Music In Motion Family Fun Center
1341 College Park Rd, Summerville, SC 29483, United States
Music In Motion Family Fun Center

Review №1

Excellent place to have fun and skate! There is so many fun games to play around the rink, and their food is on par with any bowling alley with some really good pizza. Theyre birthday parties are well worth the money and so much fun for the kids. Theyre laser tag is great with tons of space and it was so much fun for my kids, they love it every time we go.

Review №2

Please do NOT take your children here. My daughters went to skate on a Friday night. Another child stole my daughters squishy toy, ripped it open and snorted the contents. My daughter informed those in charge and they did NOTHING. They didnt even almost care almost care about about something being stolen and the harmful things the other kid snorted. Then, these same slack people thought it would be a great idea to sell energy drinks to all of the children without parents consent. So know that your children can go and consume unlimited energy drinks without your consent because all they care about is getting your childs money. They allow children to behave this way and pump them full of energy drinks then wonder why their rink keeps getting destroyed.

Review №3

I took my kids to music e motion for Summer camp and they decided they didnt want to go anymore. So in June, I went there and I told them my kids were not coming back and I would like my $195 credit balance mail to me. While its 8/23 and I still didnt get the check in the mail so I called. I spoke with the general manager today and I explain to her whats going on, she said okay let me pull the file. After pulling the file she said a check was never mailed up but you can pick I up tomorrow. I said okay cool, right before I hang up she said your check wont be $195 because your kids were here for two days. I replied and said you are wrong I paid for the days they were there off my credit card and the young lady I spoke with in June we went over everything. She replied and said I dont know who you spoke with but they were wrong. Ma, I spoke with the young lady who ran the camp. After going back and forth for a minute I finally said just give me the refund for the amount you said you all owe, back my kids will never attend summer camp again because I didnt like anyone to play with my money.

Review №4

This place is a hot mess! Would NOT recommend!First, I had to ask for a cloth to clean the tables. The entire time is was there, not one employee came out to clean or clear the tables. No one could find a cloth and really acted like theyve never seen one. Someone finally came to clean the tables with wet napkins. I had my own pack of Lysol wipes and wiped behind him. Im not sure how they clean this kitchen and eating areas daily and apparently they dont know either.On a previous paid party room visit, the pizza included in our birthday party was pretty much undercooked dough. Even the kids were disgusted. The adults ordered fried wings which came back a bloody mess. They sent it back twice and refunds were not an option. No resolution ever came out of that.Half the machines are broken without out or order signs. Well the signs warn to play at your own risk. That is a slack way to maintain your machines and a clever way to keep our money.The staff has a serious lack of any concern about anything in this place and are not empowered to make any reasonable customer service decisions. This place is outdated and any refunds for their failures become an unnecessary negotiation tactic. Weve had several issues but these are some just to name a few.

Review №5

Upon entry it’s like you’re walking through airport security for a tiny roller skating rink, it’s completely unnecessary, and causes a huge wait. They grabbed my water bottle and didn’t let me have it back until I left which is completely ridiculous, like what’s the reason?? When you go to a roller skating rink usually you get a choice of what type of skates you want, but here they have so many gimmicks and fees, I’m surprised they don’t charge you for the air you breathe. You have to get a special card that has a CHARGE so not only do you have to pay extra for inline skates you have to end up giving them an extra dollar for the plastic card you’ll never use again. And then upon retrieving your skates they TAKE your shoes, what if you want to take your skates off to relax and eat or something?? I’m surprised they’re so worried about people stealing skates given how much they penny pinch. This place is just so gimmicky and inconveniencing, who knew a roller skating night could be so complicated. I added a star because they at least played good music during the skate.

Review №6

I would not recommend this place. Went over the weekend with my children and the staff ignores you. You have to wait forever to get skates because nobody is at the window. Go get a drink and nobody even looks at you or ask if you need help. I had to ask they guy standing right in front of me if I could buy a soda. You have to load money on a card to play games, but half the games dont work or take your money. Nobody is at the laser tag or bumper car station. It was honestly a waste of money! Skating isnt even fun because you have an employee skating super fast and knocking people down and the other girl is standing to the side, talking to her boyfriend not even paying attention.

