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235 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143, United States
Review №1

Friendship Auto school has great instructors. Dominique is the best!!! He’s very patient and gives the most important tips to new drivers. You have to listen and take your driving seriously.After a few lessons and passing my exam on the first try, I recommend friendship driving school to everyone.

Review №2

All the reviews about Paul are true - he is very patient, precise, and informative. Hes made me feel more calm about driving and to keep a level head, which isnt easy in the Greater Boston area! Was able to pass the road test with his help and support.

Review №3

Paul is simply amazing! He is patient, precise, and exetremly informative. I was able to pass my driving exam and I honestly could not have done it without his guidance. The way he explains driving is straightforward and thorough! As the driver it is up to you to listen and follow his direction. He has been in this business for a long time and learning to drive with him shows exactly why. He is always happy to answer questions and go in-depth so do not be shy, especially if you are confused about something. Thank you so much Paul! Happy driving all!

Review №4

My first lesson with Paul was great and increased my confidence! Unfortunately, I had a medical emergency related to a disability that interfered with my second lesson, Paul was not accommodating, and communication on that policy wasnt clear. Not the right fit for me.

Review №5

Due to COVID, after I got my learners, the only appointment I could find was 4 days after or > 2 months away. No other appointments available. Dominic was super helpful in accommodating me at the last min and helped me practice. I have been driving for a long time, just not in the US but I still made mistakes during the practice lesson. Dominic helped me work on those and I passed the road test. Strongly recommend this driving school.

Review №6

Paul was an amazing teacher!!I passed the driving test on the first attempt after about 7 lessons. Each time Paul showed up at my place promptly, and offered the most comprehensive guidance. Throughout my interaction with Paul, there was never once that Paul gets annoyed by my novice skills. He was always patient and offers good humor along the great advises. Definitely would recommend anyone interested in becoming a driver in Boston.

Review №7

I took a few lessons with Heman last year, as a very insecure adult driver from the city. He really built my confidence and after just three or four lessons encouraged me to schedule my road test. When I emailed to set up a lesson at first, Paul was really helpful too. They picked me up and dropped me off at my house, right on time, every time. It’s a really well-run place, and they listen to what you’re less confident in so you can focus on that in the lessons. Easy transactions and they take care of the process side. The school’s cars were nice, clean and easy to adjust and drive. It was definitely time and money well spent - passed on my first attempt, even with a nightmarish RMV proctor. I had a great experience with this business and would recommend them to anyone, especially nervous adults.

Review №8

All around the best possible experience I could ask for! Im in my early 30s and have waited so long to be able to drive as life had gotten in the way up til now. And today I passed my test with ease! All thanks to this wonderful company and my instructor. Youre definitely in good hands if you choose FAS.

Review №9

I hade very bad experience with guy i dont know his neme starting from D. Such bad attitude. He dont how to speak. Getting angry everytime, making hopeless.

Review №10

My experience with Friendship Auto School was excellent. From booking my first lesson to scheduling and taking the road test, everything was done with such ease. I had to cancel my road test the first time due to scheduling conflicts, but Heman, my instructor, was quick to respond and scheduled the next test within a week.Heman is very patient, encouraging and knowledgable. He really instills confidence in you and teaches you to be a better drive. Not to mention the tips and tricks he has for all maneuvers.Id highly recommend Friendship Auto School and Heman.

Review №11

I would recommend Friendship Auto to anyone! Paul is amazing. He is patient, informative, and will never waste your time. Anything he tells you is for your greater good of learning how to drive. Thanks for everything!!

Review №12

I don’t know how this place has such good reviews. My instructor didn’t show up for my lesson because I didn’t text the address (even though I provided him with my address when we spoke over the phone) and instead of outreaching me to confirm the address, he decides to not show up because he “thought I was playing” (exactly what he said). He wasn’t taking any ownership for the incident and didn’t offer any type of solution. Extremely unprofessional way to handle business. Definitely wasted my time. I would give 0 stars if I could.

Review №13

This was the best driving school I’ve ever been to! I remember taking my first driving lesson with Heman in late September last year and I signed up to do 5 lessons with him. I’ve been driving for the past 7 months now and Heman accompanied to my road test today and I passed on the first try. Thank you again to Friendship Auto School and Heman for helping me to get to this point in my life. It was definitely an amazing experience! If anyone is looking for a good driving school with some of the best instructors, definitely come to Friendship Auto School. The instructors here are very patient, super nice and they will really work with you to help you succeed!

