Polyservice Driving School
42929 Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights, MI 48314, United States
Review №1

I went there for segment 1 and 2 definitely recommend!

Review №2

Dan Baxter was a great driving instructor. I just needed a little more confidence. He gave me some advice and helped me tightened up a couple of habits I had. I took the test two days later and passed much easier than if I hadnt taken his one Saturday course. Well worth the money.

Review №3

Both my brother and I utilized polyservice driving school.I came to the school for private lessons after attending drivers training at a different location and not learning much. I wanted to gain confidence in my driving and practice to take the driving test. The owner(man, cant recall his name as this was about 10 years ago), made me feel completely comfortable because I had a lot of anxiety about driving. And I feel very confident in my skills now.After my positive experience my brother went through the whole program about 5 years ago from start to finish and really liked it too. In fact he is even better than me at driving, prob because he had a better foundation than me.So I highly recommend this place to learn how to drive and gain confidence in your abilities. They really do a good job.For all the negative reviews.. every program has its flaws. I have tried other programs(courtesy, solomon) and these people were by far the most helpful in my opinion.

Review №4

These folks were very kind and accommodating. The schedule was easy to follow and the price was competitive. However, my son cant park! He cant park in a parking lot next to other cars and he cant parallel park at ALL. I called the company and they said they gave him the allotted time for behind the wheel training. So I taught him to park in a parking lot space but am having a hard time finding a place to teach him parallel. I would think for the amount of money paid and the length of time he would have learned to park.Update! Polyservice has made arrangements for us to practice parking at their lot. Very kind people and very accommodating.

Review №5

I highly recommended this school. They taught me above and beyond! All the instructors are very knowledgeable and are top notch in their line of work! I passed my CDL A test with ease because of them!Thank you John, Emanuel, Dan and Mike

Review №6

These people are awesome! Emanuel helped me master the 90* backup techniques with a tractor trailer. I passed all my tests the very 1st time! Thanks john for squeezing me in so fast. Cut the nonsense and go to these guys they will teach you how to drive, pass your tests, and earn your daily bread!

Review №7

Great experience! Went to get my CDL Class A license and everything went great. My instructor Emanuel was hands on and an excellent teacher, he really made it easy to learn and understand what I am doing, would recommend to anybody!

Review №8

First of all for segment one this driving school is amazing. M-T from 6pm-8pm. And no driving during that time, they have set times you can drive. Now my daughter had Mike as her instructor and he was WONDERFUL! Made her feel so comfortable in the car and within 10 minutes in the parking lot they were on the road. She really enjoyed driving with him. Thanks Mike :) Now on the other hand she had a bad instructor... I don’t know why they switch cars and instructors because the student should get use to the instructor and the car. Well on one of my daughters drive she had the foregin women who teaches class 6pm-8pm. My daughter didn’t enjoy her. She was very rude and disrespectful. Yelling at her that there’s cars behind her and she needs to go fast when she’s literally 14 and learning how to drive! She yelled at her when she didn’t use breaks for turning, and she also was yelling because she thought she’d hit the curb. She didn’t feelcomfortable with this women at all, she defiantly didn’t remain calm and her partner as well thought she was going to crash due to how much she was talking and yelling at her. Overall, Mike is amazing and made my daughter feel well put. Please speak with the foregin lady because she was completely nuts with my daughter and made her feellike she was going to crash the car. Horribly messed up.

Review №9

Excellent course

Review №10

Best Truck Driving School. Great people and the owner son Emanuel was very polite . My daughter learned so much from them. I recommend them to anyone that need a driving school.

Review №11

Very good and nice people, I had the opportunity to learn from Emanuel. And also the instructors Dan and Mike where amazing at teaching. I learned so much from all of them. Great Truck Driving School.

Review №12

Very well knowleged and nice instructors. Helped me a lot and make everything easy to pass driving test. In overall, great driving school.

Review №13

A Nice place to learn and get perfect in your driving, if you are an amateur like me. I got necessary tips from John(instructor). Thanks

Review №14

This has been a bad experience for my daughter who is 15. The cars that they use for drivers training are barely road legal. My daughter said the frame was twisted and the steering wheel did not point straight when the wheels were straight. I feel that they had her doing difficult road conditions on just her second drive . I would not recommend this driver school. Cheaper than others around and now I know why.

Review №15

The instructor explained things very well and had a lot of patience with us. The hours were very flexible as well.

Review №16

All the instructors were great they really know what there teaching, highly recommend This training course, flexible hours they really work with you .

Review №17

Thank you Emanuel and Dan, highly recommend.

Review №18

If you get John I feel bad for you. I drove with him 4/6 times and each time he made go pick up one of his friends son and teach THEM how to drive when it was my driving time. Cars are trash too.

Review №19

My husband and I did CDL school with this company one month ago and we were very pleased, nice people, very professional, very helpful in anyway .Thank you so much to :John, Manu, Dan and Mike

Review №20

I had the honor to work with Emanuel, he was very patient and a good teacher.

Review №21

John and his son Emanual are stand up guys I got my CDL from them. The instructors dan and mike where also very good they take the time and teach you what you need to know all in all I had a positive and solid experience with the crew.

Review №22

Flexible hours, experienced instructors, and at a good price.

Review №23

Great Instructors, polite, always willing to help, very kind to students, highly recommended

Review №24

Trash place, dont learn anything and the foreigner teacher tries to act cute, but really is annoying and very boring.

Review №25

Friendly people good results !

Review №26

Worst experience ever never learned how to actually drive

Review №27

Love this place!

Review №28

John is a good Driving Teacher

Review №29

Very professional.

Review №30

Wonderful people! God bless you!

4.4 Rating
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