Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Sterling Heights
44891 Hayes Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48313, United States
Aqua-Tots Swim Schools Sterling Heights

Review №1

We have been coming to this location since our oldest was 6 months old. She is 4 now. Our youngest is almost 2 and she started at 6 months old also. This place has done wonders for both of their confidence in and out of the water. We haven’t had a bad instructor yet! They are all great with kids, seem to love their jobs, and make the classes both informative and fun! I would highly recommend coming here no matter what age or skill level your child is!!

Review №2

I recently started swim lessons for my granddaughter in the middle of July. Knowing i would have make ups. They started her at level 3 but we knew she would have to be moved up. Unfortunately she got COVID which with quarantine time of almost 3 weeks. So basically I paid for 2 months and she has only had 1 lesson. You can schedule make ups up to a week and When I did…… got cancelled. Doing the right thing we quarantined her …. She was asymmetric …. And could have closed the establishment if I would have brought her in. Instead I paid for 2 months and 1 lesson. And she is back to school.

Review №3

I am so Happy with my aqua tots family! I love the water and when the pandemic hit I knew if would be a long time before we were able to go back! Being a stay at home mom with a very active tot I’m glad I can take her somewhere safe to get out the house and learn something new! All of my aqua tots family (staff) treat us so well and I can see us being there for many years to come! Thank you for your dedication and kindness.

Review №4

My 2 year old and 4 year old are both in level 2, they have an amazing swim instructor, Mr.Nick, who goes above and beyond to make sure they are learning how to swim. He brings so much joy and energy to every session. Every week I am able to see improvement.The staff are also extremely nice. They are all implementing safety protocols due to Covid and the environment is really well kept and clean.I am very pleased! I will be enrolling our new edition as soon as he is able to join!

Review №5

The system they have is great, extremely organized and helpful. The level of care during covid is really good, and the teachers are very nice and motivate the kids. Both the teachers my daughter had have tried her out for higher levels; you know they care of the kid and not just getting to keep paying.

Review №6

The front desk, the staff, the instructors and super instructors are AWESOME!! My 4 year old was super scared and stubborn and refused to go to the pool. Super instructor Nickolas was able to make him comfortable and relaxed. Every one there is fully trained and nice!

Review №7

Clean, and cool staff so far. First day.

Review №8

Markis Beasley.Without a doubt without Markis as our instructor, we wouldve stopped attending class. My little guy has Autism. Markis was the first teacher, in any setting, to treat my son like a typical kiddo. He was patient, understanding and firm. He let my son have fun while still teaching him. There were previous instructors and substitutes (in swim and other settings) that look over kiddos with special needs. Maximus was able to learn to swim with a floatie, which is huge for any kids but autism usually attracts kids to water, I have peace of mind now that I didnt have previous. If Markis is available in the fall, we would 100% come back month over month and pay for the private lessons for him. I wish gifts were allowed (I asked) because I wouldve loved to treat Markis parents to a nice dinner. Because they raised their son so well, my son benefits from it. Kudos to all of you at Aquatots learning from an instructor like that.

Review №9

The instructor, staff, and facility are truly amazing!

Review №10

The staff at the sterling heights location are great and friendly! They help with any accommodation we need.

Review №11

Had a horrible experience with their makeup classes, very unprofessional and they did nothing about it! Very sad!

Review №12

The staff is so welcoming and the are also attentive to the needs of the parents and children.

Review №13

Aqua Tots is a great program. Thier facility is very clean and safe during these unsure times. We LOVE Coach Kyle!!

Review №14

Amazing place, we’ve been to both Troy and Sterling Heights facilities and they’re equally well maintained with super friendly staff, very passionate and capable instructors (not just a bunch high-schoolers working there for the money). The progress we’ve seen in both out kids is truly invaluable. Hopefully we will continue to be part of the Aqua-tots family for the years to come!

