Inland Northwest Ballet of Spokane
10925 N Newport Hwy #2&3, Spokane, WA 99218, United States
Inland Northwest Ballet of Spokane

Review №1

My daughter has been coming here since she three (now 6 soon 7) and she always has a blast!

Review №2

Response to Owner Statement Below:Your statements are inconsistent with what actually occurred. We are very disappointed with how the events transpired.Lack of Professionalism & Poor Customer Service skills earn poor reviews. We are glad we found somewhere else for our daughter to attend.Will not be recommending to anyone.

Review №3

VERY RUDE! Instead of just saying i wasn’t the right fit like most employers they gave rude unnecessary feedback and thats why I gave review saying they are rude. Them replying and being more rude AGAIN and now bashing my review is extremely unprofessional.

Review №4

Thank you ladies for all that you do. With our community faced with COVID - 19 These ladies have recreated classes for their students. They have not only scheduled classes for their students to attend live with their teacher, they have had additional gatherings, to help cure the Cabin Fever of their students. They also made it available for kiddos to attend other classes to see if it is something they might like to do in the future. The teachers are so encouraging and kind. My daughter loves to see MS. Dee, weekly, and sometimes will log in to the recorded classes when she misses the live. Again I cant thank you all enough for the zoom classes and the recreating of EVERYTHING to try and have some normalcy in our lives. I know that it has not been easy and you cant make everyone happy, so I just want to say thank you and it is appreciated your efforts and all of your attitudes and smiley faces. Cant wait to see you all in person. Great Ballet school for sure

Review №5

My daughter and niece have had an excellent experience taking Giggles and Wiggles, and now Creative Dance, here from Miss Janine. They are happy after classes and frequently dancing proudly around the house. I see growth not only in their dancing abilities, but more importantly in their ability to listen and be part of a group. I love the parent viewing area with the big window/ mirror. It is great knowing what I can reflect on with my daughter after each class.As a parent and someone who has worked with preschool aged children in a classroom I know it can be a tricky age group. I admire Janines ability to carry out a fun class while maintaining certain behavior expectations. While my daughter has danced here, I feel like I have watched her bloom as a person, especially after performing for the first time last June. My family looks forward to more years of bringing our girls to dance class at Inland Northwest Ballet!

Review №6

I do NOT recommend this studio for toddlers. I signed my daughter up a few months late but never expected her first ballet class to go so awful. Janine expected my 2.5 year old to “catch on” and left her crying in the middle of the studio and would simply walk around her. I am thankful that when my daughter finally went up to her with reached out hands she picked her up. However it was all very unwelcoming and not a way you teach toddlers. We went back and forth via email where I feel she was very unpleasant and unprofessional. She refused a refund of my deposit and first months tuition. Do research and take your little ladies somewhere else!Response to owner from below:Janine- I admitted I mixed my daughters birthday up with one of her brothers. A simple mistake. Also she took one class under 2.5 then it would have been holiday break and she would have been old enough when classes resumed. Are you telling me you would have turned down some money over a single class? I highly doubt that. If age is THAT important shame on you for not catching it! I laugh at all your responses and the way you argue with people. As a business owner you should simply apologize and move on. If a customer is unhappy you make it right. As I also told you we found a dance studio she is very happy at. It is age appropriate and taught the way I would expect a group of 2.5 year olds to be taught. Since our last emails I have encountered three other moms who had the same experience in addition to the several mothers who told me to go elsewhere before her first class. I should have listened! Good luck to you.

Review №7

The love for and dedication to the art of ballet has been evident since our first introduction to Inland Northwest ballet.After seeing the Nutcracker, I had heard a number of the dancers attend INB. We started in a Giggles and Wiggles class 3 years ago.Our daughter had so much fun! Dancing with props while learning how to follow direction and lead her peers.Ballet classes have become a very special mother/daughter bonding time. She absolutely adores Ms Janine and looks forward to her focus time in the studio.In response to current circumstances: INB classes transferred so well to a virtual online ballet studio, I am extremely impressed with how quickly each instructor has adapted.Absolutely recommend 10/10.

Review №8

My granddaughters both take classes here and absolutely love it. As a parent and educator, I love the fact that the staff is so incredibly patient with children, all the while setting very high standards and expectations for their behavior from a very young age. This helps to build their confidence and to learn self-discipline. Our other experiences with dance classes at other studios were not as positive because teachers have to spend too much time dealing with problematic behavior and not enough time teaching and encouraging excellence. Our little ones have really blossomed here. I feel truly blessed to have INBS as part of our family routine!