Review №7

Save your money when it comes to their food, kids enjoyed skating and laser tag, would have enjoyed lunch but it looked like last weeks leftovers and taste wasnt much different, bumper cars and quite a few other games didnt work .

Review №8

This place is awful. Staff is rude. When you go to counter, they ignore you. Half games broken. You dont realize it until after you swipe your card and it takes your money.

Review №9

Very run down and alot broken but you dont know till you swipe your card. Staff rude and not accommodating. Went while there was a summer camp going which was fine for us but I was absolutely appalled by how they treat the kids in the camp. Horrible and I would never send my kids after seeing what I saw. Also cost alot more then it should for what you get.

Review №10

The rink is nice but I dont like the fact that they dont play soul music at all! And when they do its only one or two real old songs. When I asked the employees about it they just shrugged me off. I wish Charleston had more indoor skating rinks.

Review №11

STOP SELLING ENERGY DRINKS TO KIDS!!! Heads up to everyone, when your child get diabetes or has a heart attack at 11 years old its because they sell Monsters and Red bulls to anyone. Pathetic...

Review №12

Great place for summer camp my daughter loves it there and the facility and staff are amazing

Review №13

This place blows, dont waste your time. Youd have a better time walking the dog lol

Review №14

Wouldnt even give it 1 star. The employees are rude. Went today, one employee said laser tag was open, went to load money on the card for my kids to play. They waited by the gate for 20 minutes for a rude/smug employee to come out and say its only open to parties. Ok, then why did the other employee say they can play? He slams open the gate to go get the other employee, and she apologized, but he was still rude. Get the manager over for her to be no help with the situation. So now I have money on this card where no games work. Go to get a drink and they just look at you and dont ask if you need help. Go to the prize station and nobodys at the station. Go to get skates and youre just standing there waiting for however long. This place is a joke. I will NEVER go back to this place. Need to train your staff on how to treat paying customers. Waste of my time and money!!!!

Review №15

I visited on a Friday night to check out the location and prices and rudely surprised by the unpleasantness of the staff and the overall vibe of the facility. I ended up not even looking at the prices. Trust me, I won’t ever be back. If this is what they think it takes to be safe, you’re better off staying at home.

Review №16

Why does the kitchen staff ignore you, and stand there doing nothing?Went there a couple weeks ago. Came across these reviews with MANY others that share my experience. MIM, ya gotta do something about your staff.You got rid of the bar for adult night. Cool. But now on adult night theres only chicken and fries? No ice cream? Nothing else on the menu? Slack. I hope another rink opens up.

Review №17

Very fun..... they have a great military discount..... The food is cheap and great !!! The place seems way bigger than the last time I was here..., But I would say to remodel the place, and a white guy said that the manager said that he can kick anybody out.... (me and my friends for actually laughing) he was not wearing the MIM outfit so if he does work there he is off the clock, and I DO HAVE THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH... So if he was to kick me out there would have been a big lawsuit, and he was sagging way low so he should have been kicked out because there is a whole dress code.... Than while me and me friends were eating our food at our table a worker comes up and takes the money off of the table right in front of us.... bit ghetto. but overall pretty fun ( 12 March 2021 )(6pm - 12am)

Review №18

Every time we get a chance to go here with family and friends as well as the little ones they enjoy it more than us, also we like meeting people, having fun, eating, playing games and most of all skating, thank you music in motion.

Review №19

Very fun place to hangout and i felt save with a officer always there and the metal detector

Review №20

IF YOU ARE THINKING OF COMING HERE, PLEASE READ! I honestly have no clue why people are giving this place bad reviews. Maybe because theyre thrown off by the outside appearance, or maybe because they charge a lot for a card to get stuff front he store and play games. But with all this said, you come here to skate, so why worry much about the other things you can buy, the skating floor is really nice with colorful lights and a disco ball when it starts getting dark. They have black outs where they turn the lights out and if youre wearing bright colours, you glow. Its really fun to just skate on the outside of the skating floor too. Especially if its too crowded in the skating floor, or if your learning and dont want to bump into other people. They have a food court (which really isnt that pricey) to keep you taken care of. They do have rollerblades and although you have to play to get them, you dont have to pay a high price for them. And my favorite part is the music they play. They pick out some good song. Youll definetly want to dance a little while you skate! This place is amazing overall, and I really recommend it!!!