Review №15

My son would not let me teach him to swim. He would cling to me and was very nervous in the water. When i tried Aqua Tots he learned fast and has been advancing ever since. He cried the first day and then got over it. Also I was going to sign him up for private lessons (which costs more) but they suggested I try him in a class first bc kids tend to do better with their peers.....they were very much correct! Watching his swim mates helped him tremendously bc he saw other kids his age swimming. I appreciated they considered what’s best for him to learn over making more money.

Review №16

Excellent, friendly staff. Instructors are knowledgeable and patient with swimmers. I love the flexibility of canceling my childs class and using her makeup credit at a time thats convenient to our schedule.

Review №17

You feel welcomed from the time you hit the door. This was our first week, she walked us through so we could get familiar with the set up. Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. The instructor had a lot of patience with my son. He had a blast! 2 thumbs upI signed my son up in a heartbeat, cant wait to return next week.

Review №18

From the moment we entered through the doors we were greeted as if we were the only ones there!! My boys went hand n hand with one of the staff members who gave us a tour and explained all about the fun they would have!!! Then My boys (3.5 and 2) went to class with instructors that used their names and paid great attention to them!! I was in the pool with my 2 year old and he had a blast!! the instructors were professional and attentive!! I was super impressed!!!!!cant wait to go back!Abe&Ollies mom :)

Review №19

This has been the best money I have ever spent. All three of my kids have gone through the Aqua-Tots program and what they have learned is invaluable. The staff at the Sterling Heights location goes above and beyond. The instructors are passionate about teaching the kids and their enthusiasm shows during every class. On top of all that, the facility is well maintained and very clean. You will not be disappointed!

Review №20

My husband and I have been taking our 8 month old daughter to Aqua Tots of Sterling Heights for over a month now. The staff is amazing! We are always greeted as if theyve known us for years, and they interact often with my daughter which helps her to feel more comfortable there. We have also had classes with different instructors (my husbands work schedule is inconsistent and the staff accommodates us very well with our need to switch classes on short notice), and all of them are fabulous! Plus, the facility is spotlessly clean and the pool is kept at 90°. My daughter just LOVES her classes! We recommend this facility quite often to family and friends.

Review №21

Awesome place! We enrolled our grand daughter in swimming because we have a pool and wanted her to be safe in and around it. Her coach Roger has been great! She recently graduated to her next level and we hope her enthusiasm for swimming continues!

Review №22

The staff and swim instructor(s) are great. Courteous, friendly, and professional. I bring my grandson. He loves it as do I. Thank you Aqua Tots.

Review №23

We have been taking our 3 children to aqua tots for years. The facility is nice and clean. The entire front desk staff (Kim, Olga and McKenna etc )are all professional and very friendly. The swimming instructors are top notch at all levels. My 4 year old son loves Angelica & Emma. My daughter really enjoys the advanced swimming classes with Alexander. The instructors give feedback after each session.

Review №24

Seara is the best instructor I’ve met. I had been at goldfish prior to Aqua and can see a great improvement. My 3 kids feel confident and they are excited and look pleasantly engaged and laughing while with seara. She’s kind and fun and safe and at the same time tough and engaged.

Review №25

Amazing classes.. amazing staffs love it here and highly recommended..

Review №26

Misleading Information!When you call to see when the public can go swimming they tell you Mon-Fri 12.30-3.30P.M. Went there at 1 P.M. they still had children having a class until 1.30P.M. I enter at 1.30 and they still left the lanes and all the equipment of the class. I had to ask them to remove everything because that is what I was told that they werent any lanes and they made a big fuss to remove all that, so I waited 20 minutes. At 3.15P.M. I was told to leave because they had another class. They lost a potential good customer. I will never go there again.

Review №27

My daughter has been coming here since she was 8 months (now 17 months) and we love this place! The staff are wonderful, the pool and lockers are clean, and the instructors really work and care about the kids. Cant wait to bring baby #2 in!

Review №28

Aqua-Tots has given my son the confidence he needed to excel in the water! I cannot recommend them more highly!

Review №29

Weve been coming here since they opened the doors & have been to other swim classes, this is our favorite. The staff is great & friendly, facility is nice, plenty of private changing areas, plus they have had special events for holidays like Valentines Day - craft & a snack as well as open swim. Its a great place to take your kids.

