United Driving School
18 Gaucher St, Springfield, MA 01109, United States
Review №1

From the moment I walked in and spoke with the receptionist I was greeted with kindness and reassurance. I got my lessons scheduled right away. I had Fred, Jonathan and Claudia all of them are incredibly kind and made me feel at ease.Today was my road test and I passed. Without them I wouldn’t be here today feeling so much Joy and gratitude. Thank you so much!!

Review №2

I took my classes with United driving school and I would like to commend with my instructor Claudia. She’s the best!!!! She’s very professional and will tell you what you need to work on with your lesson.Francheska was really nice too and answered all my inquiries!!I will recommend this place to everyone if you want to get your license.

Review №3

I wanted to thank United driving school especially my instructor Julia she gave me the best experience and prepared me for success she made sure I was ready to pass my license and thanks to her I pass I am very thankful that she was my teacher. And I also want to thank the office team very friendly and professional always there to help thanks a lot. ❤️❤️

Review №4

MESSAGE TO ALLEveryone has the right to their own opinions but when customers get upset at us explaining the policy, then come on google and leave comments such as, we are rude and unprofessional because the customer doesnt agree with the fees and policy, then it becomes completely UNFAIR to the business. We show respect to everyone that comes through our doors no matter what age, color, or ethnicity.We also have ZERO tolerance for bullying and disrespect in our office, so please show others the same respect you want to receive .All of the bad reviews on here are FALSE ACCUSATIONSI am 100 percent CONFIDENT in the customer service we provide.

Review №5

We came to United after an awful experience else where, after one lesson correcting what the other school taught wrong and some home driving on their course they have set up my son passed his test. They were great in waking us through how to change the school and getting a lesson in to make sure he was ready to pass a test.

Review №6

Quite literally the worst driving school Ive ever dealt with. If you want to receive your license in a timely fashion, dont waste your money here.

Review №7

0 Stars. The absolute worst customer service. The woman I spoke with on the phone could not have been more rude. Shes just a miserable person. Very sad. Ive never written a review but she made me so angry I had to.

Review №8

Absolutely horrible hands down the worst driving school to ever grace the face of the earth

Review №9

My daughter hasn’t even started classes yet and already I’m not happy with their practices. After reading reviews I’m realizing this is their way of doing business !! Their lack of answering the phone (EVER) isn’t professional at all especially when you can’t leave a voicemail because the VM box is full! If she continues with this company I can only imagine it’s going to get worse from here - however if we don’t stick with them we’re out $200.

Review №10

They don’t answer phone or respond to messages. I have called 5 times. No reply. I am out $200 too. Ready to ditch and go to another school which, is unfortunate for my son. He will have to start over.

Review №11

Very amazing customers service! Always accommodating and helpful. Been very patient with me on my journey! Definitely recommend.

Review №12

I dont recommend this driving school. They lack in customer service. I took my first road test in October with them and failed. Called back to schedule my next one but they didnt want to schedule me again because they wanted the first time road test takers to go first in November. The receptionist put me on a waiting list but never called back. I decided to go to Winchester driving school and passed my road test with them.

Review №13

Thank you Robert, Pedro, and Michael! And a BIG thank you to Julia. She really helped me A LOT and I was able to pass my road test easy! My experience with united driving schools was great and I recommend.

Review №14

Soo rude!! Julia

Review №15

The worst experience ever paid for the class in December 6 months later still waiting for drivers to finishIf you’re reading this run for your life this place sucks

Review №16

Terrible company, rudest people around.. I thought maybe reviews do not reflect the reality but their reputation for being rude and non reliable is definetly true.. I would recommend staying away from this non professional driving school. If you are not sure, give a call (you have to try 10 times before reaching someone), you will understand why their reviews are consistently mentioning being rude and non professional!

Review №17

Great instructors, fair response time and helpful lessons

Review №18

I went into the establishment to ask for details on scheduling a road test and the lady at the desk gave me attitude right away. Then proceeded to deny me service for calling her out on her attitude, when I asked for her name she didn’t give it to me. As I was walking out the office she continued to harass me calling me a “black head” and followed me out the door as if she wanted to fight. On top of that I walked in on her flirting with the previous customer which is why I believe she was upset I interrupted them.

Review №19

Great ppl. My instructor mario is awesome! Passed with no problem

Review №20

I want to say thank you to United driving school and the team they have I passed my road test and it probably wouldn’t have happened without the help they provided for me and the time they spent explaining things to me. Thank you Julia you are very amazing and helped out a lot and I liked to study the sheet you gave me and Claudia was very nice and very helpful. I appreciate it now to have safe driving and learn more on the road. Thank you so much. Good luck to the other students I recommend it to anyone who really needs the help they know what they are saying and doing it takes time.

Review №21

You have to call them about 10 times before anyone picks up your calls they don’t respond to emails ive been trying to schedule the rest of my onroads for weeks now and no one picks up the driving instructors are good but if I’m paying $600 for driving lessons I expect all of them to be scheduled or at least for them to pick up the phone so that they can be scheduled if it wasn’t for the fact that I got some lessons I would’ve called this place a scam Especially since it’s non refundable this is a borderline scam. I’ve also left messages and they never get back to me either.