Review №21

I was a little bit skeptical at first. The appearance of the vestibule before entering the skate park its a little misleading. There’s a metal detector and a security guard . The security guard will not let minors leave the building without an adult. If there’s any teenager waiting on a ride from their rents their ride has to pull up to the door and walk up to the door to escort the minor from the building. This way property and people are both safer ...The people who work here are great! Friendly but not in a sterile corporate kind of way—the people here actually look like they’re happy to work here. So every interaction feels more unique and sincere, more organic and comfortable.The crowd was actually very interesting. Parents who have their eyes out for their own kids while watching out for other kids. Teenaged skaters who are busy having fun but also aware of and sensitive to the younger kids skating. My only advice is that tweens come with a friend. There were lots of groups of friends that obviously got there together and it’s not a place to go alone for certain ages and personalities

Review №22

Great Military Discount, Food, and very fun Staff.

Review №23

If it were just about the skating there would be no issue. The Food Court staff will rarely give any eye contact and act as though you aren’t there. Ordered a simple order of fries and watched for over 10 minutes (on top of the 10 minutes my daughter had already waited) as I made eye contact with three different employees and they stood around or kept walking the other way. All this while fries sat under the heat lamp that could have been handed to my daughter and her friends. Once I asked for them it appeared as though I had inconvenienced them. Maybe I just old, but it is entirely too loud to hear anything being said over the spears and there is no reception in the building, on their connection either.

Review №24

The music it terrible. They have teenagers in the dj booth. They need to do better.

Review №25

This place was terrible and such a ripoff. You put money on a card to play games, including bowling. Majority, probably 75% of the games aren’t working. You don’t know the games aren’t working until you swipe your card and it takes your money. Literally stealing your money and they won’t refund at all. Only one lane of bowling was working. And holy Covid risk, they definitely pack the place not worrying about how many people are in there and people aren’t made to wear masks. If I could give a negative star I would.

Review №26

I love it here i go every week and most people are really nice

Review №27

Why kids constantly fighting at your place maybe secure the environment a little better because some of us moms have seen the videos

Review №28

Do not load the card they give you with a debit/credit card because it takes a day or more to show on there and they don’t help you resolve the issue. Make sure you bring cash.If you plan on eating there your only option is chicken nuggets, fries, or pizza. They are out of everything else and the kitchen staff is extremely slow and rude. They’ll let you ask about everything in the menu and waste your time instead of saying that they have limited items the first time, meanwhile you already loaded money onto your card that you planned on spending in the food. Yes you need to use your charge card to pay for food as well.I hope they do something about these issues.

Review №29

It was very crowded, not many ppl wore masks, the bathrooms were gross, but Andre was amazing!

Review №30

Me and my family came to south Carolina for vacation the skating rink was not all that they didnt have no good music no dj. Nobody wants to skate listing to county music, a real skating rink has a live dj yall need to step yall game up.

Review №31

Not the best skating rink in the world. wouldn’t recommend going there. the prices are ridiculously high for every single thing. the floors and walls are super sticky and this is during a pandemic. few of the staffs are disrespectful and all that they are really looking for overall is your money.

Review №32

They are very unprofessional at best. I was given old fries red dropped in the grease and while My daughter was sitting alone she was constantly harassed about her mask being on while alone and not talking to anyone. Two grown women proceeded to talk and make gestures towards her because of this. They have a dress code for people who come in but it is only enforced when they feel like it for guests and employees apparently

Review №33

Staff is awful wouldnt give people their food and the vending machine is broken. gave someone sprite instead of coke and water instead of sprite. very rude and did not communicate well.

Review №34

I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!!!! Ive been going here since is was seven they have incredibly nice new staff if you love tik tok treding, pop, hip hop, or rnb music this is the place to go me and my friends go every friday after school sometimes theyre unreasonable people that fight for no reason just to go viral but besides that LOVE ITTT, also the bowling is SOO FUNN !!! . Cant wait until they finnish building the lazer tag in the back but i reccomend that they serve hot cheetos at the vending machine .

Review №35

Great place to spend time with your kids 😊 Had a good time.