Review №14

I took 6 class suddenly they just stopped to take a class they didn’t give me any reason no call nothing and came late but class finished so quick it’s bad experience and waste of money

Review №15

AVOID - I organized a lesson with Paul at this school. He cancelled it 30 mins beforehand because I hadnt responded to a confirmation text he sent quick enough (he never told me he would need to confirm via text, I just didnt check my phone and as soon as I saw it confirmed with him).I called him to rearrange a new lesson and he starts shouting at me about the cancelled one saying it was my fault...I rearranged a lesson and went to meet the guy a couple days later. I arrive where we are meant to meet and he calls me yelling at me that he cant see me and was getting pretty aggressive.At this point I cancelled because hed lost his temper twice and started shouting and I hadnt even got in a car yet. Complete waste of time, would not recommend.

Review №16

My experience with Friendship was very smooth from booking my first lesson to scheduling and doing the road test using their vehicle. My instructor Paul was patient, knowledgable and used analogies that really drove home the message he was conveying. Highly recommend Paul as an instructor and Friendship Auto School as a whole.

Review №17

I highly recommend friendship autoschool!I took 4 lessons with Paul and had an amazing experience learning from him. Paul is very professional,patient and helpful. Paul has been very supportive to help me learn quickly and more inprtabtly taught me how to driver safely. I thoroughly enjoyed our friendly conversations and passed my road test with ease, all thanks to Paul! I personally liked how the school is managing the classes amidst this pandemic situation,keeping everyone safe and comfortable. Even during the road test I was highly impressed by the extra safety measures taken by Paul and other instructors to ensure everyones safety. If you are a beginner and want to learn driving,this is the place for you!Once again Thanks a lot for everything Paul🙂

Review №18

If there were 6 starts, I would give them 7! I would highly recommend the Frendship auto school for anyone looking for driving lessons in Sommerville/Cambridge. I took 5 classes with Paul and passed the road test. He is very patient and knowledgeable and he will make sure to explain you all the mistakes you make as you drive and the reason behind it. He also gives you great advice on how to be a safe driver and the things to look out for while on the road.

Review №19

Paul is an amazing instructor ! He have a lot of patience (even if he have to tell you the same things 10times), is giving a lot of advices, he is focus on your driving and he is a really person. I would recommande him to everyone !

Review №20

Paul is amazing!! He has taught me so much and gives you great advice! He’s very patient and also funny. You will never be nervous or scared to drive. Thanks to Friendship auto I passed my drivers test Thank you again Paul!

Review №21

Paul was very professional and thorough in his instruction. The process from starting to learn and completing the test was systematic and efficient. Great instructor!

Review №22

I was interested in joining this auto school since a friend of mine recommended it and the prices seem reasonable. The person who picked up the phone was Dominique, I could barely understand what he spoke. He was rude and impatient and got angry when I asked him a few questions. It was hard to reach them and my calls almost always went to the voicemail. He even asked me why I was calling so many times in a rude tone. To the driving school - you just lost yourself a good customer! I ended up joining some other driving school as this was just unprofessional and not worth it.

Review №23

I am in the middle of a 5 class package with Heman and he is AWESOME! Very empowering and positive. He really puts you at ease. Driving on the road from the get-go. Driving in real conditions means I am progressing much faster than when I tried to learn in the past. Also the 5 class package and also the lessons in general are super affordable. Highly recommend! Also Heman is super safety minded.

Review №24

My instructor was Paul. He was very helpful and encouraging for each and every lesson. Plus, he is patient with your mistakes and makes sure you understand how to learn from them.

Review №25

Thank you so much paul,I passed my road test, 👏🏻👏🏻 after taking only 5 classes..

Review №26

Paul is a great instructor. He is so patient and explains everything you need to do in order to pass the road test. His gentle manner put me at ease and he gave me very helpful tips on what could go wrong and why. He took care of everything regarding scheduling my test and got me one within a week. Im happy to say I passed my road test thanks to his instruction. Thank you Paul!