Review №9

I started working in the office here, and wasnt considering putting my daughter into classes until I saw how incredible the instructors are with children her age. Shes 5 years old, and can be talkative and wiggly. Miss Janine and Miss Sarah have been so great about teaching her constraint, respect for others, focus, and goals. Her focus and respect is beginning to carry over into all aspects of her life. As a mother of a tiny ballerina, I am beyond impressed with this team of instructors. As a co-worker, I am beyond impressed with the love and adoration each of these employees has for their students. They all care so much about the kids, it actually feels good to walk into work every day!

Review №10

We had a great experience at Inland Northwest Ballet. My son, Ezra (2.5 years old), joined the giggles and wiggles class and Miss Janine was absolutely wonderful with him. She was kind and gentle with her approach to him being unsure about it all, she stayed and played with him after class just so he could feel comfortable, and she offered to sign Ezra up for the older boys class free of charge because he was having a hard time mustering up the courage to stay and participate. The older ballerina girls were so kind to Ezra and tried to get him to go in and the front desk was so nice. We had an awesome experience and would go again if Ezra decides he is interested in leaving mommy and daddys side :) I recommend this studio, everyone weve encountered has been very kind to us and has gone above and beyond.

Review №11

My Daughters Giggles and Wiggles class was rescheduled after the first class. the new days we wouldn’t be able to attend due to work. We are also moving out of range, so we wouldn’t be able to attend any future classes.Our daughter was very shy the first class, but was very excited to return, so she could be a ballerina! LolA lady from the class called my wife and told her about the change. My wife thought we could make 1 of the days work, but realized that was impossible.I emailed the school asking for a refund, because we wouldn’t be able to attend any future classes. I also explained we wouldn’t be able to accept a credit, because we were moving out of range.I received an email today stating they would not refund the money, even though this was a change on the class, not us.I will update if anything changes.Update to owner response:It was never agreed upon by my wife. She said one day might be possible, but most likely not both. She also said she would check the other days to see if they would work. We emailed as soon as we knew our schedule, informing of the situation, including the fact we are moving and will be out of range to do any future classes, so a credit for another class was not acceptable. The response was no refunds will be given.we’re giving a one star because we paid for a service we didn’t receive.

Review №12

My daughter has danced here since she was 2 1/2 and we love it!

Review №13

We have nothing but good things to say about our experience here with our 2 children. The studio is clean, warm and inviting. The classes are well structured yet fun for little ballerinas. We appreciate coming here for lessons!

Review №14

My girls and I love this studio. Our oldest has been attending since she was 3 and is starting her 5th year of dance while still thriving through new challenges! Our busy little sister also has a fabulous time and is growing in her ability for follow directions. Janine’s instructional style was what originally brought us to the studio- the perfect mix of learning actually ballet skills and age appropriate fun. We enjoy all the staff, especially appreciating that the other dance instructors follow the studios curriculum for continuity between classes. Our girls have grown tremendously in their time at INB so far, including a level of confidence far beyond their years, gained as they preform on stage in front of large crowd each spring. We look forward to seeing their progress over the years to come with our ballet family.

Review №15

This studio is amazing! We have attended several studios in the Spokane area and Inland Northwest Ballet is REALLY the best. The instructors are very professional and skilled and the variety of classes is impressive. Janine Frasier is one of the best studio owners and instructors that we have met. She is compassionate, kind and passionate about dance and maintains an extremely professional business. My granddaughter is very happy that she has found such a good fit for dance! The new studio on the Newport highway is really beautiful. I feel like this should be at the top of everyones list of dance choices for Spokane studios!

Review №16

Janine has spent many years in the dance industry! With continued education and time Janine has put into her studio, makes her studio the top in Spokane! Wonderful learning environment and amazing instructors! I highly recommend classes from Inland NW Ballet

Review №17

I have so much respect for these amazing teachers. They pack in so much learning in an enjoyable way that my girls dance all throughout the week on their own, excited for their next lessons.

Review №18

Both of my girls have attended short sessions and classes at Inland NW Ballet. The teachers are great with the kiddos and the staff is always welcoming and supportive. Love Them!!!

Review №19

This is my four year olds second year dancing at INB and she loves it so much. She loves Miss Janine and has so much fun in her creative dance class. They are upfront with all the important information that’s needed throughout the year. Dates, deadlines for costume ordering, etc. Their performance that happens in June is so wonderfully put together!!

