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Teen Road to Safety - Temecula

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Such an amazing driving school!! I’m so glad we chose this school over the others. The others may be cheaper, however the quality of this driving schools service is much better and worth the little extra splurge. Rob was his instructor and he helped him feel so confident on the road. He prepared him not only for his test, but also everyday safe driving. I find the idea so cool that you are learning with a retired officer, and in a mustang..He loved the experience. He passed his drivers test on his first try today. Thank you so much TRTS. 10/10 recommend!

Review №2

So thankful for TRTS. My daughter chose to wait until she turned 18 to drive as she struggles with anxiety and sensory issues and found driving to be a bit overwhelming. As a parent, I wanted a driving school that would go beyond hands on 10 and 2 and really prepare her as a new driver beyond just passing her test. I love the fact that they use retired police officers with years of experience in all kinds of driving conditions. My daughter is taking her lessons with Thomas. His patience and delivery immediately put my daughter at ease. He took the time to consult with me before and after every lesson so we both new what to work on between lessons. My daughters confidence has come full circle but she also has respect for what a car can do and is learning defensive driving skills. I feel so much more confident as she ventures into her new freedom behind the wheel. Finding the right driving school really set my daughter up for success. TRTS truly is the best out there and Thomas, thank you for giving me the peace of mind knowing my daughter is better prepared for this responsibility. Youve been truly wonderful to work with.

Review №3

Great drivers ed company. Instructors are former law enforcement and they will hone in on your childs specific need to give them the instruction and confidence they need to be able to drive safely. The owner, Olivia, is very responsive and works specifically with your schedule. The instructors provide detailed feedback to the parent after each lesson. And the car the students learn in, a mustang, allows the students to gain confidence with a lot of horse power. Overall my kids felt very prepared with Teen Road to Safety and it makes me feel better as a parent knowing they got excellent training to be confident and safe on the road.

Review №4

5/5 service, they helped me pass my drivers test first try, highly recommend. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful.

Review №5

We wanted the best driver training for our daughter and chose Teen Road To Safety in Temecula. One-on-one training with a retired police officer offers the best, most professional training, with highly trained and knowledgeable instructors. Rob was fantastic.The training was provided in a blue Mustang from Gosch Ford. What an experience learning is a Mustang! We received a detailed briefing before and after each two hour driving session. By law, we parents become the driving instructors between formal lessons. In the end, our daughter was highly trained and experienced to be a safe young driver. She passed all the DMV tests and received a congratulatory note from the examiner. We are already looking forward to the Advanced Driver Training course for accident avoidence and additional advanced safety techniques. We highly recommend TRTS in Temecula for your driver training needs. When our next daughter needs driver training, Teen Road To Safety will be our only call.

Review №6

When my oldest kid began talking about getting his license, of course I wanted the safest, most reliable driving school I could find. I stumbled upon Teen Road to Safety and I was blown away. Their driving instructors are retired officers, they utilize community events to provide added learning, and they offer advanced driving courses for hazardous situations. Oh, and did I mention they use some pretty awesome cars, which really got my teenager excited to hit the road. We immediately signed him up for the online course and behind the wheel training. Every step of the way, we were kept in the loop on our sons progress. Each time he returned from a drive, we were told what we, as parents, needed to work on before the next behind the wheel lesson. We have 3 more kids, 1 of which just got signed up, and they will all be going through Teen Road to Safetys program. If you want your child to be better equipped to face life on the road, I would highly recommend signing up with Teen Road to Safety.

Review №7

My son was fortunate to have Mr. Thomas Rogers as his instructor with Teen Road to Safety. He enjoyed his time with him and loved driving the Mustangs of course! My son was required to do extensive hours of driving practice in between driving lessons, 20 hours and 50 hours respectively. While I know his friends didnt have that requirement and got their licenses much quicker at other driving schools, I feel reassured that my son built his confidence with those many hours of behind-the-wheel practice instead of rushing through a course to get his license. I highly recommend TRTS with their more rigorous approach to training new teen drivers to be safe on the road! Very grateful.

Review №8

I would absolutely recommend Teen Road to Safety to anyone looking for a professional, reliable driving school. The web classes are easy to navigate. My 16-year-old son is very confident behind the wheel. Not to mention the cars that are used during lessons are awesome! Thank you Teen Road to Safety. All of our kids will be using your school and I’ll be recommending you guys to anyone looking for a driving school.

Review №9

Definitely worth the time and money. Feel a thousand times safer and more comfortable in my car. The drills were very informative and fun as well! I believe all teens should go through the course.