Review №36

We paid 400 dollars to have a birthday party with 14 guests. Upon arrival, nothing was done. Our party host called out, so we could have this other guy...word for word. Skating was good and laser tag was fun. Only about 1/4 of the games actually worked. Our party had no extra napkins or paper cups for any of the other parent guests. When it was our time to bowl, we got everyone together and went to the area. Find out only 2 of 6 bowling lanes worked and then was told they were suprised we had so many people...the same 14 guests we previously discussed.Absolutely outraged. Go to leave and decide hey, why not try a claw game...well I won, sorta. It wouldnt dropped the stuffed toy down the chute had to call maintenance to come open it. Well they couldnt find the keys, so we got to choose from a a small variety of smaller stuffed toys. Awesome.Completely disappointed. Place has gone so far downhill. I will never come back.

Review №37

I’ve been attempting to book my daughter’s birthday party here for 2 weeks now. I’ve been placed on hold (for 45 minutes). I’ve been transferred to a VM. I’ve been informed the manager will call me back several times and left my information. This is a horrible way to run your operations. Why would you not be eager to book a 400.00 birthday party?If attempting to book a birthday party is any representation of the staffs attentiveness to the actual party then I guess I’m better off booking explain to my 8 year old why she can’t have her party where she originally picked.Thanks music n motion!

Review №38

Great fun for the kids. Helpful & friendly staff.

Review №39

Having to walk through a metal detector to go inside a kids roller rink should tell you all you need to know.This place is dirty and out-dated

Review №40

Great environment, great music, amazing prices. Defiantly going back first chance I get.

Review №41

This place is under new management. Our establishment is very safe, we do everything in our power to make it that way. We invest a lot of time in keeping our place clean to the highest standards. The kids that come have a great time and we really care about each and everyone. What a great place to make memories. I still remember my skating rink days and that was many moons ago. Come and check us out for yourselves we would love to meet you!

Review №42

Today my husband surprised me with a skate party for my 50th birthday. I cannot remember the last time I laughed and smiled that much. My husband can’t stop raving about how seamless LaShawn and Desiree made planning it. In all of my 50 glorious years, this is has been the BEST birthday party.It’s so clean, the music is great, the staff of super helpful. I saw literally all age groups and nationalities. We were all just a bunch of folks getting on the floor and moving to the music.Thank you, Music In Motion for a birthday I’ll never forget.

Review №43

My wife was not happy at all with this place from the moment we entered. There were about 4 women who were working the entrance. Neither of them greeted us, nor made us feel welcome before we had our belongings violated with a search, plus we had to spread our arms and legs out to be searched although the alarm didnt go off when we walked through the metal detector. My wife is really big on being friendly when out in public and she says that a weird feeling came over her when she encountered this particular business. Last weekend we visited another family friendly business and we thoroughly enjoyed our experience there, just thought wed do skating this weekend, which turned out to be a horrible place of choice.

Review №44

Skating is my family’s favorite thing to do, unfortunately this is the only one in town. The skates they offer you are horrible (very dirty) as well as the games such as air hockey...Music in Motion, your the only skating rink in town. Please do better

Review №45

Good place for kids. Use to have more stuff but still fun pretty much the only place to go anyway

Review №46

Ok. Mixed emotions kids can really like coming here but the staff is laid-back and carefree. I know they probably dont getpaid much so they arent super motivated to please the customers. Can be expensive ifyou dont watch out

Review №47

I go here pretty much every Friday and sometimes Saturday its a Best hang out spot for middle and high schoolers and is just rlly fun

Review №48

Roller skating was great. The arcade games are poorly maintained and about half didnt work. Would be a lot better with some upkeep and maintenance.

Review №49

The employees are like a family and they get along really well. This is the best roller skating rink!

Review №50

They have a great Summer program for Kids! My son Loves it there and he is 8 years old! Not only can he skate all summer but they have a bounce house and Bumper Cars for the program as well and only $20.00 a day!! Great place!

Review №51

It was ok, went with my girlfriend, they had the laser tag, had a lot of fun playing it, the skates arent bad, and honestly, I think that the reviews arent that right, 5 outta 5

Review №52

Good place if youre looking to skate only. Everything else is garbage. The floors are stickier than a movie theater. Games and rides dont work, but they dont tell you that before you get $10 in nonrefundable tokens. The customer service is pretty great. there is a lot of security (metal detectors) which is a little concerning. Not your parents skating rink. Its a shame, place has a lot of potential.

