Homeward Education Association
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Review №1

Have been a part of Homeward Ed Assoc for over 12 years and will continue to be a part of this group as long as we homeschool. They have gone above and beyond our expectations any time weve needed them! Very friendly and professional! Always very prompt in returning phone calls and emails. Awesome group!!!

Review №2

Homeward Education Association has been my association for 7 years now. I couldnt ask for a more wonderful support group through my homeschooling journey. Rachel is a true professional and knows the laws. Both of my kids play sports at the local high school and middle school, and I have never been questioned about anything that I have requested from Rachel, to send to the schools. I am thankful that I can pick up the phone and call her with any question that I may have. Yes, emails may take a few days, or even a week. I understand, because I dont constantly look at my emails 24 hours a day nor 7 days a week. She does have a family ( just like me). They have office hours. Give them a call. Are we too far above a telephone call in todays technological world? This is August people. Its the beginning of a new school year for most. I am sure Rachel isnt sitting on the couch at home watching TV. Obviously, it is super easy to write a negative review on google in the heat of the moment. I feel like, I, someone who has been with Homeward for a long time would actually have credibility to review this association. Rachel Ward and her office are very passionate about the homeschooling community. With the many personal family trials that Rachel has been through in the last couple of years, she have been very diligent at supporting her home school families. I applaud her and her staff, and appreciate all they do for my family!And on a side note: If you think her emails are slow, try emailing verizon, the power company, water company, cable, insurance company, etc.

Review №3

Rachel Ward and her staff at HEA are dedicated to making sure you can make the most of homeschooling. They work tirelessly to counsel families on curricula and to notify families of changes in laws and standards that affect the homeshcooling community. They keep excellent records and provide professional transcripts to help with college admissions and transfers. And they provide a wonderful graduation ceremony to ensure kids get the full graduation experience. This third option accountability association is one of the best in the state.

Review №4

HEA has been a God-send to our family. In spite of personal and health struggles, Rachel has pressed on and been there for every family. Her passion is homeschooling and helping those who embark on the journey. While she does have assistance in the office, she is HANDS-ON every single student/family. If you have a need, all you have to do is call. Thank you, Rachel, for your many years of dedication. We are all indebted to you for your encouragement, advice, and help over all the years.

Review №5

Great homeschool accountability group. Ive been a member since moving to SC. Rachel is very knowledgeable and willing to answer your questions. Graduated my first student this year. Great diploma and transcript. I know there are many option for accountability groups in SC, but Ive been very satisfied with HEA.

Review №6

We have been homeschooling under HEA for 7 years. Four years ago, I attended the Homeschooling High School workshop and felt much more prepared to tackle the challenge ahead. Since then, HEA has handled the paperwork to get my sons transcript ready for his transition to higher education as well as continuing to be our legal support for our other childrens education. Rachel Ward stays informed about legislation concerning homeschooling and passes that information on to us. I am so grateful to have them as a support for our homeschooling journey.

Review №7

We homeschooled our girls from the beginning and have used Homeward Education Association from their very beginning. This is the most organized and wonderful way to legally homeschool your kids! She provides member support, a graduation ceremony, transcripts and so MUCH MORE! Even as her organization has grown she is still able to provide the best service and help in a timely and efficient manner.

Review №8

Happy with HEA. Very helpful in my Home School journey with my 9th grader. I appreciate the fees being more than reasonable. I am looking forward in our home schooling journey. Thank you.

Review №9

Rachel and the staff at HEA have always been more than helpful and encouraging. I have never left with unanswered questions or the promise that theu would help find what I was looking for.

Review №10

Fantastic service. I have no worries homeschooling through HEA.

Review №11

We have used HEA since 2009 when we moved to SC. Rachel Ward and her staff do an amazing job of helping families through their homeschooling journeys. They are very accessible, too, as you can walk in with or without an appointment, call, email, or message on FB. Replies are usually quick despite the insane workload they have during some parts of the school year. HEA has never felt like a business... it has felt much more like a family.

Review №12

I spent three days emailing, and left a phone message, for this organization to find out if they had received my application. After no response to any communication, I sent an email to let them know I was going with a different organization.MIRACULOUSLY my no longer interested email was answered within 2 hours of being sent.Of course, suddenly everything had already been processed and I have been charged the non-refundable fee.Glad to see that right out of the gates Homeschooling is exactly the racket it appears to be. Dont waste your time or money with this organization. Too busy taking money to answer an email. All it takes is the push of a few buttons to reply app received and thats too much work for this group.

Review №13

I have used Homeward Ed for 8 years now and send LOTS of new homeschoolers their way! Very knowledgeable, the owner was a homeschool mom herself so she gets it. When I had lots of questions about high school Rachel came down for nothing and talked to my group of homeschool friends. I have a special needs child and needed lots of help with curriculum and was able to go to her office and she sat down with my husband and I for well over an hour helping us! I HIGHLY recommend Homeward ! They offer as much or as little help that you need for the best price!

Review №14

Im so thankful for Homeward Education Association. They have been my accountability group for several years. Highly recommend!!!

Review №15

When we first moved here to South Carolina, Rachel Ward of Homeward Education Association (HEA) helped us greatly in navigating through the process of establishing our home school properly, efficiently, and legally.HEA was instrumental in connecting us to local support groups, organizations, and programs available for home schooling families to optimize their educational process and experience.Rachel Ward gave us invaluable advice, encouragement, and guidance through the nine years that we were home schooling here in South Carolina. She was not just a person who we did business with but she was a dear friend who provided us with support, mentoring, wise counseling, and practical help. She was there for us when my family was going through a tough time with health issues, finances, and struggles with conflict. She always accommodated our needs, questions, and concerns. She directly challenged and encouraged my children to pursue their goals.Homeward Education Association has been a blessing for us in providing valuable information that maximized the educational opportunities, scholarship availability, and organizational/community involvement for my children. Rachel Ward through HEA has played a vital role in making my children as successful as they are.

Review №16

I have homeschooled for numerous years and have had 6 graduate and continue on to college. Rachel and HEA have helped keep us on pace for the requirements and have sent transcripts to each of the colleges, and a letter when my son went to the Marine Corps. I have been very pleased with HEA.

Review №17

HEA has always been helpful and supportive to our homeschool family. We have been members for 12 years and are thankful for all the services and support they have provided for our family during our homeschool journey

Review №18

We,be been using homeward ed for 7 years and we love this homeschool association. Well continue to use homeward ed as long as we homeschool!

Review №19

We started homeschooling through Homeward Ed when my son was 6, and he will be 16 this year! When we made the decision to homeschool I was terrified. I didny know anyone who had ever homeschooled their child, much less their child with multiple special needs. Going with Homeward Ed was the best decision we could ever have made! Rachel Ward has been amazing at helping me when I wasnt sure how to even begin with homeschooling a son with needs as special as my son. She has worked with us around hospitalizations and a terrible car accident that left us financially strapped and unable to do our typical school work. She has advised me in how to make a curriculum that my son could understand (he is severely mentally delayed) and reassured me when I wasnt sure I was doing enough. She always answers our phone calls, emails and even facebook messages quickly (we also understand she does have a life outside of being a homeschool administrator, as she should!), and is so amazing at helping whenever needed. Case in point, we had an auto accident several years ago and my special needs son was so severely injured that he was unable to do our normal curriculum at all that year. I messaged her late one night as I was worrying and she helped so very much. She is always more than willing to work with you and to help out. We are so blessed to be working with such an amazing homeschool association as Homeward Education Association.

Review №20

Very attentive and are always there when I need them!!

4.8 Rating
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