time and the instructors make good use of their time in the water. The facilities are clean and recently renovated. We wouldn’t go anywhere else. Thanks FINS!

Review №39

We love our instructor Anastasia! She is patient and gentle with our daughter! 💜

Review №40

I highly recommend FINS of The Woodlands. My children have made great progress through this program. Previously, we tried two other swim programs and made little to no progress. This was a completely different story. The instructors are patient, give clear instructions and make the learning experience fun for the kids.

Review №41

My son has been going to FINS for 18 months now and has been working with Coach Prescilla a majority of the time. My son is now almost 3 years old, and we have seen a tremendous improvement with his confidence in the water. We are very pleased with his progress and how much fun he has while working w Coach Prescilla.FINS has set criteria and milestones for my son to meet, and his coach clearly communicates his progress toward those milestones and gives us things to work on w him in between sessions. We have communicated that we want our son to be comfortable floating on his back should he ever fall into a pool, and Coach P has spent extra time working with him on this even if not part of the base criteria he’s scheduled for. This has meant a lot to us!My son attends one session per week which is perfect for him. He looks forward to his sessions NDA is sufficiently worn out after his session. When we can’t attend his scheduled session, FINS works w us to reschedule a time to meet. The other instructors used during makeups are usually not his usual instructor but are royally competent and caring.We’ve been very pleased with our progress and the professionalism and Coach P has displayed. She makes it fun for my son to swim and fun for us, as parents, to watch. Many thanks!FINs has also been great during the pandemic keeping everyone safe. I’ve been impressed with their effort to provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment while remaining open. I am glad they opened as quickly as they did after the shutdown started.Thanks to everyone at FINS for their effort in teaching my son to swim. I look forward to enrolling my daughter when she is old enough. Thank you!

Review №42

Great school. Maria does an excellent job with our son.

Review №43

Love this place! My son is currently taking classes with Alex and Richard and I truly can’t say enough great things about them. My son is happy, he’s making major improvements, and he actually looks forward to going. Two thumbs up. 😁

Review №44

Always an outstanding customer service. All of the instructirs are great!

Review №45

Love the experience here!! I can proudly say that 3 of my children that go to FINS will be well trained to join a swim team. thats what make it a great place to be. The joy of comfortably knowing your kids are safe in the pool is another. Highly recommend this place to anyone

Review №46

This place is so amazing! Very clean, friendly staff and wonderful managers! Instructors are very clear and precise with their teaching. My favorite tool to use would have to be the barbell. This tool has helped in so many ways! The focus on water safety is on par!! Love this place, would never choose anywhere else!

Review №47

Weve been going to FINS for 2.5 years, for 3 children. FINS is awesome. They really care about our kids, and do a great job teaching them how to swim, and all about water and pool safety. Its amazing to see how far our kids have come, since they were pretty much scared of the water when they started. I recommend FINS to anyone.

Review №48

My son loves going to fins, and originally did not want to start swimming lessons. He loves class and has much more confidence after only a month of going. The student- instructor ratios are usually 1:1 for Our class level and we feel very pleased with the safety. We would definitely recommend Fins!

Review №49

My daughter has taken lesson at FINS since she was 6 months old. She has progressed from Baby FINS 1 all the way to Bronze fins (shes about to turn 4). We love the veteran teachers that teach during the day and have been around for a while, such as Miss Ginger, Miss Chelsea, Mr. Charles,and Miss Diane. Lately, Ive found the quality of the newer afternoon teachers to not be as consistent which is disappointing. It seems as though there were lots of changes in the staff during the summer/fall. Since switching to a parent portal online system it is difficult to know how your child is progressing. They no longer issue paper progress reports every few weeks and it seems the portal isnt kept up to date. For the last three levels my child has been in, the portal will say she has met zero skills, but then she is moved up and they are suddenly all mastered. I wish this would be addressed so I have more of an idea about what progress is being made as it happens. However, theyve always been good about schedule changes, make ups, etc. People that work at the desk are usually very helpful and nice. There are typically a lot of class times available for each level and they allow you to add a class 24 hours before for just $10 which is awesome. My daughter is happy to attend class and overall, we have been happy with our choice to continue with FINS and are looking forward to next summer when my daughter should finally be swimming well independently!Edited to add: Agree with the response de from FINS, the parent portal stuff seems to have been addressed (I actually got a skills update via email today) and teachers have been much more consistent since I first posted this review.

