The Woodlands Family YMCA at Branch Crossing
8100 Ashlane Way, The Woodlands, TX 77382, United States
The Woodlands Family YMCA at Branch Crossing

Review №1

DO NOT COME HERE WITH A GROUP!!!I’m a leader of a high school group who tried to get my peers stronger over the summer. There would be normally about 6 of us coming at any given time and we would try and get an hour workout in. I was the most knowledgeable about working out so I would try and make sure my peers were not hurting themselves, as any good friend would do. Giving them tips on form and spotting them would be the most “personal training” I would do. We would all workout together as a group, being mindful of the equipment, making sure not to stay at one place for too much time. We were in nobody’s way causing no amount of harm. When were finished today, we were made aware by a man named Aaron, that if we were to come back again as a group, our memberships would be revoked because they do not allow “group training”. I have seen many other instances of groups being there, but for some reason my group of friends were a problem. The equipment is not taken care of well and I’ve actually almost hurt myself on one of the barbells because the sleeve came flying off. There are many better options than this YMCA like 24 Hour Fitness, Fitness Project, and Legacy Barbell. All have friendlier staff, nicer equipment, and no stupid “group training” policy. Legacy Barbell is a way better option for just $2 extra as a young adult, and cheaper as an adult.

Review №2

The equipment is good and overall clean. They always seem to have equipment/rooms closed off or just not functioning. The staff is ok and is sometimes friendly and sometimes not. High stars for cheap price compared to other gyms.

Review №3

I’ve been a member of the YMCA for over fifty years. Growing up I got a YMCA card on my birthdays. Branch Crossing is the best of all. I use the Wellness room and enjoy the sunshine from the big windows. The staff is very good keeping the equipment clean and safe for everyone to use. Thank you.

Review №4

Great classes with great instructors. World class pool. Lifeguards do an excellent job keeping the pool nice.

Review №5

Joined at the end of May to keep my 3 and 6 year old entertained for the summer, was excited to be able to get a workout and then take them to the kids pool. When I joined, the hours were that the kids club closed at 11 and the pool opened at 11 which was perfect. A week into June with no explanation they changed the hours of kids pool to open at 12. Why would it make any sense for moms to have to pick up their kids and 11, leave and come back to come to the pool an hour later? They told me it was so the campers could have exclusive access before noon. Okay, so inconvenience the year long members and the ones that joined just the summer? Mmkay, byeeee. Went to villasport.

Review №6

An absolute joke. The equipment is new, but made by a company that could care less about a safe and useful machine. The gym us oacked with children running around with their shirts off. If you want a group of pre-teens bumping you while your bench pressing, come here and get injured. If you want a safe, clean gym, with good equipment and professional staff, go elsewhere.

Review №7

The place is nice but they just give priority for the people who pays for the other classes

Review №8

Never again my kids will go to camp in this place, rude people they keep them most of the time waiting in doing nothing.

Review №9

Excellent facilities and service!

Review №10

I really won’t say anything negative nor complain, there’s always room for improvement everywhere and anywhere you go. I feel blessed that I am able to workout at the branch crossing Y everyday and get closer to my goals. It all depends what time you go, but than again that’s anywhere. The Branch Crossing Y has been a huge part of me getting my health back on track. I don’t need any other services so I can’t comment on those. I don’t focus on anyone or anything, I’m there to work on me and leave feeling accomplished.

Review №11

Visited last week as a guest for four nights from another Y while on business - lots of equipment and it’s all clean and newer. From a workout perspective it’s pretty good compared to other Ys (can’t comment on the classes or the family stuff). The only complaint is that it’s a bit crowded around the machines, but that wouldn’t stop me from being a member here.

Review №12

I have been working out about twice a week at this YMCA for over 5 years, and have thoroughly enjoyed my visits there. The staff are courteous, and the facility is very convenient to people living in and around the west side of The Woodlands. They just installed excellent new workout machines, which did take me a little time to adjust to. I have seen some reviewers complain about having to wait to access a machine, and of course that occasionally happens. However, my normal workout, using a total of 12 machines plus the treadmill, always takes me approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes, and never more than an extra five minutes. I cannot speak for the pool, the exercise classes, or child care, since I dont use those facilities, but they do appear to be well attended..

Review №13

This is my happy place! the classes, coaches and the facilities are excellent... I highly recommend!

Review №14

This is my happy place. I love the early morning classes. Valerie is an AMAZING instructor! Friendly place. I look forward to my time here!

Review №15

Loved this place took my kids for the splash pad and pool experience and I loved it myself. My biggest surprised is how clean and nice as well as well mannered staff and how helpful they are. Plus, I mean major plus no ghetto people come here with kids wearing there hand me down clothes and loud music nasty attitudes and very non kid friendly speech. I would continue to come here till the roaches make there way into the woodland and mess it all up for all ymca members.

Review №16

Nice facility with good equipment. Also, some great trainers. Been going there since 2005. My only complaint is that the weekend hours are very limited. You pay a lot but it’s closed during some of the best times to work out.

