Alta Loma Middle School
116 Romney Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States
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I haven’t been here myself but my oldest sister had. She had a LOT of good memories in this school which I think people who are going to need to attend middle school after elementary should come here and have the time of their lives in this place ( P.S. I’m at Parkway and it’s just horrible and do too many rumors and possibly ruin your life )

Review №2

Alms is a great school, the uniform is ok but its most important to wear them to show people that the students are civilize and neat. And the Spirit Weeks are one of my favorites bcuz of all of the fun activities you can do and most of the activities can lead the students to free dress day so wearing the uniform isnt so bad. But the only thing that is bad is that almost 5% of the teachers has some favoritism, but Alta Loma is a very good school

Review №3

This middle school is awesome! So sure, we have uniforms. Theyre actually not so bad and most people just get used to them!

Review №4

This school is awesome it’s absoutly amazing.

Review №5

This school is so stupid we have to wear uniforms and there are a lot of fights and the school doesnt do anything about it

Review №6

Its not good! They make you wear uniforms! Gross! Not only that but candy is not allowed! Why?

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4.1 Rating
  • Address:116 Romney Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080, United States
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  • Phone:+1 650-877-8797
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