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Fatima is a great instructor! For anyone who is will to put the time and effort in this class is worth it. The short class duration is intense but totally doable if you take the quizzes and do the homework without looking at the answer sheets. I took the February/March 2021 class and am extremely please with how available Fatima is and how well the class is run. Just remember it is on YOU to study the material with enough time. The syllabus is published right away and is clear as day as to what is required. Do not count on being spoon feed everything you need for the quizzes and tests. Put the time in! If you need to be pushed to study or complete your workbook I do not recommend taking this class.

Review №2

Mrs.Fatima is such a good teacher, she pushes you to do your best! It was quite the challenge for me but I completed it! It was possibly the best choice I’ve made! Thank you so much mrs.Fatima!!!!!

Review №3

I was very impressed with AVID CNA School. There is a lot of material to unpack, but the instructor works you through all of it in a way that makes sense. Instructor Fatima Reyes is very knowledgeable in her field and strives for the best out of her students. She takes time to know their goals beyond nurse assisting. Additionally, she put an emphasis on how important CNAs are to the healthcare structure. At a time like this, it is rewarding to hear.Before beginning the class, it was very simple to get signed up and registered. The instructors that guided me through this process were very helpful.Considering the pandemic, the school was taught fairly smoothly online. Some activities were awkward to do with a camera and household materials, but it got the message across. The book work was often busywork and felt tedious to do, but it really ingrains the material in your brain in preparation for the state test.Overall, I’m beyond thankful for knowledge I gained with AVID CNA and will never forget this stepping stone in my healthcare journey!

Review №4

I haven’t had time to say Thank you to Ms. Fatima. She’s one of the teachers that loves to push you to accomplish the class. The course is hard but if you listen to Ms. Fatima you will get through it. I do recommend this school. Thank you Mrs. Fatima

Review №5

My instructor Mrs Fatima is very kind and showed a very high motivation to for everyone if her students to successed. Even months after taking my class and pretty much lagging on taking my State test she continued to call and text me encouraging me to the point I finally took my test. Now Im proud to say I passed my State Exam and am now a CERIFIED C.N.A. Thank You Mrs. Fatima! God Bless.

Review №6

Amazing! Miss Fatima is an amazing teacher! I learned so much from her and her CNA course really helps you get ready for the state exam. I really recommend anyone interested in learning cna to take her class!

Review №7

I earned my certificate in November 2019. I’m glad I went to this school. The 8 weeks may be tough here and there but it’s definitely worth it at the end. I’m going to further my education in nursing thanks to Ms. Fatima and also thank you to Ms. Maria for being a great help too.

Review №8

This is a great school. The staffs and teachers here are really helpful and always there to support us in and out. They care about our goals and for me i think that is really important!

Review №9

I went to Avid CNA with the goal of becoming a CNA in mind, the instructors for that course were very helpful in helping me achieve my end goal in as little as five weeks. They were always readily available and able to answer any questions that I had. I highly recommend anyone looking for certification as a Nurses Assistant to get your training through this place. They helped me pass the state exam in one try.

Review №10

Outstanding CNA school. Extremely satisfied with the facility for a number of reasons. The length of the program is five weeks long, much shorter than most CNA schools offer. On top of the curriculum being better shorter than most, AVID is also priced lower than most other programs. The instructors are always willing to answer questions and are constantly encouraging the students to succeed. On top of the great facility, AVID offers great hands on experience with its weekly clinical visits, as well as great employment opportunities after finished with the program. Definitely would recommend this program to anyone wanting to become a CNA.

Review №11

The class is structured very well and the instructors are great at what they do! They use their own experiences in the nursing field to teach and even have a guest doctor come in to talk about his experiences and teach a few lessons. 10/10 would recommend this school for anyone looking to become a CNA.

Review №12

I took the 3 week CNA class over winter break. I wasnt sure how well I would do considering the amount of material we were going to have to learn in the short amount of time, but I and everyone in the class was able to do really well. The teachers were really nice, very knowledgable and taught all the material really well. They clearly wanted us to succeed and made sure to help if anyone was struggling. I definitely would recommend this class to anyone considering becoming a CNA, because this program will ease your worries and the instructors will help you achieve your goals.

Review №13

Fatima Reyes is a caring and gifted teacher! This program is truly aimed towards creating thoughtful and competent Certified Nursing Assistants in a small, personalized setting. My daughter enjoyed her time with Ms. Fatima immensely!

Review №14

Fatima is incredibly knowledgeable and a great instructor. She really made the 7 week CNA class fun! I highly recommend Avid!

Review №15

Took my CNA course here! It was very fun and educational. The instructors are amazing and helpful.

Review №16

Very nice place to complete my CNA. I attended the 3 weeks winter break session and it worked well with my schedule. Fatima is also awesome!

Review №17

Ever been unsure of being a CNA? I was too until I signed up at AVID CNA School. My nerves went away the more I became a part of Avid. The teachers were awesome and the classmates were cool. It was such a calming environment and Ive learned a lot. I would recommend going to AVID CNA School. They make sure you are doing your best and will try their best to not let you do bad.

Review №18

Fatima and Celia are the sweetest!! Loved clinicals with my group! Definitely recommend if youre looking to get your CNA certificate.

Review №19

I love Avid Cna. It is a wonderful place with a wonderful staff. Not only is the staff helpful in the classroom, but they also helped me get a job after I completed the course. After taking this course with Avid Cna, I can guarantee that if you were to take this course, then you will get a cna certificate. I love this place and will go back again to take a phlebotomy course.

Review №20

I Love Fatima Reyes She is a Wonderful Teacher and Friend Got My C.P.R card and T.B Test Done Im Going Back For the Phlebotomy classes See you Soon I Definitely Recommend AVID CNA school To My Family and Friends😍🤗😗😀

Review №21

This is honestly a GREAT cna school. I took the course in October of 2015 and I am so glad I chose this facility for many reasons -It is only 5 weeks long (most schools run for over 8 weeks), the cost is lower than the majority of schools, and the equipment used throughout the course is in excellent condition (cpr dummies, stethoscopes, etc.)**Most importantly the instructor was kind, understanding, and so eager for the students to succeed. Also, a major bonus was the career opportunities that were available to the students after completing the course!I highly recommend this school!

Review №22

Very Excellent School. Highly recommended!!!!!!Great location and great instructors.

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