Review №50

Fins, Fun In Swimming.A marvelous experience to a child and a parent. A child sees water, automatically they want to jump in and splash away. As a parent you get some free time. A parent sees their child playing, learning, and accomplishing a goal. A goal which is to learn a life lesson. Back in the days we all remember the hard way of learning how to swim. You get thrown in and it becomes a life or pass out situation. Most of us if not all of us have gone through this. I see my daughter learning and growing in the Fins system. The sooner she can learn how to swim in a safe manor. The sooner she can understand what swimming really is. A fun energetic sport that exhilarates many hearts, conditions bodies, helps in case of physical disabilities, and helps you learn a life lesson.I will see all my children learn from the Fins system. I believeYou should too.

Review №51

Miss Alex is a fantastic teacher. Both my childand I love her. She is firm and fun which makes for the perfect balance for my child to learn swim safety as well as swimming techniques. I would definitely recommend her.

Review №52

As this time of the year is the time to express appreciation and gratitude, I’m writing with my thanks to the FINS team. My son has been swimming with them for years and it has been nothing but a wonderful experience. The team is very accommodating, the instruction is highly professional, the support is constant. THANK YOU, FINS!

Review №53

We are very happy with the results that my children are showing. The progress they have made in two months is amazing. Every day they eagerly ask if they are having swimming lessons. They feel comfortable and secure with their teachers who have been patient and caring. We are really happy at FINS!

Review №54

Weve been with FINS for more than 5 years for our three boys swimming lessons. Love the teachers and the service here. The kids make progress (sometimes slow, sometimes fast depending on the kids ability and the difficulty of the class). Kids love the feeling of graduating from one class to the next level. The prices are reasonable and there are so many class times to choose from. Highly recommend this swimming school!!!

Review №55

Love the one on one instruction.

Review №56

We have been to FINS every summer since our boys were babies. We haven’t had an instructor that we don’t like and everyone has always been smiling, kind and professional. The kids love to go and I love the close attention they each get. We love FINS!

Review №57

My daughter loves coach Calvin, my husband and I are also very happy with her learning progress. We hope that she could stay with the coach we like, even when going to the next level. But the solution for now is stay at current class.

Review №58

We started in the baby Fins program. The instructor was very helpful and great with the kids. My son made progress quickly and they were very helpful to place us in the class we wanted being that my son was a little bit older than the age for this class.

Review №59

Im happy with FINS! They work with kiddos who are hesitant and offer positive praise. The instructors are friendly, classes start on time, and they seem to have swim instruction down to a science! My youngest son LOVES Silas. He makes learning to swim fun. I love watching them together - lots of laughing and smiling while they work on technique.

Review №60

My kids had taken lessons with a well-known national non-profit for years. We are new to the Woodlands; saw the convenient times and location of FINS plus the cost was comparable so we tried it for my youngest. My son, just turned 7, has seen dramatic improvement compared to the other lessons he has taken. He has quickly moved through 2 levels in just 6 months and is really proud of himself. Small class, repetitive practice of very specific skills and a quick, no fuss class length make this a great fit for my son.

Review №61

Fins is really great swimming school. All the instructors are good and helpful ! My 7 yr old loves going there and doing really at swimming

Review №62

My son is 3.5 years old and had seperation anxiety when starting with Fins. Within 2 lessons Coach Taylor made him feel comfortable and now he loves going to FINS to swim with his favorite swim Coach. Thanks Fins and Thanks Taylor.Both of my children still attend FINS and we love it. My son is back striking across the pool with Coach Brian. And my daughter has been progressing very quickly with Coach Lauren. I also have to give shout outs to coach Alex, Carlos and Victor. All phenomenal!!!

Review №63

My daughter really enjoys coming each week. The instructors are diligent and patient. We had a small concern arise and the staff was quick to address and correct. Very satisfied.

Review №64

My son loves FINS has been going there off and on since he was a baby and he is 5 now! We have a pool at home and he fell in (while we were next to him) before he knew how to swim. They taught him him to turn around and reach for the wall. Really was frightening but incredible to see that their teachings worked!He loves swimming and since we took the summer off this year, his form needs we signed up for winter classes.

Review №65

Just perfect school to learn how to swim for kids and teenagers.. hospitality was top notch from the receptionist and the trainers. they also have a skill tracking system that ensure that the much needed skill to become a FINtastic swimmer as you progress.

Review №66

Fins are great and the instructors are awesome and have helped our son become such a confident, safe and strong swimmer. We would recommend Fins to anyone looking to learn to swim. 👍

Review №67

My 3 and 4 year old have been taking classes here for over a year. We have only had great experiences with instructors and staff. And both my kids not only have learned how to swim and feel comfortable in the water but they look forward to getting into the water every week!

Review №68

My family has been swimming at FINS for years. Every summer, we send our three kids through weeks of Power Sessions. Our girls love the instructors and we love the results. The manager and instructors are professional, talented and committed.