Review №53

Wow. What a downward spiral this place has become. I remember 10 years ago how fun it was to go here, or maybe as a kid everything seems fun.The place overall seems very dirty. I see the carpet has changed but that doesn’t shake the vibe of the establishment.The employees are overall friendly, but sometimes you couldn’t find them.The entire place is designed as a giant cash cow. You can’t use debit/credit cards, you must use cash or load a prepaid card for many things. However, the games are lackluster and many are broken. It just looks like a sad shell of its former self. The arcade room used to be great, too bad they gutted that.Food is descent, nothing too out of the ordinary. Price is okay on the food. Skating is normal. Now you also have to have the prepaid card with extra on it for inline skates. Don’t remember that being a thing years ago.Overall not worth the money unless you’re only wanting to skate your heart out. Get it together management. Fix your machines, clean your business, and make sure your employees are trained well.

Review №54

This is the WORST skating rink Ive ever been to!!!!! &&I will NEVER take my child there again!! Before we purchased our admissions, we asked if they had socks, she said yes but we would have to pay for them. That was fine. We waited 30 minutes to rent skates and 30 minutes to use the kiosk (to purchase and load a card). Then we find out they dont have anymore socks. Now my little girl is upset because your cant skate without socks. I asked for a refund and was told that they dont issue refunds. I explained to her that we were not able to skate at all. And her response was that, thats not her fault because youre suppose to bring your own. But they sell socks for more than one reason. I couldnt get an answer when I asked her where do they tell their customers that at. But she offered free passes for next time. And at this point, with all the neck rolling and smart mouth (&my fiance said she cursed) I didnt want anything but my money back; because theres no garuntee this wouldnt happen again and definitely because of her nasty attitude! I asked to speak with the manager but she only asked me to leave. She didnt ask what happened or anything. I left because that showed me they dont care about their customers experiences in their rink and that this is something they are use to. I usually dont write negative reviews but this is definitely top 3 of worst experiences. I would not recommend this place to anyone that values their time and money. They will rip you off and throw you out when you ask for your money!

Review №55

It was a great party. Had everything but not quite enough time to do everything.

Review №56

I have always been able to have fun here. Just got renovated so there wont be any problems. Love it!

Review №57

Don’t bring your kids for the summer camp they don’t care about you or your kids they just want your money. It’s like a prison the staff don’t care if your bleeding they don’t help you and you’ll probably have to sit out for the rest of the day for starting something. Still hate after 2 years. Wish I could rate lower.

Review №58

Would not accommodate for my sons food allergies. I called ahead to make sure they would allow us to bring food for my severe food allergy child (multiple allergies) and the rest of us would purchase food there. Many places allow this since it takes the responsibility off them. I was told no outside food or drink since they dont know whats in it yet for a birthday party you bring the cake! The whole point of us bringing food for him is that we DO know whats in it. Manager said no exceptions. Makes no sense that I can bring a cake to feed multiple children with who knows what in it but cant bring a sandwich and chips to feed my 1 child that I know every ingredient! We will not be going there!!

Review №59

Our family had an outstanding time . The atmosphere was perfect and the management Team (Tenay ) was fantastic . We had a small hiccup while we were there and Tenay stepped in and did not miss a beat . She took care of our small issue and did it with a smile on here face . It’s important to have great people making decisions for your team .Thanks for having Tenay as a part of your management staff !Great Time !!!

Review №60

Very Sketchy, dont go.

Review №61

Fun games and all, but many of the employees were carny-like and frankly, quite creepy. Weird demeanors and my gut was like, somethings off with these dudes! My wife totally agreed. I wouldnt leave my kids alone with them for 2 seconds!

Review №62

Nice place. I love that safety is there first priority. Wngs are great. Pizza, not so much. But Id go again.

Review №63

Love taking the kids here. Only one thing bothers me. I was stopped today and told I can not smoke my ecig inside. They let people come in and play bingo while smoking real cigarettes on bingo nights but yet a vapor with no scent or harmful second hand can be used? Please explain....I do not use one that billows out huge clouds of vapor.

Review №64

My little sister and her friends go here all the time. They always have a good time and it gets them out of my hair! There is not much else to do in the south unless you like mud and fish... So my vote is 5 stars!!!

Review №65

The management of this place is horrible. Would not allow my asthmatic nephew to carry his inhaler in. All employees were rude but the blame seems to fall with management. Place had a super sketchy vibe from the moment we stepped in. Kind of felt like a prison, security was worse than going through an airport.