Review №30

The staff is great with both of our kids. They have a great way of having fun while teaching them water safety.

Review №31

I have been taking my son here since mid-April and I couldnt be more pleased. My son has already advanced one level in that time, even though he has special needs. The staff has been unbelievably supportive of him and very accommodating to my schedule. The manager, Dee, is very hands-on and professional. She really takes the time to listen to my problems and she actually watches the children swim. I am very lucky to have my son enrolled here, he goes twice a week.

Review №32

I love the front staff! amazing coaches. I absolutely love this swimming school

Review №33

Good job guys. Thank you.

Review №34

I love it here so much, I used to come here and it has nice staff, and great service!

Review №35

Friendly staff and coaches. My son started at age 10 and has advanced very quickly. Great place for older children also.

Review №36

This is the perfect place for your kids to learn how to swim. The instructors are very knowledgeable and patient which makes for a great learning environment.

Review №37

My favorite thing about Aqua-Tots is that I get to swim by myself says my 5yr old who last year I had to go in the pool for swim class with him at another place. He feels very comfortable with the Aqua-Tots instructors! We are glad we switched!!

Review №38

We came to Aqua Tots to try out a class for our 2 year old son. We had already tried out a class at a competing facility but were not really impressed so we figured we would see what Aqua Tots was all about before making our final decision and I AM SO GLAD WE DID! I knew from just about the second we walked in the door we would be enrolling our son at Aqua Tots. Not only is the desk staff at Aqua Tots way nicer (and going above and beyond to make sure that ANY questions we have are answered), the environment itself is much calmer AND the instructor actually comes out after the lesson and gives you feedback on how your child is doing. At the competing school we experienced none of that. In fact, during our tour at Aqua Tots numerous families came in and out of the building and were almost all greeted by name - which tells you the staff takes the time to know who their clients are. If youre reading these reviews, youre probably a lot like me and researching everything you can before entrusting someone with your child (and your money). You will not be disappointed with Aqua Tots!

Review №39

This is an awesome swim school, my kids love it !!! They have good, flexible and great services... I highly recommend aqua tots swim school for every parents who are looking for a great swimming class!

Review №40

I have been taking my 4yo son here for almost a year and we love this place. He had learned some excellent techniques and is a much better swimmer!

Review №41

I just signed my children up after their evaluation and they cant wait to start. The staff was great and fun!!!😄😄

Review №42

My son received lessons with Aquatots for his third birthday as a gift from family. He absolutely loves coming to class each week. He talks about his instructor Carlos all the time and practices everything he has been learning in the bathtub . Totally recommend this place to everyone. What a great learning experience for kids!

Review №43

My son has been here for seven months now, and he is much more confident near water.

Review №44

Awesome staff, and as a working mom I love that there are so many weekend options. Its also obvious that safety is their top priority.

Review №45

My family loves this location! Everyone is so friendly and helpful.

Review №46

Ive been taking my 16 month old here for 3 months, he loves it. The staff is very friendly and greets him by his name from the minute we walk in the building to the minute we leave. The swim instutors are all great with him. They all really care for your concerns. The place is very clean at all times. I recommend this swim school to all my friends kids. They have alot of accomidating times for classes and allow makeup classes. Im very happy with his lessons:)

Review №47

Excellent swim program!! My children love coming to class each week...

Review №48

My son loves going here twice a week

Review №49

Great instructor who pay attention to teaching them correctly.

Review №50

Love these schools! Friendly Staff and great instructors!

Review №51

The staff is very friendly and patient with the children. The ladies at the desk really try hard to accommodate your schedule.

Review №52

Aqua Tots is great with my son!

Review №53

Friendly staff, clean facility. Thank you!

Review №54

Great place!

Review №55


Review №56

I give it a star because they put 4 children with a teacher but the teachers are good, the bad thing that many children give them as teachers and they do not dedicate enough time to them. I do not recommend this place at all

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