TITLE Boxing Club Boston Assembly Row
381 Revolution Dr #1132, Somerville, MA 02145, United States
TITLE Boxing Club Boston Assembly Row

Review №1

Horrible management. 0 stars if I could. Do NOT go here. They do not honor their agreements and will charge you ridiculous fees. I have paid for a membership and yet there is no documentation of my membership at all even tho I was charged. Each manager makes their own rules and they screw you over whenever there is a change in management. They refuse to look into your case further if it means they won’t be getting the money they’re after.

Review №2

Good general workout classes and energy. Just wish they offered classes to improve technique and simple boxing fundamentals - something Ive seen in other Boston gyms. The only option to actually learn boxing is a private lesson ($110+ per session).

Review №3

Trainers: Excellent, Customer Service/Management: Horrible.As is common with big-box franchise gyms like Title, City Sports Clubs, etc, they will make you jump through hoops to cancel membership.We called to cancel memberships. Someone rudely tells us they cant do that over phone, it has to be email. Okay, so we send the emails for two different accounts. One was processed, the other was not.We call back the club after learning charging continued on one of the accounts, and the sales manager says we should have called instead. When I said I did, he cuts me off and says No you didnt, because someone is always out here. Okay? Doesnt change the fact that they refused to help us cancel over the phone.Then he finds the email, acknowledges missing it months ago, but says tough luck. We ask if there is anything that can be done, and he says no, you should have tried harder, I cant give you your money back.Not once during the encounter did he ever apologize for missing the request, he just immediately went on the offensive and accused us for the miscommunication.He then used the laughably pathetic excuse of I get a lot of emails, you cant expect me to answer all member inquiries.... Uhm, yeah, Im pretty sure your members would LOVE if you could answer their inquiries! Especially when your very own employees working the desk are telling people to email you for these issues!If your 300 emails a day (his words, not mine) are too much work, perhaps hire someone to do administration work if you dont want it to be part of your job anymore.Im not sure why it works like this, but Ive never had to deal with all this hassle at small local non-franchised gyms. There are a bunch of smaller local boxing gyms in the area that are excellent, do yourself a favor and go to one of them instead.

Review №4

I went to this boxing class the first time. It’s crowded. Someone from my back hit the punch bag into my back leg. Imagine 300 pounds pressure into my leg. It’s super painful and I am not able to walk. The instructor just told me that it happened and ask me to use rolling foam. No one take care of me. My friend took me to emergency room later. I don’t suggest someone who never been to boxing came to this big boxing class. It’s so dangerous.

Review №5

I love the classes at this location. I have an All Access membership so i can go to other Title 7 locations in the country which comes in handy since i travel quite a bit but nothing compares to the energy of this location. If you are looking to challenge yourself and get your fitness to the next level take classes at this location. Take classes with Louisiana who is also a professional fighter and youll know what im taking about. The energy he brings to every class, going around correcting people, adding slight humor in between with his spontaneous dance moves - you can tell he really enjoys boxing and genuinely wants you to be better. Intensity of the classes at this location is unparalleled to any other title locations i have been to. Totally worth every penny.

Review №6

I LOVE title!The classes are so uplifting, the trainers are extremely nice and I look forward to going almost everyday.

Review №7

I currently have a membership here, and I love the staff and trainers. The facility is also very clean and well maintained. Before committing to a membership, I also bought a few starter packs of classes to make sure that I liked it here, and after getting more used to the routine, I decided to join. I would definitely recommend coming here.

Review №8

This place is a great place to workout, the trainers are very knowledgeable and are great at encouraging you to work harder. One might think it’s only boxing and hitting the bags BUT it’s way more than that, your whole body gets a workout because they implement core exercises, HIIT and stretching. I’ve seen some 1 and 2 star and all I can say is that you should decide for yourself and see if it’s good for you. The first class is free so you got nothing to lose. Just remember, you get what you put in and the trainers are there to encourage you not to do it for you. For me, it’s hard to push myself the way the trainers do and I’m the process I release any stress or frustration I may have any giving day.