Review №17

I have kids, so child watch is important. A couple years ago when my children were 2 and 5 I walked in to find them sitting by themselves in outside waiting area while the lady was cleaning inside. They’re supposed to have 2 people in there first of all, and my kids were left sitting on a bench unattended. It took multiple phone calls until someone would even speak to me about the incident. Now they are older, and I get multiple texts they are closing and come get my kids starting 10 min before they close. Completely obnoxious.They’ve put in new equipment, but it’s a small facility and it’s usually difficult to workout because crowding.I also was told I’d be refunded a fee for t-ball after they screwed up the scheduling and never did. And the director neither returned my calls or emails about it. In short, canceling this place with lazy employees and mediocre facility and the fees there are not cheap for the mediocrity it is.

Review №18

I walked in as a guest to consider switching gyms. From the moment I walked in I felt the customer service was lacking. There was no one at the desk when I arrived. Finally when a woman came from the back she was dressed in an inappropriately revealing red top. However she was very polite. After filling out a few guest forms she told me “ok you are all set”. I was like “that’s it we’ve never been here I have no idea where anything is.” she motioned to me where the kids care area was and where I could find the locker rooms. Most places will take you around and show you what is offered as a guest and give you some information. I brushed that off and went to the kids area. Again no one was at the desk. There were some young ladies in various rooms. I saw a console up front that I wasn’t sure how to use since I was a guest. I tried to get the young ladies attention. When one finally saw me all she did was wave hello back. After standing there and not really knowing what to do for a few minutes, I opened the door and walked in. This seemed odd to me that anyone could just walk into the kids area. I went up to the girl that waved and told her we were guests trying the ymca out. She told me to go back up at the front and sign in. So I did but couldn’t because we were guests and not in the system. I again went to her and explained we were guests. She then proceeded to take a blank sheet of paper out and asked me to sign my children in. This simply didn’t make me feel like my kids were safe. It just seemed that none there was interested in helping me or my children. I ended up not even changing into my gym cloths to work out, took my kids and left.I’m sure the YMCA offers many things however I won’t as a parent go someplace I don’t feel safe with my kids. Perhaps it would have been different if they were more willing to help or show us around so I wasn’t walking around aimlessly. Or even had someone to tell me how the kids are checked in and out normally. I would have appreciated being walked around rather than just the areas being pointed out. For the $81/month it would have cost me, I much rather stick with my current gym that is only $30/month that has free child care.

Review №19

I’m very disappointed. I was so excited that there was a dance room for me to practice in and perfect my moves! I went in to tell them I rented out that room when I DID rent out the room and even emailed before hand. When the worker told me I wasn’t allowed to go back there I told her my info when I had to leave. When I went back later I was allowed to dance there! They need to get their facts straight and straighten out their rules! Never coming back again!

Review №20

Valerie the HR manager is unprofessional and the other managers in this club. They have no respect and forget they ever deal with you. Stay away from this location if you want good service.

Review №21

Everything about this facility is really good. The childcare especially is amazing!

Review №22

Everyone is so friendly and helpful, I always look forward to going to the Y!

Review №23

I worked out here while visiting my daughter in Tomball, and just a bit disappointed in the stationary bikes, they have more and better ones in north Fort Worth. I like the weight machines better in FW too... but that’s on a comparison basis, there’s nothing wrong with the facility at all. Staff was friendly and helpful with information. I hope to bring my grandson by to check out the pool and splashpad

Review №24

Im reviewing all three YMCAs in regards to their summer programs for the kids. I took my child to the Conroe Y one summer. Never again! My child came back everyday overheated from the sun. They keep them outside the ENTIRE day in the Texas heat. Next year, I enrolled him in the leadership program at the Branch Crossing and Shadowbend locations. It was a nightmare!!! Highly unorganized. My kid did not like counselors in charge and neither did myself and several of the parents. They were incredibly rude to the children. AND, my kid likes everybody. Can you believe that I paid the YMCA to put my child in a leadership program and they made these leaders babysit! They had to watch the other kids enrolled in the day camps....outside all day in the heat!!! When I complained to the boss boss, she did nothing. Several parents were fed up with the program.Never again!!! They used our kids to work and we had to pay them to exploit our children!

Review №25

It was made so easy to subscribe. My account was debited the same day . When I wanted to cancel my subscription, I was told i need to give 10 days notice before the day my account is to be debited . Now I am paying $95 for a service I will not use . Is this not an organized theft? Easy to get in but difficult to get out 😂! Your call folks .

Review №26

Really love this place. Hands down the best YMCA I have ever been too.

Review №27

The water park is great for my young twins, anyways thats what I tell myself as I take them to the pool, when its supposed to be open. When we get there however, at least half the time its closed during operating hours due to bad chlorine levels, never encountered a neighborhood pool with so many issues with its chlorine levels. The pool is great when open, but dont count on it, expect closures, and a bunch of them.The ten minute break thing every hour is such bullcrap to, the pool always has 6-10 life guards it seems, no excuse why they cant keep the pool open all 60 minutes.

Review №28

Really nice staff and very clean facility.

Review №29

Always clean pleasant atmosphere. Staff very helpful. Equipment modern and kept in excellent shape.

