PSS Driving School - Tacoma
11401 Steele St S #106, Tacoma, WA 98444, United States
Review №1

PSS Driving School is awesome! I took the driver’s Ed course and everything was so well explained. The lessons gave valuable information and they used examples and stories to help you understand the content. The instructors I had, Gary and Terry, were very funny and provided good feedback on my drives while remaining calm. Everyone at the school is friendly and tries their hardest to adjust to your needs and answer questions. Overall there is nothing more I could ask for, 5 stars! I recommend it for teens and inexperienced drivers.

Review №2

Good mix of class and bike time. Feel like I learned tools to practice and make me a safer rider. Great feed back on the course to change what your doing incorrectly at the time and then practice or redemption rounds! great time with like minded riders and with all the different bikes! like a candy store and great stories.

Review №3

Great place to learn motorcycle safety! Awesome teachers and a very uplifting learning environment. Would definitely recommend!

Review №4

They are the best!!! Very friendly! I feel so nervous for my road test, but they are very nice, I pass my test today, I feel so happy, thank you so much!!!!

Review №5

Jim was a awesome instructor explained everything in detail very patient. professional. had good laughs . on the course same thing kept motivating, positive. Ill be taking more classes in the future

Review №6

Amazing experience! Very kind! Helpful! Great customer service, if anybody is looking for a good driving school I recommend PSS driving school

Review №7

Excellent training for new drivers! Friendly and knowledgeable teachers. I highly recommend PSS to parents looking for a great school for their teenager to learn how to drive.

Review №8

This place is amazing my instructor was named Terry; he was a genuine pleasure to have as my instructor he was cool calm and collected the whole time, he spoke clearly with compassion, gave constructive criticism where needed and didnt put me down at all, he even let me play my own music in their car to help calm my nerves a bit as I am a very nervous test taker. All around this was the best driving testing site Ive ever been to I will definitely be recommending this driving school to everyone I know who may or will need a license!

Review №9

Jim and Greg were both very knowledgeable and helpful for all us novices in their class. Learned a lot and had a lot of fun!

Review №10

Nice place, good people... I highly recommend

Review №11

These guys never answer the phone or return messages. Kind of fundamental when running a business.

Review №12

They’re so friendly and good service.

Review №13

They never pick up the phone what’s the point of having a phone number to call if you don’t pick up

Review №14

I looked around a few places to take my first driving test. Many had concerning reviews. Figured Id give P.S.S. a try, didnt want to take a driver test with some one who is crotchety and would fail you if they are having a bad day.I was able to schedule and pay for a drive test online during the weekend and decided to drop by the day before while I was on a practice drive. The gentleman at the front was able to verify that I had all the required documents for tomorrow. Then also checked my lights to make sure I could use my own car for the test. We found the high mount break light was not turning on and gave some suggestions to help with the appointment for the next day.When I went to the nearby auto parts store. They did not have what I needed to get the break light working and priced a replacement at around $130 and would have to ship from across the country. Went home and bypassed the broken lights with some soldering. Called early on the day of the test to double check everything. My instructor for the day called me back to assure me, not to worry if the door was locked when I got there and the light would be fine how it was repaired with most of the LED strip lighting up.When I arrived and walked into the building. My instructor was working on something whistling through his teeth. After a cheerful greeting, I grabbed the required documents. He looked over everything and processed the forms quickly.My instructor was very cheerful and friendly through out the test. Being very clear with directions, and putting up with the random questions I would through at him. After the test he gave me a few notes. Sent the test results through. Then let me know where to schedule an appointment to get my license. The receptionist working there then sent me my score when I asked what I had got latter that day.Overall extremely kind and helpful staff. Not even just for driving, as far as customer interaction goes for anywhere I have been. Every one that works here appears to be top notch.

Review №15

Staff was friendly and helpful. Go here!

Review №16

This place is great!!! People are really kind, and polite, and if you have any questions you can ask them at any time. I loved PSS.

Review №17

Great place that offers motorcycle training and testing as well as drivers education for new car drivers.

Review №18

Best Experience!

Review №19

Its a good place

Review №20

Friendly staff, good availability worked with my busy schedule.

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