Review №9

The classes here are awesome! Ive been coming to Title Boxing Club for 2 years and always have a good time working out. Staff is super friendly and knowledgeable. I have lost a solid 20 lbs and recently started to build muscle! Keep up the good work guys!

Review №10

Recently got a membership and loving it so far. The instructors really push you in a way thats encouraging and still fun. Its a lot of hard work but the classes really pay off.

Review №11

I enjoy the intensity of the classes. I like how it is organized into 3 parts. The warmup, boxing exercises, and fitness training.

Review №12

Very difficult to cancel membership. Poor customer service, staff seem unorganized

Review №13

Staff is friendly. Classes are fun. I really get some results already after several classes. Love it

Review №14

I would give it a 5 because Ryan’s and Greg’s classes were great and both of them were so nice! However, the woman at the front desk was so rude and unpleasant to talk to. She confronted both myself and my friend about our memberships (we’re visiting from other gyms out of state, where we have unlimited memberships) and honestly, her attitude made me not want to come back, and gave me a newfound appreciation for my gym and the other Massachusetts gyms (Woburn and North Station) where the staff have been super pleasant!That being said I loved the classes. Sad she put a sour taste in our mouths about this gym.

Review №15

It was a shame what the receptionist had my brother & I go through today. Very unprofessional, racist & disgusting her mane is Amanda or Amelia. I hope she sees this and remember that she ain’t better than anybody and she should consider working because the way she looks lol. There should not be place for racism at a place where multiple people come to enjoy their workout SMDH

Review №16

The entire staff is super friendly and I feel invigorated after my workout every time.

Review №17

A great experience! All of the staff was welcoming and kind. Would recommend!

Review №18

Ryans 5pm Friday class is fun and intense. Its my passport to the weekend. #earntheweekend

Review №19

5 start give to trainers. They all awesome. -5 star give to the reception for Saturday. I don’t know why she always give an attitude to class pass users. Every time I said I registered from ClassPass she’ll give that obvious annoying face and say nothing but you allset and turns to next student. Very rude. One time my friend was literally 1 min late she refuse to let her in cuz they have a 15 mins policy. She has to be literally arrive 15 mins before class starts. It was her first time and I asked if she can join as a free trail. The reception lady ask if she gonna be a member after this class. We were like No one will guarantee anything after a first trail but she asked on purpose that she has to be a member or she’s 1 min late so she can’t get in. I love the trainers here just each time see her face (receptionist ) and obvious annoying attitude ruins the good Saturday.

Review №20

I’m sure it’s got better... I moved and transferred my membership to the North Andover location in November (2018) I have always enjoyed the franchise. I love the work out. This location has a few good trainers left who bounce around to the north station/ newbury location. The other staff through out the gym deliver a lack luster performance/enthusiasm. The shower had a string to keep it from slipping to be super hot. The automatic paper towel in the bathrooms rarely worked after one dispersement. One day I went into the bathroom and it was pretty gross. I did complain and the owner apologized and offered me a free bag to which I declined. I rather the gym just fix the problem. Towards the end of membership the people who are at the front rarely picked their heads to welcome me and instead had head buried in their phones. To make matters worse- The last time I went there my ID fell out of my gym bag and a staff member called me to tell me they found it. I drove over an hour to pick it up and watched the staff member shuffle through a stack of other cards and said he couldnt find it. He then proceeded to say he must of gave it to the other person who’s ID they had. I was just left wondering if it was a internal employee who was bitter about a previous complaint I had made. Needless to say my ID was never found and all I got was an email stating mistakes happen. I’m blaming myself for losing my ID in the first place but for a company to take possession over something they found and then tell me they don’t know where it is makes me question the integrity of the club. Gyms should be accountable if you are paying anywhere from $99 to $149 a month. I hope nothing but the best for this gym but I advise to tour the gym and try out a class before joining.

Review №21

Instructors are all super awesome. Highly recommended

Review №22

Reception: Poor customer service

Review №23

Great classes!

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  • Staff wear masks:Yes
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Membership required:Yes
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