Review №10

This is the BEST Driving Training in town! I used the typical driving school that everyone else is using here, but they did not teach my child how to drive correctly! I reached out to them and they right away set up an appointment and evaluated him before taking the behind the wheel and explain so so much more that he didnt learn. Also the best thing is that they took him out an hour before his behind the wheel and he Passed!Thank you Tenn Road to Safety I so so appreciate your teachers and your program!!!

Review №11

TRTS has been an incredible resource to our family and the best drivers training Ive ever seen. My 16 year old son took their courses led by a former police officer who gave my son the tools he needed in the most terrifying times a mother could face, a child behind the wheel. Shortly after he finished his training, it was raining and my son was off to football practice he was only two exits away from his school when a car stopped suddenly in front of him and he was able to react quickly to avoid the accident. I am not only thankful for TRTS for teaching my son these tools but for also giving him the confidence to drive in the most uncertain moments.

Review №12

One of our office staff used this company for their daughters driver training and had an excellent experience! The instructor was TOP notch! He explained every part of the process to the parents and gave full assessments of how their daughter did during each session. The vehicle was a really nice, new Ford Mustang and the teen enjoyed driving that! Would definitely recommend them, and use again.

Review №13

What an amazing Driving School Teen Road To Safety is. Please do not use anyone else to teach your precious children how to drive. The skills this Driving School teaches to each individual that attends the school are skills your children will use throughout their life.TRTS instructors are hands on and will teach students how to avoid debris/hazards in the road. They will show the students what to do when they lose control of the vehicle when behind the wheel. Or how to avoid accidents in the road ahead of them and what to do when the vehicle hydroplanes in raining conditions. These are skills that everyone needs to know but will be especially impactful for young drivers who have little or no experience behind the wheel. The skills your children will learn from TRTS and their instructors will potentially one day save their life or the life of someone else.I have four sons and I wished that Teen Road to Safety was around when my boys were learning to drive. Unfortunately, the school we had to use taught the my boys how to pass the behind the wheel test from the DMV, but not how to control a 5000+ pound vehicle driving down the road.I have worked closely with this company and the owners in the past year and the passion they have in their hearts to help protect as many young people as possible is personal to them. Please ask them about their personal story, it is so impactful.You will not want anyone else to teach your precious babies as they learn these important driving skills. After your child graduates from their driving school, you will have such peace of mind and confidence for them to drive and be safe out on the crazy California roads. They are the Best of the Best. Call them. You will see and experience the difference in the training and experience your children will receive by attending this driving school.

Review №14

I have two teenage boys that have gone through the Teen Road to Safety program. I highly recommend TRTS. And here’s why:Both of my boys instructors are retired police officers. How great is that? Not only did these police officers risk their Ives daily when they were on the force. But they continue to risk their lives getting in a 2019 Ford Mustang with a 15 year old behind the wheel!!! Of course my boys were super excited about driving those brand new Mustangs!! The education these knowledgeable instructors imparted on my boys is priceless. They actually know how to parallel park!I feel confident that my boys have all the knowledge they need to get on these crazy streets of Southern California and not only stay safe, but know how to make the right decisions.Thank you so much TRTS!!!

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I am so thankful I had my daughter take this class . Tom the instructor took time to show her the proper way to turn . He created a lot of confidence in her driving . I highly recommend these classes .

Review №16

I leave this review with hope that another parent will see this and choose TRTS no questions asked! As you know Southern California has some of the worst and seemingly uneducated drivers this side of the west. I realized eventually my children would one day grow up and take to the roads. My fears were lessened when I chose TRTS! Why is that you may ask???? My teen was trained to drive with a CHP Officer! My teen was given extensive training being recognized by the DMV that will help her stay SAFE on the roads but also save us loads of money on our insurance because this driving school helps set you up with an insurance agent that recognizes the difference this school is making on the road where safety is concerned. My teen passed her test the FIRST time! I made the mistake with my son and chose a random driving school thinking theyre all the same... NO, there is a HUGE difference. It took my son 4 attempts to pass his behind the wheel and he studied with me and the other driving school. My daughters FIRST DMV attempt received her license and she had recognizable confidence behind the wheel that my son didnt have. Choose TRTS best investment in my teens driving future ever!

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TRTS is an amazing group of professionals! We purchased the Advanced Driving class for our Sons as Christmas gifts. In the beginning they werent all that excited but we they came back they were STOKED! TheLaw Enforcement Instructors made a huge impact in helping them learn how to foresee an event and how to control their cars in various dangerous situations. My wife and I feel much better as they both commute to and from College on the weekends. The roads and highways around the Inland Empire and Orange County are very congested and their training from TRTS has helped them stay calm and collected when things get heavy. Thank you Team!!!

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