Review №20

My 4 year old asks daily if she has dance class because she (and I) absolutely adores Inland Northwest Ballet! The studio is darling, the classes are well structured, the staff is all top notch and organized. I have nothing but positive to say about Janine and our entire experience at Inland Northwest Ballet!

Review №21

We LOVE Inland Northwest Ballet!! Janine puts her whole heart into everything she does and the dancers and families truly benefit from it! Our ballerina is in her 8th year at this studio and we couldn’t be happier! We love the positive and encouraging environment, the always age appropriate costumes, and the attention to every detail!

Review №22

Of course we love this place! We have the most fabulous supportive community, all working for the enrichment of our dancers lives...:) Parents who show up, encourage their children to full engage, to make good decisions, develop solid friendships, and to become rock star leaders!

Review №23

I have been nothing but completely impressed and thrilled with the Giggles & Wiggles class! I was hesitant putting in my 4 yr old daughter because she is a bit chatty, has a hard time listening and would rather talk and play then take direction. But since the first class, Janine set the tone having the perfect balance of fun, structure and learning! My daughter has had a blast and is very excited on dance day! Even after one week, I cant believe how much they have done and learned in such a short class! We will definitely be looking at future classes!!

Review №24

Our daughter loves her ballet class.

Review №25

This studio is fabulous! The staff and instructors are all so nice, and do such a fabulous job at making us feel welcome and making our daughter’s ballet classes fun!

Review №26

An amazing studio that promotes girl power. We have loved taking lessons there for over 4 years! Miss Janine is the best😃

Review №27

Ive danced at this studio for 10 years. There is a loving family through all kids and staff there. Its like a second home there. Id recommend this place to anyone!

Review №28

We have been at INB for 14 years. I have 2 daughters on pointe and 1 in ballet 2. We feel so welcomed and have a little ballet family. The friendships we have made over the years will last us a lifetime.

Review №29

Attending INB has been the best experience for my daughter. She loves the classes and instructors, has fun and learns technique and discipline every class. I highly recommend this dance studio!

Review №30

Lovely studio! This place is so professional and caring of its students!

Review №31

I wanted to share my personal experience with Inland Northwest Ballet and the owner Janine. My 5 year old daughter has been attending classes at this studio for almost a year. We paid for two summer sessions, a school year season, additional contemporary dance classes, and nutcracker camp. Our family has been fully invested in this company both financially and with our time.When the school year started I called the office and asked for the office assistant (Heidi) to assist me in enrolling my daughter into a year long class. Unbeknownst to me, she was put in a shortened session. When this was discovered I had a long talk with Heidi and had my daughter moved into a year long class. Apparently, it is customary to give (or email) the annual information packet to the families at the start of the school year dance season. Because of the mix up, I was never given this information.During the year, my email information changed and I called the school to give them the updated information. Again, Heidi answered the phone and I gave her the information. In December, I found out that there was a packet and I did not receive the packet with the information regarding year end performance or costume information. I called the school AGAIN and found out that my information and email information had not been updated. I physically went into the school and picked up the packet.The packet stated that costumes needed to be ordered by December 15th, 2018. This was now January. I went into the school and spoke with a different employee (the bookkeeper). She told me that I might not be able to still get a costume for my daughter but to send the check in and if the costume company could not accommodate the order my check would not be cashed. The check I sent in was cashed on January 24th, 2019. My check was in fact cashed by the costume company and I followed up with the bookkeeper again and she said that everything should be fine. Keep in mind that the performance is not until mid-June. It is not as if I waited until the last second, and I was communicating with INB staff throughout the process.My information was updated and I was told by the school that an additional way to keep in touch with important information was to join the family facebook group (which I did). I called the school a few weeks ago to state that I wasnt seeing any information on the group page. I was told that they would have Janine look into it because she is the one who accepts the group requests. The school did not follow up with me.This last Saturday, May 4th, 2019 I took my daughter to class. After class my daughters instructor, Gem, asked i she could speak to me. In front of my child, Gem told me that she was at her wits end with my daughter and that my daughter doesnt listen. My daughter is five years old and can be very sassy however she participates appropriately in her class (which I observe). My daughter can back talk and I do understand that can be frustrating. I have no issue with teaching my daughter to not talk back and to behave appropriately however it is not as if my child is running all over class being a distraction. The teacher decided to express what, in my opinion, was a harsh over reaction to my daughter in front of my child. She did not pull me aside to have the conversation privately. My daughter cried on the drive home saying that her teacher didnt like her.Also, on the same Saturday, my daughter was finally given her costume to try own. My daughter wears a child size 6 which is the size costume I ordered. When my daughter tried on the costume it was huge. The woman working in the office told me not to worry that we could probably swap with another family or that some type of solution would be figured out.I received a voicemail that afternoon from the school stating that there was nothing that could be done. I have included a photo of the transcribed voicemail for reference and accuracy of my experience.I called Janine today to request a meeting to discuss my daughters costume. (To be continued in additional post)