Review №22

I just passed my road test and all credit goes to the team at United Driving school . I tried to do the test as an experienced driver coming from another country and failed on my first attempt. Despite the unfavourable re views I took a chance and boy was it worth every dime spent. I was very fortunate to have Julia as my instructor and though firm she was simply amazing. She was very thorough and prepared me with all the essential details to pass the road test. The owner was also quite helpful and gave a mini drill of the requirements which was found to be very useful when doing my parallel parking. Many thanks guys I owe it all to you.

Review №23

Great day 😊

Review №24

Great driving school!! Really helpful and nice and on point!!

Review №25

The driving instructor is VERY rude, I won’t be going here at all!!

Review №26

I just passed my test, I had 4 different driving instructors, all were amazing. If you are a new driver, Julia is known to have a short temper, but if you are lucky like I am. I didnt have her till the end and I was already a decent driver. I owe most of my learning to her. She is very nice if you already know what you are doing.

Review №27

Claudia and Fred you guys are the best! Everyone else is just pretty rude in my opinion

Review №28

Very rude and unprofessional young lady she is no professional whe Arrive she is sit at the chair whit the leg up and not respond my concerns about the service I decide to come directly to de office because I am try to call and not answer for 2 months today 10/20/2020 at 3:30 pm

Review №29

I really honor Julia and United school.. They are very friendly and kind, taught anything good to me.. I hope everyone will get a drivers license as i did.. Thank you very much, Julia!!!!

Review №30

I wont be recommending anyone to this driving school. They do have good instructors such as Fred and Claudia but some of the others are rude and just unprofessional. The seem to think that every person attending a class already knows how to drive, they also speak to people like they are above everyone else. Last time I checked I paid all the required fees but they lack in being professional and giving sufficient information. If anyone does decide to attend this school stick to Ludlow for classes.

Review №31

Not very friendly

Review №32

My son did not learn anything from the instructors here. Why bother to pay them if they expect the parents to do the job for them. All they want is your money and could care less about a job well done!

Review №33

I had about 2 lessons & 1 informational class years ago & I took the driving test with them. I passed on my first try . The staff was very professional with me.

Review №34

All they do is put me on wait list for some driving classes They never call back and the receptionist always sounds depressed or bad attitude ... never a welcoming answer over the phone...

Review №35

Great driving school. Owners a solid guy and the instructors know what their doing.However, one of the instructors I had was, for me, hard to understand (a thick accent). Its not that I couldnt understand her, it was just difficult to. I had absolutely no experience when I started and I dont think that registered either; instead of bringing me to a parking lot like she said, we went on the side streets. All and all, she definitely knew what she was doing and, after the confusion and frustration I faced, she said I had done well and started to grasp the basic concepts of driving (its honestly not hard).United Driving School is a great school for someone in the greater Springfield area.

Review №36

Unprofessional! They let the music go on during the lesson. The instructor yelled at me and it was my first lesson.

Review №37

Ive been here before years ago and came back to refresh my memory but unfortunately the receptionist was a loud gossip, the instructor was rude and together they were pretty unprofessional.Halfway through the lesson I had to pull over so she could make a call and scream at her landlord about family drama for 10 min! The rest of the lesson was her screaming about it! I PAID FOR ONE HOUR AND DIDNT GET THAT!Im an anxious person, already worked up behind the wheel this class was not worth the money!

Review №38

Instructor Julia was extremely rude, unprofessional and impatient. She half assed the whole lesson and treated me with no respect. Also, the secretary didn’t have change when I went to pay for the lesson therefore she told me to get it the next day and when I showed up she pretended I gave her the exact amount.

Review №39

Great experience from scheduling courses to taking the road test!

Review №40

Refuse to take payments, then they do and say you didnt pay. Then confirm a road test and dont submit your childs name to the registry. Save your money, go anywhere but here

Review №41

I passed my test today !!!

Review №42

Terrible experience. The lady I had was extremely rude and impatient.

Review №43

Passed! Thank You Jessica and Fred!

Review №44

No one ever answers the phone no matter what time of the day it is and when you leave your name and number they still dont even get back to you.

Review №45

Dont recommend to take test here theyll fail you for no reason and take your money

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Review №47

Son amables. Es bueno.

Review №48

Excellent service !

Review №49

The only kind here is Fransheska here which is believed Sergeant is the julia because of her I hung one to be criticizing and yelling. One and jeering not want more this place and would not recommend it for anything better go to Oquendo is really no more friendly and super human being and do not go here will lose your money and tell you that the test is in the area practiced and then you change the date and place you do not know a place had to say and she told herself.

Review №50

When choosing one of these is a school to teach you to guide, you have to inform yourself of what one as a consumer is choosing. This specifically has a rather unpleasant staff when it comes to treating people, you pay for the 300 class and what they put on you is a Spanish sergeant who speaks Spanish who, instead of orienting you, treats you like trash and you lose money because you choose for not following the owner of this that hires a staff dedicated to teach not to complain please because the next complaint will be made to the relevant authorities one loses money that works not being given away ...

Review №51

At the time of taking the exam they require someone to translate. In my experience, I asked the examiner to speak more slowly to understand it and he did the opposite. I treat myself very badly. I raised my voice when I asked him to repeat the instructions. It made me very nervous and I obviously failed.

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