Review №69

Fins is a great place for kids to learn how to swim in a safe and happy place.Every instructor has been patient and engaging with my kids. the kids love their instructors. wouldt take them anywhere else,

Review №70

Fins is an awesome place for children to learn to swim. Both my girls love going to class and have become stronger swimmers with each lesson!

Review №71

Our little one has come so far in the pool since joining Fins. She was terrified of the water and now is so comfortable. It’s really amazing to see how she has progressed. The coach’s are amazing and supportive.

Review №72

Fins is a great place to learn the techniques of swimming. They are also very polite and helpful. My Grandsons learned a lot and had fun doing it. Thanks FINS!

Review №73

We loved FINS! Our daughter was very timid at first and by the end of her lessons and summer camp she was swimming unassisted! The instructors were SO patient with her, and she grew more confident each week. They were very accommodating and courteous. Would highly recommend!!!

Review №74

FINS has been so great for my two daughters! When they started, they were both very nervous but the instructors were so good with them and helped them feel comfortable. Now they love swimming lessons and look forward to going every week!

Review №75

The facility and the instructors are great! My kid enjoys the class and has mastered many swimming skills. Variety of class times/days for different levels. Highly recommended.

Review №76

Great customer service and fantastic teachers that take the extra step to get to know the kids in their class to make it more exciting as well as educational.

Review №77

The staff/instructors are great with the kids. My kids swim like fish thanks to all of the instructors. Even my child who didnt like getting too far from the wall where he couldnt touch has all the confidence with swimming anywhere now.

Review №78

We like this place. The staff and teachers are really nice and helpful. Our only complaint is that the seating and changing areas can be a little crowded during busy times.

Review №79

Great, helped me improve by alot!

Review №80

The staff is very attentive and respectful to kids and parents. Great curriculum for little ones learn how to swim.

Review №81

Fins has been awesome. From the desk staff through to instructors, everyone is so friendly and great with kids.

Review №82

Very good school for swimming,excellent instruction,fromt office staff work hard and very helpful,instructors are correctly chosen to teach, recommend to everyone who wants to join swim calsses,only drawback students are moved very slowly to the next level

Review №83

My daughter has been going to Fins for over 7 yrs. She started when she was 2 yrs old! The staff at Fins is great, we are truly blessed for every instructor that helped my daughter become an amazing swimmer.Jill D.

Review №84

The instructors are friendly and well trained. Kids learn really fast. The front staff is always happy to help.

Review №85

Love this place! My daughter spent 9 months at a different swim school but this one is better by far. Ms. Ginger is an excellent teacher.

Review №86

Amazing teachers who care about each child. All three of my children have learnt to swim here and are safe strong swimmers because of their instruction.

Review №87

My grandbaby is 18 months old and loves the swim classes here. I am so impressed with the instructor for this age group.

Review №88

After years of teaching swimming myself, I was looking for a swim school for my kids here in Houston that had the same philosophy. Definitely found that at FINS. I like the way they break down the strokes for kids to master them step by step:-) recommend the place for sure!

Review №89

All of the staff are friendly and the class seems good. I think the schedules are made for stay at home mothers. 1 star lost for the crappy little changing rooms. They are like 2-2.5 ft. The only other option is a public restroom. If Fins was not the closest to my house I would have looked at the options offered by the other places in the area.

Review №90

My girls are learning swimming here from last 1.5 years and we found the teachers are paying proper attention to their skills and making them feel more confident in water.

Review №91

Fins is a great place for my boys to learn to swim!! Awesome instructors, especially Ms Chelsea!!

Review №92

Great staff and excellent teachers! They have been easy to work with and my daughter loves coming to swim lessons here.

Review №93

The teachers are awesome. Victor who sits at the front desk does an amazing job with the scheduling of the lessons. My kids love going to FINS.

Review №94

My daughters are at fins and they have learned so much!My youngest wouldn’t get in the water and now she is doing laps,and my oldest can do so many different strokes.Special shout out to Mr.Layne,Mr.Brain and Mr.Zach!

Review №95

Mr. Carlos has always been very helpful and my daughter loves him.

Review №96

Great instructors very dedicated to the students. They’re the best!

Review №97

The coaches and front desk people are supportive and responsive to our queries.Glad to be part of FINS.

Review №98

Coach Alex is the Best!

Review №99

Great first experience! Tiffany seems to be a firm but effective instructor. Thanks

Review №100

We love FINS. My daughter loves going to class, we’ve had an array of instructors who have all been excellent.

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  • Address:3707 College Park Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77384, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 832-562-3219
  • Swimming instructor
  • Public swimming pool
  • Swim club
  • Indoor swimming pool
  • Swimming school
Working hours
  • Monday:9AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–8PM
  • Thursday:9AM–8PM
  • Friday:9AM–7PM
  • Saturday:8:30AM–2:30PM
  • Sunday:Closed
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
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