Review №32

This review is a continuation from my previous review.When I called Janine to request a meeting to discuss my concerns she informed me that she had too much going on right now. I thought that was odd coming from a business owner however I asked if she could discuss my situation with her over the phone and she said yes.I expressed my frustration over my repeated attempts at communication with the school. Her excuse for Heidis mistakes were that simply she didnt work there anymore. There was no apology or accountability on Janines part.I told her I had discovered there were two facebook groups for families of INB and that I was on the wrong one. I expressed my frustration that no one mentioned that to me when I inquired TWICE with her staff as to why I was not seeing updates. (See below for screenshot of two groups).When I asked her what could be done regarding my daughters outfit she offered no suggestions and at one point even rudely asked me what I wanted her to do about it. I wanted her to make it right! I tried to be a proactive parent throughout this entire year but due to either inept staff or horrible business practices and communication on behalf of INB I was unable to receive the necessary information to avoid all of this mess.During the conversation Janine just gave one excuse after the next about how this was my fault and even began to talk right over the top of me. I raised my voice at one point to get her to stop talking over me and actually listen. The ONLY accountability that she took was that her instructor should not have spoken negatively about my daughter in front of her.I was told I could just have my daughter not perform if her costume didnt fit. (See voicemail transcription below).I have paid this dance studio close to $1000 since last August and I am disgusted by the way Janine treated me today. I called Janine back after our initial phone conversation to tell her that I am withdrawing my daughter from the studio and I would like a reimbursement for the performance fee, the costume fee, and Mays tuition. Before I could find out how she was going to return those funds to me, she hung up on me. I had to call her back for that information. I do not understand how a grown woman and business owner can hang up on a customer who has spent a considerable amount of money on her business. I will be tracking this to ensure my money is refunded and if it is not I will promptly reach out to the Better Business Bureau.I would strongly encourage anyone looking to put their child into dance classes to consider another school. This has been an incredibly disappointing experience. I now have a five year old little girl who was so excited to wear her costume and perform who is heart broken over the actions and poor attitude of the studio owner.I am sure that Janine will respond to this post in a negative and insulting way as she has to others who share their negative feedback and I think that speaks volumes to the type of person she is. I also find it interesting that she has removed the review section from her facebook page.Update 5//7/19: Please see owners response where she blames my childs behavior and claims to have had parental complaints about my daughter. From August 2018 until May 2019 my child nor myself have ever been talked to regarding my child. In fact the instructor Gem stated that my child was a joy to have, especially in contemporary classes, and was surprised that my child was just now have issues with back talking. In Janines response she clearly exhibits any lack of accountability and once again displays that she is a petty person. Most business owners who receive negative reviews do not feel the need to leave long messages blaming the client. I feel once again her actions just prove my point.

Review №33

INB treats it’s dancers like family and has a positive, encouraging, and uplifting community!

Review №34

Pretty disappointing on how strict the instructor is. These are toddlers and some of the girls like my daughter have never done this. To have her get sat down because she cannot keep up or needs extra help. Like let the kids play and dnace and have fun. Im not trying to make my daughter get a Ballet career drilled into her by some pretentious teacher who makes my daughter feel stupid or like she isnt good enough. She is becoming self concoius and humiliated. If I wanted a disappointed class Ide send her somewhere else. I payed for my daughter to have fun not to have her get sat down and forces to sit out of most the class because she uses the bathroom or doesnt quite to a move right. THEY ARE LITTLE GIRLS!!! This aint broadway so I dont need some washed up instructor making my daughter sad in her dance class that she was looking so forward to.If you want your kids to have fun look elwewelse because of its uniform and if your child doesnt respond to something within a second or two they are exposed and humiliated. She doesnt understand why the teacher is so mean to her.

Review №35

Progressive training, instilling discipline and respect while our girls have fun!

Review №36

Small tight space, but super nice accommodating staff!

Review №37

Lovely studio, great instructors, solid training.

Review №38

Friendly staff. Excellent instructors!

Review №39

Such a wonderful studio to go to!

Review №40

Wonderful Studio!

Review №41

Great studio!

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