Review №27

What a weird experience on the phone...I had an upcoming road test, so I started calling driving schools to get a vehicle and sponsorship for the test and 1-2 hours practice. I was calling during the test week, so most driving schools were already fully booked (also, I am assuming because of COVID).When I called the Friendship Auto School, the person who answered (I didnt get their name) said they werent sure about the availability and that they will call me back. So naturally, I continued making calls to inquire about the availability and rates of other schools. When the Friendship Auto called me back, they didnt identify themselves and just said, we are THE driving school, so I asked, Which one? ... He got so offended that I called other driving schools, was soo rude to me, and then said we only have 2 hours availability on Friday for practice. When I told him that wouldnt work because my test is on Friday and I would like to get at least 1-hour practice before then, he hung up me..I didnt know we were exclusive and that I am not allowed to look elsewhere.... dude.. this is a business, no need to get offended and be rude to potential customers because they looked up other service providers...

Review №28

Paul is a patient and polite driving instructor. He has good techniques that help me pass the road test. He is easy to contact and punctual. His school car is very new. I really recommend him.

Review №29

My instructor was Heman and hes very nice, friendly and patient. I had some driving lessons with him and all his driving techniques were really helpful and easy to manage. He took me to the road test today and I passed it! I would strongly recommend him!

Review №30

Just got my drivers license this morning! My instructor was Paul he was awesome!!! Very patient and nice but thorough instruction. We did ten lessons and I had only driven outside of a parking lot a handful of times before we started, now I feel like I am a safe driver. Great experience. Scheduling was convenient.

Review №31

Paul is a phenomenal driving instructor! I highly recommend learning how to drive with Paul because he is patient, honest, and extremely knowledgeable about the proper way to operate a vehicle. I passed my road test with Paul with only 5 driver lessons with him. I never thought I would get my license, I waited all the way until I was 26 years old to finally start to learn how to drive. Paul was the perfect teacher, he was attentive, and understanding, and he really helped me conquer my fears with driving. Thank you so much PAUL!

Review №32

Dominique was a great teacher, very patient and encouraging. I started as a a nervous driver and he made me confident in my driving ability. Highly recommend for anyone who may need the extra push to succeed. Passed the driving test on my first try, highly recommend this school if youre looking for a place to learn how to drive the right way!

Review №33

Paul is an excellent driving instructor. He was always on time and would let you know once he arrived. He was always very calm but informative on how to improve without being judgmental or confusing. He schedule my exam for me and was good about scheduling lessons with me each week. He does talk on the phone sometimes during lessons (If people call to schedule appointments) but was still good about letting me know where to turn and was still alert while doing so, so it never bothered me. Today I passed my road test on the first try. I definitely recommend Paul at Friendship Auto School!

Review №34

Dominique is an amazing driving teacher. Very patient and a great teacher. Very accommodating with regards to planning driving classes.Learning with Dominique was a pleasure !!

Review №35

Paul was always on time, patient, and explained everything throughly with logical reasoning. Just passed my driving test with him! Such a wonderful experience, 10/10!!!!

Review №36

Loved it 2 thumbs up. very nice instructor, patient and was willing to help me learn and know the rules to driving. Did the road test with confidence passed with flying colors. Will recommend to all drivers especially beginners and the youth. Very polite and cool ass dude. Thank you friendship Auto School. pleasure to work with

Review №37

Dominique is awesome!I tried Henrys Auto School in Everett before and was thoroughly disappointed. My instructor there was impatient, yelled often, and was late for every lesson. I took a road test after ten lessons with them and unfortunately did not pass.Dominique is extremely patient, cool, calm and collected. He knows the roads well enough so that he can arrive at every lesson on time and you can sense he genuinely wants all of his students to pass. Under his instruction I was able to pass my road test and get my license. I would highly recommend Friendship Auto School!

Review №38

My experience with Friendship Auto School was fantastic! Ive taken classes elsewhere in Boston, and this is far and away the best experience Ive had. Paul is an excellent teacher-- patient, calm, encouraging, and takes the time to explain things clearly to make sure youre safe on the road (and understand whats expected on the test). He was always on time and communicative about scheduling, and helped me get a road test within a week of calling him. I passed on my first try.

Review №39

I am very happy that I found Friendship Auto School and had Paul as my teacher to prepare me for my road test (which I passed two days ago). I needed lessons to refresh my driving skills, practice parallel parking, and get insight into what examiners look for in the road test. The lessons were invaluable. They didnt only help me with all of the above, but also raised my confidence as a driver. Paul was patient, calm, warm and funny (even when I tried to argue with him and driving practices I didnt understand :-D) - I had such a great time driving with him.

Review №40

Everything I was hoping for. Dominic, the instructor, is patient, punctual, attentive, fair, and kind. The whole experience was smooth, and I passed the test first time.