Review №66

It is a good place but they gotta update they music

Review №67

Clean nice place. My grandkids come here often. Never had a problem ever

Review №68

Kids love to skate and most skating rinks arent anything special. This place is a little too scary for me to want to revisit. We went here for a birthday party and the kids had fun skating. My wife and I were a little creeped out by the whole place.The employees, for the most part, are very unprofessional and really dont care. Im sure they arent paid much and management probably treats them in a similar way. Dont bother playing any of the arcade games unless youre ready to gamble since they dont provide refunds and half of the games just eat your money.We wont be back unless someone else has a birthday party there again. Even then, well try to get out of it.

Review №69

This place is amazing I go every Friday and sometimes Saturday it is lit every time

Review №70

Great concrete floor, awesome for shuffling, jamming, speed. Super hectic on Friday nights with teens and packed with little kids on Saturday days, but the staff is friendly and make safety a priority. Met some great local skaters.

Review №71

Attended a birthday party here. It was over priced. The birthday attendant kept disappearing. There was a 2 minute notice of them closing. When this happened, the staff was yelling for everybody to get out because they had to set up for bingo. Also, the person that paid for the party was told they had the room until 5:45, but they kicked everyone out at 5. Never have a party here.

Review №72

15 years later and its still getting progressively worse... havent been here in awhile and one recent trip reminds me why.Walked in to metal detectors and a not-so-nice smell. Asked if they smoked in here, the girl said no, but now Ive learned they do allow smoking for bingo, after reading previous reviews.The inside just looks dirty... from the sticky floors to the ratted old, (duck taped in certain areas) stained carpet or to the fully stained pool tables and sticky plastic tables... either way, it was dirty and just seemed lazy. I was hungry, but definitely didnt travel to the food court.Also, all of the electronic games were busted, só game play was very limited. By busted I also mean duct taped games or broken cages on games - basically the majority of the games had out of order signs.Summer camp was there, but the overall supervision was very distracted and customer service wasnt very attentive, especially at the ticket booth. Definitely needs more expectation from management.Overall, I think the place has a lot of potential, but probably needs new management. Simple upgrades can be made to make this place into something people enjoy. Starting with actually having a clean establishment, making sure things actually work or replacing things that need it, and training employees on better expectations from improved management style... it wont take much to see a huge improvement. But definitely start with cleaning.Hope this helps!

Review №73

Horrible establishment. I would not recommend anyone take their child here. The summer camp coordinator Melissa is so rude. I could never trust this camp with my child. Just a heads up parents DONT DO IT!

Review №74

This place is great so much fun i always want to go here its not expensive at all and the employees are not so bad they arent bad or mean they are normal employee doing their job

Review №75

It sucks because i get off at 10pm on Fridays and couldnt get in because they close the admission down early on couldnt get in. So my nephew is now crying cause he really wanted to skate. They should have admissions all night!!!!!! I miss stardust. We never had thus problem with them at all!!!! MUSKC IN MOTION sucks so dont take your kids there at all!!!! They dont care all they want is your money😡😡😡😡😡😡

Review №76

They had great staff, and great atmosphere. The food couldve been better, but Id recommend this place to anyone looking to spend times with friends.

Review №77

It is a really nice place to hang out with your family and friends it Evan has games and food.incunclusion,this place is a really nice place to go to.

Review №78

Stay away from this place. Birthday party’s they rob you for your money. Food court you will wait 1hour for a cheese burger CAUTION stay away from this place.

Review №79

I will not be coming back. Full of lies and deception. They made us pay a lot of money and closed down the rink early. My kids were so disappointed. I will not nor any of my family members, come back to this poorly owned place. Sold us tickets 5 mins before closing and would not give us a refund.

Review №80

Food was awful they put the corn dog on the grill to warm it and fries had mixed flavor grease must have been old! And they dont have half sizes in skates.