Review №30

Great place for a family to enjoy working out. Classes are great and excellent instructors.

Review №31

THis is not a safe place for families of color. Our family usually uses the Shadowbend YMCA. I enjoy playing basketball and have played a number of pickup games at Shadowbend and in Conroe. I also play a lot of pickup at local parks. Never have I been spoken to the way I was spoken to by the teenagers from The Woodlands High School. One child named Carter, physically assaulted a Black adult. I was so upset, I filed a report. He also called me names and was generally rude and disrespectful despite very young children playing on our team and being present. He curse and swore, even in front of the staff. Later, I was talking to other adults and coaches about the outrageous behavior Id seen. I was told that Carter instigated another disruption with a Black adult all the while stating that he was a minor. Despite rules saying there is to be no video recording at the YMCA, Carter and his friends were openly recording. I complained during my report that I believed he was trying to set up a situation where he would be struck by an adult male of color. After further investigation, I learned that he has attempted this more than once without consequence. I believe that the Branch Crossing YMCA is an unsafe for environment for people of color so long as this child - over 6 feet tall and athletic - is continued to assault and harass people of color without consequence. He and his friends have made the basketball court their own and without any notice nor provocation, he has assaulted multiple people without consequence. The management at the YMCA has failed to reach out to me at all regarding the incident. I NEVER have any trouble with the teens at the other gyms. The students from the Woodlands College Park are always extremely respectful and well-mannered, even in the hottest games. Carter and his friends assaulted a man in a game that involved grade school students playing alongside adults. It was not a heated game. Their language is in no way the language of Christian athletes, and the YMCA has failed my family by closing off our chance to play basketball with family friends who do use the Branch Crossing Gym. BEWARE. The Branch Crossing YMCA is not a safe place for people of color and the administrators have failed to correct the situation.

Review №32

Friendly staff, new equipment, great kids pool.

Review №33

The best people work at the YMCA. Always there to help. Very clean and very good equipment. Enjoy my work outs.

Review №34

Great facility. Child watch, pool, gym everything is great. I never had any issues with child watch.

Review №35

I have many favorite classes at this location that fit my schedule.

Review №36

My son loved water park there, it is free too . But dont understand about 10 min break every hour policy, no kids allow in the water park or pool during break. it is really inconvenient.

Review №37

This YMCA is one of the worst i have been too. The sports staff girl (Kim) that set up the volleyball nets and everything has a bad attitude yelling at me to get out ( i was sitting on the bleachers fagbo) and she tried to kick out a young horse for something he didnt do(even though she has no authority to kick someone out whatsoever). THEY LIE ABOUT THE COURTS BEING OCCUPIED ALL THE TIME. They say the courts are closed all night but are open for two hours. Equipment is not very good and there is one YMCA sports guy with greasy hair that goes by the name Reeks and he sets up training on one side even though he did not reserve it. The front desk is nice but there is this one guy in the weight room with a black jacket and blue pants that always creeps up behind you which is creepy. The only reason i go here is because of OG Babyman, Ron Bergenholtz and it being near my house but they should definitely make some corrections. Otherwise Ill be going to Predator Basketball Camp

Review №38

The childcare is wonderful, the facilities are new and clean, the staff is super friendly, and the classes are amazing. I can’t recommend this place enough!

Review №39

Ive been going to this ymca for a couple of years now and all I can say is its getting worse and worse every year. Some of the ladies at the childcare are extremely bitchy, I would never want to bring my kid there. The basketball courts are almost always occupied with something other than basketball on the weekends, which is when most people want to use the courts. The staff members are extremely bitchy and lie all the time. The place smells like feet.

Review №40

Very nice atmosphere! If your kid wants to try a sport, this is the place.

Review №41

The childcare here is warm and welcoming. My two boys love it!

Review №42

Just moved here, loved the gym, great pool for the kids, very clean. Helpful knowledgeable staff.

Review №43

Modern equipment, clean facility, helpful staff

Review №44

Nice facilities, nice staff, stupid random hours. They close at 7 on Saturday..why? They open at 1pm on Sunday..why?

Review №45

I am just so sick of the child care, I have an 8 month old baby, he never cries unless something hurts, I always leave his formula bottle ready warm and his juice bottle as well as a snack, my work out there only last 30 - 45 minutes at the most, I have never been able to finish it, I always get called before. Nor only that, they have giving him extra formula with a lil COLD water!!! Just because they think he wants it? Wtf??? I will NEVER take him to this locarion ever again, I love Shadowbend, the only reason I come here is because my 12 year old loves this rock climbing, but I will never leave my son at this place again, one month try was way too much

Review №46

Not a bad place to workout.

Review №47

After 10 years ... still happy

Review №48

This YMCA provides no towels. Never have I been to a gym that doesnt provide towels. 👎🏻

Review №49

Great child care for infants and toddlers!

Review №50

Friendly, clean, family atmosphere

Review №51

Excellent facilities and kind attention

Review №52

I was thoroughly impressed

Review №53

Horrible front desk stuff

Review №54

The old receptionist at the front office was rude

Review №55

Great service

Review №56

Great place

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