Review №41

I am extremely pleased with my experience at Friendship Auto School. It was super easy to get started with them (unlike some other driving schools I had checked out) and they did not waste my time. At Friendship Auto School, it is not just about passing the road test (which you will with their instruction!), but also about guiding learners to become competent and safe drivers (which is far more important). If you’re looking for a Driving School that will give you the benefit of professional, meticulous and highly experienced instructors, then I strongly recommend Friendship Auto School!

Review №42

Dominique is a very funny, patient instructor. Hes a great teacher, would definitely recommend learning from him. Got my license on the first try!

Review №43

Dominique was awesome! I found out that my permit was expiring in two weeks and he helped me practice and taught me how to parallel park in 5 days. I took the test and passed!I drove with him everyday for 5 days, and he was always on time, gave great advice, and ridiculously patient.I think in general you have to be flexible with driving schools because their schedules depend on the other drivers learning and thats something a lot of clients forget. That being said, he was always on time, super responsive by text, and always in a good mood. You also have to meet him halfway and do your part; be on time, be flexible with meeting points, and actually show up to your lessons.I highly recommend him!

Review №44

Paul is phenomenal! Before him I was with another driving instructor who wasnt nearly as good. It does matter. Paul is patient and knowledgable. He will tell me nicely when Im doing something wrong or problematic. One big thing I learned from Paul is that driving is a language spoken on the road, and its important to communicate with other drivers what Im doing, through my actions. He really helped me pass my road test and gain the necessary skills to be a good driver! 100% recommend.

Review №45

Great driving school, very friendly and professional. I practiced for 6 hours and passed my test on my first try! I had a great experience with this school and I highly recommend it to everyone.

Review №46

Paul was very helpful in preparing me for my driving test, which I passed the first time!

Review №47

Very happy with my experience with Dominik and Friendship Auto School, he was always very friendly and helpful, and very patient with me. Due to Dominik I was able to pass first time!

Review №48

Great place to learn how to drive. I recommended 10 of my friends and all passed and were happy about the instructors. They care about you becoming a safe and great driver. They help you understand driving and help you succeed to pass your road test.

Review №49

Horrible professionalism, went there today it clear says It closes at 7:00pm I was there at around 3:45pm for some information about the driving school, door was locked with no note stating reasons at all so I call the number someone picked up, I didn’t ask the name of the person who answered otherwise I would put the person’s name in this review to put him on blast, so he said that he was busy and he would call me shortly after, I waited 15-20 minutes and I proceeded to call him back to see if he forgot about me he was very rude and told me “What did I say, I said that I would call you!” So he still haven’t called me and would you do business with a “company” that leaves you hanging from 4:05ish to now 6:17pm? I would never there’s no professionalism or as the company calle themselves “Friendship Auto School” don’t waste you time to go there or your money find somewhere else for Driving School.

Review №50

I, whos never touched a steering wheel in my life came to USA. Here in USA driving is mandatory. I Called friendship auto school and Paul contacted me next day. I started taking classes on weekends. Paul is a great guy. Just listen to his instructions. Take few classes depending on your driving skills and thats the key to clear the exam.Best thing is Paul takes his classes in Cambridge and Somerville area where roads are narrow, 2 way traffic, lots of board signs. It helped me to develop my skill of reading the sign boards :)Exam day went smoothly as well. and i got the permit on my first attempt.Thank you, Friendship Auto School!

Review №51

Paul is fantastic! I hadnt driven in 20 years (yep, 20 YEARS) and was so nervous but Paul was wonderful and helped me feel relaxed and confident.He helps you get good driving habits in place, and he is so calm and supportive. Highly recommended!

Review №52

Dominique is very sweet and patient. I passed my test on my first try with only 2 months of practice once a week ! Its a really good school ! Highly recommend !!!!

Review №53

Dominique from friendship driving school is one of the best I have seen so far.he attack your weak points until you got it, he is cool as cucumber, I did only (4)lessons with him and because I listen I got my drivers license. Thanks a million Dominique.

Review №54

My instructor was dominic who is a really cool dude. I had never drove before so i was really nervous. My instructor made me feel calm and relaxed and i passed my road test in first attempt.

Review №55

Great experience. Dominic helped me practice and gain more confidence. Thankfully, after practicing with him I passed the road exam.

