Harrold Beauty Academy Inc
2232 Wabash Ave, Terre Haute, IN 47807, United States
Harrold Beauty Academy Inc

Review №1

They were absolutely amazing today, they were patient and understanding... 5 stars is not enough for the group of people who helped try to make our trip as easy as possible and not so overwhelming.... THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

Review №2

I had the stylist marissa cutting my hair, she did exactly what i asked and i didnt have to show her a picture. Very pleased with my mohawk nobody ever cuts it right and she did

Review №3

When I went to get my nails done there the girls rushed and my nails weren’t even dry when I left. The paint was so think it was poor quality all around.

Review №4

Im just a little picky about my hair its natural curly, I tried for years to straighten it anything to look or try to look better. I found a picture actually a wig I went into the academy with hope but never exspected to honestly get it. My hair waves not curls. I sat down showed the stylist the picture she seemed nervous but honestly I didnt care I just turned 60 so any change was fine, I told her do it and my hair was long this was a very short style and long on the sides, Im tired of the red tines I dyed the gray and blonde highlights have for years I said I want my hair cut like this no red tint and highlighted. She began cutting but kept stopping you sure I kept saying yes just do it. She did, then she highlighted it and a toner, I have honestly never liked my hair more before, she was amazing I loved her. Ive been waiting on you to reopen because of this virus, and oh my hair is more than ready, Im calling tomorrow to get in, I saw Tiffany and loved her, I only want her to do it this was my first visit there, I wish she didnt have to ever leave. I think she said shes going more towards home when shes done with school, I live in Clinton so thats a drive but shes Worth it. I will call tomorrow hopefully shes back if not Ill wait. Thank you Tiffany, Ill see you soon. Terri Walters

Review №5

This was the only place i would go to get my haircut growing up- its chanhed alot. It looks better now that everything has a more advanced look to it, and most people who work there are nice. But I wont be going back because for some reason the girl giving me my hair cut gave me 3 inch bangs. I just wanted to look good and instead she made me look like Coconut Head from Nedds Declassified- so im only give 4 stars because it was just one person.

Review №6

I would have gave them a 0 but its not an option. I went in to day to get a dye, highlights and a hair cut. Got there at 1pm and did not leave till 4pm. Mind you in this time 2 girls worked on my hair Mazie and Mack. At first i was good with the situation, but when it came to coloring my hair it started going down hill. They got dye all over my face and instead of cleaning it off right away i was told they will get it off when done. Well guess what it did not cone off they then said it will come off when you take a shower. Hmm did not plan on going home at 4pm and take a shower, I had plans to go out and meet friends right after. Then while they was drying my hair I noticed where are the highlights? Oh waite I see streaks of something in 2 spots of my hair. Then the girl was going to send me out with really damp hair underneath. By this time i am trying not to cry. So I skip the hair cut because if they cant even dye hair without this mess then they sure as heck are not cutting it. So I got up went to pay, and it was $45. I was certainly up set you could not miss that. It took all i had to keep the tears from flowing. The lady taking my money offered to try and take the dye off with hand sanitizer but I just wanted out. So in all lesson learned do not go here for anything. Or at least ask how long they have been students and what all have they passes and how confident is their instructor in there abilities.

Review №7

Overall the experience was great but I have to give them a 2/5 because my face broke out extremely bad from the products that were used. My face was itchy and bumps were red. I will never return ! Will be going to see an estitician in two days to help me clear my face up.

Review №8

We called a day ahead to be sure we could get our daughters in for makeup and hairstyle for a school dance. They told us we didn’t need an appointment and as long as we were there by 3:00 we would be fine. When we arrived at 3:00 they told us they closed at 3:00 and that they stop doing the hairstyle we requested the day before at 1:00. I explained what we were told and even pointed out that their website shows they are open until 4:00 but all they could say was “sorry.” Very unprofessional. They need to educate the people answering the phone and get everyone on the same page. Their website obviously needs updated as well. We will NEVER go there again or recommend it to anyone!

Review №9

They dont even deserve one star would not recommend any person to go to school there. I was terminated along with 4 other girls and I myself and my friend both had doctors notes. I was on leave for my new ongoing seizure disorder and when i called them to get in contact about what my doctor said and they said they were told by my cousin I wasnt coming back so they terminated me. And now we all 4 owe 15,000 for nothing...😔 the teachers are not good since Mrs.B and Kim left besides jamie overton..

Review №10

Have the absolute best girls in there! Up to date on all the latest trends and styles, and all of them are so super sweet.

Review №11

My grandma realky

Review №12

They do my daughters hair here sometimes!

Review №13

Students are working very hard to please

Review №14

Love the cheap price

Review №15

Very friendly staff

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