Review №81

This place is awful. Was planning on having both my kids birthday parties there, but will not now. Staff was not helpful, waited 45 minutes to turn our skates in and get our shoes, even after us and several other people complained to manager. Completely disorganized. They are not competent to handle several birthday parties at one time. Its first come, first serve, unable to reserve tables for birthday parties. Will not be going back

Review №82

The last time I went there the people at the front in charge of the food and I ask for an soda and they said do you want a dink and I asked for an sprite and they said again do you want a drink and I said yes and they laughed at me and said ok and the drink tasted awful worst customer service ever but beside all of that I had a great time

Review №83

This place stinks, its old, the customer service is atroctious. They have one of everything so everything moves super slow. The games dont work and the prizes that u can get with the tickets are below dollar store value. I wont be goin back.

Review №84

Worst place Ive ever attended. $9 per person to skate, regardless of age. You are all but strip searched at the door. There are signs everywhere, telling you what you cant do and what the company is not liable for.Your shoes are held prisoner until the skates are returned, so have fun going to the bathroom. They have more in the range of 20 games, not 100, and since they are not liable for them not working and there are no refunds, the majority of them are broken. Not to mention that Sgt. Stedanko is quick to puff his chest out and get in your space at the slightest infraction Please! Do not subject yourself to this establishment.

Review №85

Its always a fight over here just like tonight it makes no sense.

Review №86

If you are looking for a fun family experience do not go here. While attending a bday party I was surprised to see metal detectors at the entrance. This is the first clue that this may not be a safe place. If you set off the detector you will be wanded. Be careful what you try to bring inside. Your belongings will get confiscated at the door. Anything from a water bottles to glow sticks (cant bring your own glow sticks for the bday glow room). There is a giant list at the front door of things not allowed. Your purses are searched too of course with your permission & they will try to confiscate your pill bottles. What you are not told is that if you leave your item with them it may not get returned. After the end of the party we tried to get nanas cup & were told sorry we cant find it. So basically if you do not lock your stuff in your car you probably wont get it back and you most certainly will not be offered reimbursement. You would expect a place like a skating rink would be family friendly with maybe a separate line for parents & older people who are harmlessly trying to just watch kids enjoy a bday party. That way you can separate all the shady people who are allowed entrance minus their contraband from the harmless people that have lemonade and glow sticks. We will not be returning ever!

Review №87

My girls loved it because they have the rallies for the people to help them from foling.

Review №88

They have a jump castle and bumper cars, only draw back is its $5 for 1 time on bumper cars, food is a little on the high side, my grandson loves to go skating

Review №89

Its just a overall obsutley good time with lots of fun and good food. I wouldnt spend my allowance any where else!!!

Review №90

The staff was so amazing,plus it has a place where you can skate and play fun games

Review №91

It was a fun experience, I would come back again

Review №92

Walked in the door and was told I couldn’t go in on account of my bra straps showing. Walked right back out.

Review №93

Nice place to skate!

Review №94

Horrible experience, they want to charge you even if you dont want to skate .

Review №95

Wonderful staff and skating rink!

Review №96

Very good roller roller skating rink, with games, and more. Very fun!

Review №97

I love going there Saturday and Friday it fun there I will see my friends there

Review №98

AMAZING!!! My kids love coming every Friday they both love this skating rink

Review №99

Long wait for food court. Buist Academy went today, June 2, 2015. Im in that school and the wait took forever. ~35-40 minutes just to get to the register. There r only three food court staff and one register. And it took about ~20-25 minutes to get food. Ppl who were behind me got food before me, I ordered chicken tenders and fries by the way. Wouldnt recommend this place. Akso many things were boarded up and the Glow Room doesnt glow. Or the Glow Room is the actual roller ring, but overall it kinda sucked.

Review №100

Some of the older staff members are very rude and disrespectful. I had several bad encounters with the way some older staff would speak myself and certain customers. Outside of these few staff members who have no customer service skills at all the place is ok. I used to go at least once a week sometimes twice and I always would bring at least 3 kids, plus myself. Because of the customer service they lose about 50 a week from me and my family, but I dont think they care at all.

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3.5 Rating
  • Address:1341 College Park Rd, Summerville, SC 29483, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 843-832-6077
  • After school program
  • Amusement center
  • Children's party service
  • Laser tag center
  • Party planner
  • Recreation center
  • Roller skating rink
  • Summer camp
  • Video arcade
  • Youth care
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:6–11PM
  • Friday:6PM–12AM
  • Saturday:10AM–12AM
  • Sunday:12–6PM
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
  • Women-Led:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Family-friendly:Yes
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