Review №56

I was excited to take driving lesson with them because of all of the good reviews. But when I called Dominique was super rude on the phone.I asked questions about scheduling because I have a 1 year old baby and I needed to know if the time was going to work for me. He wanted to rush the phone call and got upset because I asked questions.Very inpatient and unprofessional.

Review №57

Such a great guy Paul is, friendly and patient if you listen to him you will pass easily! Very helpful. Thank you Paul!

Review №58

I was looking for a good auto school with a nice instructor. I do not do well with ignorant people and I was very scared since I had never driven a car in my entire life! Then I came upon Friendship Auto School in Somerville, so I decided to give them a call. Paul was the guy I spoke to and he was so nice. He really works around your schedule and even picked me up at work and some times at my home. He is very patient and made me feel very comfortable! I did three lessons and I also did my road test with him. On the day of the road test, he gave me tips on what to expect, what the Rmv instructor would be looking for, what not to do, etc. I followed all his tips and I passed! I definitely recommend Paul to anyone! Especially if you are very scared of driving and are looking for someone who is very patient! Thank you Paul!

Review №59

Dominique is a true professional in his craft. Highly recommend!!!

Review №60

Paul is lovely and patient and I definitely recommend this driving school if you need to get started on your license! :)

Review №61

I had a lesson with Paul as a refresher since Id gotten my license a while ago and had no driving experience since taking the test. He was very relaxed and put me at ease, calmly narrating the rules and giving helpful tips as we drove around. Ill definitely use him again if I want another lesson—no complaints.The school I used to study for my test a few years ago was the Brookline Driving School. They were a mixed bag, with some good teachers and some bad. Paul from Friendship Auto School was definitely at least as good as the better ones I had with Brookline.

Review №62

One of the Best Auto Schools I have ever been a part of! He takes the time to show you the appropriate way to drive. He also teaches you the Dos and Don’ts of the road which is very important to know in order to avoid high insurance premiums. He was VERY easy to understand and he was patient and extremely positive in all the feedback I received . I Recommend him to all my family and friends.

Review №63

Excellent driving teacher dominique is awesome .....thank you very much

Review №64

Amazing teacher and super nice person :)

Review №65

Great experience and easy way to learn

Review №66

Jean is terrible. My first time ever learning how to drive, he cancelled on me the first day, the second day he calls me 2 hours after the given time saying “I’ll be there in 15 mins”. No you are not Told him I’d go with a different driving school.

Review №67

My wife and owner had multiple conversations confirming her driving lesson was at 10am on a Saturday morning. Instructor decided to show up at 9 due to him overbooking. Instead of being a grown man who takes responsibility for his mistakes; he proceeded to blame and accuse my wife for the mishap. During this phone call i can confidently say he disrespected her with his tone and attitude. Employing someone as a teacher that unaware of there personal conduct is an emabarassment. Shame on you. Feel free to reach out to further discuss. A follow up conversation is the the least you can do to resolve this situation.

Review №68

Hes patient, knowledgable, trustworthy and wants to see his clients succeed. His clients saftey is his number concern. His instructions and guidance got me ready to be behind the wheel. I would definitely recommend him to family and friends.

Review №69

I was so scare about driving, and I pass my road test in the first attempt! A big thanks to my instructor who help me and who was very patient with me. Thank you mister Paul!!!

Review №70

Sadly not a great experience. My instructor clearly knew his stuff, however he came across as patronizing. He kept stroking my arm as I did my maneuvers which was so inappropriate and left me feeling very uncomfortable. The whole lesson felt rushed and left me feeling deflated. He was difficult to understand and spent the last 10 minutes of the lesson texting on his phone. Based on my experience I wouldnt feel comfortable recommending this school. I switched to Mystic, which I would recommend highly.

Review №71

They were very helpful people Dominic help me pass the road test

Review №72

The instructor is a very good man but its so rude, even with the girls. Its not so patient but I passed the road test with his tips so its almost ok to go there.

Review №73

I had a very bad experience with Friendship Auto School. The instructor lacked professionalism and was only trying to get as much money from me as possible. He was not patience and it was very hard to understand him. I would not recomend.

Review №74

The school is a waste of money, And useless for helping you prepare for the road test.

Review №75

Worst driving school.

Review №76

They are crooks they try to charge me when i tried to cancel without a contract until a somerville cop told them what they was doing was illegal and to top it off the guy never respond to emails either like its not 2017

Review №77

Worst experience i had in my life they make me feel that i dont know anything about driving even though i have a license already back home ...they just care about money ..unprofessional..worst customer service

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